i ship so many things and i draw characters than i dont even ship

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i know this is dirkjohn territory but would u mind talking about the dirkjake dynamic a bit in general... like how they work together & can improve & where their chemistry even stems from i guess bcos i have somewhat of a hard time seeing it

yeah no problem! wow holy shit this got long

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((First of all Anon WHY))
Well… Here it goes 〒_〒 from least to fave…

#3. SaiAka

I have to admit that this ship is what pulled me into the fandom, they’re so nice to each other and seem to get along. But their relationship can just end up being bro-zoned which no one wants for a ship to happen… I dont post as much fanart of them compared to AmaAka and OuAka but i draw them alot on paper (very very sketchy tho)! I like them as a ship!

This ship is my ANGST ship

#2. AmaAka

Amami and Kaede has this CHEMISTRY that everyone knows it can GROW into more than what they are now. Their special moments (the nail polish,the cake, the cheering each other thing) is really really light fluff. I love characters with relationships that are like brother-sister but ends up being all “fuck i dont wanna be a brother to her, i want to be a GUY to her”… I love the ship and i like seeing fanarts of them being all casual with each other.

This ship is my FLUFF ship

#1. OuAka

The GUILTIEST ship ive ever shipped… I have no idea why… But when i see them together my heart just squeezes in pain while my brain screams ‘THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN BEAUTIFUL’

Ouma and Kaede together is what i find rather more interesting than the other ships (im sorry Saihara and Amami i still wuv you, no hate)… :3 they have that special mix that will make you want more to see.. I WUV this ship, even if its weird, i accept it.

Also i get so many short comic ideas when it comes to Ouaka, may it be angst or fluff (or just a joke)!

Anyways thats all, i feel bad that i had to do that unu, ill just make some art to make up for it…

Btw Anon, theres an addition to the Kaede Harem? Hahahah. http://sugarplumpofweirdness.tumblr.com/post/161815726388/theres-an-addition-to-my-hundreds-of-ships-not

((Also Remember respect the ships dont bash it ;D))

Here my promised trash, kept the whole week cos I’ve been dying this past days…  with dizziness, vomiting and dying and vomiting and dying painfully, (I don’t even went to work) but i feel better now.

warnings: This isn’t a serious writing, so could be messy, something long, probably grammar mistakes, a lot of inserted thoughts, spoilers near at the end and some type faces >:D

  • This is completely unnecessary but i’m doing it anyways :V YOLO.

My reasons to ship them (was funny (?))

     - first: gameplay
     - second: headcanon

I joined into this game pure and clearly and didn’t know anything about this (except it was a spiritual sequel to the first xenoblade who had not played yet)
Everybody knows the story related to Yelv and Cross and is not my reason to ship them (well yes, but not my main) Actually I’m going to say we could divide them into 3 parts:

* The story related
* The H2H
* The strange things happened in my gameplay

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Hello! I absolutely love your art! I was just wondering your opinion on something, if thats okay? How do you feel about fem!bilbo/thorin, fem!thorin/bilbo and fem!bilbo/fem!thorin? I love reading fics of bagginshield and dont get me started on BOTFA *crieshorriblyaboutacorns.* But I have had an idea for a hobbit AU with a fem!bilbo but I know people don't like that sort of thing, but I was just wondering what you thought of gender bending one character or both characters of a ship?

Okay, expect a rant. Before I begin: Even if I’m not a person for “genderbending”, I have friends who do it, and I have nothing against people who do it. I understand the reasoning, and know they don’t do it with a purpose to offend. 

So this is what I think about changing the both sex and gender to a character and make them cis!male or cis!female:

I’m all for female representation. Especially in The Hobbit, which offers a pretty unfair picture of women. But “it’s okay since the franchise is designed for men”, right? Anyway.

Changing the gender and sex of a character can be interesting and a good way to explore different paths of interpretation of a character.

However, it’s tricky. Personally, I think it’s not very good to change sex n gender of just one character in a pairing. I can see why it’s done, and I do think it’s interesting to explore the dynamics of the relationship, but one can’t help but be a bit upset that one should make a homosexual relationship straight. We don’t get much representation in The Hobbit as it is, sadly, so I do think it’s… I don’t know, feels a bit sour, I guess. I once read a person say that “genderbending” was pretty transphobic, because one doesn’t swap the mind to another gender; it’s only a change of cis body xand I sort of agree. Plus, the term “genderbending” is pretty bad as it implies that the gender is, in fact, determined by your genitalia, and I don’t like using it.

That being said, I know that changing sex and gender can be done for different reasons. When a person changes the sex and gender of a character because they don’t wish to ship them together as the same-gender, that is obviously wrong. This shouldn’t even be a discussion.

Changing sex and gender of a character for the purpose of a pregnancy is understandable, but I think that also can be a bit meh. I understand that many mpreg fics have some very weird explanations going on for them(Magic! Fairies! Seventh light of Durin’s moon!) but changing a cis man into a cis female is not really good, either.

You could of course, change only the body, and so make for example Thorin a transman. But many people seem opposed to this idea (Man… with a vagina…?  But… no….). In fact, when speaking about “genderbending”, the discussion of making a character trans(or ANY GENDER EXCEPT THE ‘TWO OPPOSITE ONES’) very rarely comes up, which i think is funny considering that “genderbending” would be pretty much exactly that, if the term was employed correctly. “cisswap” would be a more exact term, since it’s what most people already do. 

Also, if that wasn’t problematic enough, we also have the trope of transforming the 'weakest’ and most 'femenine’ man in the pairing(in this case Bilbo) into a cis woman, thus reinforcing the belief that in a gay relationship, there is a “man” and a “woman”, which is stupid and heteronormative.

When writing and drawing this “woman version” of Bilbo, many people tend to forget about his character attributes, too, as well as physical ones. People write her as if making Bilbo a cis woman suddenly makes him skinny, 20-years old and overly adventurous. Of course, cisfem!Bilbo is also extremely attractive, with no wrinkle in her face. This perpetuates the idea that women need to be slim and beautiful to even be part of a film. She is always shaven clean(for some reason, even when they are on the journey to Erebror), of course. Needless to say, this is not Bilbo Baggins. 

The two arguments reasoned above is why I think it’s much better to change sex and gender of Thorin instead of Bilbo.

In that I think it’s a bit problematic to change sex and gender of characters, it is infinitely better to change sex and gender of both characters. Going from cis!gay to cis!lesbian is still bit bad when dubbed “genderbending”, but it’s done for the sake of having the exact same relationship, but female representation(albeit, of course cis female representation.) Personally, I think making a gay couple lesbians is the only instance I’d not mind much changing sex and gender of a pairing, since it’s not robbing anyone of gay representation, even though, it still can be interpreted as transphobic. 

Here is some more reading for you to properly understand what can be wrong with it, and who are much more educated in the subject than I could possibly be.

So that’s what I think of it. Mind, if you like genderbend, I’m not saying you are transphobic, or if you change just one character, you’re not necessarily homophobic! I have done so in the past, before I properly reflected on it. I’m just saying that your actions can be interpreted as trans-and homophobic, even if you don’t mean it that way.