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Okay stupid question: why do you ship Andras and Lucien? Was there subtext that I, the English major who loves queer theory missed in ACOTR? I mean I'd love to read more fics and your headcanons of this!

omg someone is asking about Landras I’m DELIGHTED. Okay so like when I say I ship it (and I do, dear god I do) it’s…Like I don’t think it’s going to be canon/was ever canon/was ever really hinted at being canon in any way. I just…Enjoy the idea of it? And it adds another layer of angst to ACOTAR and a bit of extra depth to Lucien’s character and his early interactions with Feyre if you read it that way? So I choose to. 

That being said like…I didn’t pull it entirely from nowhere there are lines in ACOTAR that send the wheels a-turning. Which I will now take the time to point out. (Like I said I don’t consider any of this subtext or hinting or foreshadowing or evidence. I’m just like…okay but if you slap a landras lens over this it’s so much more fun to read so this is less…canon interpretation and more…okay but if you look at it like this it’s much more fun) 

“Is Andras dead, then?” (Lucien has….a habit of using snark to cover up his feelings) 

A nod from my captor—savior, whatever he was. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly.
“How?” the stranger demanded, his knuckles white as he gripped his muscled arms.

“An ash arrow,” said the other. His red-haired companion hissed. “The Treaty’s summons led me to the mortal. I gave her safe haven.”
“A girl—a mortal girl actually killed Andras.” Not a question so much as a venom-coated string of words.


“You’re joking,” he said quietly. “That scrawny thing brought down Andras with a single ash arrow?”


“Did you enjoy killing my friend, human?” the red-haired one said. “Did you hesitate, or was the hatred in your heart riding you too hard to consider sparing him? It must have been so satisfying for a small mortal thing like you to take him down.”


She brought Andras down? We never should have sent him out there—none of them should have been out there. It was a fool’s mission.” His growl was more bitter than threatening. (Lucien feels guilty for sending Andras across the wall….which gets approximately 1000000x angstier if you consider them having been in a secret ‘in denial about feelings’ relationship beforehand)


I’m sure her life will be a fine replacement for Andras’s—maybe she can even train with the others on the border.”

A snarl of irritation resonated through the air.


“Please let me go. There must be—must be some other loophole out of the Treaty’s rules—some other way to atone.”

“Atone?” Lucien said. “Have you even apologized yet?”

Apparently, all attempts to flatter me were dead and gone. So I looked Lucien right in his remaining russet eye and said, “I’m sorry.”

Lucien leaned back in his chair. “How did you kill him? Was it a bloody fight, or just cold-blooded murder?”

My spine stiffened. “I shot him with an ash arrow. And then anordinary arrow through the eye. He didn’t put up a fight. After the first shot, he just stared at me.”

“Yet you killed him anyway—though he made no move to attack you. And then you skinned him,” Lucien hissed. ( :( ) 


Lucien clicked his tongue. “I’m Tamlin’s emissary for formal uses, but this was Andras’s shift. So someone needed to fill in. It’s an honor to do it.” (he is literally doing his old rounds and calling it an honour I??) 

I swallowed hard. Andras had a place here, and friends here—he hadn’t been just some nameless, faceless faerie. No doubt he was more missed than I was. “I’m … sorry,” I said—and meant it. “I didn’t know what—what he meant to you all.”

Lucien shrugged. (Lucien shrugging is like…Lucien speak for ‘I’m deeply hurt but have no idea how to properly verbalise my emotions so I’m just going to brush them off instead’ see also: the whipping) 


“No, no. Andras was High Fae, too. Tam can shift us into other shapes if need be. He saves it for his sentries only, though. When Andras went across the wall, Tam changed him into a wolf so he wouldn’t be spotted as a faerie. Though his size was probably indication enough.”

A shudder went down my spine, violent enough that I didn’t acknowledge the red-hot glare Lucien lobbed my way.


Over the next three days, I found myself joining Lucien on Andras’s old patrol while Tamlin hunted the grounds for the Bogge, unseen by us. Despite being an occasional bastard, Lucien didn’t seem to mind my company, and he did most of the talking, which was fine; it left me to brood over the consequences of firing a single arrow. (aaaand he keeps doing Andras’s patrol. It’s fine. I’m fine.) 


The wolf—Andras had just … stared at me before I killed him. Let me kill him. (Not exactly Landras related but let’s just TAKE A MOMENT TO THINK ABOUT MY BRAVE WOLF BOY OKAY? And also Andras doing this so Lucien could be safe :) that’s fun too :) ) 

 Literally none of this really implies anything more than a deep friendship between Lucien and Andras (which…makes me feel things in itself because fuck me Lucien needed someone on his side at the Spring Court, someone who might actually care about him) But it’s fun to imagine there was more between them. (And by ‘fun’ I mean deeply and utterly agonising, my soul is in pieces, please join me in the pit of despair. There’s plenty of room. 

