i ship literally everything on this show


She literally didn’t let her friends take off the necklace, so that she wouldn’t become Killer Frost and kill them all. She stayed awake her whole operation, without any sedatives. Kept talking to Julian about what he was supposed to do, IN HER STATE OF PAIN AND MISERY because like Iris said “None of us are doctors”, yes none of them are DOCTORS. SHE WAS THE DOCTOR OF THE TEAM WHEN EVERYONE CLAIMED SHE WAS DOING NOTHING AND CONTRIBUTING NOTHING TO THE TEAM. Nobody on that show, apart from Barry, suffered as much as she did.

I stand by Caitlin Snow at all costs, I am so glad this selfless, gracious woman who always helped her friends and did no harm is still alive and well. EVEN THOUGH SHE IS LITERALLY KILLER FROST RIGHT NOW AND THANK GOD FOR THAT. THANK GOD. She always deserved better and when everyone was chilling at home, talking about how to save Iris, only HR Cisco and Julian truly cared about her and stayed with her. I will not forget it and I don’t think she will either. 

Killer Frost finally at large and I couldn’t be happier. 

The 100 Hellatus Survival Kit

Since I know all of us will be in various stages of mourning and death over the next 9ish months, here’s some fandoms to fling yourselves into to cope! (WARNING: There’s a lot of books..)

* = (post) apocalypse / dystopia setting
** = relationship dynamic reminiscent of bellarke
*** = both


**The Expanse

Want to fantasize about the delinquents in space? This is basically the S5 au you need.

  • kick ass space opera
  • diverse af cast
  • Nolden = Space Blarke (not kidding, this is what would’ve happened if she went to space)

**The X-Files

I know I never shut up about this show, but it’s for a good reason. Are you sad about Bellarke and need a long ass show to invest yourself in? With a slow burn couple, built on trust and respect and support? LOOK NO FURTHER!

  • government conspiracies
  • sad space parents
  • the longest slow burn that will renew your faith in blarke (its literally 7 years)
  • 10 seasons worth of content so you won’t run dry


Looking for another “diverse group of misfits that create their own family” to cry over?

  • 8 people share a psychic link
  • the bad government want to experiment on them
  • the most diverse cast i stg (gay ships! trans characters! poc!)
  • ships that will make you cry for 17 days 
  • so many people sleep on this so and i not qu(white) understand

***The Walking Dead

How about another power couple leading a rag tag group of peeps through the apocalypse? (Yeah I’m talking about Richonne)

  • zombie apocalypse
  • i don’t think i really need to explain this
  • but ana would literally kill me if i didn’t include them on this list
  • richonne = bellarke material


You can thank Mik and April for this one. In case you’re wondering what’s in store for blarke next season, or if you’re wanting to imagine that reunion.

  • bunch a strangers plane crash on a magic island
  • it’ll melt your brains (I’ve watched it twice and I’m still not sure i completely understand everything)
  • but seriously ask mik about desmond x penny because she’ll make you cry about s5 blarke


Just want a cute feel good show with just enough angst and a ship that will cause you only minor pain?

  • girl with a made up brain condition “stitches” into the minds of dead people to solve murders
  • camsten gives me butterflies
  • its just really cute

Honorable Mentions: *Attack on Titan, *Psycho Pass, The OA, ***Battlestar Galactica (I’m still crying about lee and starbuck ok?) *Firefly, Teen Wolf, Glitch, Agents of SHIELD, Roswell, *3%, *Falling Skies, American Gods (SUPPORT RICKY)


***Pacific Rim

Stay with me here. How about a visually stunning movie about the people fighting monsters in giant robots? But with important character backstories, diversity, and Idris Elba?

  • giant godzilla like monsters crawl out of the ocean and terrorize the world
  • special pilots operate huge transformer like robots to fight them
  • watch and just imagine blarke isn’t drift compatible (can’t relate)
  • a sequel starring John Boyega

*Goodbye World

Still feeling that apocalypse vibe?

  • group of old college friends try to ride out the apocalypse in a cabin
  • its simple but dramatic

*Tomorrow, When the War Began (also a tv show and book series)

How about some Australian teenagers fighting back against a country on the brink of war and chillin’ in the outback?

  • its basically Red Dawn in Australia
  • its v dramatic 
  • based on the book series by John Marsden

*The Stand

I mean technically it was a mini series, but whatever. Down for the film version of Stephen King’s greatest work about the battle between good an evil across a pandemic ridden America?

  • a virus kills almost everyone in literally a couple days
  • survivors are called from all over to join either the good guys or the bad guys
  • its much cooler than it sounds
  • I’d recommend the book but its 1200 pages and I know y'all don’t have that motivation

*How I Live Now

Have a need for even more teenagers at the end of the world? 

  • political / nuclear apocalypse
  • group of kids try to survive in the english hills or whatever
  • ft. baby tom holland and a weird cousin relationship that i don’t get
  • its still good though

Honorable Mentions: Ginger Snaps, *Resident Evil (but just the first one), Electrick Children, *The Matrix, 28 Days Later, Children of Men

Books (this is gonna be a long one)

lets get the obvious ones out of the way…

**Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo

If y'all haven’t heard of this yet between me, Ana, and Delaney in the past month where have you been?

