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Ten Ways to Say “I love you” - Jim Kirk

Summary: There are a lot of ways to say something without actually saying it.

Warnings: language

A/N: a little long. also if jim kirk called me starlight, i’d probably cry n profess my love right then and there. forgive any n all typos. enjoy it and lemme know what you think! 


The absurdly bright lights lining the corridors of the Enterprise pricked your eyes— you were forced to squint as your legs carried you. The air pouring through the vents pinched any of your skin that remained unclothed. You flexed and contracted the oddly tired joints in your fingers— you could hear tiny pops and the soft sounds felt like battering rams against your eardrums.

You cursed yourself for two reasons: losing your left boot as the time-consuming search for it resulted in your inability to replicate a much needed mug of coffee, and drinking so much with Leonard the night before. While you accepted the former was entirely your doing, you split the blame on the latter— half of it was your fault, and half was Leonard’s. It’s those stupid puppy eyes, you told yourself.

You leant your shoulder against the transparent wall of the turbolift you solely occupied and crossed your arms over your chest. Your teeth were gritted— as if grinding your teeth to nubs would give you the day off and rid you of the heavy weight crushing your skull.

The doors slid open before your desired deck and you didn’t bother stifling a sigh that carried the weight of two starships. You dropped your gaze to glare at your scuffed boots rather than subject the new lift patron to your scowl and dagger eyes.

“Rough night?”

You lifted your head at the sound of his voice and met his eyes. You frowned immediately and nodded twice. “Bones and I had paperwork.”

“What would you say the ratio was this time?” he asked, his crossed arms rumpling the command gold fabric that was firmly stretched over his chest. He was smiling slightly in amusement as he took in your appearance— messy hair, half-zipped left boot, heavy lidded eyes.

You shrugged and eyed the ceramic mug in his hands. You could have moaned at the smell steaming out of it. “I’d say about two charts to one glass.”

“How many charts in total?”

“Fourteen each,” you winced at the revelation and took your eyes from Jim’s when the amusement painted his features red.

Seven glasses of whiskey in one sitting,” he said with a laugh. “No wonder you look like that.”

You narrowed your eyes. “How dare you! I look adorable— like a celebrity running errands.”

“‘Cept you’re about to start an eight-hour shift.”

You sighed so your shoulders slumped. “My rough night’s turning into a rough morning— I didn’t even have time to replicate coffee because of my stupid missing boot.”

Jim glanced down at his mug and thrust it in your direction without thinking twice. “Take mine.

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So Many Reasons (Mike Faist X Reader)

WC: 2601

Warnings: Swearing, friendly banter, fluff!!

Summary: An early morning interview may reveal some things Y/N would rather have stayed hidden

Tagged: @lildipstick  @bellasabb

A/N: This was requested by an anon, so I hope you enjoy!!

“Hello everyone, and welcome to the Today Show. This morning we have with us the stars of the hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen! Laura Dreyfuss, Ben Platt, Will Roland and Y/N Y/L/N! Welcome you guys!” The interviewer said, her voice unnaturally peppy for 6 in the morning.

“It’s a pleasure to be here.” Ben said, smiling brightly at the interviewer. I yawned slightly but quickly covered my mouth. Unfortunately Will noticed, and let out a chuckle.

“Sorry. I’m still getting used to the lack of sleep. Normally I sleep in till at least 10.” I said and everyone laughed, including the interviewer. “It’s all good Y/N. So, what’s it like being in such an emotionally demanding show?” The interviewer asked.

The question was open ended, but she looked more at Ben as she said it. “Well, it’s definitely tough, but I’ve been playing Evan for 3 and a half years, so it becomes less of a chore over time.” Ben said, the interviewer nodding.

“Now, Laura, your character Zoe is very closely intertwined with Evan. What’s it like playing that chemistry onstage with Ben?” She asked Laura and I bit back a laugh.

I know how much Laura hates getting asked questions that paint Zoe as ‘Evan’s love interest’. I glanced over at Will whose eyebrows were arched, a smirk on his face.

“Well, Ben is a wonderful human being, so I guess the chemistry just comes naturally. The whole cast and crew are super close both on and off stage, so my relationship with Ben’s, and everyone else’s, character is incredibly natural.” Laura answered, fiddling slightly with her dress.

“Speaking of relationships.” I groaned internally and shifted slightly in my seat. “Who do you reckon has the closest friendship in the cast?” The interviewer asked, and I didn’t notice the smirks appear on my cast mates faces.

“Definitely Mike Faist and this one. They’re very close.” Will said, wiggling his eyebrows slightly and jabbing a thumb in my direction. “Really?” The interviewer asked, and I fought the urge to bury my head in my hands.

“Oh yeah. They’re practically inseparable.” Ben added, smirking at me.
“I think I have a photo on my phone of Y/N and Mike dressed in the other person’s costume.” Laura said and I audibly groaned, my cheeks flushed.

“It’s too early in the morning for all this bullying.” I responded, slouching slightly in my seat. The interviewer chuckled at the interaction between us, looking at me with sympathy.

“So, Y/N, it’s pretty much unanimous that you and Mike are the closest out of the bunch. Is there anything you’d like to add?” The interviewer asked, her eyebrows arched high.

“Well, uh, Mike and I are definitely close friends. We’ve known each other since Mike was in Newsies, and it’s definitely great to be able to work with him on something major.” I said, shifting slightly in my seat.

“Alright then. Well, that’s about all the time we have. Check out Dear Evan Hansen at the Music Box theatre. Please thank Ben, Will, Y/N and Laura!” The interviewer said and we all waved at the camera.

“Thank you so much for coming, you guys.” She said, shaking our hands. “You’re very welcome.” Will said, smiling at her. “Best of luck with the show.” The interviewer said as we left the building.

“I hope the bus you threw me under swerves and hits y'all.” I said as soon as we were out of the studio. Will laughed and threw an arm over my shoulders. “It had to be said. You and Mike are tighter than tight.” Will replied, smirking set me.

“Hey, what do you reckon their ship name would be? Because we all know you two are going to end up dating.” Laura said and I groaned, whacking her on the shoulder.

“Hmm… I’ll have to think about that.” Ben said, stroking his chin in a pose of thought. “I hate all of you. I hope you burn in hell.” I retorted, shoving Will’s arm off my shoulders.

“No need to be so touchy. We were just saying, you and Mike would be absolutely adorable together.” Will said and I rolled my eyes, storming into the theatre.

“Hey! How was the interview?” I heard a voice ask and I looked up to see Mike, smiling gently at me. “It was alright. Did you watch it?” I asked, awkwardly tugging on my coat.

“Nah.” Mike said causally, tucking his hair behind his ears. “Good.” I muttered, writing my name on the sign in sheet. “You ready for another two show Sunday?” Mike asked, walking up the stairs with me to my dressing room.

“Christ, I need a nap.” I muttered and Mike laughed, ruffling my hair. “I know how much you love the couch in my dressing room. You can crash there for your nap.” Mike said and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Thanks Mike.” I said, stifling a yawn. “It’s all good Y/N.” Mike said softly as he opened the door to his dressing room.

I lied down on the couch, smiling weakly at Mike as I curled up. “You can stay here if you want.” I murmured, watching Mike turn around with half-lidded eyes. “Oh, uh, sure.” He said, sitting down near where my head rested.

I shuffled up and bravely placed my head in his lap, hearing Mike’s breath hitch. He let out a sigh and placed his hands on my head, playing with my hair gently.

I exhaled, feeling myself slowly drift off to sleep, Mike still toying with my hair. “Thanks.” I muttered, my lips turned up in a slight smile. “You’re very welcome, Y/N.” Mike said, his voice fading as I fell asleep.

I opened my eyes slowly, yawning as I stirred. “Good morning sleeping beauty.” Mike said, smiling down at me. I groaned and sat up, running a hand through my hair.

“Hey. What’s the time?” I asked groggily, fighting back a yawn. Mike chuckled and pulled out his phone, unlocking it. “It’s 9:15. You had a decent nap, Y/L/N.” Mike said and I rolled my eyes, flipping him off.

Mike placed a hand on his chest in mock offence, and I laughed softly. “Hey, Y/N?” Mike said and I hummed in response, noticing how close Mike and I were sitting.

“Have a look at this.” He said, passing me his phone. On the screen was a tweet from Will that contained a photo of me asleep on Mike’s lap with a caption that made my cheeks go red.

“In the wise word of Lin-Manuel Miranda, fire up your slash fics in your Internet.” I read, internally cursing Will Roland. “Yeah. Will has always had a… questionable sense of humour.” Mike said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“Yeah. It was just a joke.” I muttered, suddenly feeling very deflated. “I should probably get into my dressing room, and, uh, start warming up.” I said, standing up abruptly.

Mike looked at me curiously and went to protest, but I was out the door before he could say something. I threw my dressing room door opening, slamming it behind me.

I locked it and sighed, sitting down and putting my head in my hands. I felt my heart shatter when Mike suggested that the thought of us being together was nothing more than one of Will’s jokes.

I felt the tears escape my eyes and flow down my cheeks, dropping onto my clothes. I had tried to so hard to push down my feelings for Mike, to ignore the fact that he probably had his eyes on someone other than me.

I took in a deep breath, realising that there was no point in crying over someone I spent practically all my time with. I’d have to settle for being friends and nothing more.

My heart ached at the thought, but I decided to stop thinking with my heart. That had gotten me in some serious trouble before, and I wouldn’t have it happening again.

I got off the floor, wiping the stray tears off my face. I had never been more grateful for the lack of interaction between Connor and Alana until today. I saw that it was now 9:30, and we still had an hour or so before rehearsals for the matinee.

“I’m going to go grab something for morning tea. You’re welcome to join me if you want.” I called, opening the door of my dressing room. “Hold on Y/N. I’ll be there in a second.” Jennifer called and a smile settled on my face.

“Awesome.” I muttered, glancing in the mirror to make sure it wasn’t obvious that I had been crying. “Good morning Y/N. You ready to go?” Jennifer asked and I nodded, smiling brightly at her.

We walked out of the theatre and strolled down the street, taking in the sights and sounds of the theatre district. “So, how had your morning been?” Jennifer asked cheerfully, her red hair bouncing as she walked.

“It’s been horrendous, Jen.” I said and she gave me a sympathetic smile. “I had to get up at 5:30 for the Today Show, and if you watched the interview you’ll understand why that was a disaster.” I said and Jen grimaced slightly.

“I did see that. It’s like everyone except Mike knows how you feel.” Jennifer said and I nodded, exhaling defeatedly. “Then I took a nap with Mike. I fell asleep on the couch in his dressing room.” I said, noticing Jennifer’s eyebrows raise slightly.

“Will took a photo of the two of us and posted it on Twitter with a caption pretty much saying we should date, and Mike’s response was that it was just one of Will’s jokes.” I said and Jennifer let out a quiet gasp, wrapping me in a tight hug.

“Oh sweetie. You know Mike, and you know how he tends to say things without thinking.” Jennifer said and I sighed, squeezing her torso.

