i ship it so hard oops

26.4.17 || 5/100 days of productivity

Had a pretty productive day today despite my state of sleeplessness, and finally got around to deep cleaning my room. ✌🏻 I’m talking dusting, vacuuming, sheet washing and changing. The fun stuff. I also worked on some notes and reading for my digital media class, when I should really be writing my criminology essay. Oops?

On another note, I’m somehow less than five followers away from 10k???? WTF YOU GUYS?! Y’ALL HAVE BEEN MULTIPLYING LIKE RABBITS! I wanna host a fun lil giveaway so let me know if you have any ideas for the prize! I’m on a budget though guys so it’ll have to be fairly affordable if I’m gonna ship it internationally. *cries at the thought of shipping prices but puts on a brave face because I love you guys* 💛 I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

🎶 Hard Times - Paramore 

i finished yowapeda and cried a lot but also where are my imaizumi/onoda/naruko hugs??? ;_;


Make me choose

↳ @jlarinda​ asked:  Quentin smiling/laughing or Quentin fanboying?

My Top 10 Recommended Shoujo Anime to Watch (◕ᴥ◕)
  1. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - who wouldn’t be attracted to that perverted alien?
  2. Ao Haru Ride - hmmm meeting your first love again huh?
  3. Kimi ni Todoke - like, kazehaya is a perfect example for the man of your dreams
  4. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji - wondering how would it feel being a real life doggy
  5. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - the monster seated next to me. Ohhh wait, is that adorable war freak boy a monster?
  6. Say I Love You - yamato so hot (≧∀≦●)/
  7. Kamisama Hajimemashita - suddenly positioned as a goddess? okay. but not just that, what if, you’ll have a servant who is a hot fox as fk?
  8. Vampire Knight - i swear if you’ll watch this, Kiryuu Zero plus all those hot vampires will surely steal your heart and everything
  9. Yamato Nadeshiko - a shoujo with a dark side bwahahaha *insert nosebleeds everywhere*
  10. Diabolik Lovers - hmmm, i dont really know if i’m going to recommend this but i’m really amazed with their biting scenes with all of that ohhh-so-hot vampires hehehe, i ship ayato and yui really really hard bwahahaha
  11. Akagami no Shirayukihime - did i just say that i’ll recommend you 10? ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ Here’s an extra recommendation then, akagami no shirayukihime or snow white with red hair, oops it’s not the literal snow white that you’re thinking off. just watch it and see how pretty this anime is (〃ノωノ)

OK but now that we know jake stans sean (no i don’t exaggerate you can’t tell me that) i just love to think of all the times they’ve interacted

like all those times when sean plays the hero jake is so annoyed but also stanning so hard because sean is so cool and collected and he just witnessed captain fucking america in action

and imagine jake being so conflicted he punched SEAN GAYLE and also being so honored he was PUNCHED BACK by SEAN GAYLE like.. it was the best moment of his whole life

and on that boat when you choose the option for both of them to put sunscreen on mc he’s just like “fuck this guy!!! fuck sean GAYLE that son of a fucking bitch how can i compete with those rock hard abs… imma fucking show him.. look princess i’m a better masseur!!”

S. M. I. L. E.

Title: S. M. I. L. E.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff/F!Reader

Additional characters: Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, mentions of Vision and Laura Barton

AU: No superpowers/superskills; Everyone lives a normal life

Word count: 6,300+ (oops)


Additional tags: Barton!Reader. Athlete/Runner!Pietro. Jealous Pietro. Bucky is a dick – albeit a really helpful one. Wanda (and Steve!) ships you and Pietro REALLY hard.
Summary: Pietro wasn’t jealous. He’s really not. He just didn’t like the fact that you seemed a bit more keen when Bucky flirted with you. Mostly Pietro’s pov.
Prompt: “Stop smiling at me. I can’t stop messing up my words when you look at me like that.”

neurotic a/n: I’m sorry this is so late! Also this is my first time writing xreader story/one-shot (which suffered a lot of rewrites), so I apologize in advance for this tale’s quality. Pietro may be ooc…? I don’t know anymore. *is sweating bullets*
(proper) a/n: This is for @bionic-buckyb​‘s 5k AU Writing Challenge. Hope you like this, Kait!