  • ragtag (diverse) group of criminals misfits band together to pull of the ultimate heist
  • lgbtq+ characters! characters oaf color! disabled characters!
  • the ships will literally tear your actual heart out (*whispers* kanej)

A Darker Shade of Magic (and sequels) by VE Schwab

pretend to be shocked for a minute… are you in the market for a soul crushing series, with morally grey, but entirely lovable characters, and relationships (romantic and platonic) that make you cry?

  • parallel londons, blood magic, pirates, and princes
  • lila bard
  • bisexual prince and his pirate privateer lover
  • lila bard
  • otp thats meets when person a robs person b and leaves them bleeding in an alley 
  • seriously if you take one recommendation from this list make it this one

ok on to the ones i haven’t spent the last month yelling about

Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

book hangover after you’ve finished the first 2 books? well here comes the perfect combo of both!

  • fantasy dystopia? basically a fantasy world if the dark lord had won
  • alchemy magic!
  • group of misfits come together to perform a heist

***The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

Does the absence of blarke have you longing for an angsty, enemies to friends to lovers ship?

  • dystopia where some people have super powers
  • girl who can kill people by touching them (she’s basically Rogue)
  • aaron warner <3
  • the angstiest shit i stg
  • its a romance hiding behind a dystopian storyline
  • i think warner has elements of S1 bellamy so I’m considering a similar dynamic, deal with it

*This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

I couldn’t not include more from my queen. Looking for a book about monsters, and music, and the end of the world?

  • a future where  every violent act a human commits manifests an actual living breathing monster
  • the city of verity is controlled by 2 warring families, (August’s and Kate’s)
  • Kate and August come together to battle the big bad that’s threatening their town
  • the writing is so. fucking. poetic.
  • also no romance!

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

do you love witches? and kickass female friendship? and love interests that stab each other in the heart?

  • witch best friends (aka threadsisters) on the run
  • a complex af magic system (truthwitch-sense lies, windwitch-control wind/air, you get the idea)
  • seriously the female friendship tho
  • angsty ships that try to kill each other!!!
  • ongoing, but book 2 just came out

*On the Beach by Nevil Shute

Can’t get enough of people dealing with the impending end of the world?

  • last survivors of a nuclear apocalypse sit on an australian beach and wait for their death basically
  • how people handle knowing they’re about to be wiped out
  • be prepared to cry

***The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

More. Space. Stuff???

  • fairytale retellings in space??
  • cinder(ella) with a cyborg arm
  • + red riding hood, rapunzel, snow white
  • its been 84 years since i read, but i think cinder/kai reminded me vaguely of blarke so I’m counting it

*The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

I actually haven’t read this one so I don’t know if there’s a Blarke-esque relationship, but are you on the market for a book about gays and aliens in space??

  • space opera
  • introspective look at humanity and alien shit
  • some AI drama
  • f/f relationship (party!)

The Wrath and the Dawn (and sequel) by Renee Ahdieh

How do I open this one? Maybe you’re down for a retelling of 1001 Arabian nights?

  • such poetic writing
  • as i mentioned, retelling of 1001 Arabian Nights where this dude takes a new wife every night and kills her every morning
  • but then our salty heroin marries him and because she’s amazing she tricks him into keeping her alive through stories
  • and the romance is so angsty
  • i just started this so idk much else

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Looking to find a book basically about all of our lives?

  • fan fiction writer goes to college 
  • social anxiety is a bitch
  • theres a cute boy
  • its so fluffy it’ll make you smile

**Saga by Brian K. Vaugh and Fiona Stable

how about a few comic books? maybe one about a man and a woman from 2 warring intergalactic species on the run from their people?

  • forbidden romance between a bad ass black woman with wings and her kick ass asian husband with horns
  • running from both their governments that want their “abomination” baby dead (not a spoiler the first panel is literally her giving birth)
  • theres people with robot heads and alien orgies
  • its so fucking good
  • i feel like this is how 30 yo blarke would handle this situation

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns

On the look out for a superhero comic? Maybe, oh, ANOTHER ragtag group of misfits?

  • I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite iteration, but it’s mine and I love beast boy and raven so deal with it
  • robin, beast boy, raven, cyborg, etc.
  • just read it

Honorable Mentions: Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova, The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Steivfater, Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee, The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare (listen, she’s trash, but Jem is my son and I love him), An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, ***Red Rising by Pierce Brown,

I hope this helps everyone out! I tried to think of as many similarities as I could and then threw in some that are worth the interest! Happy Hellatus lovelies!

Along the lines of Humans are space orcs / space Australia, etc. Has anyone ever considered how we do science?

I mean, we regularly Science! on mars by drilling into things and examining the debris. We shoot lasers at things to vaporize it and analyze the resultant gas. Sophisticated science to us essentially, “let’s destroy it, turn it into plasma, and figure out what the fuck it is.”

Like sure, we just watch things. Sometimes. But you can only learn so much. It isn’t until we take a giant fucking laser out of the lab and into the field and blow shit up that we really start to understand it.

