i ship landy


       ship aesthetics :  Anton Shudder // Larrikin


                                   He’s a maverick, and you’re the most well-behaved person there is.

He’s short and pretty and he smiles like there’s no tomorrow. You’re tall and crooked, you save your smiles only for the rarest of occasions.

It’s to hide the fact that you’re alone, and you deserve to be. A person with thoughts as dark as yours deserves this. And it’s alright.

But suddenly you find yourself with that man         and you realize that maybe, just maybe, he’s one who hides his own dark with a smile.

And then the person who can always find a way to make you smile grins at you        with  b l o o d i e d   t e e t h  and a frenzy which could be described as bloodlust.

It’s when you realize he’s got the same problems you’ve got. It’s then when you understand that seldom is it that true soulmates find each other on Earth, and you’ve just found yours.

Finally, you’re content. But never do you speak a word. There’s always  t i m e  , you reason. All the time in the world, you’ve got it.

And then he dies, and all you have left are forgotten promises and broken memories.