i ship it so hard im going to cry

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Can you list your 3 fav pairings, why you like them, and a senerio you wish to see them in? (Sorry if u already did this in the past)


But picking 3…. that is so fucking hard. ALSO YOU KNOW WHAT, I’m not good at coming up with scenarios can I just do a fic rec instead :((( I don’t follow rules and I like to leave the writing to the writers ya’ll, I JUST MAKE GIFS.


Why I like them: I LOVE them because their relationship just makes sense to me? Akaashi is the ying to Bokuto’s yang, they are there for each other, they play well as a team. They give me the warm fuzzies. They’re both beautiful and full of admiration for each other. What’s not to like??? 

Fic rec: il mio ragazzo falso, T, 18K (A GOOD FICCCC, Akaashi has an italian extended family, he and Bokuto travel together, it’s cute af)


Why I like them: CHILDHOOD FRIENDS TROOOOOPE. This is just another pairing that makes sense to me. They’ve been friends for years, they’ve been through a lot together. They understand each other better than anyone. They have this non-verbal communication thing down, they’ve played on a team together for fucking ever, they aren’t afraid to be real with one another, Iwa especially lol. Fucking iwaoi will be the death of me I swear.

Fic rec: the courtship ritual of the hercules beetle, T, 66K words (THIS FIC IS SO. GOOD. Oikawa loves bugs and Iwa-chan is adorable and amazing.)

I bet you thought I was gonna go with Kagehina but I’m gonna go with…


Why I like them: Boy do I love Ukatake. I feel like this was probably my first real “WOW I FUCKING LOVE THIS” ship in the show. I think they are so so sweet and I enjoy the bad-boy/nerdy teacher pairing a looooot. I love this ship because they have their bond as coach and club adviser with their mutual love of all the karasuno boys to bring them together. They’re just too cute.


members of GOT7 as members of BTS

it just fits perfectly, ok? also im just getting into GOT7 so im sorry if you disagree :(

PS the matches wouldn’t b the same if i did BTS as GOT7 so lmk if you want that version


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  • Definitely Yoongi!!! 
  • Quiet and mysterious but soooooo fucking daddy 
  • hates every1 in their group
  • sometimes rly cute when they’re embarrassed 
  • smiling and covering their face
  • those are my sweet suga boys


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  • v
  • quiet, facial expressions are their weapon
  • usually not a daddy kink, but definitely kinky
  • lips lips mouth tongue lips
  • eye contact while fucking
  • why is this so smutty im sorry


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  • Daddy Jackson = Daddy Namjoon
  • those boys are always chasing that chocolate DON’T @ ME
  • was finna be Jimin bc those boys just cannot keep their shirts on wyd
  • also almost Kookie bc sporty boiiiis
  • but do you know how much Jackson looks up to RM tho??? i had to do this
  • and that voiceeeeeee like fuck
  • + dance monster bye


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  • a debatable Jimin
  • trying sooooooo hard not to be cute 
  • you can’t help it guys, just give up
  • savage
  • “i love you, jr” “my name is jinyoung”
  • can be v daddy if they want
  • tbh bottoming in every gay ship don’t @ me


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  • kookie
  • ugh this was hard i honestly only had these two left ik im terrible :(
  • sleeps w the leader 
  • quiet on shows and stuff but talks w the group
  • tbh too quiet
  • probably fucking sum1 in the group
  • slow sex bye
  • im sorry my babies
  • Edit: cries and you cry with them


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  • j-hope, duh
  • omg so funny lights up the whole room aw hes so cute
  • but then
  • now go ahead and fucking @ me
  • “how do you know im not big, how do you know” 
  • *grabs crotch 12 times per show*
  • hip. thrusts.
  • kings of glowing up
  • im shook, thoroughly shaken.


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  • Jin
  • aw maknae + hyung
  • no but fr gentle giants
  • so cute pls ouch
  • but when they give you that look tho
  • you know that look
  • like, they’re my babies
  • but ik that they can put it down if they want to
  • Edit: the group prob plays pranks on them

I had to stop several times to gain my composure during 2x18. I haven’t cried like that in a very long time. All the Malec scenes destroyed me. My parents literally felt the need to ask if I needed to go to a hospital because I was gasping and crying so hard. 

Sometimes I really question my ship choices.

