i ship it so hard i could cry

You know what I live everyday for? The fact that it’s canon that Lance is the one who is able to calm Keith down when he’s out of control or upset

When he was getting angry at everyone in season two during the Blade of Marmora episode

All Lance had to do was say this

And he was fine

When he was upset that the Black Lion chose him to lead

All Lance had to do was touch him and say a few words of truth

And he calmed down, accepting his position in things pretty easily, even though it was hard to

When he was going to attack Lotor’s ship on his own by separating the team

Before he could even hit, Lance’s voice stopped him halfway

I think this perfectly symbolizes their water and fire combination, water is able to extinguish fire, so they used that in terms of Lance being able to calm Keith down, and I think that is the sweetest thing ever, because even though Lance makes Keith angry sometimes, he’s also the one to make him feel better too

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Namjin's hand holding habit is adorable. They've spoken about giving each other comfort and reassurance in past hard times and the unconscious hand holding could also be a physical way of reassuring each other, maybe.

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This analysis by @thewonderingtitan is so unbelievably good that I just can’t right now. I almost legit started crying because I was hit by the Ereri feels way too hard and ugghhh. It’s so beautifully executed that I don’t believe that anyone else could possibly add on to their analysis. I’M SO EXCITED FOR PART THREE.


Also, I really like the background music and stuff and yeah 😢 It really hit me hard during those sadder moments 😭😭

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Omg you ship dramione??? Do you have any recommended fanfics?? (I've read isolation already!) :o

Yes! DRAMIONE IS MY MAJOR OTP I just, I read a fanfiction like four years ago and it was so good I could never ship anyone so hard as them!

Mostly I’d reccomend the famous ones:

The Fallout (if you like dramione after this you’ll ship them like Hermes)

Silencio (you’ll enjoy this and then you’LL CRY)

Beautiful Disaster (I love this one because MALFOYS) 

The Accidental Malfoy (it’s wip but omg)


We Learned at the Sea (this is beautiful too!)

Merry Christmas Mr Malfoy (read this one in chritsmas and it’ll be a lot much more beautiful and enjoyable!!)

Summer of the Dragon (I LOVE THIS FIC TOO, IT’S AMAZING)

and if I’m talking about Lena Phoria you just need to read The Deadline because I live for everyweek’s update in that fic I swear

oh you can check out every fic of her because every one of them are absolutely perfect!

Broken (I can’t tell you how much I loved this fic because there are no words enough to express it)

And lets not forget one of the best dramione writers: bex-chan

The first thing I read from bex was Graveyard Valentine and then Love Me Twice and then Isolation and then Hunted and then everything she writes because she’s so much talented and wow Isolation is my number one fic (The Fallout too, they both are my fav fics ever)

Mine ok this was strange because Veela and Draco and Veela and Draco and wtf that end in the last chapter posted and it’s WIP but it’s so so so good

aaaaaand I’ve left this to be the ast one because I’m not still sure if I like it, or if I love it, or if I will ever forgive this fic for hurting me so much. I have this kind of thing where everything about a parent who can’t show love but feels it, it gets me because I’ve lived it so yeah, read it but with a very open mind and just enjoy the hurting because maybe that is the thing that make this fic so special and amazing. Or I’m just a sentimental and that’s only a good story, anyway, I hope you give this one a chance:

Picture Retribution

and that’s it, I know I’m forgetting a lot of really good ones but these are the ones I remember as of now! 

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How would the suitors react to the finding out that the Princess had been taking part in the castle's love lottery (basically shipping suitors with each other) along side the maids, castle staff and even some knights. (Lol)

Haha, this is hilarious 😂 like if they only knew… I just imagine the Princess living in the Palace and she hasn’t chosen a suitor and she’s making secrets bets behind Giles’ back with the maids or laughing every time Sid and Louis have weirdo moments ….

Here is when the suitor finds out who she’s been shipping him with…

Leo - “Giles? You’ve been shipping me with Giles? I mean, those late nights in his office are purely for work you know… well we are friends of course, but Giles? I’m more of a Sid man myself …” (is wondering how homosexual his relationship with Giles really is)

Sid - “Louis, eh?” *smirks and kinda looks away* “You really ship me with him? Like you think it could work, right?” (contemplating his chances)

Albert - *inhuman screaming* “NIIIICCOOO?!?!” *gags and dry heaves all flustered and mad* “And we’re not ‘cute’ as you say. Grr…..Why not Byron? WHY NOT BYRON!?” (Is Byron trash)

Louis - “You do not ship me with Sid. No. Way. No. Just… no … why not Alyn? Or Byron- don’t you think we’d look nice together?”

