i ship robbie with any girl

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hi susie! i'm looking to do a good girl meets bad girl f/f ship, and I was wondering if you had any fc recommendations? preferably college-age and if they have resources together that'd be great, but if it's just people you think would be cute together, id love to hear those too! please and thank you

Here are my ideas! I’ll do this Good Girl / Bad Girl. Bolded means they have resources together.

  • Lili Reinhart / Camila Mendes, for the obvious choice.
  • Adele Exarchopoulos / Lea Seydoux
  • Dove Cameron / Madelaine Petsch
  • Katherine Langford / Alisha Boe
  • Amanda Seyfried / Megan Fox
  • Kacey Rohl / Lauren Jauregui
  • Momo / Lorde
  • Normani Kordei / Lauren Jauregui
  • Margot Robbie / Katharine Isablle
  • Annie Briggs / Sophia Walker
  • Elise Bauman / Natasha Negovanlis 
  • Sharon Belle / Natasha Negovanlis
  • Lili Reinhart / Madelaine Petsch
  • Nina Dobrev / Gage Golightly
  • Victoria Justice / Liz Gillies
  • Nikohl Boosheri / Aisha Dee
  • Daisy Ridley / Irene Bae
  • Sarah Bolger / Lily Cole
  • Jamie Chung / Sarah Bolger
  • Lucy Hale / Liz Gillies
  • Ashley Benson / Lucy Hale
  • Grace Phipps / Nina Dobrev

I hope some of these works for you!

Here’s something I noticed about Gravity Falls episodes and the explosions of ships in the fandom (it’s not in any particular order).

Season 1: undertone of one-sided WenDip
Double Dipper: gave birth to Dipscest
Into The Bunker: end of WenDip
Soos and the Real Girl: Soos and Melody
Love God: wraps up Robbie and Wendy. Tambry and Robbie start dating.
The Golf War: Mabicifica
Sock Opera: BillDip bomb detonates on tumblr
Society of the Blind Eye: Mermando and Mabel officially end
The Northwest Mansion: Dipicifica shippers will probably explode like BillDippers did