I mean, sometimes that makes sense, right? I mean, super colliders are a thing for a reason. But like, we really apply that same principal to everything. This is such a need for us, that our fiction is riddled with examples of it. Look at Star Trek? Ostensibly an “exploration” vessel that goes around doing Science! and half the time they do it by shooting the most energy they can at it out of whatever orifice in the ship they can think of that happens to be pointing the right direction.

I can just imagine what that must be like to alien races. Like, maybe we hook up with one of the other races for a joint science thing, they’re going to show up with this super sleek ship that looks like some sort high art with so many passive sensors on it that it looks like a fucking porcupine, and we show up with a blocky, utilitarian, thing and start vaporizing everything left and right with the strongest energy beam we can have.

We will literally be showing up to a laid back Science! mission with the intergalactic equivalent of a dreadnaught warship, and our excuse will amount to, “Why do we do it? I mean, it’s faster. Besides, it’s well within the amount of acceptable radiation exposure within our life time.”

On Alisha Diphda

I love Alisha. I really do. In fact, she might actually be my favourite female character in Tales of Zestiria (it’s so hard to pick favourites in Zestiria, since everyone’s so amazing and lovable). She’s kind, responsible, and fully capable of standing up for her morals and doing what she believes is right. Her strength and resolve are truly inspiring, and despite everything she goes through, she somehow manages to keep pushing forward for what she believes is important to her and the people she cares about. I actually see a lot of myself in Alisha–her idealism and slight naivety are things I can relate to, and her strength and persistence remind me to keep my head up and never give up on the things I value and believe in.

(rant tucked under cut)

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i get being critical and pointing out things that need to be pointed out

but so many ppl in the shadowhunters fandom are out there just being hateful and negative…all the time…about everything. and i wonder why..if you hate a show so much and everything about it (from 90% of the characters, to the ships, to the music, to the writing, to the acting) then why are you so deeply involved with it? i get it, you like a certain ship, you like a certain character and you’re watching for them. cool !!!! but then why come on here and constantly shit on literally every other aspect.

like, there are ppl on here that genuinely love the show and can watch it and critique it without all the bullying and superior attitudes and that’s gr8 !!

but some ppl need to take like 50 steps back. and maybe breathe a lil

Do you ever think about how fucking deep the actual plot/setting of Flapjack is I mean it’s a show about an old man named K'Nuckles who is an alcoholic poverty-stricken homeless disabled man who’s helping a whale raise an orphan child who was the soul survivor in a ship wreck years ago, and that child is also extremely poverty stricken but still see’s everything that is beautiful in the world and loves everyone and won’t ever give up on anything and always believes in the good of people despite being the butt-end of literally every single joke made by the upper and middle classes and loves his family with all his heart even though he gets made fun of on the daily for having a family of freaks while they’re all living in an old run down shipping harbor community in the mid 1800s where it’s canon that most of the characters don’t even know how to read like for real if you don’t think that’s heavy as fuck I don’t wanna hear it 

honestly? i’m not the type of person that writes what they’re thinking about on tumblr but after all this discourse happening i had to let this out.

when i started watching voltron i didn’t know i would’ve liked it this much, i didn’t know i would’ve considered it my favorite show ever. I’ve always liked mechas and seeing one being so well made and with so many good characters and amazing plot made me completely and utterly astonished.

seeing all this hate, all this bad stuff is making me incredibly depressed as i really love this show and i want to give it a better name. 

i am a multishipper, although i have a preference for klance and i consider it my main ship (or the reason i’m breathing,,, i’m not going to go on or this will take forever), but i ship literally everything else in this show.

AND I WILL ADMIT IT! I do not like sheith that much but i like the idea of it and the dynamic they have, i like going in the tag sometimes and see the artwork because it’s amazing!! like seriously go on the sheith tag because the art is fantastic wtf???
but do i get in the tag to spread hate or make the shippers feel horrible? no, no i do not, because if people did that with klance i’d feel bad. More than bad, horrible.

what i’m trying to say here is that there’s a big difference between not liking a ship but respecting people and not liking a ship and harrassing others that do actually like it. 

I just want this fandom to be better for everybody, i don’t want people to be afraid to say “oh yeah i ship this!!”

so, please, if you don’t agree with my words then ignore this post, scroll down and forget you ever read this

but if you do agree please spread the positivity around. We desperately need it.

Megstiel Appreciation

Can we all just appreciate Megstiel please, like it is literally the best ship ever. An Angel and a Demon, nothing compares - Meg brings out the adventure in Castiel and shows him that not everything is about Angels and Heaven, and he shows her that she can have a conscience, if only slightly.

Originally posted by winchester-brotherz

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She was even Cas’ caretaker at one point, a Demon looking after a broken Angel, look at how far they both had come.

Originally posted by teahyngie

Castiel, the Angel cared for Meg, the Demon’s wounds when she was injured and help tend to them, even though they would heal soon.

Originally posted by alrightcastiel

. I mean how ironic yet beautiful, the Angel and the Demon.