Alyn - “Why don’t I ever get shipped with the cute ones? Like Louis…” (doesn’t really care)

Nico - “Albert!?!?!” *laughing so hard he’s crying on the floor*

Giles - “Me and… Leo? I could be gay for Leo.” *is gay for Leo*

Rayvis - “That Louis guy is cute. Why not him?”

Robert - “What? Don’t you ship me with anyone? Oh…. Giles? And Sid? So I never get shipped with the Princess- but I get shipped with two suitors!!!” (doesn’t know what to think, but at least he’s getting something with someone, lol)

Byron - “I see.” *eye narrows* “I like Louis.” *walks off* (W H A T E V E N)

Somebody help me please 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m laughing so hard I started crying the shippers on IG have lost it, these comments are giving me life I don’t think this is healthy. Laucy shipper are legit on a melt down over the confirmation of the ship been sunk Camren shippers 👀👀 Laucy shippers: Do you think it’s because of Camila? Do you think Lucy was a rebound to try and get over her? Camren shippers: 😅😅 so now it’s Camila’s fault? However it could be that period of 2015-2016 when Camren was going back and forth with those sad post on Tumblr they really did break up Laucy shippers: So on and off does this include before Camila? Camren shippers: Lauren fell for Camila first we all saw them fall inlove Laucy happened to get over Camila and clearly it didn’t work… Lauren said it’s a time in which “They liked each other” and “they’re friends above all” Me: 👇👇 what a great day to not be affected by ships put on #LoveIncredible and continues reading

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a month without uploading he comes back with a tag that no one even tagged him in he’s not a challenge to drag so prepare for an attack and by that i mean cringe cause this motherfuckers bought to get dragged by his fringe first things first you’re freakishly tall it’s weird you look like a noodle you got hair that was cool in 2007 and wet you just look like a poodle thrown in an annoyingly posh and yep that’s dan you’re what would happen if winnie the pooh fucked slenderman you procrastinate making videos cause being judge is scary you’re so close to being forgotten the hate’s imaginary the only reason you get views is you’re another white guy that people ship with his friends cause they think it’s kawaii oh reasons why dan’s a fail (yay) you never tweet you overeat all you do is cry and sleep your jokes are shitposts and memes with no originality your family’s sad you flopped you law degree from university and anything embarrassing that’s from your past you just delete you were vegan for like three weeks, then what, you missed the meat  wow, I’m so impressed by your clear moral integrity you try so hard to be peaceful and diplomatic but can’t make toast without tumblr saying you’re problematic I could go on there’s more if I check there’s more things on this list than chins on your neck on your birthday you joked you were a quarter way to death a 100 yeah when getting out of bed makes you out of breath so your celebrity crush was j-law but now it’s evan p what the fuck even is your sexuality? it’s hard to put you in a box when you keep it so blurry I think it’s just to hide that you’re secretly a furry I’m-I’m joking
obviously okay that went deep repress it yup before I start crying let’s wrap this shit up I’m gonna go and masturbate, then cry into a slice of pizza shout out to the other youtubers especially ryan higa a cringe compilation mixed with cultural appropriation met with no depreciation it’s the YouTube nation click subscribe, if you wanna watch 4 videos a year to see my last one (from 10 years ago), just click over here so leave a comment with your reaction you can call me a liar cause you just witnessed the roast of danisnotonfire

so yeah I stayed up and watched the last episode and it’s half past 4 am

Well damn, this was bittersweet as fuck. My heart. My heart.

This is not exactly where I would have preferred some plotlines to go, and clearly the writing had a few issues. But overall I’m absolutely fine with everything. I’m not the type who needs a story to go exactly where I envision it to go to be satisfied with it, and as far as I’m concerned the positives in this show by far, far outweigh the negatives.