“It’s just, it really hurt because we’ve been friends for so long, and I’m an expert on repressing my feelings.” I said and Jennifer frowned, pushing me away slightly.

“Y/N, you don’t play someone’s mother without getting to know them very well. Mike doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings, especially when they’re romantic.” Jennifer said and I frowned, feeling rather confused.

“Wait. What do you mean, romantic?” I said, noticing that we had approached the bakery. “Y/N, Mike has pretty strong feelings for you. Clearly the two of you are both terrible talking about your feelings.” Jennifer said and my eyes widened, shock etched into my features.

“Holy shit.” I whispered, earning a chuckle from Jennifer. “Exactly. You should really talk to Mike after the show. Or before, I don’t care. Just talk to him. Things can’t be solved without communication.” Jennifer said and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.

“Thanks Jen. I definitely need a brownie right about now.” I said and she chuckled, walking into the bakery. We ordered a brownie each, plus a box of them for the rest of the people back at the theatre.

“Wait. Mike doesn’t like brownies. He prefers cookies.” I said, and Jennifer smirked at me as I ordered a double choc chip cookie. “Let’s go Y/N.” Jennifer said, patting me on the shoulder.

We made the short walk back to the theatre, carrying our morning tea. “We’ve got brownies!” Jennifer announced, and she was met with cheers from the cast and crew.

Jennifer put the box of brownies down on a table, and although most of the cast swarmed the box, I noticed that there was someone missing.

“Hey. I’m going to go see Mike.” I said to Jennifer and she nodded, patting me on the shoulder. “Good luck.” She whispered, giving me a thumbs up as I left. I made my way through the hallways, stopping just outside Mike’s dressing room.

I knocked tentatively on the door, hoping for a response. “Come in.” Mike called, and I took in a deep breath. “Hey. The rest of them are out there destroying the box of brownies.” I said and Mike let out a breathy laugh.

“I figured. Jennifer’s voice travels pretty far.” Mike replied, his hair pulled back in a loose bun. “I, uh, I know you don’t like brownies, so I got you this.” I said, passing him the bag that contained the cookie.

His face lit up as he took the bag, taking the cookie out. “You got my favourite flavour!” Mike said excitedly, taking a bite from the biscuit. “Of course I did.” I muttered, looking at the ground.

“Thank you Y/N.” Mike said, cookie crumbs around his mouth. “It’s no problem.” I said and an awkward silence settled over the room. “About, uh, what happened before.” I said Mike’s smile disappeared almost instantly.

“Y/N.” Mike said but I cut him off. “I just wanted to say that, um, what you said really hurt me.” I said and Mike’s face fell. “It’s because, uh, well, I kind of.”

During my rambling I didn’t notice Mike stand up and walk over to me, but I did feel him place his lips on mine, cutting me off instantly. My eyes widened, but I quickly closed them, melting into the kiss.

His lips tasted sugary, and fit perfectly against mine. His hands held my face gently, as if too much pressure would cause me to break. I snaked my arms around his waist, pulling him flush against my chest.

I broke away from the kiss, leaning my forehead against his as I tried to catch my breath. “I am very sorry about what I said Y/N. I kind of went after you when you stormed off, but I left when I heard you crying.” Mike muttered, his hot breath fanning my face.

He took his hands off my face and held my shoulders gently, his taller build making this an easy feat. “I love you Y/N, but I kinda struggle with talking about my feelings.” Mike said and I felt my breath hitch in my throat, a smile blooming on my face.

“Jen did say that.” I said and Mike chuckled, pulling me into a hug. He kissed my forehead softly and I closed my eyes, leaning into Mike’s chest. “I told you to talk to him, did I not?” I heard a voice say and Mike chuckled, the vibrations soothing somehow.

“Hi Jen.” Mike said sheepishly, and I retracted my arms from around his waist. “Looks like you two finally sorted things out.” Jennifer said, a smug look on her face.

“There wasn’t really a lot of talking. More like me stammering like an awkward mess and him kissing me.” I said and Jennifer chuckled, Mike’s cheeks flushing at my words.

“Either way, it worked. Congrats you two. It was only a matter of time.” Jen said, winking at us as she walked away. Mike let out a sigh and slipped his hand into mine, smiling bashfully at me.

“I love you Mike.” I murmured, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I love you too.”  He replied, squeezing my hand. “You’re so warm.” I murmured, earning a hearty laugh from Mike.

“I hope that’s not all you love me for. My warmth.” He said and I shook my head, pecking his lips briefly. “There are so many reason why I love you, Mike Faist. That’s just one of them.”

Once Prisoners - Part 1 [Shiro x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Can I request a voltron imagine where the reader was rescued from the galea because when shiro “disappeared” he was transported on the reader’s ship and they travelled the galaxy together, messing with galra bc she was a prisoner too, and trying to find voltron. Then when they find voltron, the reader keeps getting hit on by everyone and lots of jealous shiro. (I love your work and change this if you want just something x shiro i love him)”

A/n: I hope I’m interpreting your request right lol. I decided this will probably be around 2 or 3 parts due to the sheer size of the request. I hope that’s okay! I’m happy about that because I’ve been dying to write some Shiro lol. Also I hope you guys like this. Let me know what you think, I’d love any feedback you all have!

Part 2 - Part 3

Warning: Season 2 Spoilers


Shiro wasn’t sure what was happening, all he remembered was jamming his bayard into the black lion before taking the last strike at Zarkon, then feeling the rush from the explosion. Now his head was pounding as he laid on a cold, hard floor.

Groaning he struggled to open his eyes, sitting up he observed the room. “You’ve gotta be kidding me” Shiro mumbled, recognizing what this room looked like. Once again he’s stuck in a Galra prison.

He pulled himself to his feet, feeling pain shoot through his skull. Cautiously he snuck over to the door, peering out the barred window, out of the sights of any guards. He didn’t see anyone but he heard yelling. The voice was far but he could tell what they were saying, “Let me go! Take off these cuffs and see how far you get!”

“Shut up!” A galra guard yelled before he heard an impact and a grunt. When he saw the shadows come around the corner he hurriedly backed away from the door, hiding in the shadow of the room. Holding his breath as the door opened. Watching as someone was roughly thrown in, you quickly regained your balance and charged at the door before it closed. Your shoulder ramming into it.

He noticed your wrists bound in cuffs, but they were different from any he had seen before. You slid down the door, a pained whimper escaping your throat while sitting with your back leaning against the cold metal. He heard you pant, every so often wincing. Maybe he could help, but how were you going to react when a stranger literally just popped into your cell.

“I know you’re there. Who are you?” Shiro hadn’t noticed you were looking at him until now. He choked on his words before stepping into the light, noticing how your eyes widened. “You’re the Black Paladin.”

“H-how’d you? Wait.” Shiro stopped himself, noticing the blue markings under your eyes. “Are you –” “Altean, I recognized the symbol on your chestplate. That’s how I know you’re a paladin.” You cut him off, wincing as you shifted where you’re seated.

“How are you alive? The only Alteans left are Allura and Coran.” Shiro questioned dumbfounded. You smiled at him, “Who told you that? They’re the only surviving two on the good guy’s side at least. The druids are all Altean. Haggar is Altean.”

“And you?” Shiro questioned. “Me?” An airy laugh escaping your throat, “Collateral. I was captured before they slaughtered my people and devastated my planet. I was supposed to be protecting the Princess but King Alfor wanted my skill on the front lines. Zarkon and Haggar noticed my ability to harness magic, decided I could be of use. I’ve been on ice for ten thousand years, only waking up when Voltron did. I guess they wanted to have me around incase one of their druids fell to you guys. Until then, I’ve been a pet to the commander of this ship. Your turn, who the hell are you?”

“Takashi Shirogane, or Shiro. Black Paladin, I was held on a Galra ship for a year. Forced to fight in gladiator matches. Why don’t you use your powers to get yourself out of here?” Shiro questioned making you chuckle. “If you’re going to ask so many questions at least ask my name, Paladin.”

Shiro scratched the back of his neck nervously, “Oh sorry.” You shook your head, “[F/n] [L/n], and the cuffs suppress my magic.”

“I’m going to get us out of here. The other paladins of Voltron and I have wounded if not defeated Zarkon. The empire is weakened, now’s the time to escape.”

“If you can get these cuffs off me and open this door, I’ll shine your lion for you.” Shiro didn’t say anything but only smirked, walking over he engaged his galra arm. The tech in his arm connected to the tech on the cuffs, them both being galra he easily undid the cuffs as they fell to the floor. “I was kidding about the shining your lion thing, I’m not going to do that.” You clarified, rubbing your wrists.

“I thought so, come on. My arm can open the door I think.” You followed Shiro to the door, he checked the area, seeing the guards were rotating shifts. Reaching out of the bars, using his galra hand again to unlock the door. “Okay, I’m impressed”

Shiro chuckled, “Escape pods should be this way” he pointed down the hall, “But what about your lion?”

Shiro let his head hang, “I, uh, I don’t have it. When we defeated Zarkon he had this armour and it blew when we beat him. I’m guessing the energy of it transported me here.” He explained before heading in the direction of the escape pods. “Uh, Takashi hold on.” You called to him, having a better idea than a escape pod.

Though Shiro was taken aback at the sound of his true first name. Not many people called him by it. “How about a fighter instead of an escape pod.” Smirking at the shocked man.

Turning you led him toward where the fighter ships were. You knew the ins and outs of this ship, after your multiple trips to the commander you’ve become accustomed to the layout and guard rotations. A few guards caught you both but you guys easily took them out, but Shiro noticed the strain it was having on you.

“Up there” you whispered, pointing to the guarded door. “You take the one on the left, I take the right?” Shiro nodded. “On 3” he whispered, “1… 2… 3!”

As soon as the number left his lips you both sprung into action. Before the guards even knew it you were on top of them. Shiro knocked his guy out in a single punch, while you punched yours before flipping him over your shoulder. Knocking him out with one final jab.

“Nice move” he complimented. Making a laugh escape your throat, “Well, you’re not so bad yourself. Come on, before they send reinforcements.” Gesturing for him to follow as you snuck into the ship bay.

Shiro couldn’t help but admire you. You’ve been stuck in the hands of Zarkon for thousands of years, and conscious since he became the Black Paladin. But you’re barely flinching at anything being thrown at you. You’re so strong. He’s only known you for a few hours and you’re already having such an impact on him.

“Hey, you still with me?” You snapped him back to reality, seeing as he had zoned out on you. “What? Yeah sorry, I guess I got caught up in the moment.” He smiled sheepishly.

“It’s fine but let’s reminisce when we’re away from this place” He agreed as you both continued to sneak among the ships, making your way to the ones closest to the hangar door. Finding a suitable one, Shiro used his arm to grant access and you both climbed in.

You sat in the pilot’s chair, beginning to hit switches as the ship started up, while also turning off any trackers. “You know how to fly one of these things?” He questioned skeptically. “You doubt me?” Glancing at him over your shoulder.

“No, I wouldn’t say doubt. Just curious.” He shrugged as you started up the ship completely. “We’re going to have to race these guys, when they see one of their fighter’s going rogue they’ll know something’s up. Do me a favor and man the defences.” Immediately Shiro moved over to the other chair.

