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What are your Sailor Moon ships?

finally I get to use this image again

Finished FFXV

Will now be reblogging lots of fanart and stuff from the game here, so prepare for spoilers.

Not sure how I feel about the story. It had some massive plotholes and I really didn’t feel very fulfilled at the end. Hoping it rounds out with some DLC, though it’s disappointing that they’d take that route.

All that being said, I had a great time, and I absolutely loved the characters. Currently shipping Promptis and Gladnis pretty hard, so prepare to see lots of that!

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Can you imagine Jotaro having to go back to school after the events of SDC. Like, all the girls flock around him in an instant his first day back, and they are just shooting him down with questions. “Where did you go?” “We missed you, Jojo! What happened?” “I heard your mother was ill; is she doing better?” “Will you need any help catching up in your studies?” And Jotaro does his best to not snap at them or ignore them, though he’s too tired to even bother with them at all. He’s walking away and the girls follow him, clinging to him and still chattering away. He doesn’t have the energy to push them aside anymore and just blocks them out until he hears one girl behind him asking questions he would definitely rather not have to hear.
“Where is that other guy from before? He disappeared the same time you did. Kakyoin-kun, was it?”
And Jotaro wants nothing more than to stop time in that moment and he isn’t sure if he wants to use those seconds to run or just take time to compose himself and think of how to answer those questions to them. But all he can do is just stop in his tracks and tell himself he should have expected this but it starts to get to him and he almost loses composure thinking back on the trip, Kakyoin’s demise as well as his other deceased comrades and how he and Kakyoin will never be able to attend school together and Kakyoin will never get to complete his high school studies or go to college and. I don’t know just help him pls

You know, when I first started shipping martial arcs I thought it was just another rare pair that had no chance of ever becoming a thing, but stuck with it because I liked the concept and thought it was really cute. However, I wasn’t EXPECTING IT TO BECOME PRACTICALLY FUCKING CANON!

Merlin and Arthur go outdoor skating, and Merls discovers that the Great Arthur Pendragon can’t skate for his life. He watches as Arthur falls quite ungracefully on his butt, and laughs for a long time before taking pity and teaching him how to skate. :’)))

I guess the snowman ships them pretty hard. It looks pretty glad that they’re finally holding hands hahaha. I hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays!!!

This is on sale as a print, yay!

Write two facts about your muse , three childhood headcanons , 2-3 icons you never ever get to use , and your 5 top favorite ships that involve your muse ( these don’t have to be romantic) . tag however many people you want.

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1) Sometimes Michi has trouble sleeping by himself and especially when there is nothing to cling onto, because he gets more nightmares when he is sleeping alone. The problem about sleeping on the same bed as him and him clinging onto someone/something is that he might use his claws and teeth while he is asleep. This is why his pillows and blankets tend to have claw marks on them.

2) When he leaves his torture victims without food and water for days, his goal is mainly to make them realize that only by his ‘help’ they can get their food and water. Also meaning that their whole lives are in his hands, that he could leave them there for death any moment or if they please him enough, he might rewards them with more things like food, water, baths, etc.


1) Used to get really angry when he got hurt or someone bullied him. Worst anger was seen at his time in the Lab and he would sometimes scream in his own room and scratch his fingers bloody.

2) Never made any friends, because other kids were scared of him. Preferred to be alone and had a bad mouth which was the other reason why the other children didn’t like him. It got worse once he was starting to get closer to killing his first person. (He mostly threw rocks at the others.)

3) After killing his Mother and being chased out of his hometown, he started to get more paranoid about being caught and his violent tendencies grew.



… -sweats- Mun doesn’t know what you would call a ship with this guy tbh, cause there is no romance here. Only messed up stuff, but I will tag a few anyway, but Michi still has no feelings for them unless a specific verse.

Deacon ( @traxma )
Noya ( @aquasphyxia )
Katey ( @tenaxmiles
Law ( @eviscxration )
…And others I have no clue about how Michi feels or his lack of feelings. 

There is a significant lack of Obi-Wan ships.
I have fallen into Star Wars Shipping Hell and I literally can’t find anything Quinlan Vos/Obi-Wan OR Kit Fisto/Obi-Wan - my two favorite new ships.
So, expect more of this in the future. |’D;;;

It’s 3 am, so might as well post this work in progress. I don’t even watch YOI, but I’m shipping Otabek and Yurio pretty hard. And I decided to go with the fantasy AU cause what the hell, it’s late and I can make it pretty. Somebody on this godforsaken black hole of a website (I didn’t even know their names before today, technically yesterday) wanted to see Otabek is Kazakhstani (I hope that’s the right term.) armor. I found one picture that MAAAAAAAAAY not be quite accurate. It seemed like a screenshot from what is supposed to be the Kazakhstani Game of Thrones. They were on horses. My details may be off. And everyone who draws Yurio has him in light, pretty robes, like a fairy princess. (In the fantasy AU) So, naturally, I went with armor for him. I know he’s delicate looking and all, but he’s kind of a badass and Otabek even describes him as a soldier, so why the hell shouldn’t he have fairy armor? Anyway, it’s three in the morning and I am a very tired witchling.

Emison Shippers When Emily Left Paige For Alison

Emison Shippers When Emily & Ali Kissed

Paily Shippers When Emily Told Alison, “I Wasted So Much Time On You. I’m Done, Ali. I Am So Done With You.

Paily Shippers When Emily Kissed Paige

Emison Shippers When Paige Told Emily She Has To Go To California

Paily Shippers When Emily Help Give Alison To The Police

Emison Shippers When Paige Actually Left To California