i ship it so hard. i just want them to kiss and be adorable

28 Days of OTP

Day 8: Bertholdt x Reiner

I honestly love this couple to death because its adorable. I love how awkward Bertholdt can be and Reiner being the powerhouse. (what is he, mitochondria?) 

But their dynamic as characters makes me ship them so hard :)


Day 11: Favorite Ship-

Yup, I’m Pricefield trash. Oops, sorry, it was just too hard to resist. I respect everyone else’s ships unless you’re homophobic, and if you are than I flip my shit and bash your ass. Just don’t be rude and you’ll have my respect.

Okay so lemme explain why I love them,
1. Because they’re adorable
2. Because they’re hot
3. Because they’re trash (just like me)
4. Because the kids
5. Because the hand holding
6. Because the various hugs

I just can’t with them I just wanna push their faces closer and like mush mush like omfg I can’t with them.

They killed me
They ruined my life
Yet I praise them

You just can’t deny that sexual tension between them.

Like omg I just want to like take both of their lips like fish and make them kiss and kiss and kiss.
Like my god leave me alone I just please someone tell me that you get this. MY goDDDD.