Top 5 Ships

thanks jae @ethereal-bellarke for this tag this was fun but also made me super emo

1. Bellarke: Bellamy Blake + Clarke Griffin (The 100)

Originally posted by its-me-her-and-the-moon

okay but y’all who follow me already knew that but seriously they’re just amazing together 

“Clarke, you don’t have to do this alone.” + “I can’t lose you too,” + “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.” +  “I need you.”

2. Scallison: Scott McCall + Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)

Originally posted by the-sex-diariesxx

omfg i cried for hours when she died they were my first ‘ship’ i guess they were beyond adorable  

“I know we’re going to be together.” “There’s no such thing as fate.” “There’s no such thing as werewolves.” + “It’s okay. It’s perfect. I’m in the arms of my first love, the first person I’ve ever loved, the person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott McCall.”

3. Frary: Francis Valois + Mary Stuart (Reign)

oh god same thing again i cried so hard when he died even though i knew it was inevitable they were so vital to each other i CANT

Originally posted by stelenaisforever

“Such beauty; such beauty you have brought me.” + “All I ever wanted was you.”

4. Stydia: Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski + Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf)

the SATISFACTION when they finally got together thank GOD so happy for them

Originally posted by lost-soul-in-the-world

“If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind!” + “When I kissed him, that’s when everything changed.”

5. Kolvina: Kol Mikaelson + Davina Claire (The Originals)

ahhh they were so cute i’m so upset that she died lowkey my guilty pleasure show/ship kol had/has the best lines especially with her

Originally posted by klopehybridss

“And I saw you. I was dead for ages Davina Claire, and only then did I feel alive again. I love you.” “I love you too.”

making this made me so emo oh my god it’s y’all’s turn if you wanna do it and as always anyone else who wants to! @bel-ami-blake @marvilmayhem @bellamynochillblake @bellarkesurvivestogether @spiderdoctor-67 @negasonic-teenage-what-da-shit @frecklessbellamy @nowwesurvive @mountainbellamy @that-damn-booklion @skruprotocol 

Listen Julie. 

I love Evak. I adore them! I loved all the little things we saw in this clip! It’s the stuff fan fic is made of. (literally I have read 50 fics this month and everything in that clip was in them) Will I reblog every post about 30 times? SURE WILL! So, no question. Me? Evak trash for life. Number 1 ship to end all ships. 


This was episode 6. That is episode 6 out of 10. The main is Sana. What I want, what I have wanted all season, was to see her be HER. WHAT I WANT, RIGHT NOW, IS TO SEE HER RESOLVE HER CONFLICTS! WHAT I WANT!!! IS TO SEE!!! HER !!!! HAVE!!! SOMEONE!!! REACH!!! OUT!!!! 

and I want answers. oh, BOY. DO I WANT SOME FUCKING ANSWERS. 6 episodes in and I’m still asking:

  • What really happened between Mikael and Even?
  • Why don’t Chris and Sana hang out?????????
  • Why does Sana know about Even’s attempted suicide but NOT about what caused it or Even’s episode?
  • Who punched Isak?
  • Why did her and Jamilla end their friendship on bad terms?
  • Who bullied Sana at her old school?
  • Did her parents know?
  • Did Elias?
  • Is that why he’s so overprotective?
  • When will Sana confront Yousef? Noora? Vilde? Sara?
  • Is Noora’s password being said out loud like that even relevant? 
  • What the fuck with the carrots?
  • Why isn’t Sana practicing her faith more? (why aren’t we seeing it???)
  • Who told Noora about Willhelm?
  • Why did Vilde completely turn her back on Sana?
  • What the fuck happened to Kossegruppa?
  • Where the fuck are Jonas and Mahdi???? 

I’m sure I have more questions but you get the point. There are only 4 episodes left in the FINAL season of Skam.

Get 👏 Yo 👏 Shit 👏 Together  👏 👏 👏

How are people actually happy with this delena ending, Ian kissed Nina’s fucking chin for gods sake.

All I’ve ever wanted was Damon and Elena to be together since the second Damon came onto the show but any fan that is happy with those small scenes are literally kidding themselves. They were badly acted, no emotion, no chemistry and in order to get their happy ending Stefan had to end up with nothing?

Sure they got a human life together what we all always wanted they also probably had children and some beautiful years together, but it literally all means nothing if in their last scenes, Damon after not seeing his soulmate for years is looking at her like he can’t wait for it to be over (cough Ian). The writers and actors literally destroyed this couple, Julie and Kevin couldn’t even wait a couple of hours before confirming after the finale that Stefan and Elena were the ones they wanted to write together in the end but Nina’s schedule didn’t allow them to so they SETTLED for a Damon and Elena ending.

THEY SETTLED. After everything we went through as fans, they were literally going to destroy all character development between all three of these characters to turn the whole story around.

The actors have been so unprofessional (cough Ian) what should have been the most beautiful reunion for the most shipped couple in television history was destroy and given a mediocre ending plus no screen time for two years due to the actors personal issues with the show and other cast members. I’m sorry but I can’t be the only who would have rather Nina not come back at all or at least Damon and Elena not ending up together and all three mains going their separate ways because Stefan being sacrificed in order for them to have their happy ending is just ridiculous.