My thoughts in sort of chronological order…

1. let’s get this out of the way - HOLY SHIT THIS EPISODE LOOKS GORGEOUS. I thought episode 23 looked great, but this one just blew everything out of the water. Holy shit, it’s beautiful. And not just the animation: the direction, the art and storyboarding, the pacing (something that was a little off in the previous ep), the music production, everything is great. What a great team this show has had.

2. Kaisar, dammit. ;___; ) I understand and am not hating the show, but… dammit. ;___; )

 However. HOWEVER.

2.a) “Death is so peaceful” and this is where I force myself to ignore the subs (I was watching it with a friend who needs them) because what the fuck??? He’s so very clearly saying 真の安寧を/“shin no annei wo” ie. “bring true peace”! That’s why he’s addressing Charioce, and why Charioce nods as if saying “OK, understood.” 

And this is important goddammit! It comes back in the end! (see: point 12.) 

(Then again this is probably the same translator who didn’t get the “dakareru” pun, so…)

3. Dammit, Favaro is so cool.

4. Aaaand that’s Nina’s choice. Dammit, that was cool. I guess this won’t help with the people who already hate her, but this was kakkoii as fuck, she’s awesome and I just love her so much. (Besides, what on earth could she have done? Kill Charioce or leave him die, and lose Dromos either way? Take on Bahamut by herself? Hope that the angels and demons can handle Bahamut the God-Slayer?) 

5. It sure is lucky that we have all these high-ranking demons and angels in one place just as Bahamut is out and about once more. I’m not entirely sure if I follow the plot intention here? I’ll probably have to rewatch some episodes to make sure but it’s as if we’re having a plot hole/mix-up here. Whatever - don’t think, feel!

6. Dragon vs dragon, FUCK YEEEEAH

7. Amira… Amira? AMIRA!!! 

7.a) This is an unexpected, yet not unwelcome turn of events, heh. Ahem. 

7.b) I… I kind of hoped Amira would come back, now that Favaro has lost Kaisar anyway… At the very least she and Nina could have been great friends. 

8. Holy fuck, Bahamut. :O 

8.a) Green power gone! Gabriel can finally rest assured.

9. OK but seriously, who even wants to live in Anatae after all this? The place gets destroyed on a regular basis - demons, angels, humans, dragons… Clearly it’s cursed or something, I’d get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

10. 多分ってwwww

11. Nina… lost her voice, hasn’t she. I guess it could have been worse.

12. And Charioce lost his sight. This scene here, where he feels out the chair with his hand - one of those small character animations that Charioce has a lot of, and they add so much to the character and just the “feel” of the show in general.

12.a) At first I was a bit surprised that he’s still king, although he’s alive and got a huge PR boost, so I guess… that’s just how things roll, dynastically speaking. Moral of the story: people are fickle. 

12.b) And in any case, if he lives this is what I wanted from him. I really like that he doesn’t get to fuck off and live far away from everything. (Not that it would be in character for him, anyway.) He has a heavy responsibility to bear - fixing what he so thoroughly broke. Now that he’s gained some insight and his heart is hopefully in the right place, he must set things right and fulfill his promise to Kaisar. 

I really wish the translation hadn’t fucked up Kaisar’s last line… :/

12.c) Kaisar… ;_____; )

13. This is fairly tragic. He can’t see the one he loves; she can’t speak to him. This is also the price he paid, I guess. 

13.a) And so this is why they had dancing as their “thing”! Damn. DAMN. *fetches tissues*

13.b) *sniffle*

14. Aww, nothing brings races together like hating a common enemy and then having a near-death experience with an even worse enemy and then deciding that hey, Helheim is cold as hell, Anatae’s climate is better. 

14.a) Overall I really wish there had been at least one more episode to deal with the whole demons-gods-humans thing, because that was an important aspect of the story that was kind of dropped a while ago. A number of times it felt like they were going somewhere - with Gabriel’s psychosis and creepiness, the angels being hypocrites, Lucifer being Lucifer, etc. but in the end they never went there. It’s a pity. If we sit down and think it over we can see how this plot probably goes, but without the canon actually touching on it, it still feels incomplete. Oh well, I’ll always have my idea of how the plot probably goes..

14.b) I guess in the end we have at least the demons and humans starting to learn to live alongside each other. 

14.c) I really wanted to see Gabriel and Lucifer negotiating with Charioce.