“Ready?” You asked looking at him. “Ready”

Upon hearing him you flipped one last lever and took the controls. Easily flying yourself out of the galra ship. Though as suspected, the galra were hot on your trail. “Quiznack” muttering under your breath. “I’m taking evasive maneuvers. I’d start shooting if you want to get out of here on one piece.”

“I’m on it” Shiro answered, beginning to take out the ships that he could. “Come on give me a way out.” You spoke to yourself, looking for somewhere to lose them. Seeing an asteroid belt in your sights, “Hang on!” You accelerated toward the asteroids. “[F/n] what are you doing?” You looked over at him, “Do you trust me?” He stared, shocked, for a moment, not tearing his eyes from yours. However he took a deep breath, answering “Yes.”

Smiling you turned back to the controls. Flying into the mass of rocks. You’ve been flying since you were a child, it’s one of the things that made you such a superior Altean warrior. You avoided each rock easily, the galara fighters behind you crashing into the space rocks.

Making it through in one piece you threw your hands up. “We’re out, we did it” you sighed in relief, relaxing into your chair. “Nice work. You alright?” Shiro’s brow furrowed in concern.

You nodded, “Yeah fine, let’s check the map to see where we are.” Standing and going to check the map, but instead your knees buckled under you. “[F/n]!” Shiro rushed from his chair and caught you before you hit the floor. “Are you alright? Tell me the truth.”

“I-I think I just need to rest. I haven’t slept in quintents and I’m not sure of all the injuries I’ve sustained.” Shiro had to think about it for a moment before he realized that meant days. “Here let me help you.” He wrapped your arm around his neck before lifting you up. Not struggling as he carried you over to what resembled a cot.

After letting you lay down Shiro went to the map you were talking about. “Can we send out a distress beacon?” Asking himself. “If you do that it will draw them back to us. Can you remember any places you’d been before?”

“Maybe they returned to Arus?” You shifted uncomfortably, staring at the ceiling while replying “Arus will be tagged on there most likely if the Galra followed you there.”

Shiro shook his head, “They wouldn’t risk the Arusians.” “Maybe flip through galra radio channels. Pick up any chatter.” You suggested and he nodded.

“So, did you know the Princess?” He asked looking over his shoulder at you. With a soft smile you nodded, “We were best friends all those years ago. How is she?” Perching up on your elbows.

“Tough on us paladins but she’s doing good all things considered.” Shiro continued to explain as he went through the communications. “I think I have something” he said listening to one of the stations. There were galra talking about taking another planet, “I’m going to set a course, Voltron might be there.”

“Okay” saying while laying back down.

Once everything was set Shiro looked back to see you out cold. He took off his helmet and set it aside. Beginning to look around the ship for supplies. Finding food, water, and a first aid kit. Opening the kit he began to bandage and tend to any wounds he found on you before tending to his own. For some reason he felt a strong attraction to you, something he couldn’t explain.

Once finished, he sat in his chair. Eyelids feeling heavy as he too had a long day, causing him to unintentionally doze off.

You didn’t begin to stir again until a few hours later. Groaning as you woke up, noticing Shiro had taken to resting as well. Looking down at your arms taking note of the bandages. ‘Did he?’ Thinking while glancing over at him. You had to admit, Shiro’s pretty amazing. You’d heard talk of Voltron during your time stuck on that ship. Shiro being the head of Voltron only made him that much more impressive. He’s a natural born leader and caring, not to mention handsome, Allura made a good choice appointing him the Black Paladin.

Moving to the pilot seat you took over controls, heading to the coordinates Shiro had set. “I hope the rest of them will accept me the way he has.” Mumbling to yourself while continuing the flight. Glancing at Shiro again, a content smile on your face, “Yeah. I hope.” 

Title: Harmonize
Character: Jason Dean
A/n: This one was requested so i hope the anon likes it! I tried to build tension but i might have totally failed, buT anYwaY

It was a total and complete surprise to everyone, including you sometimes, that you and Jason Dean got along so famously. Both of your personalities couldn’t be farther away from each on the spectrum.

J.D was infamously known for being a very intense person, who preferred to be more aloof and cool, maybe with the occasional sadistic tendency, but that’s beside the point.

You, on the other hand, were calm and an absolute delight to be around. You fell more on the reserved side, preferring the company of books and paintings over that of people. But it didn’t take long for anyone who was introduced to you to become enchanted by your personality.

J.D was no exception.

The pair of you met when you had been tasked with showing him around the high school, taking him to all of his classes and answering any questions he had.

“And this here is the library,” You said, stopping at the doors and letting him look inside.

“Something tells me you come here a lot.” J.D said, leaning against the door.

“Oh?” You asked, resisting the urge to push up your glasses that were slowly descending down the bridge of your nose.

You refused to adjust them in front of him, not wanting to prove his point.

“What makes you think so?”

The corner of J.D’s mouth curled up into a crooked smile as he took in the sight of your cardigan and the way your arms always seemed to wrap around yourself. He also noticed how your shoulder bag sunk into your shoulder, and deducted you had several books inside it.

J.D pushed himself off the door and sauntered up to you, he slightly ducked down and pushed your glasses up for you. “I’m pretty good at reading people.”

You looked up at him with wide eyes before you awkwardly turned around so he couldn’t see how pink your face probably had become. “I’ll take your next class then.” You said over your shoulder as you zoomed away.


A week later, you didn’t run into J.D much, apart from the classes you were in where his desk was right behind yours, so he spent most of the free time talking your ear off about whatever topic was swimming through his subconscious.

But outside of that, you roamed the hall with your friends from English club and kept to yourself most of the time.

Today, during lunch, you decided to browse the librarty instead. The nice librarian who had become a close friend let you know some new books had been shipped in over the weekend, and said you were among the first to find out.

Your finger trailed along the endless rows of book spines as you half-heartedly looked through them all. You had more than enough stuff to start reading, but you just enjoyed to be surrounded by books.

It made you happy.

One book had caught your attention, and you were flipping through its pages when you felt someone peering over your shoulder.

You turned with a start, sighing when you realized it was just J.D.

Then you noticed he was standing very close to you, one arm pressed against the shelf at the side of your face so you were essentially trapped against him.

“Knew I’d find you here,” J.D said as his hand reached out to take the book from you. His eyes scanned the page you were on before giving it back to you. “Guess I got you right.”

“Did you need something? Are you lost again?” You asked, trying really hard to not notice how dreamy his eyes looked in the lighting, or the stupid, dark strands of hair that had fallen of place on his forehead.

J.D shook his head. “Just wanted to see you.”

“Well hello.” You said with a nervous laugh, mentally starting to scream when your glasses started falling down your nose again.

You really needed a new pair.

“Hello.” J.D said with a smile, his face getting closer as his free hand reached up to put your glasses back into place again.

Except this time, he didn’t stop there.

He brought his hand to the curve where your jaw met your ear and placed a kiss right on the corner of your lips while his eyes remained on yours.

“See you later.” J.D said suddenly, giving you a wink before he left the shelves.

You had to take a moment to will the room to stop spinning while you tried to sort through your emotions.

Quickly shoving the book back into the row it belonged you left the library.


“I like your new glasses.” J.D said as he took a seat next to you on the library sofa, he was practically pressed against you while his one hand came to rest behind you.

“Thank you,” You said, subconsciously reaching up to touch the frames. “Lots of people seem to think so too.“

“Really? What sort of people?” J.D asked while he leaned closer to you. “Anyone I’d know?”

All your thoughts and words went out the window as the end of his nose pressed against yours. “I-I don’t think so, mostly the girls from my English Lit class.”

J.D hummed, slightly pulling back so he could brush the hair behind your ear. “Well that’s good, I thought I’d have to get jealous for a second.”

“Jealous?” You asked, now looking at him. “What for?”

J.D laughed, leaning down and placing a kiss along your jawline. “A charmingly sweet girl like yourself? Who’s crazy intelligent no less?” He asked, meeting your gaze again. “I think I’d have good reason.”

You hummed in understanding, your gaze sort of darted all over his face. “Oh, okay.” You said, all the thoughts in your head turning into static.

He smiled again, bringing his face up again and towards you.

J.D’s lips stopped a little ways from yours, noticing whenever you didn’t pull away he gently kissed you.

And then again.

And a third time.

Each one lasting longer than the previous one.

You only pulled away when he started to softly tug on your hair, trying to bring you closer. “Alrighty, well, I gotta go!” You said, jumping out of your seat, almost forgetting to grab your bag in your hurry.

J.D watched you leave the library with flushed cheeks and tousled hair, the back of his hand came up to his lips as he started to smile.

it takes two opposites to harmonize

The One, part 4

Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: angst, a little twist at the end of this one

Summary: It had been years since you had last since Jimmy. The two of you were highschool sweethearts, until you parted ways. After a horrible breakup with your two timing ex-fiance, you transfer to the U.S.S Enterprise. Finally coming face to face with the boy you left behind. Can the two of you work alongside each other in peace? Or will the past come back to haunt you?

The One Masterlist

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@a-throneoffeelsnessian literally anything just give me nessian PLEASE but if you insist on a prompt: “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I notice.” // send me a ship and a prompt and i’ll write a one shot!

Nesta was curled up in an armchair in the living room of the town house, completely immersed in her novel when they all came back. She could smell the alcohol before they entered the room, before they entered the house. Gods, they must’ve all been drunk off their asses. They had been out long enough. As soon as they entered the front door, she could hear every clumsy step they made, and every loud noise they made as they crashed into…well, everything. Furniture, walls, cupboards…it seemed they fell or stumbled into everything in the entire house before the got to the living room where she sat. She rolled her eyes in contempt and tried to continue focusing on her book. It seemed the Cauldron had different plans for her, for as soon as she made it through one sentence, the entire group crashed into the room.

“Nesta!” Elain drunkenly called out. Nesta looked up, steely eyed but startled. She didn’t think she’d ever seen Elain this drunk before. Come to think of it, she didn’t think she had ever seen Elain drunk. It seemed she had more love to give when she was intoxicated, as she was clinging to Azriel, but her hands was interlocked with Lucien’s. Lucien seemed to be equally as drunk on liquor as he was on Elain and he didn’t seem to care or even notice Elain’s split affection.

“Hello,” Nesta sighed, closing her book. No point in trying to read when they would just be clamoring all over her trying to find a seat.

“Nessie!” She heard a large yell from the back of the group. “Nesta, Nes, Nesssaaaa,” Cassian’s drunken mumble dissolved into giggles. Suddenly, he came to the front of the pack, seeming to be pushed by Rhys. Nesta rolled her eyes. Again. 

“Hello, you big brute.” He somewhat fell, somewhat kneeled in front of her and placed his hands on her knees. Nesta registered the rest of the Circle talking between them, filtering in behind Cassian and beginning to plop down, some in chairs, some on the flood, Feyre into Rhysand’s lap. But she couldn’t draw her focus from Cassian’s fingers on her skin.

