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Me "adulting"

Me: Why yes, I am a reasonable and responsible adult

Couple that I ship: *does something cute*/*has fluff fanfic*/*in any way acknowledges the other person’s existence*

Me: Hehe whoops I accidentally slapped myself, call my mom


“Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on
You got the healing that I want
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on” (x)

suddenly feels like drawing otps kissing at the prom while slowly listening and dancing to the song <3

Let's get this (snow)ball rolling again...

Hopes for Frozen 2 Setting

Since this fandom will undoubtedly come out of hibernation now that pre-production is actually underway here’s my hopes for the setting of the sequel.

Something I’d personally like to see more of in Frozen 2 is The Southern Isles and its royal family.
I want to meet all twelve of Hans’s older brothers and his parents. I want them all to have fleshed out personalities and unique character designs. I think there’s a story there that’s worth telling and one that can transition nicely into what we’ve already been told.

For the record I don’t count A Frozen Heart by Elizabeth Rudnick as canon. It was a half-hearted and contemptuous attempt on Hans’s family. I don’t think I’ll ever get over her poor choice of names for some of them like Runo and Caleb. Did she even try?
What I consider canon is what’s written and created at the Disney Animation Studios by JLee and CBuck. *sigh*

So ignoring that rendition…
I would like to see Frozen 2 take place in a setting that is new but not entirely foreign to the audience. The Southern Isles offers such a golden opportunity; not only in its setting but also with its introduction to new characters without the obscure explanations. The Southern Isles and Hans’s family was one of the more curious aspects of the original and to not elaborate on it would be a waste.

I also don’t think bringing in an entirely new villain to wreck havoc on Arendelle - especially one with powers - would be at all interesting. It’d be expected and boring to keep the entire film in Arendelle and just have the gang battle it out with a fire witch or some nonsense like that.

The best thing the writers could do is take the curious elements from the story they already have such as the trolls, foreign affairs, that archaic book and elaborate on those instead. Make it all come full circle but by also tying it back to the original HCA’s version instead of creating completely new content that’ll only confuse the audience even more.

So those are my thoughts on the setting and how it could work with the story. Agree or disagree? What are your wishes for the setting of Frozen 2?

The Hockey Coach-Kristanna AU

Written for @kristanna ..Happy Birthday Sara!!! Hope you have a lovely day. This isn’t much but it’s fluffy and I hope you enjoy it anyway!<3

“Damn it!”

“Need some help?”

“It’s just, my car won’t start and I’m supposed to be taking my son Max to ice hockey practice.” She stopped to look up at who was stood next to her. “Kristoff isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I moved in the flat next door a few weeks ago.”

“Yeah, I remember.”

He’d introduced himself to her in the corridor. It was all a rush really as he was trying to drag a table up the stairs. She’d offered to help but he said his friend was on his way so she just went into her flat.

“Would you like me to take a look at your car?”

“Mama, come on!” Max came running down towards them. “Hi Kristoff.”

“Hey bud.”

“You two know each other?”

“Kristoff teaches me hockey mama! You’d know that if you ever stayed for a game.”

“Sorry, you know I use that time to sew my dresses.” She turned to Kristoff. “I make wedding dresses.”

He nodded. “I don’t think there’s anything I can do right now, but I’m obviously heading to the rink. I’ll give you a lift.”

“Thank you, but I-”

“Come on! You can watch me play! Kristoff says I’m the best!”

“Okay, lets go.” She faked a smile and got Max’s booster seat out of the back of her car and placed it in Kristoff’s. She strapped him in and when she went to open her door, Kristoff was already holding it open for her.

“Thank you.”

He was handsome, she thought. He was well built and she’d always been a sucker for blondes. She couldn’t think about a relationship now though. Not with Max and her dress business. She didn’t have the time.

She glanced at her phone, checking whether she could afford to lose this time in her schedule.

“Relax a little.”

“Excuse me?” She said.

“Take a break, it won’t kill you.”

“I’m sorry, but you don’t know me.”

She’d actually enjoyed watching Max play and she’d never seen him this happy before. She was glad he found something to be a part of as she’d never had that. Something tugged at her heart when she saw Kristoff helping Max line up his shot. He’d never had a man to look up to before and it was clear he’d taken a shine to Kristoff.

“Can we go for lunch at Rosie’s Diner mama?” Max said, running out of the changing room and to Anna.

“We don’t have a car buddy. Sorry.”

“I’ll take you,” Kristoff said, approaching them.

“I can’t ask you to do that.”

“Kristoff can come for dinner with us mama, pleeaaaaaseee?” He tugged at the bottom of her shirt.

“Fine. If that’s okay with Kristoff.”

“Of course it is, I’m starving.”

Anna mouthed a quick ‘thank you’ to him and he responded his a slanted smile that made her stomach swoop.

“I’ve never been here,” Kristoff said, scanning the menu.

“I like the pizza here but mama likes the nachos, don’t'cha mama?”

“Yeah I do, but I think I’m just gonna get a hotdog today.”

“Me too,” Kristoff said. “And we’ll share some nachos.”