15. MUGARO ;____; ) The gravestone has “El Mugaro D’Arc”. ;_____; )

16. OH MY GOD, JEANNE AND AZAZEL. YOU TWO ARE AWESOME. You should just live together as platonic life mates. (And have one really awkward night that you don’t speak about ever again.)

17. Poor Azazel and his broken heart. ;____; ) But I like him being tragic, it suits him after being a ridiculous, hilarious pile of failure for two seasons. Still… he couldn’t save the one that he wanted to save the most. BAAAWWWWWW. ;_____; ) And poor Jeanne. She’s coping, but why does the universe hate her so much.

18. Yay for Bacchus/Sofiel! I low-key shipped them so I’m happy that they didn’t ignore them. 

19. Favaro is just so damn cool and I love his relationship with Nina so much.

20. Amira’s theme! ;_____; )

21. ニーナか ;______; )


23. (still wiping tears away, cleaning glasses)


I’m not sure if this is what Kaisar would have wanted given the choice, but then I guess this is the same thing he did to Rita so she’s just returning the favor. I do wish he had looked better though, but I guess as a zombie it could be worse. 

I find it really, really hard to not grin like a fucking idiot.

That’s it! The rest is for tomorrow. 

In short: I love this show. Perfect? No. (What is?) Right after my own heart? Incredibly so! Loving the entire cast and wishing to see all of them again? YES! YES!  

It’s going to be very lonely without Bahamut.

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listen I literally almost passed out when i saw how breathless kat was like???????? she's in love?????? and adena was so beautiful standing there looking like an angel. that scene made me more gay than i already was. oh and i think Shawn Mendes' song there's nothing holding me back is a great song for this ship just so ya know

I don’t know the song but I am going to look it up! And I KNOW HOLY CRAP she literally like couldn’t breathe and you could tell that she was trying so hard to be confident and get the words out. AND IT PAID OFF! With the most iconic kiss. Can’t believe we get more in just one short (jk it’s gonna feel super long) week!

I just feel so incompetent while writing. I’ve never felt like giving up until today. I’ve struggled with characterization for years. My firsy fandom, I was told one of my characters was always off. I thought I’d gotten better by the time I joined Hetalia, but I just feel like my writing is absolute shit. I cannot get England’s character, he’s just too complicated and I fail to understand him even though I try my hardest, but I either make him too soft or too horrible. And I love him, he’s my favorite character and I wish I could at least make him a decent character because my France deserves better, he really does. And I’ve thought I had it down, but I don’t. Everything is a mess and I can’t grasp his personality. He’s an asshole, but he’s not an asshole. Where is my in between? And what’s worse is he argues and complains and he gets annoyed and it shouldn’t be too hard, right? I do all those things all the time. But I hate his character because it’s “you think you go it, but oh, so close!”

How the fuck is he supposed to act? How is he supposed to be with France? It just really upsets me that this is stressing me out because I want to write for this ship, but I can’t do it when one character is like this. Could someone please help me with England’s characterization? Any advice?

all the negativity aside

can we like bask ourselves in the idea that kaisoo is so fucking aesthetically pleasing to look at as a couple.

like, ik some of these are photoshoots but holy crap sticks.

i feel so 


like srsly like, if you look at them carefully with an open mind they look so good together.

they can be much more powerful than the power couple tbvh. BUT THATS MY OPINION. coughs.

like holy hell, if i found a partner i wish i could look as good and compatible as them. like srsly.

like, istg. maybe this was one of the other reasons why i shipped kaisoo so hard. other than their chemistry, they look so aesthetically pleasing. (wow. my design terms are coming out. shit.)

hopefully, no one gets offended from this post. like, legit. they look so good with each other it kinda makes me cry inside and die a little.

bonus gif:

istg. kaisoo’s game is pretty strong compared to other ships that i’ve seen (in my opinion of course)

consider the possiblities man. like, legit. if they were like seniors in my school, i would legit vote them for prom king and king (lol whut) it’s 2:39 AM and I should rly be sleeping. this proofs how much i’m really attached to this ship. god. 

all crds. @picskaisoo from twitter 

Dear My beautiful shipmates, friends and family,

Five years ago I walked into this fandom and stumbled onto this tiny ship that I don’t even remember how it got it’s name of Captain Swan. I stood quiet and lurked. I did what many did and was follow all the bigger blogs. I loved them from a far until one day I got the courage to speak to them. We formed friendships and bonds so strong that nothing could break us. When others attacked us or the ship we all would jump in and protect the other. 