“I am not a brute,” he stated, definitively.

“Then what are you? A graceful dancer?” Nesta taunted.

“Now that you mention it,” he heaved himself up. “Yes.” He did a clumsy twirl around her armchair which resulted in the entire room erupting into loud, raucous laughter. Nesta could sense her headache fast approaching. Cassian ended his little show by somewhat leaping onto the arm of her chair but he teetered and fell, his head landing in her lap.

“Hello again.” He grinned up at her. She huffed out an annoyed sigh, but she could tell her mask of frustration didn’t meet her eyes 

His attention was drawn away from her by a joke Mor made, something about Feyre and Rhys needing a bucket of cold water thrown on them, but Nesta’s eyes stayed pinned to his head in her lap. She almost felt herself smile at the way his eyes crinkled up when he laughed, how his grin brought out these almost-dimples in his cheeks. He was now talking amongst the group about the bars they had gone to, cracking on Lucien about his dancing, and grilling Mor about who she had snuck off to the bathroom with. His speech wasn’t quite slurred, but it came out different, the words’ edges rounded and soft instead of hard. He spoke as if each thought simply rolled out of him, not requiring any analysis. Nesta’s eyes lingered on his mouth as he spoke each syllable, not even hearing what he was saying but just enjoying the sound of his voice. 

She turned away, and picked up her book. She could attempt to focus and she really wanted to get through the chapter she was on. She began reading, and the conversation faded away into background music and, though she would never admit it, she enjoyed the white noise.

Nesta was a few more pages into her book when she felt teeth nip the back of her hand. She flipped the book closed and glared down angrily at the drunken mess of hair still in her lap 

She flicked his nose. “Why.”

“I wanted your attention,” Cassian responded, pouting and looking like a sad puppy. She heaved an annoyed breath.  “I felt you looking at me, you know.” His eyes bored into hers and she tried to quell the flush rising in her cheeks. “Other times, too,” he continued, relishing her embarrassment. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I notice.” He was bold when he was drunk.

She opened her book again. “I don’t know what you mean.” She could feel his grin. Then, she felt a small kiss over the tender area where he bit her.

“Sorry about the bite.”

Nesta couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her features. And she couldn’t stop her eyes as they wandered back to her stupid bat. She let them linger there, just for a little while more.

ok this was low key inspired by a headcanon post i saw about the crew coming back drunk but idk where it is??? or who wrote it??? so i’m so sorry but that was my inspo!!!

Broduce 101: Episode 10 (Quick Livestream Recap)

This post contains spoilers. 

