i ship it so hard i nemesis it

Code Nemesis is my favorite female class. Diabolic Esper is one of my favorite male classes. I ship DiE×CN so hard >\\<

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Add and Eve are the cutest couple, but CNxDE is the cutest class ship ♥

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My boyfriend and I got married on Elsword with my Code Nemesis and his Diabolic Esper. My OTP is becoming a reality >u<

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Okay, I see y’all shipping Sceo super hard already, but can we please please please talk a little bit about Liam and Hayden? I AM SO READY FOR SOME HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE HIJINKS. (Dylan Sprayberry and Victoria Moroles with a fan on set)

I really miss some of the silly high school drama from seasons 1-2 and I’m hoping Liam’s romantic interest/grade school arch-nemesis here for revenge brings that back this season. What kind of enemy can someone make in elementary school?? 

I have it in my head that tiny baby 3rd grade Liam was crushing so hard on Victoria, which meant he was awful! He pulled her hair and teased her constantly for having cooties. There was that incident where he dumped glitter all over her and it took weeks for her to finally wash it out. Let’s not forget the time he (and the rest of their class) went to Victoria’s 9th birthday and he pelted her with water balloons until she cried. How else could you ever tell a girl you liked her?

She was probably shy back then. Liam would make fun of the “girly” things she loved and she probably planned on some kind of huge, publicly humiliating revenge for months to get back at him. Unfortunately, with Liam’s illness and history of acting out in school, he was moved to a different elementary school before she could carry it out.

Now she’s back, she’s grown up, and she’s out for revenge. This poor stupid teenage boy who’ll be too tongue tied to say a word to her as she mops the floor with him. If there’s not a slow motion scene of her strutting down the hallway with Liam’s jaw hanging open, I’ll be disappointed. (WTF am I saying, this is Teen Wolf. There’s at least one of those scenes every season.) I need them snarking at each other, I need her flaunting her superiority, I need her being smug and plotty while Liam and Mason stalk her through the hallways, trying to figure out her plans.

I am in love with them already. Augh, tiny angry babies with secret crushes. Help!