As this is the end for many of us with Jen and a majority of the cast not returning I look back at the art and fic that has come out of this ship. So many artists and writers have come out of the CS ship and it’s incredible to see how they have evolved. I remember the first sexy CS manips. They all had CS kissing and then one day we actually got CS kissing. I remember that day too. My tumblr blew up and I was on a two hour call with Adriane and all we could say was OMG. 

I wish I could truly and fully express what you all mean to me. CS and my shipmates have helped form parts of my life and my beliefs. Even at 35 I never thought how such a group could impact the person I am becoming. You have all been there for me when I needed you most. You have even been there when I didn’t know you were what I needed. 

I hope that for some I have been there for you. I know many nicknamed me the fairy or fairy godmother so I hope that in these years I have been able to leave some impact, and a good one, on your life. 

This is not good-bye. I will be here and I will continue to follow you all. This is just a new chapter of the story. No matter if we stay withing OUAT or move on we will continue to keep each other in our hearts and minds. There is no breaking from that. 

Thank you so much for the amazing memories, laughs and tears you have all given me these past 5 years. I could have not sailed on a finer ship and with a fine group of shippers. You are all amazing and deeply loved by me. 

I have watched CS from that first moment Emma pulled Killian from under the bodies and I will watch tonight when their last moment of riding off into the sunset in Emma’s yellow bug. Emma and Killian are my loves and I will cry just as hard in their last moment together as I did when I saw them fall for each other on the beanstalk (We all know that’s when it happened). I’m so happy I will have you all to enjoy that last moment with. It truly is an honor and a privilege. 

I am proud to call myself a CS granny, veteran and one of the first CSers on here. 

                                                               With love, coffee & pancakes,


NaruSasu Eggs!?!

Okay I just saw the most beautiful NaruSasu video and I’d like to point out a few things…

Firstly, is this…


They’re so beautiful I could cry. Itachi is officially my hero. He ships them so hard.

Next is this…

Sasuke cut the eggs which splits apart the NaruSasuness. Heart broke a little, but then I realized…


I mean, C'MON!

Sasuke didn’t eat the uchiha symbol and leave Naruto’s insignia to sit on the plate and not give it a second thought. NO, he takes the symbol that represents Naruto and PUTS IT IN HIS MOUTH AND EATS IT. 

Hey, hey guys, Naruto’s inside him. HEHEHE. 

And after he’s done, he wakes up from his “dream” and BOOM! Naruto’s there like c'mon sleeping beauty time to wake up and kill something. Whats cute is that he wakes Sasuke up by flicking his forehead. Something Sasuke adores due to the influence of his big brother. 

Lastly, I notice this…

Sasuke’s asking Naruto to wait for him! Instead of ignoring him and passing him off as an illusion or something stupid he pleads with Naruto to wait and chases after him! WHAT.

I’m dying.

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4 for Majima and Makoto, I ship them so hard that i cry everytime I see his name?!

Anon. Why. Why do you sadden me so.

4. Desperate kiss

In no way is it the ideal situation. They’re sitting on a decaying couch in a lonely warehouse, constantly on the alert for the sound of Lee coming back because he would only make the wrong assumption, just as constantly on the alert for the sound of anyone else because that could mean their lives. Makoto’s breathing is shaky, and she seems so nervous that Majima starts trying to say, “Look, you don’t haveta, this ain’t–” when she grabs the front of his shirt and kisses the words right out of his mouth.

If he were being honest, he’s had better kisses, but at least three quarters of that “better” is the miserable nostalgia of remembering something he’ll never have again. As it is, it’s very…determined, is maybe the right word. It’s a determined kiss. She tastes kind of like takoyaki. He doesn’t say that.

“I wanted to see if I could still do that,” she says, softly. “When Lee found me I could barely stand him touching me for a month, even though all he’s ever done is help me get around. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to kiss you. Or anyone. Ever.”

He’s not sure what to say to that, really, except, “I…yeah. I get that.” Because who is he if not a man perpetually uncertain if he’ll ever be able to regain what he’s lost? He pauses and then wraps an arm around her waist, and she leans against him. “I get that.”

“It wasn’t really a very good first kiss, was it.”