And if you want more headcanons that are purely headcanons and nothing to do with the text…let me know I have plenty. 

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How would MTMTE Rodimus, Whirl, Ultra Magnus and Drift react to their human s/o losing their glasses and not being able to see around the Lost Light? (I can't even see around my room without glasses so I can't imagine the terror of trying to navigate around a giant ship)

Especially with very large robots who won’t notice a human stumbling around oh no

Rodimus Prime MTMTE

He’d laugh a bit when he saw just how much you needed them, but he’s not a complete asshole so he’d help you try to find them

If you absolutely could not find them, he’d have Brainstorm try to make you another pair (it might have a tiny laser somewhere on it…). Rodimus would carry you where you needed to go until you could see properly again, he doesn’t want to see you get squished 


Whirl is a complete asshole so at first he laughs super hard at you trying to find your way around a cluttered room. Eventually though, he stops and tries to help you find your glasses. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll hear a loud crunching sound though…goodbye glasses…you had a good run…

He feels bad for stepping on them even if his apology wasn’t the best (’oops, my bad’), so he lets you ride in his cockpit until you can get them replaced 

Ultra Magnus MTMTE

The only one who doesn’t laugh at your predicament, Magnus immediately stops to help you find your glasses. Even after retracing your steps, they’re still gone though 

He feels a bit apprehensive about letting you walk around the ship like that, so even if you had a job elsewhere on the ship, he’d wave your responsibilities for the day and let you stay with him. Later, he asks Ratchet, maybe even Rung since he wears glasses, if they can somehow get you a replacement pair 


He nickers a bit when he sees you crawling around the floor, trying to find your glasses. He doesn’t dwell on it though, he’s down on his hands and knees too looking. He’s horrified when his knee lands on something, followed by a crunching sound. “I think I just found them…no no no oh no y/n I am so sorry-” 

He feels terrible about breaking them, and does everything he can to replace them. He carries you to wherever you need to go, because he really doesn’t trust the crew to not step on you (plus he gets to spend more time with you now! That’s a big tick!) 

Let me be real

I didn’t ship David and Syd when I first saw them.I thought it was going to be another cliche pairing..LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT BLAH BLAH Oh boy was I wrong!!The first episode had me thrown off in so many ways(like all the episodes do),but by the end of it I was a diehard shipper for those two!Their relationship is just so different and unique from others that I’ve seen.Plus,they’re soo cute together!!I fangirl a bit too much when they share a scene..

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Ok but your appearance and your writing really remind me of J.K Rowling (aka QUEEN) except for your smutty smut smut and i really really hope someday you will be just like her (well your writing is already just as amazing i mean internationally recognized) also i really, really ship you with HaleyKinz i mean right there is a new otp to add to the thousands

man that’s such an honor!! it’s because of j.k. that i even like to read and write! i think it would make sense that my writing style had taken after hers a bit, i reread harry potter every year! and that ship seems to be growing haha

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Tanaka for the character thing

Sexuality Headcanon: aggressively bisexual (and very versatile 👌)   

Gender Headcanon: mostly masculine (amab) but a little bit genderweird – he’d like being pretty sometimes and unapologetically like a lot of femme stuff.

A ship I have with said character: TANASUGA is my #1 ship for this fandom. they are everything. (but i am also super down with tananoya and ennotananoya).

A BROTP I have with said character:
like … i love tananoya bros very much esp. since i ship tanasuga so hard but i hate when ppl call them a BROTP tbh, just let them be gay!!! So my favorite BROTP is Tanaka and Tora!!!

…also i like to think when Tanaka gets older he’d actually end up being pretty good friends with his sister. Sooo Tanaka Siblings is my second Tanaka BROTP of choice. 

A NOTP I have with said character:
 for some reason Tanaka/Kyoutani kinda rubs me the wrong way when i see it so that one i guess (idk why! i love them both).

A random headcanon:
Tanaka is actually a really good cook! he’d have a knack for it since he was younger but it’s something he’d go out of his way to be good at as he got older – he’d just make incredible food! and he’d love feeding ppl & generally be big on hospitality. …one of many reasons Tanaka would honestly make the best boyfriend.

General Opinion over said character:
Tanaka is basically tied as my #1 favorite character with Suga and Oikawa at this point so I love him very much and don’t understand why he is so incredibly undervalued in the fandom. PLEASE LOVE HIM!!! he’s such a good boy!!!

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Okay, so back when I started shipping polybomb, I was heavily in my ninjaraptor world.  I felt like I was kinda alienating myself from the fandom and like I was pushing my ship onto others. I don’t know.

