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  • Me: People have the right to ship whoever and whatever they want! Antis should not spread hate to things that people enjoy!
  • Also me, when my notp is on my dash: what the everliving fuck is this shit doing here

Person A: Baby are you my homework?


Person B: 

Person B:

Person B:

Person B: I don’t know if I’m aroused or concerned about your grades

Persan A: ;)))))))

(Bonus - Person B: please demonstrate…) 

  • me: *hears a good new song*
  • my brain: associate it with ur otp
  • me: why
  • my brain: you gotta
Juvenile Delinquents

I wrote a thing. It’s literally just intro I actually plan on adding on to this one and not abandoning it like the other few

Part 2

“It’s not jail, Percy, it’s a school.”

Percy laughed when his mother said it, as if the two weren’t directly related. His final mess up was enough to get sent away from home, even if it wasn’t to juvy, his new boarding school was as close as it got. Boarding schools were all Percy knew growing up, however, unlike before when he could go home for weekends and holidays, his mom would now have to come to him. Scheduled visits and the occasional care package if the teachers, no, guards thought it safe enough to be brought inside.

A victim of circumstance, his mom called him, but he knew he just wasn’t what society wanted him to be. This was just the last straw and his friendly neighbourhood police officer finally decided to slap on the cuffs and if it wasn’t for his lawyer neighbor he’d be going somewhere far worse. Somewhere his mom assured him he wouldn’t get the privacy he had at home.

“Your motorcycle-”


“Blackjack is going to stay at Ms Valdez’s shop while you’re away, she’s already called her son and told him to sign up for orientation duty,” Sally said, finally zipping up his suitcase.

He stayed watching her from his desk, his face saying he didn’t care but the picking at his ripped jeans saying the complete opposite. He was great at hiding his emotions that way. Sally loved it, it made life easier.

“Great, I’ll have a friend on my first day. What’s his name again? Larry?”

“It’s Leo and yes you need a friend, Percy, you should be happy someone is willing to be it.”

He knew his mom was angry but she never came right out and said it. She was too nice for that. Instead she took her little jabs at him that he would never admit hurt a bit.

If Percy could choose to not disappoint his mom he would. He hated making her hate him. Okay, maybe she didn’t hate him but he sure felt like she was getting there. From his first day of preschool up until the last week, he’d found ways to make her feel like a horrible mother. Even if it wasn’t his fault most of the time.

Sally gave him one last look before walking out of the room, leaving him alone with his packed up suitcase and his new level of self-pity. He kicked his chair once he stood up, but picked it up when it fell. The last thing he needed was his mom yelling about a messy room too. Even if he didn’t spend much time in his bedroom he still hated the fact he was leaving it for the next two years. His skateboard will get dusty, his stolen, or ‘secondhand’, snapback collection will be forgotten in a box and his pile of receipts for Hawaiian pizza won’t be as impressive as it used to be. Nothing in his bedroom will give him the same feeling of joy as they used to, not after going through what he would assume would be the worst two years of his life.

It was a knock at the door that finally pulled him out of his room, standing there was a man in a crisp tailored suit he didn’t recognize, flanking him were two police offers who Percy had seen wondering around the station when he was brought in.

“Mr Jackson-”

“Who are you?” Sally narrowed her eyes at him, telling him to be nice. He didn’t want to be nice to someone who looked like he could buy the entire building and turn it into office space only because he was bored.

“It does not matter who I am, it matters who you are. Perseus-”

“I prefer Jackson but Percy can suffice, Perseus is reserved for angry mothers and very, very happy people.” He smirked as he said it and he could feel the eye roll his mother gave him. The man in front of him, however, was still looking as amused as a little boy walking into a gag shop.

“Alright, Percy. You will have five minutes with your mother and then I will see you downstairs. If you fail to show I will have one of these fine gentlemen handcuff you again and forcibly take you. Understood?” He nodded and watched the man turn and walk off. The officers closed the door and Percy could imagine them standing guard as if he were some high profile criminal that had any chance of actually escaping.

His five minutes with his mom were the shortest five minutes if his life. He felt like it was five years ago again, back when he was twelve years old getting dropped off by his school principal. All he did back then was steal a few dollars for the fending machine at school. He wasn’t the Percy who now was getting arrested left and right or the Percy who can only get into schools for child criminals. He was back to being scared.

He shuffled his feet and bowed his head, He was grateful when he felt his mom wrap her arms around him, “I’m sorry, mom,” he dug his face into her hair, taking in the smell that hadn’t changed since he could remember, “I’m so sorry.”

“Just behave yourself when you’re there, can’t have you be kicked out in the only school that’ll take you,” her laugh was complete with a few wet drops landing on his shoulder, “when did you get so tall? I can’t even hug you properly.” It was Percy’s turn to laugh.

“Around the same time you started hating me.” She seemed to gasp as she pulled away, but before Sally could open her mouth to tell him how wrong he was there was a warning knock on the door. “Guess it’s time to go,” he bent down and grabbed his only suitcase before opening the door, “Love you, mom”

“I love you too, Percy, I love you with everything I have.”

The drive was silent. No radio, no talking, just him and the mystery man with nothing but the sound of the engine between them. It was after the two hour drive when they pulled into the school did he finally speak. Even then it was just to uselessly inform him that they’d arrived.

If Percy had ever been wary of a place it was this one. The school wasn’t a grey bricked building with barred windows that he had imagined it to be. Instead it was a house that dwarfed any mansion he’d ever seen. It was white, not quite made of complete marble but it was whatever material that could compare to that sheen. The pillars on the front reminded him of the white house, better yet the buildings he learned about during some ancient Greece unit he vaguely remembered. It was sitting on almost three acres of land surrounded by an iron rod fence as tall as his apartment building. He wasn’t sure if he was in the right place or not.

