i ship it still


finally i finished the half and still  have half to complete it 

i hope u like my art

first page : u here

second page : soon 



original comic  https://youtu.be/fjiA_7jVzos?list=PLnJoXpAzVOnKFx2tbZJSAPbSkgmYiBUAB

I've decided I have a new OTP ...

I’ve done some thinking about the  Trainspotting 2 premiere and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a new OTP. I’ve never seen such chemistry between these two people before especially when one of them is with anyone other than the vivacious ginger beauty he was with last night. He was so engaged and attentive with her and  spent so much time just talking with her as if she was the only woman there.  So I’ve decided after much thought that I will now ship this couple . I still wholeheartedly ship Sam and Cait  but there’s no denying this couples obvious connection. I shall call them …

TORINA.  Who’s with me on this wild ride? Michael Jackson said it best when he sang The Way You Make Me Feel.

My Shiro - LordessCinnamon - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Matt Holt/Shiro
Characters: Shiro (Voltron), Matt Holt, Pidge (Voltron), Allura (Voltron), Coran (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Hunk (Voltron), Keith (Voltron)
Additional Tags: rebellion leader Matt Holt, he’s all rugged n tough now guys, also shiro is a mess in this i stg, let him show weakness for a change dammit, nb pronouns for pidge, Reunion Fic, im such a sap for those lmaoo

it’s been a little over two years since Shiro and Matt were separated. What are the odds that he picks up a stray signal requesting air support during a critical battle in the rebellion? I dunno but it happens here. Yeah this gets really sappy im not sorry

hachifair replied to your post “so I have a question. do u still support shaladin ships? I saw you…”

I’m so happy, you’re the first artist that draws voltron that hasn’t been aggressively hateful of shaladin that I’ve found since season 2 came out

UHM wow that’s pretty upsetting?? very upsetting actually??? i was afraid to talk much about shaladin on here bc i don’t go on tumblr anymore aside to post stuff, so i don’t know what the community is like anymore aside from what i hear (a number of friends getting harassed and witch-hunted, thanks folks)

but fuck it lol fuck these people who think it’s okay to be hateful about the tiniest of things that people take interest in. i feel like most likely, you just haven’t come across much of the shaladin community? i’m sure they’re around somewhere.. but the fact that it’s possible for anyone to have an experience like yours is shameful on behalf of everyone involved

i’m sorry i can’t do much to foster a sense of community here since i don’t have much time to be on tumblr, and shaladin isn’t one of my main interests, but if anyone here’s got some shaladin blogs you like feel free to reply to this post with them :v

sorry for kinda just going off on this but shit like this always blows my mind. have fun shipping, friend lol

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Based on how much s2 focused on Keith and Shiro's relationship, would you say it has a possibility of becoming canon in future seasons.

well there’s a key difference between developing two character’s relationship, and developing two characters in a romantic relationship.

honestly, and i would like to preface this with by no means am i anti shaladin and in fact i am a big shaladin shipper, but i after seeing this season don’t see Shiro and Keith becoming a couple, if that’s what you’re asking. but that doesn’t mean i don’t still ship it, because i do. shipping something and thinking it’ll be canon are two different things. 

i think that Keith and Shiro’s relationship is way more complex than we know, and i think there is a lot more nuance to how they relate to each other and their history. from my perspective i think it’s entirely possible that maybe Keith has feelings for Shiro that are more than friendly, and possibly Shiro knows that? Also it’s as possible that they really do feel a very close familial connection to one another. BUT it’s also possible that they will have a romantic relationship because they have crazy chemistry and like it would be quite plausible to see them get together at some future point if the writers decide to pursue that storyline

but as things stand now, i don’t see that happening in season 3. but am i still gonna ship the hell out of it? oh hells yeah 

Good evening

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has shown me support in the past 24 hours.

It seems as if people are really keen on shooting the messenger, and I believe I have had the pleasure of seeing the absolute worst of the Sherlock fandom through sharing the main points of a talk I gate crashed, from memory alone. It also seems as if people are really keen on getting pissed off with those who have a different opinion regarding ships, and that’s not cool.