  • We go straight up to the Regal Chair of Doom for the elimination opening.
  • There are a few hair changes! Minki is dark haired again, while Sanggyun had an ashy blond dye job and a trim.
  • They’re not sure what the cut off is because of the rumours and the doubt BoA’s script had provided last episode.
  • Hyunbin ambitiously wants to be first, and the trainees laugh their heads off at this proclamation.
  • Entrance pose time!
  • Pledis trainees come in by imitating Nu’est maknae Minki’s disjointed shoulder trick.
  • Little Lee Woojin does the thigh touching move from sexy concept song Open.
  • MMO trainees, Daniel and Jisung, dance to Sistar’s Touch My Body. It makes me feel low key bitter because my girls :(
  • RBW Lee Gunhee did some hip swinging.
  • Extra as hell, Fantagio Ong Sungwoo brought a bag with him to recreate his now iconic moment from the work out episode.
  • WH Creative Seo Sungyhuk did some of IKYK choreo. Cutie
  • YGK+ Kwon Hyunbin did the robot.
  • Popular WinkDeep boys Maroo Park Jihoon and C9 Bae Jinyoung did twin moves
  • Ardor and Able hilariously recreate a reference to Noh Taehyun’s viral stomach scratching picture.
  • Starship Jung Sewoon did the world’s tiniest Nayana gesture.
  • CUBE chicks do a Twice Knock Knock reference.
  • OUI Donghan did a weird dance move on the floor. 
  • Only top 20 gets through. So this rumour was right. It’s like Mnet’s playing two lies one truth lol
  • BoA gets ajumeoni claps as she enters. That dress looks like something from Red Velvet’s closet though.
  • Fanservice to soothe the pain begins with cute dorm footage.
  • Snack time is abound in the dorms once again. One trainee carries what looks like a fuckin mountain of cup ramen across the room at some point.
  • They reveal a bit of first week footage with the HOTSHOT boys depositing their luggage in the waiting room. Sungwoon’s massive show insole falls out and he gets embarrassed, all ‘When did this come out??’
  • Sunghyuk has a bit where he comes into to visit his hyungs and gets scolded for his informality. He gets visibly scared by Jihoon’s sternness, leaving with his tail between his legs until Ong-ssi calls him back.
  • Ong-ssi: Why’d you come in here?
  • Sunghyuk (looking like he may cry): For…no reason.
  • All the hyungs: Oh, that’s good! :D I’m glad you came to see us!!! :))
  • Sunghyuk almost passes out in relief when he realises they were teasing him lol
  • There’s a cut of how the boys all pull out make up to touch up when production staff calls for a break, yanking out their compacts and pat-patting away at their faces.
  • Jisung eomma is the funniest of all of course, whipping out the compact with a flourish and patting his too red lips to blend them out.
  • Ong-ssi puts on a few dozen coats of tinted lip balm and gets ticked off by staff for the red lips visible across the hall 
  • Jaehwan touches up Baekho’s nose for him 
  • Another cut is product placement for face packs, its a sponsored bit (you can always tell when Samuel’s acting, bless him) but they play around well with the differently coloured mask creams.
  • Sungwoon gets 101 written on his face by his dongsaengs, Jihoon makes himself up like a panda while Baekho gets a beard. He’s very pleased with it. A universal cutie.
  • Deffo more natural PPL than the herbal supplement.
  • There’s a cut of early morning shower singing from vocal kids RIP FNC Yoo Hwiseung, getting screentime once he’s been kicked.
  • Sad practice shots with Jaehwan’s acoustic guitar backing and singing of Nayana. I ALREADY FEEL BAD FOR THEM FUK U MNET
  • Cut to more cheerful trainee time.
  • Noh Taehyun once again has to heatedly defend himself because of his stomach clip after already having to clarify he’s not a crybaby. He claims the clip was from after a rehearsal sesh, and he was hot and sweaty so, “I WAS FANNING MYSELF I WASN’T SCRATCHING MY TUMMY EVERYONE!!”
  • CUBE kids explain their initial awkwardness. Their company wanted them to be clear hyung-dongsaeng on the show, but they were friends while they were trainees earlier. This means Seonho can’t use banmal with him anymore and has to remember to call Guanlin hyung. It doesn’t affect Lai Guanlin, but Seonho is still adjusting lol 
  • Minhyun likes sweet boy Seonho, but the younger kid keeps hugging him and is really fond of skinship. 
  • Minhyun: It’s like he’s my girlfriend…he needs to dial it down a bit.
  • Seonho: It’s just because I love my hyung???!
  • Daehwi gets a stool to stand on for his individual bit, and is mildly indignant about it. He doesn’t think he’s that short and pulls out massive insoles from his shoes before also ratting out Sasuke Uchiha cosplayer Bae Jinyoung’s use of insoles.
  • His friend is not happy, and has to reveal his own massive foam shoe inserts.
  • Bae Jinyoung: They’re only 2cm!!
  • Staff: Only because you’re pressing down on them like that.
  • Auntie Jisung, true to form, mentions Daniel’s night talking. 
  • “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!!” - Kang Daniel, probably.
  • Red lip tint fans Daniel and Sanggyun get called out for their always pink lips, and Daniel gets his own back by pointing out that Yoon Jisung also always wears tons of it. 
  • Kang Daniel called my boy with his ludicrous pink lips an ajumma!!
  • Sewoon loves his awkward wink edited with post its on his face and the Jaehwan and Sewoon vocal ship continues to sail.
  • Hosts Auntie Jisung and Ong Sungwoo for basketball manga oppa times
  • Ong-ssi: Why are you here? Did you trainees only come to have fun here on the show?
  • Auntie Jisung: Yes. I did. 
  • They chant ONGSUNG ONGSUNG ONGSUNG for themselves. New comedy MC duo, I loaf
  • Speed quiz is first up, with sexy waves from OngSung MCs.
  • Showtime team do okay, Samuel flips onto his back to act out samgyetang. I died. How do you even think of that.
  • IKYK: Moonbok hard carries. He’s so pretty but that hairstyle…a topknot and scarf wrapped around his head..I wear my own hair like that for house cleans. Taedong quivers for a bit  when he gets his word, before dancing The Boys for SNSD. 
  • Open: Daniel does a piss poor imitation of Baekho, who laughs like a baby the whole segment. Seonho gets Ahn Junyoung (the P101 main producer) and wavers for a bit before yelling, ”Ah! PASS!” 
  • Oh Little Girl: Ayn Hyungseob has apple hair! He struggles to convey swag, imitating Baekho and Daniel to no avail. His team finally gets it only because Lee Euiwoong hears Noh Taheyun say, ‘Ah, Hyungseobie definitely has none of this at all!!’ 
  • Never: Lai Guanlin passes because he doesn’t know the word…twice; he can’t read Hangul well and the words are too difficult. One of them is an old fashioned Korean flute like?? It’s a hard word and how do you act it out? Poor kiddo
  • IKYK team wins this segment. 
  • Next game is a game where duos come forth from each team; one trainee does an elephant nose spin, and then runs to apply lipstick on his waiting teammate.
  • My heart soars at Sanggyun and Jisung representing Showtime
  • Sewoon falls multiple times and when he gets to Euiwoong,  he keeps shaking. Euiwoong gets more and more impatient and Sewoon finally gets shoved by an annoyed hamster.
  • Jisung veers off and falls like fifteen times before getting to Sanggyun. After, Sanggyun looks at himself and thinks it’s sort of sexy. “You look pretty!!” says excited Auntie Jisung, gleefully.
  • BNM Jonghyun has a scary determined look throughout.
  • Kim Yongguk can’t even spin straight, falling over every two spins like a new born puppy. He crawls to Kenta, who waits patiently to have his whole face attacked viciously with red lipstick 
  • Kenta, when the trainees go into splits and Yongguk is still stabbing his cheeks with lipstick: WHY? WHY??
  • Lee Daehwi remains perfectly, characteristically competent, calmly dabbing on Wartortle GodJonghyun’s lips like a seasoned make up artist. 
  • Yoo Seonho gets to draw again on a caring hyung picked by him, so he picks Daniel
  • Jaehwan picks Emperor Hwang for redoing the segment. Jaehwan runs lopsided and dementedly fast to draw on his hyung, frightening poor Gunhee on the sidelines.
  • Seonho applies eight hundred layers of red on Daniel’s mouth lol
  • The next game is team jump roping and posing for a photo 
  • This was hilarious - you have to look them up, I died laughing at their faces mid air. These are the pictures I’m getting blown up and signed if I ever see them in person. 
  • Open team wins overall, and receives the PPL face packs.
  • After this dose of healing (this is what Jonghyun calls the segment, with another of his ha ha HAs) cuteness, we go back to elims.
  • The rankings from last episode are finally revealed for the highest ranking from the live audience. To no one’s surprise, Daniel won the 220,000 benefit.
  • 1 and 20 to be revealed last for the suspense
  • Jung Sewoon ranked 19. 
  • Woodam and Donghan have a depressingly self aware discussion about how they know they’re lucky to have this far.
  • Joo Haknyeon is 18. The boys are all shocked but he’s had awful press lately. He’s losing grace swiftly, and this is his first time falling out of top 11.
  • BNM Im Youngmin has fortunately made it at 17, despite the (totally undeserved) hate he received. He even apologised, for some reason
  • CUBE Seonho was 16, he almost fell out his seat with shock as his name was called.
  • Ren, Hyungseob and Jaehwan all make it in succession.
  • Minhyun’s apparent ‘mistaken’ reveal of his rank was at 12 but it’s Pledis Kang Dongho at 12. The trainees all imitate Baekho’s Boy in Love head bob lol
  • Pledis Minhyun makes it at 11. He’s handsome on the big screen, and sings at BoA’s request. All the trainees have a shim koong.
  • Lee Daaehwi at 10. I’m grateful he stays top 11 though a cutie 
  • MMO Yoon Jisung makes it at 9!! YES HE’S BACK IN TOP 11 I LOVE MY AUNTIE!!
  • So do the trainees, they’re all more excited than he is at his rank, there’s a veritable swarm as they congratulate their eomma.
  • Samuel’s having a breakdown from nerves.
  • Auntie Jisung’s ugly crying is slightly muted this time - his company must have scolded him. Daniel is super relieved his hyung’s back in top 11, and Jisung thanks people for supporting him and his dream.
  • Ong Sungwoo is safe at number 8. BoA asks him to do his Ong-slate bit, which of course, he does with every bit of over the top acting he can.
  • Nation’s leader Angel God Jonghyun dropped to 7, but at least Wartortle’s safe.
  • Good shot of the empty Nu’est seats as Jonghyun thanks the voters for supporting him and his fellow Pledis trainees.
  • Brand New Music Park Woojin makes it to 6! He still has an eye patch on, I hope he’s recovering well. BoA asks him to do his famous snaggle-toothed smile. A cutie.
  • Samuel’s proper freaking out but he makes it at 5. He thanks all his Showtime hyungs by name but forgets Jisung, adding him last when he realises. Jisung, my drama queen, pouts in mock offence 
  • Goodness, you can really see the relief on Samuel’s face when he sinks into his chair, my poor kid.
  • BoA calls out Ha Sungwoon and Bae Jinyoung for the next two possible ranks
  • Ha Sungwoon can’t stop yelling in shock for being in the top 5, he just screams endlessly. When the camera points at him for the shot right before BoA announces his name, he thinks it’s someone else in his row because he really wasn’t expecting it.
  • Bae Jinyoung is 4. The two pick voting helped him climb back up, WinkDeep sails. In celebration, he does the aegyo bit from his intro.
  • Sungwoon makes it at number 3 (more slightly muted screaming)
  • I’m that tear waterfall pokemon gif, and so is he, sort of. This caught me off guard but I love being wrong about this sort of stuff.
  • Popular kids, teen pick Jihoon and noona pick Daniel for top two. 
  • Daniel and Little Woojin exchange non-forced reassurance as they wait for his rank to be announced.
  • Sidenote while watching the livestream: That Cha Eunwoo kid is in a lot of ads for a rookie. He’s rather handsome.
  • MMO Kang Daniel ranks number 1. It’s his first time, he never thought he’ll be Jihoon’s rival, but he’s deeply grateful. 
  • Which puts Park Jihoon at a safe 2. He thanks his fans for their continued support. His consistency has been incredible, he’s never left the top of the pyramid. 
  • Last trainee for the cut off at 20. These shots of my eliminated talented boys makes me sad.
  • They draw out my pain by showing the ranks from 35 upwards, and having the trainees speak as they get booted.
  • Bye little maknae Lee Woojin, star vocal Park Woodam, RBW meme Lee Gunhee and musicial kid Kim Yehyun
  • All of I Know You Know got booted. My sweet boy WH Creative Seo Sunghyuk cries. The Vibe knight boy Taedong and blond pretty kid OUI Donghan are composed. They must have all expected this.
  • Oh, Donghyun. His BNM trainees look like they’re going to cry as he asks the voters to support them.
  • Sanggyun spits some sugar coated bitterness, Noh Taehyun and Takada Kenta are graceful.
  • Visual dark horse Moonbok, who got played by Mnet the most, leaves the show too. He really speaks very prettily. 3
  • BoA says this isn’t the end for their careers. I wish I can be that optimistic.
  • Yuehua Lee Euiwoong doesn’t make the cut. You can see Hyungseob’s face fall.
  • YGK+ Kwon Hyunbin is eliminated at 22. He says a nice ment too, but lasting this long considering his background and skillset is just miraculous.
  • It’s between Kim Yongguk and Lai Guanlin for rank 20. 
  • Honestly, I’d never have guessed this in a million years. Kim Yongguk, maybe, because of his lack of clear broship, but Cube chicks must get a lot of their hype from teenagers. 
  • Lai Guanlin makes it by the skin of his teeth. 
  • We have to say goodbye to Arctic Fox Kim Yongguk. This feels so unfair, he had such a nice, melancholy tone. 
  • Daniel leads the ending salutations to the national producers.
  • Last voting period opens, and it’s one pick. This season has been super makjang for real. Far out.
  • We cut to a new day, the top 20 trainees have gathered for final evaluation mission. BoA reminds them this is the final, debut mission for the live broadcast finale.
  • The trainees will be split into two teams to perform one of two songs, Super Hot or Hands on Me. I’m keen to hear these songs, the composers are really well known. The choreography has to be created by the trainees themselves.
  • Harvey Mason and his team created Hands On Me, the demo sounds like a laid back jazzy track that will probably go the IKYK way (hashtag bitter).
  • Ryan Jhun, who composed Nayana and EXO’s Love Me Right, my favourite EXO title song by far, wrote Super Hot, which is more funky, fast paced. 
  • I take a minute to thank Mother Mary for the lack of EDM. Let’s hope it doesn’t jump out on me when I hear the full songs.
  • Positions depend on rank, with low ranking trainees picking first and the higher ones possessing the ability to replace them if they want the position.
  • Im Youngmin’s penalty for leaking spoilers is that he has to take what’s left over, so he picks first and can be replaced.
  • Seonho ambitiously displaces Haknyeon for sub-vocal 3 on Super Hot, pushing him down to 4.
  • Hyungseob pushes Joo Haknyeon further down to 5 lol
  • Then Daehwi pushes him to rapper 1
  • Jonghyun comes in to shove him to the other team, as vocal 6 for Hands on Me.
  • Dead. His fellow trainees seemingly have no faith in him at all. 
  • Jaehwan takes his rightful place as main vocal for Hands on Me.
  • Sewoon had picked sub vocal 1 on the same song earlier, wanting to sing with Jaehwan. 
  • Minhyun continues to be a Joseon level strategist by pushing Sewoon to a different team. Samuel moves him back but to a lower vocal position. 
  • Daniel changes Sungwoon’s team from Hands on Me sub vocal 1 to Super Hot but promotes him to main vocal  on there so it works out well.
  • Everyone on Super Hot understandably wants to be centre considering the timing of the mission and they all sing the main chorus line to compete. 
  • Samuel has to create the choreo and formations as the strongest dance trainee. His teammates come up with a bunch of unhelpful suggestions and he’s stressing out again.
  • Ong-slate opens on Hands on Me discussions.
  • They’re discussing leader, Ong-ssi surprisingly nominates himself and receives the position.
  • Again, everyone wants to be centre and audition with the ‘killing part’ but they don’t show centre pick.
  • We see the eliminated trainees crying at the eliminations again before next week’s trailer and ranks. 
  • Below is a comprehensive list of this week’s rankings. I’ll post the entire set this time, because we’re down to only 20 :(
  1. Kang Daniel 
  2. Park Jihoon 
  3. Ha Sungwoon 
  4. Bae Jinyoung 
  5. Kim Samuel 
  6. Park Woojin 
  7. Kim Jonghyun 
  8. Ong Sungwoo 
  9. Yoon Jisung 
  10. Lee Daehwi
  11. Hwang Minhyun 
  12. Kang Dongho 
  13. Kim Jaehwan 
  14. Ahn Hyungseop 
  15. Choi Minki
  16. Yoo Seonho
  17. Im Youngmin 
  18. Joo Haknyeon 
  19. Jung Sewoon 
  20. Lai Guanlin 
Pieces of Us: It’s not all poetry and candles

Jim Kirk x Fem!Reader, special appearance by Chekov

Word Count: 2136

Warning: ….This one isn’t very pretty, folks, fair warning. Reality sometimes sucks. Infertility. I wouldn’t write it if I wasn’t okay with it and more than okay sharing it.

A/N: each section of Pieces of Us is inspired by something that my husband has done or something we have experienced together. Everything is PG pr PG-13, just a glimpse through the fourth wall of our life using some of our favorite characters. This can be read alone or as part of a theme-based series

Originally posted by mishervellous

Y/N leaned against the wall of the turbolift, her mind moving ten times faster than the lift but not in the upwardly direction she was currently headed. A girl grows up with certain dreams and, for Y/N, one of them was being a mom. She had an Engineering career that she loved, served on the best ship in the Fleet, was married to the most amazing man she could ever dream of, but something felt missing. Something important.

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Memory 1/2

My prompt for this week was “Finding something that has been lost.” It ended up being 11.5k words long, so I will post it in two parts. 

This one got me so excited! Please let me know what you think. :D

This is a bit of psychological memory/dream fun for Tony. 

Please look for the cut!

Sometime after Howard died, Tony had started dreaming of Captain America. In his dreams, Tony called him Steve, and Steve called him Iron Man. They fought side-by-side, Steve in his familiar patriotic uniform, Tony in a suit of armor that let him fly. At the end of the fight, Steve would put a hand on his shoulder and call him Shellhead. He would smile, even covered in dirt, and sweat, and blood, and Tony would feel like he was flying with his feet firmly on the ground.

When the grizzled captain of Howard’s survey vessel had shown up asking where his grant had gone, Tony had considered throwing him out. Instead, he’d put on two layers of long underwear, bought a parka, and gotten on a creaky boat to go explore glaciers. Just like the old man had year-after-miserable-year.

The water rocked him to sleep, and he dreamed of Captain America in Tony’s mansion home. Tony saw the mansion through the eyeslits of a helmet, with Steve ahead of him on the stairs. They moved together through the house, and Tony had the strangest feeling that they were having a conversation he couldn’t quite hear. It seemed like his ears weren’t working exactly right.

Steve stopped him as they crossed into the kitchen, and turned to face him. Tony was aware of Steve’s hand on his arm, but he couldn’t feel it through the armor. He imagined he could, though, the warm expanse of his palm pressed into Tony’s skin, long artist’s fingers curled around his bicep.