“Olympus Academy, where juvenile delinquents, such as yourself, learn to be something greater.” Percy held in a scoff, ‘something greater’ was just a nice way of saying that he’d be put through things that will turn him into an accepted member of society. Something he was not. “The initial design looked like a prison but we learned that students learn better when they enjoy the look of their surroundings-” Percy tuned the man out as he spoke about the architect who designed the building and the gardeners who kept the grounds in tip-top shape. Percy was more interested in the other kids his age he saw and how they seemed to be watching him without really turning to look. He was back to being the new kid and he was an expert so he wasn’t fazed.

The other kids didn’t look like criminals, they all just seemed like regular teenagers spending their lunch period outside in the sun. A beautiful girl with dark choppy brown hair caught his eye and seemed to smirk before walking off, he’d have to find her later

It was at the giant front doors where they finally stopped walking, standing there was a boy who hardly stood taller than Percy’s chest. He looked exactly like Ms Valdez and Percy wanted to run the other way when he realized who it was.

“You’re Percy? When mom described you I pictured you looking less, scary?” Okay, maybe Leo Valdez would grow on him. Percy smirked and held out his hand for the other boy to shake, “I’m Leo Valdez, but of course you already knew that.”

“Thought your name was Larry, not going to lie, I’m Percy Jackson.” He turned to look at the man next to him expecting a word or two explaining how Leo was going to show him around but instead he was met with an empty space next to him.

Seeming to think the disappearance was normal, Leo proceeded with his tour by opening the door and sticking his arm out signaling Percy to step inside, “Welcome to Olympus Academy, first stop on our tour will be the most pretentious foyer you will see in your entire life.”

Top 5 Ships

I was tagged by @nowwesurvive @taco-bellamy and @problematicbellarke <333333

1. B E L L A R K E

Originally posted by kanehairporn

If you didn’t know about this then you’ve stumbled across me for the first time ever because (as my poor irl friend who followed me on here says) I only really post the 100 and of that it’s all bellarke. SO UH YEAH THESE STUPID DORKS HAVE RUINED MY LIFE, just look at the tears i’ve cried, the posts i’ve made, the dozens upon dozens of hours talking about them with alex and other ppl, the hundreds of thousands of words of fanfiction in just the last year (note: i had NEVER written fanfiction before bellarke, what the frick), and just skldjfslkdjflkdsfjlkds THEY’RE GONNA BE CANON  THEY LOVE EACH OTHER END ME

2. P E R C A B E T H

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Percabeth is my FIRST EVER SHIP YALL, and the longest too at that (they’re also the only ship that equals my love of bellarke AND it proves i have a type kill me). BUT LIKE,,,,,THE BEST SHIP EVER THEY’RE SO IN LOVE THEY’RE THE BEST SLOW BURN THESE NERDS GONNA BE MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES AND BE HAPPY I LOVE

3. Romione

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One of my only high-key ships that I didn’t ship at the start, actually (I was a harmony shipper originally) but HOLY FRICK I’M 100000000% ON THE ROMIONE BOAT NOW. THEY’RE SO PRECIOUS AND LITERALLY MARRIED AND HAVE CHILDREN THEY’RE A DREAM

4. Rebelcaptain

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This ship ended me what the frick when I prayed for hand-holding and a hug I diDN’T MEAN IT LIKE THAT JSFLKDSJFDL. But like,,,,heart eyes???? Self-sacrifice???? Protectiveness??? Smiles???? Wow

5. Waige

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I’m actually waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on scorpion because some of the plot points and how they were treating walter has been really bugging me bUT THIS SHIP IS WONDERFUL Walter is high-key Ralph’s dad and he loves Paige and she loves him and skdfljsdkfjsdlkfj I love

(i don’t actually know how in order this was besides bellarke and percabeth lol so have sooooooooome)

Honorable mentions:


Mileven – h e a r t  e y e s

Jancy – bed sharing!!!!!!!

Jily – let them live lkjsdjfls

Finnrey – the softest, the purest


I tag uhhhhhhh whoever wants to tbh I feel like this has gotten around <3

Part of me is thinking that Rick might stick to the MCGA being a triology thing and needs fierrochase become canon NOW…. the other part of me knows that rushing relationships doesn’t usually end well and would rather have them only begin to hint at being a couple during book three and continue onto other books, instead of forcing a relationship that hasn’t developed much over two characters that basically just met (even if one’s hopelessly in love already)

Otp Prompt # 2

Where Person A always rushes into class late, and Person B, who sits next to them always fixes anything out of place (like an upturned collar). Person A really likes that, so they keep intentionally messing up their hair, their collar, their backpack strap, so Person B fixes it. Even when they’re not in class.

AU where Percy works at Starbucks and starts to get a crush on a blonde girl who orders the same coffee every saturday

a little gift for zareens from your secret santa! I hope you enjoy this percabeth (with a little bit of pipabeth implied oops)

OK but if some1 ships a straight ship it doesnt mean their homophobic

i just wanna put that out there.

i told someone i shipped this ship and since it was a straight ship (and that person shipped one half of that ship with some1 the same gender [dam thats a lot of ‘ships’ in one sentence whew]) they told me i was homophobic, i mean, not that i dont ship gay ships either but come on. some1 can ship gays ships, and not be heterophobic or whatever. vice versa: you can ship straight ships without being homophobic.