We were given an ending that the writers knew us delena deluded fans would eat up because the couple we waited 8 years for with two of those years not even having screen time, were finally “endgame” and I won’t settle for that.

They ruined delena, as well as all the rest of the couples and the show as a whole. For that I will never forgive them and will be forever bitter.

monica reyes is important as hell

i love even platonic reyes/scully because monica was so good and light and exactly the kind of person scully needed in her life when everything was terrifying and she was alone. someone who didn’t make her feel crazy for making the leaps she had to coach herself to make in order to find/help mulder.

my head cannon is that they hung out, a lot, and monica helped scully restore some kind of normalcy. it was legit the healthiest example of friendship on the show (although i also ship the hell out of it). that scene at the end of Improbable where they discuss scully’s numerology was so subtle and touching in that you could literally feel scully’s tension ease a little because of how utterly honest and kind monica is. something scully is Not Used To.

remember this is a show where the writers feel like they have to put scully against ANY WOMAN EVER to make her appear strong and “romantic.” their friendship was a great example of how strong women can be when they stick together.

and of course CC FUCKED her characterization in season 10 and i’m still mad. monica deserved better.

The Dark Prophecy ramblings

-Meg and Apollo not feeling like they deserve to live and all of the symbolism of depression honestly touched me so much and I just cry I love Rick
-okay is anyone else starting to ship Apollo/Lityerses
-Apollo literal just 10/10 bi/pan representation in my opinion I mean just read the book
-Teenagers with flab and acne thank youuu
- hunters being no romance not no het romance made me so happy honestly BOOKS OUT FOR EQUALITY
-Commodus and Apollo
-Showing how power corrupts
-Apollo not just being forgiven for everything and the guilt felt so real and realistic and I just yusss


Jaune’s arc, Volume 4 & criticism

I watched Volume 4 with @fadingemeralds​ this week and one thing really stuck out to me. Though I watched the episodes right when they came out, she watched all episodes in a row after the finale had already been released for a couple of days. Because after volume 3 she didn’t even care about anything anymore, she scrolled through the tags on Tumblr and saw people reacting to the episodes she hadn’t seen yet. 

When we were done and had both shed some tears over the finale she told me that the tags had given her the impression Jaune was the splotlight of the entire volume, even more than on the RWBY girls, because she apparently saw many people criticising the volume for just that.

She was completely surprised it was the complete opposite. Jaune really only had a couple of scenes that were about him, he was in one of no less than six storylines and most scenes he was in weren’t even about him. I mean the scenes that were about him were great and even though we both love Jaune, we didn’t feel like he needed any more. Him having his own complete arc just would have been too much this volume with everything else going on. Jaune really didn’t deserve most of the criticism he got.

When the thumbnail for ‘A Much Needed Talk’ came out people got mad because he was in it, but the episode wasn’t about him, not even the scene he was in. He called Qrow out, but it was completely understandable why he did it and I really would have been disappointed if he didn’t. It wasn’t too much Jaune. Honestly, any less Jaune and he wouldn’t have been more than decoration in the background, and why even bother to carry him around then. 

This volume people literally got upset because Jaune appears on screen. Let alone about anything he says or does. And though I think criticism is important, it’s somehow ridiculous how upset people get about everything Jaune does. 

In the end some people just don’t like Jaune and never will like him. That’s okay. I personally don’t like Sun, but to me there’s a difference between “I don’t like Sun that much, so I didn’t enjoy the storyline he was in not as much as the others” and "Jaune getting that much attention really decreases the show’s quality, it’s all about him, the show is called RWBY, not JNPR”. 

I just wonder where that comes from. People seem to get extremely upset because of Jaune, because of literally everything he does, and actually it’s a thing I see in this FNDM quite often. People getting upset because of the daddy Qrow theory. People getting upset because of Sun. People getting upset because they ship Bumblebee/Black Sun and therefore attack Black Sun/Bumblebee. 

I really, really wonder why people get so extremely upset about things like that and why this makes people attack each other and the FNDM tearing each other apart. Look at me and fadingemeralds, I ship Renora, she ships Martial Arcs, we’re still married. Can’t we just all be nice to each other?

A Rant on Tomarry and Harrymort, BEWARE!

I am a fanfic writer. I personally discovered that I write gay fanfiction really well. I like to read it, write it, ship it, discuss it, and anything else involving my ships.

I have the tendency to ship the main antagonist and the main protagonist in every show, anime, manga, book, cartoon, etc… Harrymort and Tomarry are literally my favs out of everything. Whether it be male slash, female slash, or hetero pairing. Personally, I have 8 posted Tomarry fics and 4 posted Harrymort fics. I have 5 mixed HP/LV/TMR fics in the works. Some have genderbending and some don’t. Watermelonsmellinfellon on FF.net. (EDIT: I have many more fics now.)