Nevertheless, I will still stand by Moffat and Gatiss, aware of the problematic things they have said in the past, but also aware that they will stand by the story they have told us for the past 7 years. I had the privilege of meeting Moffat in September 2015, and he was nothing but an awkward sweetheart (who couldn’t decide whether to hug me or give me a handshake when I told him I was dressed as Clara Oswald and that she was my favourite. We settled on a handshake). I’m going to a Moffat talk at the BFI in April, and I will happily share what he has to say during that. I’ll even take notes this time so I really don’t miss anything important.

Obviously in Cambridge last week, I had the privilege of meeting Gatiss too, and he is one of the loveliest, warmest people you could ever hope to meet. I will never stop telling people about how patient he was when I apologised for “not being able to talk well” due to my tripping over words in anxiety/nervousness at meeting him. The showrunners of Sherlock are both genuinely wonderful people, and they take the time to listen to questions posed at talks, and they give insightful answers every time.

Thank you to everyone who has shown me support, by sending messages, asks, anons, or even just reblogging the photo of Mark and I and saying how nice the photo is! Really means a lot to see there are still kind souls among the messiness of this fandom.

Keep doing you, lovely folks. I’ll be back to regular shitposting before you know it!

Liv xoxox

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you know, I always tell myself ' girl, you should stop shipping jelena, they're not rising anytime soon' but then like someone posts about jelena on instagram, you know like those cute photos of them in 2012 or when they were badasses in 2013/4 and didn't care about no one's opinion and my fat ass screenshots it and I just find myself smiling and crying at the picture because man THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL back then and then I'm like ' nvm I'm still shipping them, my heart can't let them go'

Story of my life

One last thing...

I’ve been doing the shipping thing for a long time now and it’s never been like this. Sure, there would be disagreements between ships (the biggest one that comes to mind is Jason x Kimberly vs. Tommy x Kimberly from Power Rangers) but ultimately at the end of the day, people would just accept that the other person ships something different. (Yes I know there is still a ‘ship war’ going on between those two ships) Now a days (oh gods I sound so old lol) shipping has mutated to this bile, disgusting and degrading thing. It’s not only towards a ship, but characters and the actors that portray them. People don’t understand that acting is a job, just like going to the office from 9-5 Monday through Friday. It’s how these people get paid. I’ve never seen shipping like this. Sending actors death threats or degrading the actor because they don’t like the character they portray. It’s…insane. it’s disgusting. You can dislike a character, you can dislike a ship, but I don’t understand why people feel like they’re entitled or that they can be so childish to shit on other people’s ships or attack an actor because they play a character you don’t like. Sure, Actors may get some say about their character, others do not. They’re given a role, they’re given a script and they go to work. That’s it. The sad thing is, it wasn’t until I started coming to Tumblr that I really started seeing this…monstrosity. I came to tumblr because it’s a place where a group of people can come together from all parts of the world, connect and bond over mutual interests. I came to tumblr because some people are more into the loop about things like spoilers or news (and I am a spoiler junkie). I came to Tumblr to share my excitement about my ships. No where else (and I’m not saying there aren’t other places) have I found such childishness and down right nasty and immature people.

“I’m going to throw a fit because I want the main character to be gay”, “You’re racist for not shipping an interracial couple”, “you’re wrong for shipping those two”, the list goes on and on.

Why not…“I’m understand and respect that you ship those two together. I don’t agree with it. I ship (fill in blank here) but I understand that we have different perspectives” or “I wanted the main character to be gay but I’m grateful that one of the important characters just came out. It’s nice to have some representation in media”

Even better….“I don’t like this character but I understand the actor is just doing their job.”

I don’t know when and show shipping got this bad. It hasn’t been until recent times that I’ve heard of Actors getting attacked because of a character they’re playing. Some actors handle things in stride and I think that’s Great of them. They don’t let anyone get them down. Other actors have had to delete their twitter, facebook, and all other forms of social media because of being attacked. It’s appalling.

Long story short, I just don’t understand why people can’t be respectful. I’m talking about all ships here. I know there are a few Karamel shippers that attack other ships too.

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Meena x Ash?

Interesting ship, I dig it!

I’m still not very comfortable writing ships for Sing, so I tried to mellow it out with Mike being the story teller here. Also, I’m still trying to become better at writing in first person, so I used this prompt to experiment some more.