“I miss you, Shellhead,” Steve said. He set his forehead against Tony’s helmet. “I miss you. Come back.”

“Back?” Tony asked, but his voice wouldn’t carry through the helmet. “I’m right here.”

“Come back,” Steve repeated, and pressed a kiss to Tony’s helmet. “I’m waiting for you.”

Tony woke shivering and coated in a slick layer of sweat. He ducked further into his sleeping bag and wiped clammy hands across his face. His lips were chapped and salty with sweat and his feet were both cold and sweaty. He struggled out of the sleeping bag and cursed at the cold floor even through two pairs of socks, and squeezed himself into the tiny head. He tried to be grateful that he had a private bathroom and shower, but it was hard to do when he was hung over, freezing, soaked in sweat, and barely had room to turn around between the toilet and the shower stall.

He shucked off his sweaty long underwear and stepped under the spray as soon as it was warm enough not to give him frostbite. The first touch of the warm water made him convulse with shudders, and he danced in a quick circle around the chilly tile. Fog rose up against the glass door to obscure the rest of the head, and for a second Tony could believe that he was back in his dream, showering after a battle. For some reason, even looking at Steve –Captain America, Christ, his subconscious was on a (kind of) first name basis with Captain America – Tony was sure that he had to keep his identity a secret. Captain America was Steve and Tony was Iron Man.

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Flint and Abigail

Hi there, here’s that Abigail and Flint fic I toyed with writing. I’m so glad I got around to actually putting it down on paper…er…screen. It was pretty interesting to try and nail the Flint Voice, I hope I at least got close. Please enjoy!

It was quiet now.

Abigail did not know pirate ships could be so quiet. From the stories her father and nanny would tell, ships run by pirates were always loud, wild and unhinged. Constant plunder and pillage and gunfire, never-ending death and danger. But now, she sits on the stern she sat on this afternoon, this time in the dead of night, with one lone man controlling the ship; the very tall, very quiet one. The only sounds around her were the low creak and rumble of the ship as it glided through the water, and the rustle of the flag when hit with a breeze. She closed her eyes, and let the sweet breeze kiss her hair, she inhaled the smell of salt that wrapped around her, feeling truly free for the first time in…she can’t even remember.

Abigail felt a chill run through her spine, wrapping the blanket she draped over her shoulders tighter, a gift from Lady Hami—Miranda. She remembered the terrifying haze she was in for days, only to be revived of that to be moved to a dark, dank belly of a fort, where a man thought money was more important than her life. Millions of thoughts ran through her head, the loudest one being if she would ever see the sun again, be outside again, breathe again. She wondered if she would ever stop being someone’s prisoner.

But sitting on this ship, with the moon clear and the stars bright, with her skin feeling pure fresh air and smelling nature in what felt like years, Abigail began to feel freedom again, she felt as if she were returning to herself, slowly piecing together what it felt like to be human, to be alive.

She jumped at the light thump from behind her, her nerves rattling and turning to see who was approaching. Her nervousness dwindled—slightly—when she saw that it was Captain Fl—James McGraw—moving slowly to stand a few feet away from her.

“I did not mean to frighten you,” Mr. McGraw says, voice rough, trying to make his voice gentle for the girl.

Abigail shakes her head, her movement slightly fidgety, “I did not mean to jump,” she replies, her voice small.

“Are you alright?” he asks, keeping his movements slow as he walked towards her.

Abigail nods, “I could not sleep…I thought the air would clear my mind, but…I find my thoughts reeling now more than ever.”

Mr. McGraw thinks on this, and nods. “You wouldn’t be the first. Nature plays cruel tricks like that more than you know,” he says, cracking the tiniest hint of a thing that could qualify as a smile. Abigail’s shoulders relax further, and works up the courage to move over on the small bench she occupied, offering the captain a spot.

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Secret (Omega Yondu x Alpha reader)

Yondu slipped into the allay way as he felt another wave of his heat coming on. Doubling over he gave a groan and took quick breaths as the pain filled his body. He had went to the bar earlier tonight with the rest of the crew in hopes of drinking his pain away but it had not helped the unstoppable. He had been going through this for the last few years, once a year he would be in a insatiable need. He knew what he needed he wasn’t stupid but he wasn’t willing to sink so low to go looking for a alpha that may help him. Being in the Kree prisons he had been forced to suffer through this pain along with the tormenting of his masters every year since he turned of age. Ever since Stakar had freed him he had kept his rank a secret. When the pain eased off some he stood and stumbled his way out of the allay and back towards his room. 

You had been walking past the buildings when you smelt a strange scent coming from the ally way beside you. Looking over you saw a male with bright blue skin leaning against the stone wall. You couldn’t help but watch the young male as you took in the delicious scent. Never before had you came across a male omega. It was rare and un-thought of in most cultures but so was a female alpha like yourself. Years you had been alone, thinking never would you find a mate. Standing in the shadows you watched his breaths come out in steams in the cold night air. Tilting your head to the side you watched as he stood back up and stumbled out onto the streets. Before you could stop yourself you were following after him. You made sure to not get to close as he made his way back towards a hotel and up to one of the doors. As he slide the key across the pad you made your way up to him. “Excuses me…” you said and saw as he turned around to look at you. The both of your eyes were at the same level but being a male he was still larger than you. His eyes seemed to cut at you and you could tell he was trying to be as intimidating as possible. 

Yondu turned back to look into the e/c eyes of the female behind him. Cutting his eyes at her he tried to stand up straight and look tough but feeling another wave come on he gave a grunt and clenched up his eyes shutting tight. He trembled and gripped the door frame as the pain surged through his body. But all of a sudden he felt a hand on his cheek and heard a purring in his ear. The agony soon dimmed down and he opened his eyes slowly to see the woman standing close to him. Her eyes were cast down and she held his cheek in one hand while her other rested on his shoulder. 

Meeting his red eyes you saw him take a few deep breaths. He looked like he was trying to read you and you remembered to remain caring. His scent was doing things to you that you had never felt before but you had to remember not to be too pushy. “Mind if I come inside?” you asked in a gentle voice. 

Yondu thought her request over for a moment before swallowing and opening the door for her to enter. When she walked past he could smell the scent of her rut and gave a whimper that he tried to cover up with a cough. Shutting the door he watched as she looked around the room. “What ya want?” he asked and saw as she twirled to look at him. 

“Same thing as you… to mate.” you said in a simple voice. You saw as his brows raised slightly at your boldness and you couldn’t help from giving a smile. “Let’s not play games, I know your a omega. You may try and hide it from everyone else but you can’t hide it from me. I could smell you as soon as I passed by that allay.” Seeing him stand up straight you gave a curl of your lips before slowly stalking over to him. As much as the male tried to hide his fear you could still see it. “I’m not going to hurt you. What’s your name?” you asked as you came to stand in front of him. 

“Yondu.” he said, keeping his eyes on the alpha female. She smiled at his name. 

“Y/n… I want to help you Yondu. I know you are in heat and I can help make the pain go away but it is up to you. This doesn’t have to be a claiming mate ship. I can just help you through your heat and then when we are done we go our separate ways. If you would like my assistance the next year then we could set up something.” you said, letting out a deep breath.

He watched her for a moment before licking his lips. “An’ if I said no?" 

Blinking you looked down and back up, "Then I would leave. I will not force you into anything.” After a few moments of silence you went to go towards the door but felt his hand grab your own. Looking back at the omega male you saw him nod. Giving a small smile you leaned forward to kiss his lips. He gave a groan at the sudden action but quickly fell into it. Backing him up against the wall you pulled on his clothes and broke away from his mouth. “Off.” you said in a firm voice and watched as he stripped his clothing. Pulling your shirt over your head and pushing your pants down your legs you stood in nothing but your matching panties and bra. You gave a large grin when you saw him staring at your body “Like whatcha see?” you smiled and saw him nod.

Kissing his lips again you managed to back the two of you up to the large bed and push him down onto it much to his annoyance. You gave a small giggle at his fight. He was an omega no doubt but he also had a feisty side that you liked. He wasn’t so keen to submit to you fully. Straddling his lap you claimed his lips and felt as he licked at your bottom lip. Opening your mouth you let his roll his tongue in and out. When his hands rubbed around to your back you felt his unclip your bra and leaned up to throw the garment to the floor with the rest of your clothes. Looking down you saw him staring at your chest with hunger in his eyes. “Have you done this before?” you asked.

Curling his lip up Yondu glared at the female. “Jus’ cause I’s a omega, Don’t mean I’s a virgin.” he growled and saw her raise her brow.

“Good then you know how to pleasure a woman.” you said. Rolling to lay on the bed you looked at him with raised brows and saw him look confused before looking down at where your panties covered your body. 

“You want me to…” he started but then heard a hum. Kneeling on the bed he moved between her legs and pulled her panties down to look at her sex. She was completely bare and he felt his member become harder at the sight of her. Lowering himself he got between her legs and gave a testing lick to her slit. Tasting the slick on his tongue he gave a huff at how sweet it was. With this in mind he gave a harder lap at her sex and heard as she moaned out. Looking up he saw her head thrown back and a look of pleasure over her face. Smirking he moved his finger to her hole and pushed in as he licked at her sex. 

You laid there on your back letting Yondu pleasure him with his mouth for a while. When the knot in your stomach began to tighten you leaned up and pulled him on top of you. Pushing your lips to his you could taste yourself on his mouth, making your desires peak. Hooking your leg around his you flipped the two of you over so you were on top and looked down at him as you too his hard cock in your hand. He gave a grunt and bucked his hips at the feeling but knew better than to stop you. Lining his member up with your hole you sank down onto him. When his hips went to buck again you gave a growl and glared at him in warning. The omega got the hint and stilled his movements. Lowering down at your own pace you let yourself adjust for a moment before rocking your hips back and forth. 

Yondu curled his toes as she lowered herself onto him at the torturing slow pace. When she was fully seated he had to hold in his whine for her to move. As if knowing what he needed she began to rock back and forth. He speed picked up after a while and it took everything he had to keep from begging her to let him finish. Tentative he moved his hands to her hips, looking at her face to make sure it was alright , he saw her nod. Gripping at her hips he felt her speed up and felt her muscles tightening around his cock. “I’m gonna…” he moaned.

“Cum.” You commanded and felt him grip your hips had as he filled you up with his hot cum. You screamed his name as you rode out your orgasm. Falling forward you laid your head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat slow back to normal. 

When he had caught his breath Yondu looked down at her and gave a smile, “thank ya.” he said. He could no longer feel the burning pain in his veins. His heat was over. 

Grinning softly you placed a light kiss on his lips before easing off of him and standing. He watched you as you put your clothes back on. Grabbing your bag you went to the door but stopped when you heard his voice.

“Next year?” he asked as he watched her go to the door. Seeing her turn to look at him she gave him a soft smile and nodded. 

“See you then Yondu.” you smiled before opening the door and walking back into the cold night air. 

A/N: Hope you liked it but please don’t as me to do this again. I really really hate doing male Omegas. Kisses!