“I wouldn’t say that–”

“No, but you’d still think it.” She laughs, very quietly. “It’s ok. The important thing is that it’s the first one. Even if I do die we’ll have had that.”

“You’re not…I ain’t gonna let you die.” He kisses the top of her head, which seems to make her happy even though she doesn’t say anything. “Me and Lee, we’re gonna get you out of this. I promise.”

“You shouldn’t make promises that you’re not sure you can keep.” Makoto doesn’t sound angry with him, or even annoyed, just tired and sad. She presses closer against his side, her head on his chest.

“Never really cared much about shouldn’t. Never been somethin’ that changed my mind before. I’m gonna, is all.”

“Thank you.” Beat. “Now you need to promise me that you kissed me because you wanted to and not because you’re afraid to make me sad.”

“I will kiss you ten fuckin’ more times if it’d help. Except I think Lee’s comin’ back and I kinda like the idea of keepin’ the one eye I got left.”

I don’t hate you. I just hate that I love you. And I’m not even mad at you. Even though you broke my heart.

You used me and played your little games,
We texted every single day.
I got shivers everytime I received a message and read your name.

And although you really hurt me, I’m naiv enough to get a heart attack when my telephone’s vibrating, because I hope it may be you.

But most days I’m thinking you will never text me again.
It’s time to get over you. But how? Because it doesn’t matter where I am or where you are. The problem is: Every single thing I see reminds me of you. No matter if I’m at home, somewhere in the streets or at school.

And as soon as someone calls your name, I can feel how my eyes start to get warm and blurry. And I’m feeling the tears I try to hide so hard.
Because of you I can’t concentrate, not on a single thing. But I’ll let you see what you miss, cause I want you to suffer just like I did.

The problem is I can’t resist. I hope one day you’ll regret to let me fall.

If I would meet you rightnow, I think I couldn’t find the right words to explain what I feel. I would just throw something at you, cry my eyes out and scream.

I’d like to run away and never come back, just leave the ship called love you’ve wrecked.

I never new that silence could be so loud.
Until now.
Sitting in my bed, waiting for something to happen,
just feeling depressed as hell.
I’m a good actor. Cause no one’s worrying ‘bout me. They’re thinking I’m all good and fine.
Keeping my little secret for myself all the time.

But it’s alright, I’ll tell myself:
Storms don’t last forever, one day they will end. People come and go in your life. And if we should be together, faith will bring us back to eachother. One day, maybe one day…
And if not, it’s okay. Maybe I deserve something better than you. I’ll find someone who’s kind and has a warm heart and is thankfull.

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Pros and cons of dating Kai please? ❤❤ thanks in advance!

I’ve been waiting to do this since I saw it in my inbox so I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO DOING IT YAY HERE GOES


  • literally the best of both worlds
  • you’ve got super sexy kai smirking at you 
  • and then you got cute adorable jongin that you just wanna cuddle with all day
  • he honestly seems to be a real softie tho
  • very sweet, thoughtful and kind personality 
  • can u imagine kai hugging you and just how secure you’d feel in his arms omg 
  • he’d care for u like a princess
  • really affectionate 
  • raising dogs with kai :)
  • watching movies together and reading books 
  • tall
  • very hardworking and puts his 110% effort in everything he does 
  • manly and dorky at the same time how 
  • when he bites his lips omg
  • when he dances <333 
  • can u imagine stargazing with kai and making a wish together when there’s a shooting star omg
  • or like watching the sunset or sunrise together 
  • or him giving you a big bouquet of roses 
  • and he’s in front of you in a real neat black suit with his hair up omg i cant do this anymore 
  • moving on yes
  • when you guys are very close and comfortable i think he’d be able to open up a lot and he would be willing to show his vulnerable side to you 
  • he’d cry in front of you and be very sincere 


  • seems a bit closed off and cold at first but we all know once he warms up he’s a total sweetie 
  • he might find it hard to express his feelings properly at first which could lead to misunderstandings 
  • has a short temper
  • tends to overwork himself so u gotta be there for him and tell him to rest 
  • krystal you are so lucky
  • i ship kaistal to the moon and back tho tbh 

Lmao yes it’s quite obvious that I used to spend a great deal of time reading Kai fanfics ^^ I hope you guys enjoy this!