(This is rated PG 13 because Mike is Mike.)

I consider myself a lady’s man, if you couldn’t tell. Playing the saxophone and singing so often has helped me developed a few other oral skills if you catch my drift.

But being an addict of love and romance has made me a bit of an expert in matters of the heart. I know attraction when I see it.

And the way this shy elephant keeps looking at the porcupine is so damn obvious, it’s almost sickening.

Oh, Ash, you’re such a great singer!

Your quills looks so nice, Ash!

Ash, do you think we could practice together some time, just the two of us?

Can I come home with you, Ash? Follow you around like a lovesick puppy and tell you how dreamy you are? Pretty please?

I mean, the way she’s so soft and shy around Ash, you’d never have guessed Meena was the one who destroyed our last stage.

And that’s not to say the attraction is one-sided. Little Miss Rock Princess has made her feelings so much more…physical. Between flirty eye lashes and gentle brushes, she has Meena as beet red all of the time.

I dunno what the hell these two broads do when they’re not making heart-eyes at each other during every rehearsal, and I don’t want to. On top of being a lady’s man, I’m also a gentleman. I can keep it my pants when other people are around and not make a damn fool of myself unlike those two.

I’d give ‘em both a lesson in self-control if their terrible flirting skills weren’t so hilarious.

Packing up my sax and straightening my tie, I head for the door. “Watch out!” One of the pigs nearly step on me, clearly never considering the little guy, the nerve of them! I can’t tell if it’s the guy or the girl and I don’t really care.

Exiting through the back door, I look through my pockets for my keys only to walk right into someone.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” I look up to see Spikes, standing on the top step, leaning forward to reach Meena, who stands a few steps down to compensate for their height difference.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Both of them jump apart this time, looking around to see who interrupted their juvenile make-out session. “Down here!” Both sets of eyes looks down to me and I place my hands on my hips. “As sweet as your young love is, this is a public place! Where people are trying to leave!”

“S-sorry, Mr. Mike,” the elephant stutters.

I roll my eyes. “Don’t be sorry, just get out of the way! And find a room while you’re at it!”

“Are you offering up your place to us, Loud Mouth?”

I glare up at Ash and remind myself I ain’t suppose to fight a girl. “No, Spikes, I’m not! But I will recommend the motel down the road!”

Meena blushes and Ash scoffs, but at least the two of them have some acceptable distance between them now.

“Lousy teens,” I grumble, loud enough for them to hear. “Thinking the whole world is your bedroom.” I hop into my ride and start the car. “Ridiculous!” The girls laugh at me and I tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine and pull away from the curb.

I keep my eyes on the road in front of me because I know if I look in my review mirror, I’ll see them going at it again.


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You ever just look at someone being all cute and happy with their f/o and think "Omg imagine how fun a double date with those two would be!" Cause dang all y'all are hella cool plz come play laser tag with me and my King???

heck yeah I do!!!!!!!

Especially if they’re from the same fandom, but still like I see some of the ships I reblog/queue to this blog and I’m like??? can you please, hang out with me, and my giant assassin sweetheart, we can get coffee???

- mod princess <3

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I never actually shipped that ship and had never contributed to it but I still feel bad?? Its horrible what's happened but I really hope things can change for the better now! This could be a really positive turning point for him and the fandom as a whole! c: don't lose hope anybody, this is probably a blessing in disguise. Not to say its not bad what happened of course, just that people can maybe learn from this finally.

^^^ I agree. I really hope that people can finally start learning from their actions and treat these creators with the respect and kindness they deserve.

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Yooooo, you keep fucking me up (in the best way possible). I kept shipping Dylan and Kellin (Insatiable) and when I finally got over it you hit me with the ambiguous ending. Then when I stopped shipping them, I started shipping Kellin and Lucas. I managed to distract myself with the kellic finally going somewhere, and now you're telling us that Kellin and Lucas made out!? Sarah, this is not helping my second-hand shipping at all. (Still love the story tough!)

I’m sorry!!! I just couldn’t help myself!!!! Tbh…I don’t know why I do this…like EVERY single story I end up shipping the main character and their friend. I hate me