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Sweet Dove

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hey guys and gals, so I finally started writing again even if it was me looking up subtitles with no video or audio feeds but whatever. This will be a multi part thing and will have posts every Mon, Wedns, Fri. Thanks for reading. :) also I’m not sure of the title so i may change it later on and I’ll make a masterpost thing

THIS IS VOLTRON X READER MEANING ANYONE OF THEM WILL END UP WITH YOU…..i never figured out who it should be so yeahh….

Part 1


You looked over to everyone in the head of the ship. “Okay guy sooner or later we’re going to have to pass this!” You said mostly glaring at Lance.

“Beginning descent to Kerberos for rescue mission.” Lance told the rest of you as he started to land but the ship started shaking as if in a earthquake.

“Lance, can you keep this thing straight?” Hunk groaned and started covering his mouth.

“Relax, Hunk, I’m just getting a feel for the stick. It’s not like I did this.” Lance said smuggly while trying to control the small craft.

“Well you should know how it feels by now Lance, we’ve done this many times already.” You said before pulling a folded brown bag and handed it to Hunk who sat on the other side of you before he got too sick.

Hunk kept groaning for a while before snapping at Lance. “Okay, unless you want to wipe beef stroganoff out of all the little nooks and crannies in this thing, you’d better knock it off, man!”

Pidge who was ignoring all of the comotion looked up at all of us. “We’ve picked up a distress beacon!” He said.

“Alright, look alive team! Pidge, track coordinates. (Y/n), see if you can get into their database. Hunk,….try not to barf.” Lance ordered and received a ‘Copy’ from both you and Pidge.

“Knock it off, Lance! Please!” Hunk said as the computer started beeping as crazy.

“This one’s on you buddy. We’ve got a hydraulic stabilizer out.” Lance said as the beeping continued.

“Hunk, are you doing okay?” You asked as you kept trying to hack into the database which was hard to do because of the ship shaking. You only looked up at him when you heard a rumbling and him gulp.

“Oh, no….” Hunk said while turning a shade of green.

“Oh, no. Fix now, puke later.” Lance said looking back at the two of you.

“I lost contact. The shaking is interfering with our sensors.” Pidge said trying to stay still in his seat even though we all had belts on.

“I managed to hack in and copy their data!” You said victoriously and doing a fist bump in the air.

“Come on, Hunk!” Lance yelled at him while still while pressing a few buttons, trying to stabilize us.

“It’s not responding.” Hunk said with a slight sickly moan.

“Never mind, fellas. Thar she blows. Preparing for approach on visual.” Lance said flipping some switches above him and on his panel.

“I dont think that’s advisable.” Pidge said looking over to him.

“Especially with our current mechanical issues.” I finished for him while tapping at my screen.

“Agreed.” Hunk said while he covered his mouth.

Stop worrying. This baby can take it, can’t you champ?“ Lance asked while petting the ships console and got a rumble in response. ” See? She was nodding. She was nodding.“ He said a second time as the ship rumbled again but shook somemore.

"Pidge, hail them and let them know their ride is here.” Lance ordered as he got the ship somewhat stable.

“Attention, lunar vessle-” Pidge took off his seatbelt and was cut off as Hunk quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and wobbled around making Pidge scream and fall sliding around.

“Hunk, what are you doing? Both of you buckle your belt and stop that shaking!” Lance yelled looking back at Hunk as the craft shook more as Pidge made it back to his seat and buckled up.

“I’m try– Oh, no…” Hunk said as he quickly opened a compartment and threw up in it.

Lance sighed and motioned Pidge to continue. “Attention, lunar vessle, this is Galaxy Garrison Rescue Craft One Victor Six Three Tango. Coming in for landing and extraction against crew recommendations.” Pidge said.

“No time for your mutinous comments now. They’re going under and we’re going in.” Lance said looking at his info.

“Look out for that overhang!!” You yelled at him.

“No worries (Y/n). My first year in flight school, know what they called me?” Lance asked looking back at you.

“I’m going with either "Hazard” or “Destroyer”.“ You said giving him a look as Hunk was heading back to his chair

"No.” He said glaring at you. “They called me "The Tailor” because of how I thread the needle.“ He said while trying to go around the overhang. "Come around, come around! Come on, come on!” He yelled as he under calculated the wing span of the craft and screwed up the wing.

“We lost a wing!” Lance yelled to the three of you in the back. “Oh, man…”

You covered your ears as the alarms continued to blare. “No, you don’t say!” Grabbing onto your seat tightly you felt the ship start falling and crash nearly knocking you out of your harness.

“Simulation failed.” A computer said.

“Nice work, Tailor.” You and Pidge said glaring at Lance as the simulator door opened to reveal the Commander surrounded by giggling students.

“Roll out, Donkeys! Let’s see if we can’t use this complete failure as a lesson for the rest of you students. Can anyone point out the mistakes these three so-called cadets made in the simulator besides (Y/n)?” He said in a gruff voice as you all climbed out.

“The engeneer puked in the main gearbox.” One student said.

“Yes. As everyone knows, vomit is not an approved lubricant for engine systems. What else?” He asked.

“The comm spec removed his safety harness.” Another student.

“The pilot crashed.” Another.

“Correct. And worst of all, the whole jump, they’re arguing with each other, that includes (Y/n). Heck, if you’re going to be this bad individually, you’d better at least be able to work as a team! The Galaxy Garrison exists to turn young cadets like you into the next generation of elite astroexplorers, but these kind of mental mistakes are exactly what cost the lives of the men on the Kerberos Mission!.” He yelled in our faces.

“That’s not true, Sir!” Pidge yelled out.

“What did you say?!” The commander looked at him.

“Sorry, Sir. I think he hit his head when he fell out of his chair. But point taken.” You said apologetically and grabbed a hold of Pidge’s shoulders.

The commander backed up and looked at Lance. “I hope I don’t need to remind you that the only reason you’re here is that the best pilot in your class had a discipline issue and flunked out. Don’t follow in his footsteps.” He said and looked to the other students. “Next!” He yelled.


“Lights out in five!” You heard someone yell as you walked down the hall with Pidge helping him carry his stuff up to the roof.

“So all this stuff for scanning something?” You asked him.

“It’s basically used to scan space for some alien transmissions.” He said looking at you.

“That’s awesome, did you make all this stuff on your own?” You asked mesmirized by the mention of aliens.

“Yeah, I mean it’s not much but it works really well.” Pidge said blushing as you stared at him amazed as he opened a door that lead to the roof.

“By the stars in the sky, you’re a genius!” You exclaimed as neither of you noticed the two other boys following you. When you reached the roof, Pidge quickly set everything up while showing you what to do and use and started scanning the vastness of space.

“You know I’ve never gotten close enough to tell anyone this but….I’m actually a girl.” Pidge said quietly as you sat close together. “And my dad and brother Matt was on the Kerberos Mission. I wanted to tell you because you’re like an older sibling to me.”

“Well, I’m glad you told me all this.” You said giving her a hug. “So what’s your real name then?” You smiled.

“It’s Katie, Katie Holt, but I’d like you to keep calling me Pidge. The name kinda grew on me.” She smiled softly looking at you before looking up at the stars. “I just have this feeling that they’re still alive and I know the Garrison is lying about what happened on the misson.” She said.

“You come out here to rock out?” You both jump at Lance’s sudden voice and look over to see him and Hunk by the door to the stairway.

“Oh, Lance, Hunk.” Pidge began.

“No, um, just looking at the stars.” You said smiling softly. Lance came closer with Hunk and looked at the scanners and all the other items we had set up.

“Where’d you get this stuff?” he asked while taking a closer look. “It doesn’t look like Garrison tech.” He added looking at you and Pidge suspiciously.

“I built it.” Pidge told him.

“You built all this?” Hunk asked touching some stuff.

“Stop it! With this thing, I can scan all the way to the edge of the solar system.” She explained and watched Hunk like a hawk.

“That’s right?…….All the way to Kerberos?” Lance asked suspiciously.

“You go ballistic every time the instructors bring it up.” Hunk(?) said while continuing to look over the handcrafted tech.

“What’s your deal?” Lance asked looking down at Pidge who noticed Hunk touching the satillite dish.

“Second warning, Hunk!” Pidge yelled and Hunk groaned looking at the tech making you giggle softly.

“Look, Pidge, (Y/n) if we’re going to bond as a team, we can’t have any secrets.” Lance said looking at both of you as you two were looking at each other.

“Fine.” She sighed. “The world as you know it is about to change. The Kerberos wasn’t lost because some malfunction or crew mistake.” Pidge said before smacking Hunks hand as he started pushing buttons. “Stop touching my equipment!” He groaned louder making you laugh and him blush.

“So, I’ve been scanning the system and picking up alien radio chatter.” Pidge continued.

“Awesome!” You said amazed staring at her again.

“Whoa. What? Aliens?” Hunk asked.

“Okay. So, you’re both insane. Got it.” Lance said looking at the both of you.

“I’m serious. They keep repeating one word, "Voltron”, and tonight, it’s going crazier than I have ever heard it.“ Pidge said slightly raising her voice.

"How crazy?” Lance asked curiously.

“Attention, students. This is not a drill. We are on lockdown! Security situation Zulu Niner. Repeat: all students are to remain in barracks until further notice.” We heard Commander Iversons voice on the intercoms.

“What’s going on is that a meteor?” You asked pointing over to a object falling from space. Pidge handed you a pair of amazing binoculars while she used hers and saw it was a ship.

“A very, very big meteor?” Hunk asked cautiously.

“It’s a ship!” You exclaimed and suddenly yelped when Lance grabbed your binoculars forcing you into his chest. “Ouch! Lance!” You elbowed him and rubbed your neck where the strap to the binoculars was.

“Holy crow!” Hunk said looking at the ship.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing! That’s not one of ours.” Lance said.

“Well obviously.” You said still rubbing your neck.

“It’s one of theirs.” Pidge said handing her binoculars over to Hunk so he could see.

Lance handed you the binoculars and tried to examined your neck even after you kept slapping his hands away before giving up.

“So, there really are aliens out there?” Hunk asked somewhat frightened.

“We’ve got to see that ship!” Lance exclaimed heading towards the stairs as Pidge and you rushed to put everything in her dufflebag. “Hunk, come on!” Lance yelled.


“Guys we have to be very careful and not be too loud. There’s cameras everywhere!” You whispered to the three of them and pulled out one of your three mini laptops you always carried around and started hacking into the camera systems.

“Whoa! What the heck is that thing?” You heard Lance ask Pidge or Hunk and didn’t pay attention to them. “And who the heck is she?” He asked in a flirtatious way and rolled your eyes.

They looked over to a large medical tent that was set up that probably held the ship or whoever was piloting it.

“Lance!” You heard Pidge smack him in the head and him mutter an “Ow!”

“Right, alien ship. Man, we’ll never get past all of those guards to get a look.” Lance said.

“Aw, man.” Pidge grumbled.

Hunk sighed in relief before speaking, “Yeah, yeah, I guess there’s nothing to do but head back to the barracks, right?” He asked nerviously.

