i ship it really really hard

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Okay, so not a movie ask. But has anyone mentioned the fact that Sterek has been the third biggest ship on Ao3 for 4 years? 2013, 14, 15, and 16! And in 2013 the ship was only two years old and already had over 14k fics! I just really love this fandom.

I’ve never seen anyone mention that but it’s so fucking INCREDIBLE how Sterek took off and never stopped! People can believe whatever the hell they want but Stereks carried the show on their backs, otherwise tw would’ve never had the success in fandom it used to have. It was a silly show from m*fucking mtv and still a ship from it that never really went canon made it to top 3 on AO3 alongside DESTIEL. MIND=BLOWN.

Honestly, the Sterek fandom is so talented and hard-working and resilient. We’re spoiled with all these amazing works and I’m so incredibly proud of every single one of them!

Sterek really is eternal ❤️

Seriously, guys. Da fuck?

Doesn’t it creep you guys out shipping 9 years olds..? ._. Been a while since I worked on any of my Craig x Tweek stuff, because no matter how much we change their age, they’re still 9 years old in canon, which is disturbing whenever I try to work on some yaoi stuff. It’s really hard to take the show’s ships seriously, because of it. That’s one of the biggest reasons why my fanfics about them are unfinished. The guilt takes over real fast, and it’s just–nnnngghh!–

To be honest, I secretly shipped Mr. Garrison and Mr. Mackey. I giggle all the time whenever I see those two. I don’t know why. I just thought it would be hilarious if they hooked up. LOL. Craig x Tweek shined to me more, though, which is not so good for me since they’re really young. It’s like seeing two kids down the park, holding hands, and you’re over there sitting on a bench, imagining how good their relationship would be in the future, and that includes their sex life too. I’ve read some really good ones, but at the end of the day, their real age just ends up bothering me more. 

Shipping these South Park characters just feels really ridiculous with everyone pointing fingers at each other while they do the same thing with more safety of course; Pick your favorite UNDERAGE ship, change their age, put them in an alternate universe where they’re actually legal, and then on with the angst/romance/sexual content. It’s like icing on a cake, just sugarcoated all of those facts about them, their age, their height, anything that would keep you away from the “pedophile” category.

So if you guys have any other games or shows that you can recommend me that doesn’t require people to change the character’s real age just so they can be qualified for sexual content in the story (which most people do, you know who you are, I was one of them too, don’t worry lol but it’s bad >:L BAD!) that would be most appreciated. 

I think I’ll just watch South Park only for the lolz. It’s a really great show with a fandom that contradicts each other…  Thanks.

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Heya! I understand that you're currently playing ME:A. How's the story and characters so far? It's been my number concern since ME:A has been announced. I'm not really looking for details or spoilers, I'd just like to know if it's really worth the money :)

(10 hours in, 16% completion) The writing is a little predictable/awkward but I think it’s kinda expected for cheesy scifi storylines idk. I like the characters so far. I just finished recruiting everyone, and I’m starting to bond. ALSO narrative mode returns, and it should make playing the game for story very easy (I’m playing casual because I like a TOUCH of combat, but not too hard).

One thing I REALLY like is that your ship is more like a small shuttle, so you talk to EVERYONE. It’s not like the original where you only bond with your friends/squadmates. The crew interacts really well, and they have lots of friendly banter so it feels like flying around with my new space family. 

I stil have plenty of issues, but so far, none have really irked me to the point of unplayability. Maybe it’s the newness factor, but honestly despite oblivion-looking faces, the environment is enthralling and the combat is actually fun? I hated ME combat. lmao

The controls are confusing, the UI is really, really complex and hard to navigate, the planet scanning takes FOREVER (there’s an animation for just looking between planets), the biotics are hard to use, like it’s unclear what buttons they’re mapped to so I figured it out by button mashing. 

Before I start on this rant, I just want to say that I don’t mean to point fingers and throw out accusations. But, in the past couple of days, with the Karamel shippers creating a block list with 2000+ URLs, it’s really hard not to assume that this is a karamel’s doing. Especially, considering I’ve only gotten hate messages once before, several months ago, and this only just happened now after all the shipping drama. So I just need to ask: 

How the fuck can you sink this damn low? Do you really not have a conscience? Did your parents fail to raise you with some basic goddamn decency? You’re a transphobic piece of shit, and you deserve everything bad thrown your way. 

Luckily, it was me you sent these asks to, and not someone else who might be more vulnerable and bothered by these types of asks, who might take it a lot worse. Me? I’m pissed off. I’m disgusted. I’m even more repelled by this fandom now than I’ve ever been. 

If you have a problem with me, at least have the guts to say it to my face. Instead, you’re the biggest fucking coward out there, and you logged out of tumblr, went on my blog and sent those asks to me, anonymously, in a way I can never find out who the fuck you are.

(the asks are underneath the cut, as they might be triggering for trans individuals)

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What are girlfriends for ? ♥

Ok. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I want Kageyama and Hinata to revert back to the freak quick, if only even once. I want them to be in a do-or-die situation during a match and kageyama tosses in instinct and Hinata jumps, but he maybe doesn’t trust himself to get it when he’s shaking with nerves and staring at the daunting wall in front of him or something, so he…closes his eyes. Because he knows Kageyama’s tosses will always reach him.

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Ngl I ship Alfred × the Waynes REALLY REALLY HARD now. Curse u!! How dare u make me ship something that there is literally 0 content for aaaah

when i started wayne manor i did not intend for this to happen but quite frankly it’s all thomas’ fault. WELCOME TO HELL.

i don’t know if there’s a name for a ship that is so obscure it might as well not exist, but then if you voice the idea out loud people go “WAIT BUT THAT MAKES SENSE??” but anyway that is the level of hell we are at with this and it’s just the worst.

Oh, Keith… you really don’t wanna know.

Lance singing a happy little tune about all the places and ways he‘d like to do it with Keith 8′‘D

* Suave contra la nave = smooth against the ship
* Duro contra el muro = hard against the wall
* Macizo contra el piso = solid against the floor
* Sin pena en la arena = with no shame on the sand
*Màs feliz con Keith = more happy with Keith

Sorry I got really lazy with the colors orz

THANKS A LOT @the-five-stages-of-feels for suggesting those rhymes and the help with translating and making up a punch line with Keith’ name in it!!!! ♥ uvu
I hope you like how it turned out (and that it somehow makes sense haha)

Gay Ships IRL

So there are these two boys in my school, one of them is a punk dude and the other is a complete nerd. these two dudes are best friends and literally everyone ships them. the nerd one happens to be in all my advanced classes and talks to me about the punk one A LOT. I already know the nerd one is gay, but the punk ones sexuality is still unknown. These two boys are so protective over each other its unbelievable. In gym this one dude was joking around with the nerd dude and i guess it got way to aggressive because he punched him REALLY hard and he left a bruise on his arm, The punk guy sees this and gets really mad at the dude and yells at him for punching him to hard. He then goes over to the nerd, makes sure hes ok, and proceeds to look at the arm to make sure he is in fact ok. soMEONE HELP BECAUSE THESE BOYS WILL BE THE NED OF MEE!!  will keep story updated