I pimp out my other fics at the end of my chapters and literally, this person read only one chapter of one of my Harrymort fics and flamed me over the pairing. Voldemort murdered Harry’s parents. He’s a cold-hearted killer. He’s old and evil. I’m a sick person for even liking the pairing. They didn’t like the pairing to which I responded(since all of my fics are rated M and you have to actively search them out) about why they were even in the Harry/Voldemort section at all.

This has led me to rant, ‘cause I am pissed off with people’s stupidity.

Tom Riddle Character Analysis and How he Came to be That Way:

Tom was born on the last day on 1926. His mother died right after naming him. The workers in the orphanage didn’t know anything about her and as he grew up, they informed him that she was a member of a circus, because they assumed it about her. She wasn’t attractive and for some reason, couldn’t properly articulate herself. She was weird.

Tom is a magical child. All magical children are different then muggle children. Like Hermione Granger, who was much smarter and more advanced than her peers and was ostracized for it. Tom was much like Hermione. Smart. He had a level of understanding far above his peerage. Powerful. A level of control over his magic that normally isn’t seen in untrained wizards, let alone those who don’t know that they are magical. Charisma. Able to charm the pants off anyone around him.

The other children noticed that Tom was different than them. Better, smarter, and always had strange things happening to him. Children can be the most cruel beings on the planet and everyone set to alienating him. Whether through pure loathing or jealousy or even because they were weirded out, we don’t know. We do know, that Tom never had friends.

You have a brilliant child, growing up lonely, knowing that he is different from everyone else. Who is a subject of bullying. Who is an orphan with a bad idea of his parents. He either has four ways to respond to the way his life has turned out. Feel sorry for himself, ignore it all and hope they go away, be the ‘bigger man’(this term pisses me off a lot), or HATE - with a flaming passion - and destroy the opposition.

Tom has a mentality that he is alone and therefore only himself matters. So he would go with the option that best benefits himself. Getting even and then tearing his enemies down so they can’t ever bother him again, would obviously make him feel better. And that is what he does.

And he teaches the children some lessons. Some are morbid yes, but I feel no pity. You bite the bull, you get the horns.

And then he learned that he was magical. And Dumbledore listened to the words of a woman he barely knew, who didn’t like Tom at all, and regarded the boy with distrust. And the moment he heard Tom say that he could talk to snakes, Tom was public enemy number one! Over talking to snakes!

I feel that Dumbledore played a very large part in the creation of Voldemort. Tom was a muggle raised child, entering the wizarding world. He was sorted into a House that was notorious for disliking those not of pure blood. If Dumbledore knew that Tom was a Parselmouth, why did he let him go on? Why didn’t he inform Tom about his possible ancestry? Tom would have been treated better in his House had they known that he wasn’t a mudblood and that he was Slytherin’s Heir. But instead, Dumbledore withheld vital information and watched from afar, as if Tom was born as some sort of demon that was evil to the bone and had to be stalked at every moment.

Nature vs Nurture.

No one is born evil, racist, bigoted etc… It is how they are raised and the examples they are given, that shape who they are.

By Tom’s fifth year, he is interested in his ancestry and looks into it. Tom had hoped that his father was his magical parent but found no record of Riddle and had to live with the fact that his mother was the magical parent. He tracked his name Marvolo, to the Gaunts. Morfin Gaunt informed him that he was of the last of the Slytherin Line and looked a lot like Tom Riddle who lived in the ‘big house’. Tom now knows that his mother was a pureblood and not a ratty circus performer. And his father was a muggle aristocrat, who left her while she was pregnant. Who ran away.

Now, Tom has a dislike for muggles and muggleborns. Where did this come from?

The orphanage, where he was bullied and hated by everyone for being different. Hogwarts, where he was bullied and hated by his House for being a ‘mudblood’. And finally - here’s a little history lesson.

Tom had high aspirations. He wanted to be well known. On September 7th of 1940, Adolf Hitler ordered the London Blitz - which lasted until May of 1941. London was repeatedly bombed and 32,000 died from being blown to pieces and 87,000 were grievously injured. Remember, that WWII is happening in the muggle world. At the time, there was no telling how long it would last. No telling when the madness would end. And Tom faced going back to that, every summer. And he was denied his request to stay at Hogwarts. He could have died at any moment and no one would remember him. Or care. Leading to his fear of death and his search for immortality.

His dislike of muggles and muggleborns isn’t so shocking now… is it?

So, Tom doesn’t ever find out that his mother drugged his father with love potions. He is under the impression that his pureblood mother who was of noble heritage, was used and thrown aside by a filthy muggle.

In his mind, killing the Riddles was suitable revenge. (I personally feel that both Tom and Merope were in the wrong about many things, so I feel no pity for either of them.)

Tom’s lust for being immortal and memorable has already pervaded the story. He learned of Horcruxes and managed to make 2 before asking Slughorn if it was possible to make seven. Seven is a very powerful magical number and Tom wanted every possible protection from death. He was willing to kill to do it.

Tom continues in his life, gaining followers, magic, and reputation. He could have gone to the Ministry, but denied all offers in order to make connections at Borgin and Burke’s. He even tried for the DADA position again, but was turned away by none other than Dumbledore. In order to get even, he cursed the position.