An hour later all three of them were laughing as they walked up the their apartments. Max had taken it upon himself to hold hands with both Anna and Kristoff.

“This feels like a family!” He said, and Anna sighed. She’d always wished she could give him the family he deserved.

“You have my number, right?” Kristoff said.

“Yeah, now I can put a name there instead of just ‘Max’s Coach’,” she joked. “Thank you for today. I really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome. Night Anna.”

“Night Kristoff.”

She sat on her couch flicking through wedding magazines. She’d never even gotten the change to get married. It was ironic really. She was pregnant at twenty and Max’s father had left before he was even born. She’d never even dated anyone since. How pathetic a was that, she thought.

Anna felt herself getting emotional and pulled out her phone.

Can you come over? Could use someone to vent to.

She immediately regretted sending it to him. What if he said no?

Sure. Need wine?

Please x

He was at her door less than five minutes later, a bottle of red wine in one hand and a bar of chocolate in the other.

They sat on her couch for hours. It was easy to talk to him, she thought. He actually listened and said all the right things and genuinely seemed interested in her life. She told him about school and how she had to drop out of university to have Max and how she’d been depressed after having him. It was all strange, talking to someone you didn’t know very well and having them genuinely care.

He told her about how he got into hockey and how his parents had died when he was young. She said how that was the worst thing they had in common, they were both orphans.

She gazed at the clock. 1:30am.

“I’ve been talking your ear off, it’s so late. I’m sorry.”

“It’s no problem really. I love talking to you.”

She couldn’t help but fall deep into his eyes. They were gorgeous. She leaned in and he cupped her cheek. His lips pressed to hers and she felt herself melt into his kiss. She hadn’t kissed anyone in years and she’d never kissed anyone like this. It wasn’t quick or rushed, it was warm and gentle.

She opened her mouth and let his tongue slip inside. Her hand drifted to his hair, pulling him closer so that she fell back on the couch, him tumbling on top of her.

“Wait wait wait!” She said, pulling away. “Too fast,” she whispered against his lips.

“Of course.”

“I really like you Kris.”

“I really like you too. Go on a date with me,” he said.

She giggled as he kissed her nose. He sat up, pulling her with him so her head rested against his shoulder.

“Okay.” She smiled, leaning up to kiss his lips once more.

Your OTP at university--it’s the little romantic moments that count.

1. Character A has a class starting in two minutes five minutes away, but it’s raining lions and tigers, but screw it, they’re going to shield their beloved Character B from the apocalyptic, torrential rain as they walk to their own lecture. 

2. Character A sees that their sweetheart is having a tough morning and shouts them a large coffee with plenty of snuggles and nuzzles at the counter as they wait for the coffee to be brewed. 

3. Character A spots Character B halfway across campus sitting at a chair, and walks up to them, taking their hand as they gaze up at them with pure love in their eyes. Character A tenderly lifts Character B up as they hold their hand, swandiving in for a very tender kiss. 

4. Character A meets Character B in the library, and, seeing a stray hair gracing their face, tucks the lock behind their ear. 

5. Character A surprises Character B with a bouquet of flowers out of nowhere in the middle of a lecture or lab (”NO FLOWERS IN THE LAB!”) or the library. 

6. Character A holding a panicking Character B’s hand as they help them with their essay due in five hours. 

7. Character A softly hugging a stressed Character B from behind as the latter stresses over an assignment they’re working on on one of the library computers.

8. Character A just chatting side by side with Character B, leaning back on a table as they wait for the printer to wake up and have its coffee. They sneak in little kisses every few sentences (sometimes even mid-sentence).

9. Character A taking a quiet nap on a sofa around university, their head in Character B’s lap, before their next lecture for the day. 

10. Character A always insisting on shouting Character B a bus ticket back home. Soon they have a tradition of alternating the favour for the other. 

For @kristanna

Happy birthday Sara! For you, I’ve done a continuation of this. Let’s go from public groping to public sex, shall we? Why not :-)

*NSFW (because of course it is)

EDIT: I wrote (and prepared this post) before @karis-the-fangirl posted hers, so Charis I really hope you don’t mind that I played in this sandbox!

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Mr. Brightside (Frozen drabble, rated K)

A surprise Frozen drabble inspired by The Killers’ song. I wanted to make it a little mystery~

Princess Anna was a breathtaking vision in her wedding gown.

It had been a beautiful ceremony. People from all around Arendelle and her surrounding kingdoms had gathered to celebrate the love between the royal bride and groom. There hadn’t been a dry eye in the house.

He had never gotten to experience that kind of unconditional love growing up; after all, he had practically raised himself. The unwanted wedding guest mulled the thought over in his head, stewing in the bitterness of it at his table at the back of the hall, as far away from Princess Anna and her true love as possible.

When the sound of tinkling glasses reached a fever pitch, the blushing bride leaned over from her seat at the head table and kissed her new husband, causing the room to erupt in applause and cheers.

It should’ve been me up there, he thought to himself sourly.

Of course the princess would end up marrying a prince after all. She deserved no less.

