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Why I Don’t Ship Septiplier (anymore)

,No matter what Youtube community you are part of, you have likely heard of Markiplier or Jacksepticeye, or more likely you have heard of their ship name : “Septiplier”. Now, some of you may think this post’s title means that I prefer Jelix (Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie). However, that is incorrect. I ship neither. Why?

Because these are real people who read what we post, and they don’t exist just for our entertainment.

Say you watch Sherlock, of course the odds are high that you ship Johnlock. The characters are fictional, while the actors exist in our realm of reality. Shipping the characters means nothing to the actors themselves, as this does not directly correspond with Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman.

But in the YouTube world, things change. It gets more personal. These people can read what we write about them not their characters. In fact, not many YouTubers have characters they play as, albeit a famous YouTube character is Miranda Sings (Played by Colleen Ballinger or “PsychoSoprano”).

For example, one of the things that we love about Jacksepticeye is the fact that he takes time out of his day to reblog our Tumblr posts and read our tweets and comments. He knows that the ship is a thing. And this community knows how much he takes our ideas and stuff into consideration thanks to Halloween and the Antisepticeye takeover.

That being said, Mark, Jack, and Felix all have girlfriends. Heck, Felix has been dating Marzia for years. By shipping these YouTubers with people other than their current significant other, we are basically saying that Amy, Singe, and Marzia shouldn’t really be dating them because we want Mark and Jack to be together or Jack and Felix. Amy has barely shown her face on Mark’s channel, and I believe a large portion of that is because of the hardcore shippers.

The Phandom remembers when some of us pretty much attacked someone because of the possibility it might get in the way of the main ship : Phan.

Also, I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but it seems like Jack and Mark are drifting apart. I am personally scared that it might be because of the Septiplier ship. Sure, that might not be the case, but I still say we should let Septiplier and all other YouTubers ships die unless canon. Because we don’t know how this is affecting the people we adore so much.

If you took the time to read through this, thank you. I hope this wasn’t a waste of time. I have to admit some of this was from personal experience being shipped with people…


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Sleepover saturday: is there anyone other than Giles who you would ship Jenny with?

predominantly lilah because they’d have such a cool dynamic (though i think they’d really only hook up a few times and then just kinda be friends with benefits) but like…i could also see her really liking fred?? i got an ask a while back about jenny/fred and at the time i kind of dismissed it but actually it could really really work?? jenny’s drawn to sincerity and fred would find jenny’s snarky warmth endearing. they could potentially be a really cute couple

“I’m just a girl, looking for a partner in crime.”

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Are you a Waige fan or a Taige fan

Well firstly, “Taige” is a ghastly ship name. Let’s never speak it again. :p

I’m gonna be honest and say I ship neither of them. I think Walter and Paige could be amazing together if the writers get their act together and do something about it dammit, and while I did like Tim’s dynamic with Paige, I thought their relationship was the wrong way to go. Tim could’ve been an amazing and interesting character if they didn’t make him another obstacle for Waige to hurtle.

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SHIPS + Aesthetic: Simmons & Ward (requested by batsonthebrain)

Against all popular opinions, I think the Gimli & Legolas story is more powerful if it’s a friendship with no romance involved.
If it’s a romance, they find one another attractive and will persue that, cultural expectations be damned.
But if it’s “just” a friendship, then they aren’t attracted to one another, their first impression is “you’re from that screwed up meanyface race and my dad hates your dad for very good reason” without a mitigating “but you’re hot”. If it’s a friendship, they overcome their own cultural hangups because of who the other is, and thet get to know one another without either of them making any concessions to accomodate each other, and without lust blinding anyone a bit to help things along.

Something i just don't really understand very well...because i see people literally say these things in the same sentance
  • Person: Rowan and Aelin were so much better platonic, just, they were my brotp, they were such deep and good friends, i hate their romantic relationship, it was so much better when they were friend soul-mates
  • Me: Why do you hate their romantic relationship?
  • Person: Because its like she fell in love with her abuser! He was such an asshole to her, so abusive and terrible and awful, it just doesn't make sense that he would be with her
  • Me: But as friends-
  • Person: My Brotp, ah, they were so cute and friend goals and much better platonic
  • Me: But romantically
  • Person: Their relationship is so toxic, all because of how he treated her in the beginning, total abuser asshole, he is the worst
  • Me: But...as friends you-
  • Person: Love them, so perfect, they were the best
  • Me: ....Wait what?