His sanity began decreasing with every Horcrux he made, until he was a shell of his former self. He no longer thought things through. No longer cared for anything really. He was a husk with too much power.

And then his body is destroyed at he comes back 13 years later, restarting his pointless war, ‘fighting’ for a cause that labeled him as inferior. He obviously didn’t consider that for some reason. He obviously missed everything.

And his lack of sanity and complete disregard for anything besides himself, are what led to him being stuck in limbo for eternity.

Tom Marvolo Riddle(I am Lord Voldemort) is a flawed character. He would be boring if he wasn’t. I empathize with and pity him. I do not hate or dislike him. I am a little ashamed of some of the things he has done, but to be honest, I adore his character. And I really think that no one would be perfect for him, except Harry.

Harry Potter Character Analysis and How he Came to be That Way:

Harry was prophesied to be Tom’s equal. And the problem with the prophesy, is that it could be taken in many ways. In my fanfics, I have twisted that thing in every which way I could manage. Voldemort put the prophesy into action by marking his equal and unknowingly placing a piece of his soul inside said equal, gifting him with Parseltongue and making him a Horcrux.

Harry is a halfblood, like Voldemort is. Even similar in appearance, according to CoS Tom Riddle and the HP Wikia. Marked as his equal. Keeper of his soul, no matter how corny it sounds. Holder of his wand’s brother wand. An orphan who grew up in the muggle world, surrounded by people who hated him and wanted nothing to do with him. He was bullied constantly and no one stuck up for him. Who had no friends because of the bullies. Who was given incorrect information about his parents. Who managed to do strange things somehow. Who had powerful bouts of accidental magic. Who could talk to snakes. Who was a natural at DADA. Who was supposed to be in Slytherin. Was hated by a specific teacher for reasons beyond his control.

Controlled by Dumbledore to an extent. Forced to return to his hated place every summer. His decisions taken from him.

Their similarities can be terrifying. And yet, they have differences.

Harry wanted love. He wanted someone to rescue him. To care for him. He was willing to move in with a man he had only, a few hours prior, thought was a mass murderer bent on killing him. Harry longed so deeply, that he wore his heart on his sleeve. He was so compassionate, that he wouldn’t wish his sadness on others. And eventually, he did get what he wanted after much pain and heartbreak.

Harry sacrificed himself in the end and came back.

Tom on the other hand, deserved to be loved. All children do. But he was so fixed on being alone, he never considered the thought of being loved. If he had the care or at least dreamed about the care like Harry did, he would have been different. One act of kindness in his childhood could have shaped a completely different person.

But Tom ended up in limbo for eternity, because he was never shown a better way.

For the Tomarry and Harrymort pairings, my mind comes up with all manner of fanfics and ideas and I never tire of the pairing. I have so many just in my mind that it’s staggering!

-Voldemort overcoming his problems with Harry’s help.

-Harry being brought to freedom from worldly expectation by Voldemort or Tom Riddle.

-Tom Riddle learning love and happiness because of Harry.

-Both butting heads and learning’s to care for each other over a long and arduous time period.

-Pure smut just because it’s hot.

-Even darker pairings between them. Like both being bloodthirsty dark lords.

So many things we can do.

The best Harry Potter ship in my own opinion. Not that others are inadequate or bad, just that it is the best.

The understanding. The equality. 

It gets to me. It really does.

Some may not agree and that’s all well land good. Your opinion is your own. But this right here, is my opinion.

Tomarry and Harrymort are great pairings with a plethora of avenues that can be twisted and molded for your pleasure.

No one’s complaints will ever convince me that this pairing is ‘insipid’ and ‘stupid’.

If I make a batch of chocolate chip and pecan cookies and I say “These are chocolate chip and pecan cookies that I made. Would you like one?” and then you decide to eat one even though you kinda hate pecans, you don’t get to say that I forced the pecans on you.

You were told what was in the cookies. You had the choice not to eat one. You chose to anyway. It’s not my job to change the way I make my cookies because they might not be the kind you want to eat.

A writer cannot “force” a storyline/plot/ship on anyone. It’s literally not possible unless they are coming into your house and physically making you look at the screen. If you’re choosing to watch THEIR STORY then they cannot - by the very fact that you are using your own free will to watch the show - force anything.

It is their show to present however they would like. You can be unhappy about something, you can disagree with something, you can disagree with everything, you can choose not to watch and simply enjoy certain characters strictly in fanon. But you cannot claim that anything being shown to you is being forced on you.

Viewer feedback is something that a lot of writers/cast/crew will encourage because they enjoy it. But that interaction doesn’t entitle anyone to control over any part of the canon show. What you want to play out and ship/support in your fandom is entirely up to you and more power to you.

But no one has the right to try to bully the actual creators into catering to anyone’s wishes for a piece of fiction that differs from what the creators themselves want for their story.

We are the audience. We are here to experience an incredible journey. Sometimes the creators will bring something into your life that you love and sometimes a story you loved will become something you can’t stand. But whether you stick it out or walk away is completely down to you.