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definitelynotaminion  asked:

OKay, okay, but you could finagle some things and Orochimaru/Minato. WHICH frees up Mikoto to be with Kushina, and Fugaku to uh... I don't know, anko? (Anko/Fugaku as my rarepair submission, btw). Do some sperm donering, political blah, a threesome idk to get the rookie 9 kid generation and everyone is happy! Orochimaru and Minato raising Naruto would be terrifying. Poor Kakashi. Poor Jiraiya.

xD All deserved, I’m absolutely sure. But yes, it works out so nicely! …and fuck, I didn’t think I shipped them this hard but oops??

sweet-but-mostly-sour  asked:

Cheryl Blossom is wonderful! And how do you feel about her maybe being bisexual (I think the actress wants her to be)? And do you ship her with someone?

I ship Cheryl with SO many characters because she works so well with all of them
Cheronica is beautiful and has had so many great emotional moments
I love archeryl, a very aesthetically pleasing ship and with two characters with hearts of gold
Cherosie is a classic, I just wish they had more moments
And of course Chebrina. The iconic Cheryl x Sabrina the teenage witch. But, it isn’t even a canon character and I already ship it too hard.
(I wrote a fanfic oops)

24 May 2017

[The Scrapyard with Robert and Aaron

ROBERT: *Phone Rings* *Annoyed Face* What do you want? Scratch that. I know what you want. You want to bully me into telling Aaron the truth.

ROSS: It’s just a little pressure for your conscience. Don’t forget 10 grand by 6.

ROBERT: I don’t need your De Niro act right now Ross or your ‘pressure’, I’m probably gonna tell him anyway. *Sees Aaron* But not yet, so…gotta go. Hey Aaron! *looks shifty*

AARON: Hey! You look shifty, what’s up?

ROBERT: Just the Plot, what else? Are you tired of it, cause I am.

AARON: Yeah, I am, but…let’s throw in some cute banter for the fans.

ROBERT: Right. *Cute Banter Alert* Tricky client then, tough negotiator, you know the type.

AARON: Yeah I do, seeing as how I live with one (for the moment). I’m sure you’ll get your way eventually, you always do.

ROBERT: I’m not so sure. *Guilty Face*

Dale View with Robert and Ross]

ROSS: You’re spineless!

ROBERT: You’re a blackmailer! 

ROSS: You’re bisexual…haha…*Fandom Outrage Alert*

ROBERT: You’re jealous!

ROSS: Am not!

ROBERT: You shot me! Yeah…I do remember that.

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It’s in the eyes! I can tell you will always be danger.

Tumblr™ doesn’t let me answer asks normally anymore? But anyway, anon this was so hard but I got my list with my favs:

1. Eremin (Eren x Armin) from SNK

I’m not that long in the SNK fandom but THIS SHIP HIT ME SO HARD! They’re so cute and supportive to eachother!!!! Esp in the manga <3 <3

2. Levihan (Levi x Hange) from SNK
(Another snk ship oops)Im such a sucker for the opposies attract trope! tall and small, cheerful and angry….. also im 100% NOT here for any of them dying anytime soon

3. Korrasami (Korra x Asami) from TLOK

4. Finnrey (Finn x Rey) from star wars
I literallly canit wait for their reunion in viii !! I can’t wait to see the most badass jedi pair in the whole galaxy again

5. Naruhina (Naruto x Hinata) from Naruto
They married and it was amazing and so much fluff and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Honorable mentions: Yumikuri (SNK (Let the lesbians live u cowards)), Reyrose (star wars) and Richonne (twd)