i ship it so so hard it's not even ok

Pick your battles. Is this the hill you want to die on? Because I can arrange that.
Flash Point by DeGlace, a Deidara x Ino story

Stunning art by @pablob-

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Just wondering, in your opinion, what makes you like the OsoKara ship? I like it too, but it's weird explaining it right?

ok… it’s really hard to explain… because.. i just love the way they are lollol

but for me, the charm of osokara or karaoso is their dorkiness

And from here is just my HC of their relationship, so it is my interpretation toward their relationship, not the official setting.

They are just so cute together?!?! even when they are doing something silly, they just laughs away and not really do tsukkomi unless choro is there. So most of the time, just imagining them being silly gives me lighthearted fun!!

They just accept them as they are.. even though karamatsu is being super painful, oso just laughs and saying you are ittai, but never tells him to change his attitude. Same with kara, even though oso is super trashy niisan, he seems like oso is just cool the way he is.

Also, they are the oldest, so it seems like there is some kind of wall between those two and other brothers. They seem to understand each other better, relying to each other (especially oso might show his weak side only to karamatsu is my HC)

And they are so straightforward toward pleasures and desires, and i love that forthrightness of them.

They could be super hot, super cute and silly, or angsty.. so many different stories I could make (of course other CPs are just the same! but I tend to make HC of choukei the most)

It is hard to explain everything i love about them. That is why i am drawing them to show my love toward them, showing various aspects of choukei relationship. I hope this could answer your question.. hopefully!!! It was hard to explain in English lol

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I mean for some troyler shippers u are like devil. Constantly ruining our hopes and dreams. Ok troyler isn't real but tronnor never even collabed ?? Its so hard to actually follow u and ship troyler, so sometimes its ok to say whats on me mind. Woah.

Except I’m not the one ruining your hopes and dreams, Troye is. All I’m doing is supporting him and his relationship choices as well as enjoying his happiness, and I’m uncomfortable with people who choose not to do that. Honestly, anyone who feels negatively about a non-abusive ship that has a high chance of being real is someone I can’t relate to in the slightest. I really don’t like people who bash or trivialize YouTubers’ relationships in any way.

And people always bring up the collab thing, but it isn’t even a little bit relevant. I think that’s the main difference between our fandoms and part of the reason we don’t usually see eye to eye; we don’t value showy displays done in part for the fans because genuine intimate moments kept partially private are far more telling. They’re real people who make each other beyond happy, especially when the cameras aren’t around, and that’s all that matters to me. I never want their relationship to be influenced by us, Troye and Connor should be doing things together for their own enjoyment, not for ours.