Feeling his self-pity party coming to an end and seeing no forthcoming reason to stay, he downed the rest of his drink and rose to leave.

“Leaving so soon?” came a voice from behind him. He stopped and turned reluctantly to see the Snow Queen of Arendelle herself, Queen Elsa, smiling at him.

“Your Majesty,” he bowed respectfully. When he straightened himself, he gestured to the peers and members of Arendelle’s court that filled the hall. “Yes, I’m afraid I don’t belong here.”

“You’re going to miss the cake,” she insisted, her tone light; trying to keep things lighthearted between them, despite his history with her sister. “It’s chocolate.”

He grunted indifferently. Then, he spoke, his voice twinged with sadness.

“So… she married the prince, after all.”

Elsa hmm’d in confirmation, smiling a little wider. Her thin fingers came up to tuck a stray lock of white hair behind her ear. “Yeah. I still can hardly believe it myself. Who would’ve known things would’ve turned out the way they did?”

The Queen reached out then and took his larger hand in her own small grasp, her touch delicate and surprisingly warm.

“Love always wins out in the end,” she said softly, gazing into his eyes. “You just have to open yourself up to receive it.”

He inwardly scoffed at her optimism. He wanted to tell her she was wrong, but couldn’t bring himself to be callous towards the woman who was going out of her way at her own sister’s wedding to show somebody like him even a shred of kindness. Instead, he remained silent and carefully removed his hand from hers, regretting the loss of contact almost immediately.

“Take it from someone who spent most of her life perfecting the art of shutting people out.” Her blue eyes glittered. “You deserve love too, Hans. And someday you’ll find it.”

Then, as an afterthought: “We both will.”

The music shifted, signalling for Princess Anna and the newly-confirmed Prince Kristoff to take to the floor for their first dance. In an incredibly fortuitous twist of fate, it had only just been revealed a few days prior to the ceremony that royal blood ran through the former foundling’s veins.

Nodding his head at Elsa and bowing once more, Hans spun on his heel and left the hall through the double doors without looking back, clutching at his chest as a certain-blonde haired queen slowly began to fill the gaping hole left by the princess in his heart.


I amend my statement from earlier, its 30 minutes after midnight. This was supposed to be a fun little sketch. This was supposed to be a one and done thing, but I have no restraint with stuff like this. I added a little close up because I liked how Kristoff and his glasses came out too much to let my photo quality to destroy the detail I added. Also how come no one has mentioned that Kristoff would be an absolute dork when he remembers to wear his glasses and forgets that he’s wearing them? And then he goes to rub his eyes or something and constantly hits them or knocks them off.


“Throw a little love their way and you’ll bring out their best.”

I’ve been wanting to do this analysis forever but never got around to do it. It’s pretty short though. Well now let’s get to reason #19327542728 that Kristanna is the cutest couple ever, shall we?

So this is the classic scene in most disney movies where either the male lead sees the princess for the first time or “sees” her for the first time. So we are going to focus on the second when you see the male falling in love because he is “seeing” her for the first time. Because this is what the case is with these two.

In most disney movies, the princess is doing something special or had something special on for the prince to fall in love with her.

Exhibit 1 Rapunzel: When The girls put all the flowers in her hair and she is dancing with everyone. We can all admit that she looks absolutely gorgeous with those flowers in her hair with a carefree smile on her face.

Exhibit 2 Princess and the Frog: When Tiana is engulfed in what she loves to do, cooking, Prince Naveen starts to fall for her. I mean, what’s more attractive than a girl who is doing what she loves?

Now onto Kristanna. This is not the typical realisation scene. First of All, Anna isn’t really doing someting she loves, she’s just smiling. Just smiling.Kristoff is falling in love with her smile. And do you know why I say that? Look at what she’s wearing. Just look at it! Its like a dirty possy cape and leaves with just a few crystals. I mean if you really saw someone like that in real life, wouldn’t you find it a little weird? I mean look at Anna when she sees Kristoff. She’s basically laughing at his outfit. But not Kristoff. He is wowed.


Because that troll cape is his definition of beauty. Not some coronation dress. Not some pretty crown. Just a mossy mess. And not only a mossy mess.

His beauty is also Anna.

creds to http://damnbarakat.tumblr.com/post/72763957496 because this was basically the whole gifset.

CS Au Week Day 4: Future

Gosh, I wonder if anyone can place what fic this might take place in the future of… ;)

Since I was mean and traumatized everyone on Sunday, let’s jump ahead about five years. Come for the Captain Swan, stay for the teasing of Kristanna.

October 30, 2019

She’s not buying a new winter coat, she’s not, she’s not, she’s not. Dammit, it’s cold outside, but her stupid coat still fits. It just… doesn’t zip up anymore.

Emma walks out onto the porch, shivering a bit as the wind hits her full-on; winter had decided to blow in several weeks early, dumping half a foot of snow over the farm on her birthday last week. There’s two snowmen in the yard: a decent-sized one that Leo had insisted on building by himself and a tiny one Ruth had built by herself (with Emma to supervise). “Leo! Ruth! Come on, it’s time for dinner!”


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