“Wait.” I said getting their attention and motioned them to gather around. “They set up a camera in there and I grabbed its feed. Look!” I said and enlarged the small feed to fill the screen.

There was a man strapped to a medical table with a metal prosthetic right arm. “Hey! What are you doing?!” He yelled.

“Calm down, Shiro. We just need to keep you quarantined until we run some tests.” Commander Iverson said while coming into view.

“No! You have to listen to me! They destroy worlds!” Shiro grunted in pain. “The aliens are coming!!”

“Hey! That’s Shiro!” Lance exclaimed. “The pilot of the Kerberos Mission! That guy’s my hero!”

“Guess he’s not dead in space, after all.” Hunk said from behind you.

“Where’s the rest of his crew?” Pidge asked herself quietly, you softly gave her hand a squeeze to reassure her.

Commander Iverson looked down at Shiro with what could be a glare. “Do you know how long you’ve been gone?”

Shiro looked at him. “I don’t know. Months? Years? Look, there’s no time. Aliens are coming here for a weapon. They’re probably on their way!” You quickly looked over to the tent and noticed someone going in holding a small tray. “They’ll destroy us. We have to find Voltron!” He yelled.

“Voltron!” Pidge gasped.

“Sir, take a look at this.” A doctor called over to Iverson while examining Shiro’s arm. “It appears his arm has been replaced with a cyborg prosthetic.”

“Put him under until we know what that thing can do.” Iverson ordered.

“Don’t put me under! No! There’s no time!” He yelled as they gave him a shot and watched as he went unconsious.

“They didn’t ask about the rest of the crew.” Pidge muttered.

“What are they doing? He’s a legend. They’re not even gonna listen to him?” Lance asked looking over to the tent.

“I knew Iverson was a deuche but geez….What does this make him now?” You grumbled. “We have to get him out of there somehow.”

“I hate to be the voice of reason, always, but weren’t we watching on tv because there was no way to get past the guards?” Hunk said trying to reason with the other two who nodded agreeing with you.

“That was before we were properly motivated.” Lance said looking for any guards. “We’ve got to think.. Could we tunnel in? Maybe get some hazmat suits and sneak in like med techs.” He said thinking out loud.

“Or we dress up like cooks, head back to the dorms, sneak into the commissary for a little late-night snack.” Hunk suggested.

“No. What we need is a distraction.” Lance said.

“Hunk, if that was you, I’d damn well would risk my life to try my best to get you out of there. Wether I would know you or not.” You said softly to him. “I would help any of you for that matter.”

You all screamed as loud explosions were heard on the otherside of the small makeshift base. You looked into the cameras and noticed a familiar black-haired guy run towards the tent Shiro was in.

“Well there’s you distraction and it seems like we’re not the only ones trying to bust him out.” You said getting the others attentions again.

“No way! Oh, he is not going to beat us in there!” Lance yelled before hopping the fence and storming into the tent.

“Lance!” You all ran after him. Can’t this guy just calm down? Nope, that’s the answer.

Words: 2671

yoonjin moments compilation post #runera

so as the run promotion era ended, i really want to make a post for anything yoonjin that has happened because whoa.. i kinda surprise because apparently there’s quite a lot or maybe it’s because i got to talk and have an intense discussion about yoonjin with a bunch of lovely little shits from @yoonjin-network so we got to catch a lot of their moments recently–not to mention our I.F.L.M.M.B.L.D.T.F.Y. session. if anyone wondering, it stands for “I Fucking Losing My Mind But Let’s Do This Fuck Yeah!” where we usually do an impromptu yoonjin scenario because these little shits just can’t hold theirself sometimes *sigh*

so i dedicate this post for you guys. just to summarize what’s just happened in the spare of 2 months. we can’t let the moment be forgotten.

this post contained a lot of photos and gifs so I put this under the cut

^that^ is me after finishing this post btw


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Friend: A Lance and Lotor Fic

*This is just fun people, please don’t send hate and if you don’t like, please blacklist it.


Lance gave an annoying groan as he collectively got yelled at again when he went to try something stupid.

It wasn’t his fault he wanted to kick the rock like a soccer ball. He just missed home.

How was he supposed to know he’d kick the things so damn hard it would almost take out a city.

“I said I am sorry. I won’t do it again….” Lance pouted. He looked at the comms, seeing how he really messed up this time. “No one got hurt.”

“That’s not the point Lance.” Shiro let out a tired sigh. “Let’s head back to the base, get some R&R.”

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Pairings: Jax x Reader

Warnings: Angst, sort of kidnapping by a parent

Word Count: 1,538


You moved as quickly as you could, grabbing anything and everything that belonged to your sons and throwing it into bags. Fear strangled your heart and lungs as you prayed that Jax really was on his way to Arizona with the Sons and that Gemma was really at her father’s cleaning the place out to sell it. Your plan to escape would only work if those two things were totally valid assumptions like you had been told.

Once you were certain that every toy, movie and blanket along with every article of clothing and necessity for two boys were packed in your car, you ducked into Abel’s room and carefully lifted him from his bed. You were grateful that he was like his daddy and slept heavy as you carried him to the garage and tucked him into his car seat. Thomas was next.

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Snapshots Of Our Lives - 13th Doctor x Reader


A 13th Doctor x Reader with the prompt: 67. “it’s so easy to fall in love with you.” was requested by @cryofthewolf.

Do you want to request something with a prompt? Click HERE for the prompt list!

I don’t know, I’m not really satisfied with this one. I don’t know. I’ve been a bit writer blocked lately and this… I don’t know.

The Doctor pointed her sonic screwdriver at the console. She had told Y/N she was fixing it so she had to appear busy. Every now and then she felt her companion’s eyes on her back.

Y/N L/N was curled up on one of the seats and was reading a book. When she flipped a page she looked up and the Doctor immediately looked away. It was hard to stop looking at Y/N, the Doctor thought.

The Doctor sat down also, she couldn’t help but look at Y/N again. She was still dressed in her nightgown and was not wearing any make-up. Her hair was messy, combed through with haste. Her eyes went left and right, her eye lashes fluttering, her mouth sometimes falling open a bit. She looked cute, the Doctor thought. Pretty.

Y/N looked up and the Doctor looked away again, studying the wall. She still preferred looking at Y/N, though.

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How I became a Larrie

This was submitted me and the submitter preferred to stay anonymous.

(1/?) Just some context: Senior year of high school. I’ve already been w/ my bf 4 years at that point and it wasn’t exactly a healthy relationship. But I guess i had low self esteem that’s why i stuck with him for so long. I had a close group of girl friends (we were 4) but coz I was w/ my bf I wasn’t as invested in them. For story’s sake let’s label them as A, C, and P. It was a chaotic time for us coz A & P were in the middle of a fight (over another guy would u believe) so there was lots of tension. So when the time in the quarter for our teacher to shuffle our seating arrangements, I got sat next to A on one side of the room while C & P were on the other end. Although we were 4, A and I were never really close. So the first thing that came to my mind was “shit”. We had nothing in common and I felt like my socially awkward self was coming out.

(2/?) Though A & I were awkward in person, we followed each other on Tumblr. And at that time (November 2011) I noticed her reblogging a lot of gifsets of these 5 boys sitting on stairs. She particularly liked he curly haired cutie coz she reblogged photos of just him as well. I never bothered to ask her about it. Until one night I was at a restaurant having dinner w/ my bf and there was a music video playing on the tc screens (but w/o sound). It was some lads having fun on a beach. I nearly choked when i saw recognized that same curly haired cutie from A’s Tumblr. I asked my bf “Who the f*** is that?! A new boy band?” He replied matter-of-factly, “That’s One Direction!” That night when I went home I went on Tumblr and YouTube and did my research. 1:20 into WMYB and I was h o o k e d.

(3/?) Come monday, I finally asked A about it and it’s like a switch was flipped and we bonded instantly. Suddenly we had so much to talk about. We talked about the boys, shared posts w/ each other, listened to their music, the lot. Needless to say we both had One Direction Infection (it was scrawled all over our notebooks). We finally had something that was just ours. I’ve always wanted to be A’s friend coz I though she was really cool. But I never knew how to relate to her coz we are complete opposites. But 1D brought us together and it felt like I finally had an in.

(4/?) So that was basically how I entered 1D’s asses. But allow me to also elaborate on how I became a Larrie and why no matter how much no-homo promo they push, and God honestly denials, I don’t think I’ll ever stop believing H&L are in a committed relationship. You see, ever since the 7th grade I had a sort of happy crush on A. I knew from an early age that I didn’t just see other girls as “just friends” and I knew I’d be open to being w/ girls. But obviously I kept that fact to myself. So when A & I started to get close I was also crushing on her again. Hard. But from my understanding she was a homophobe and I had a bf.

(5/?) At this point, I was already deep in the fandom. Larry came up one day and I thought it was cute. The idea of shipping was new to me so again I researched. Eventually YouTube compilations weren’t enough so I decided to check out some fanfic. That was when I stumbled upon thewhitetoymaker. She wrote 2 canon fics called Beloved (friends to lovers fic) and Happy Thoughts (friends w/ benefits fic). I loved the dynamic and personalities of H&L depicted in the fics. It reminded me of A & I. It was at this point where I began to pine over A. My happy crush was turning into real feelings that was making me so confused. I was stuck in an abusive relationship w/ an asshole while falling for my new best friend who i knew to be a homophobe.

(6/?) But time was running out since we were about to graduate soon. And that boy that A and P fought over was making his moves on A and they were starting to become a thing. So I decided to get off my ass and do something about it. I remembered a scene from Happy Thoughts where L goes to Zayn’s flat and they play a drinking game called Secrets. Basically, you tell each other secrets and if the other hasn’t heard it they drink. If they have, you drink. Simple yet effective. So I invited A over to mine for a sleepover and suggested we play Secrets. She agreed. That night was the first night we both got drunk, and both made out w/ another girl.

(7/?) I guess this is the part where I say the rest is history. We started out as friends w/ benefits not wanting to think to deep into what we were getting into. But eventually I found the courage to break up w/ my abusive bf and A & I fell for each other. We decided to stay together even if we eventually went to different colleges. But we were heavily closeted. The lengths we’d go through to keep our secret would sometimes be at the expense of our relationship. But Larry kept us strong. 3 years later during our 1D concert she finally asked me to be her gf. We’ve lost each other along the way (lets just say i had a Brianna moment minus the baby) but always find our way back home. 💚💙

Still going strong after 5 years, that’s such a lovely story, what a journey wow!!! Thank you for sharing your story and I wish all the happiness to you and your girl! :)

The Terminal XVII

Of everyone I ever knew
I’ve gotten used to you
I’ve grown attached to you being here.

The little restaurant was beaming and booming with the lunchtime buzz. While the city bloomed in the spring, the citizens roared to life, almost violently, almost instantaneously, as if the winter itself had washed away any memory of what sunshine felt like when it thawed bones and ice-covered bridges and lips. Lexa enjoyed the spring, smiling and tilting her head towards the sky as everyone who lives in a northern city is prone to do after the snow has melted for good. 

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