Shitty AUs based off of things that have happened to me
  • we met when we were 4 and have been good friends ever since but our parents threw a new years party and it was late and we might’ve talked and shared a little too much
  • It’s bring your kid to work day and our parents have some weird job and they were giving us a tour of the workplace and showed us the ‘cooling room’ that basically helps keep all the computers cooled down and i got stuck in some kind of air vent and i dont know where my dad went, you’re the only one here. help
  • it’s 12am and this project was due over a month ago but if i turn it in tomorrow i wont fail the class. i’m sorry I procrastinate so much, please help me
  • i was supposed to meet up with you over an hour ago but ive been binge watching this show on netflix and i forgot im so sorry please dont be mad
  • you’ve been staring at me for long over 5 minutes and its getting weird now. I stared back at you but you still didn’t look away so now we’re both just staring at each other and not breaking eye contact
  • i was talking to this guy who usually annoys me and you yelled at him for talking to me because you know i usually tell him to go away but i was actually enjoying that conversation what the fuck dude
  • my parent has been yelling at me for the past hour, it’s midnight now and i needed fresh air so i went outside and you were sitting on my porch but who the fuck are you
  • I used to ship you and your opposite gender friend together until i realized you were both super gay so… hey what’s up, im pretty gay myself
  • im still trying to figure out my sexuality and all i know is that im definitely not straight when im around you
  • we sit together at the back of the class and i always put my feet up on the chair next to me and after you see me put my feet up you put your feet up but you look really awkward do you need help
  • i accidentally sent a shitty pick up line to the wrong number and you sent a shitty pick up line right back and it’s an hour later and we’ve just continued to share shitty pick up lines with a stranger
  • i saw you in a suit and i thought you looked really hot until i looked down and saw you were wearing crocs what the fuck
  • we’ve been best friends for a long time and we got into that really deep conversation mode and i asked how you figured out you were gay/what made you gay and you told me i did
  • youve been friends with my sibling for a while and my sibling along with all your friends ship you and me together which is just making things weird
  • you think im ignoring you but sometimes its just hard to look at you because youre so pretty
  • i went to a baseball game with my family but this is really boring so i got up and walked around the stadium before going outside and to the top floor and started spitting on peoples heads who were on the ground and you noticed me after i spit on the head of someone next to you and oh no time to run
  • i got lost in the forest and somehow i found this old cemetery and you were there crying and i tried to comfort you but you thought i was a ghost
  • im hanging out with out and all your siblings/cousins and you keep running through the firepit, please stop i dont want you to hurt yourself
  • i told you i liked your shoelaces and you told me you stole them from the president. lets share URLs
  • I crossed the street without looking and didnt get hit by a car but you still stopped me to scold me about traffic safety but i really need to get somewhere rn, here’s my phone number scold me more later
  • you thought i was stealing something from your workplace but really there’s just a bunch of things lying on the floor from someone else and i was just picking it up to put it away please stop getting mad at me
  • I was sitting at lunch from my friend and you sat across me from me and you keep looking up at me and hold on, are you drawing me?

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What's your favorite nichorello scene? What would be the perfect crossover ship between any 2 shows? Who do you think Buffy would get along with the most on oitnb?

Ooh thanks! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but idk the staircase scene is still a Classic. Like Nicky just loves and accepts her so much I’m gonna cry :’). 

Hmm, and i really have any crossover ships? I’m going to cheat and safe Faith/Fred from buffy and angel.

And that’s a good question! Probably Nicky and Lorna tbh (and I dont think im just being biased?) 


“I know you both need it, someone who knows what you’re going through……..”

I did a collab with @art-by-emmy- they did the amazing linework and I colored it!!! Also I totally didn’t cry at this

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Do you like finnreylo?

A. Heck yes
B. Heck yes
C. Heck yes
D. Heck yes

Btw someone said that they imagine ot3 wearing get along shirt so here’s the bonus for ya anon:

{btw, a more serious answer under the cut ‘cause i ramble a lot like have you seen me rambling about why chara’s not evil it’s that long and very unorganized kay here i go}

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Okay…so im guessing Klamille shippers are just having the best of times seeing as this episode and the next episode are just up their shipper alley. 

Whereas i, a hardcore Klayley shipper, am holding tightly onto a thread that is the hope for my ship. I’m going to admit that things aren’t looking too great for Klayley. BUT i will never stop rooting for them and having hope. Because i’m not usually passionate about a lot of things except my ships. 

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It's no problem but thank for both looking and the gif - I love Ziall :) x

Your welcome! :( sorry i couldn’t find the link. and Me too! i love Ziall because they are so f*cking cute!


s-so so cute

omg so cute its hard to hold back

omfg *nosebleed* s-so adorable

ugh sometimes the feels hit too hard

omg Ziall should just fr*cking have a sleepover and take pictures!!!

i-i can see why you ship them!

totally acceptable s-so much love




s-sorry i kinda got overboard and started to have Ziall feels :) -whispers- Ziall is my 2nd shipping

there are like no words for how much i love baeksoo i feel like baekhyun is always doing dumb shit so kyungsoo will hit him because he just wants kyungsoo’s attention like a little toddler wanting his mommy to pay attention to him and kyungsoo probably knows and it and he probably hits baekhyun because baekhyun is genuinely a little shit to him but also because he’s fond of him and likes to give him attention and it’s just so fucking cute im gonna cry i need fanfiction