It’s your job to know when enough is enough for you. It is not an artists job to change their creation because you don’t know when to quit. They control what they make - not whether or not you choose to be a part of it.

One Piece 858 thoughts

Finally I find the time/mood to make another review! And couldn’t be a chapter for it. 

My wifi hates me, so not many images today. Let’s start with the wonderful, glorious, cover - The first one, because we even have two. To all the people who said Luffy shouldn’t forgive Sanji, the rest of the crew is still angry with him… here’s your answer. The crew has many different characters and responses on all kinds of situations, but this doesn’t change: they have the utmost respect for their captain and will follow his judgement. 

This is actually something that evolved after the timeskip: Luffy is now clearly more mature. The death of Ace had him forcefully realize that adventure and friendship  is all good and so on, but at some point you must stop and think. Luffy before timeskip was about to tell Usopp to leave the crew and lose Zoro’s respect. Luffy, now, asks questions - to Sanji - and listens to answers - that he thankfully understands as lies. 

As for the second one… well. 

You lost because you didn’t win

English-speaking people must have a difficult time realizing how it feels to learn a bit of English in middle school and starting to write random cool phrases that mean eveything but als kinda notjing worth saying like “I love you” or “Be yourself xoxo” on each other’s diaries. It’s a teenage thing - or maybe not, since I still write poems on my walls -, it’s a phase, it passes. Apparently Oda- sensei isn’t out of it yet. And likes tautologies. 

By the way I lpve this cover because it literally supports every ship possible with Nami: Sanami, Zonami, Lunami… but in particular SANAMI BECAUSE THE FRICKING NUMBER ON HER SHIRT IS A 73. Whatever. Leave me alone. Other than that, as per @sanjiafsincedayone‘s posts we know that 73 and 32 rapresents Sanji and Nami. So I guess the other numbers have some meaning as well. 

I don’t really get the point of this page… to show that the wedding is approaching - as per the clock…? - nor the point of this new character. Oda generally gives everything a meaning, but sometimes he doesn’t… I think. 

Pekoms is being held prisoner back by Jinbei’s crew not to let him spill a word of the plan to Big Mom - this dude is way too loyal, that witch doesn’t deserve him. I like seeing some strange races every now and then and I just looove Praline’s design, I’d let her step on me - something she couldn’t do, given the fact she has no legs lol - but every time I see her, I fricking wonder: HOW DID BIG MOM GIVE BIRTH TO A MERMAID. To be more specific: HOW DID SHE CONCEIVE HER

But One Piece is kids-friendly so I guess we’ll never know, uh…

Big Mom leaves her  underlings quite a bit of freedom, letting Bege even have his own castle. Vito the evil fanboy - in contrast to Bartolomeo the good fanboy - meets them and tells them to have a bath. And Luffy’s the one staying focused on the most urgent matters, can you believe it??? But Sanji and Luffy look at each other and agree they do quite stink LOL

The boys get some fanservice and we get some hints and recap. For us hardcore fans of One Piece this is quite useless, but since all the friends I have that don’t read OP say it’s because it’s too long and there’s too much stuff to remember …I guess it makes sense. And with what Carrot says here, I’m more and more convinced she’ll join the crew - or at the very least be with them for a while longer. 

Lola’s was asked in marriage by the the Giants’ prince, Loki - named after the Northern Mythology god of deceit Loki, but this is tumblr and Tom Hiddleston exists, I don’t really need to tell you right? -, here goes the double gag, cause

A. She was asked in marriage - because of her personality I guess, but jokes aside, she was really a good girl

B. They still understood Lola=/=Chiffon, I don’t know how.

And by the way for the Sanami shippers here, Nami is impressed at the mention of a prince

So my theory of Mama needing Ceasar’s help because of her hatred towards giants was partially correct. She wanted their army and now wants to get the Vinsmokes’. Also, she’s an abusive parent, but nothing new here. 

Here’s just how big Sanji’s heart his. Personally, I would side with Chiffon, I don’t think she’s cruel or anything, many would side with her, and I can tell because so many thought not only Sanji would let his family die, but even kill them himself. And instead…

They beat him. Verbally and emotionally abused him. His own father tried to kill him, and now are using him… and even so…

Getting to the gag stuff - which, as always, I love - Brook did in fact have a fierce battle, Luffy! And yet again, how is the level-headed one… I’d never thought I’d put “Luffy” and “level-headed” in the same sentence ….

What the hell is up with your bodies!

We all ‘ve been wondering hon. W’all ‘ve been wondering. 

Next up, the Mafia runaway! I love how they look, so 20′s … but why didn’t they give Sanji a suit as well? I know it’s what he wears all the time, but he’ll end up looking unelegant in comparison, and I cannot have that. Carrot’s so adorable with her hat, but Pedro just feels terribly uneasy, you can tell, and not because Ceasar’s sitting right next to him. 

Ahhhh he’s wearing shorts! He couldn’t be that elegant I guess. Pity. 


For once!


Is no-one going to say anything at Luffy wearing two hats? Okay…

And then the mess happens. Poor Jinbei. He’s astonished. 

Yup.  We all wonder. 

substition bride with Nami please?