I didn’t want to get back into egobang, so I made a compromise.  People seemed to have a better tolerance for polybomb, maybe cause it has egobang in it too?

So, I started shipping that, and ended up really liking it.  My first major fic ‘The Pain’ was originally going to be just ninjaraptor but I changed it to polybomb, cause I really liked the different dynamics between the three. 

Especially, the aspect of how Dan and Brian changed each others lives, but Arin changed both of their lives, bringing Dan and then Brian into the grump family and by extension saving N/S/P.  I was very happy when they did the Burger Time episode together.

There’s actually quite a bit of content out there for this ship.

(A bunch of prompts I may and may not have sent)

1 2 3 4 5 6by @grumpyhanson

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college au by @game-grundles

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Briefly Held by @keenveins

Sugar Sweet Coda by @keenveins

Afterparty by @polygrumpsnsfw

Uh, yeah I’m gonna rec mine

Beach photoshoot

The Pain

The Heart’s Path

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Ultra Magnus fluff. Do your magic!!!

🎵This got really fucking long I’m sorry I rambled I just really love this nerd🎵  -jazz hands- 

Ultra Magnus MTMTE

He’s a workaholic, so sometimes you find it a bit difficult to get time alone with him when he isn’t multitasking or worrying about ship wide shenanigans. It’s not that he doesn’t care, he actually cares very deeply for you, but his work keeps him busy. You eventually came up with a trick that would snap him back to the reality of his personal life. All you have to do is say his name very sweetly to get his attention, ask him to bend his head down to your level (probably on his desk), and give his nose a quick kiss. Nothing big, just enough to get him a bit flustered and ask what that was for. Once you tell him that was to hopefully pull him away from his office for a bit, he feels a bit guilty and tries to finish up his work quickly 

One such time led to the two of you attending Swerve’s movie night. Magnus wasn’t much movies, but when he saw your face light up at the title he agreed. Even though he felt awkward through the whole movie, he enjoyed watching your reactions to each scene. He got a little chuckle out of watching you shove a particularly large handful of popcorn (courtesy of Swerve) into your mouth during an action scene. There was one scene that caught his interest, where the two main characters slow danced together. He quietly asked if anyone had ever taken you dancing, getting a bit excited when he heard your muffled-by-popcorn ‘no’. He now had a nice date idea and he was going to be prepared

For every nice gesture Magnus made for you, he always noticed and appreciated when you returned it. Since he works so much, he tends to talk a lot about all the little details of the job or what code this or that had violated (or successfully upheld on good days!). And he genuinely likes talking about these things, it’s his passion. Even if you find it a bit boring, he appreciates that you take the time to listen to him and even remember/learn things. He was the proudest bf when during one of his many lectures about proper code, you chimed in and added another point of concern (hallway safety violation probably). He practically beamed with admiration before catching himself (no favoritism on the job, even for you sadly), and saying ‘yes, they’re absolutely correct’ with stern expression. Once no one was looking, he gave you a quick smile and whispered ‘good work’ 

A couple of people have asked me irl if i would write other fics than CC, like Bughead or Mixen or Canaryfire and i’m like “Uhmm yeah sure”. But in reality i’m not really sure if i even can. IDK. I feel like i am only inspired for CC or CC/Rogue Canary or just CC w other ships in it. And it’s weird because i do love other ships so much and i just can’t seem to write them. 

And i have been having writer’s block for a bit now and just… everything sucks yep. 

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seems the bees have a monopoly on beauty & beast stuff. a shame since its blakes inspiration, all ships should get that. i like it for the bugs. The theme of B&B is that the beast should be loved "for who I am, not what I am" so it fits Blake perfectly. With her past she sees herself as the beast. The thing that eventually helps the beast be themselves? A rose. and ruby is shown not caring about blakes past. thematically it could fit beautifully so its a bit of a shame only one ship gets it.


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What got you disinterested?

Honestly I just liked it for the music, then all these people assumed I was some wizard at history??and that I knew all??about the revolution??

And its a bit of a put off with all those fights over ships, and “oh this isn’t historically-”

Like haha gee I know its dumb but I still like the songs and cast! I’m just not that into it as many people might think ✌😅

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Hi!! May I have some TenSugaOi headcanons? I fell into that hell and am rlly enjoying my stay ;)

oh man…this got buried. i just wanna let you guys know we have about 160 asks rn and we’re all a bit busy with stuff BUT here, anon, I wrote a pwp about the ship that you can read here and a friend of mine wrote this short fluffy fic about ‘em that you can find here

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Favorite walking dead ships?

RICHONNE!!!! I don’t really have any others. I kinda shipped Darol, but they don’t really know what to do with her in recent seasons. I’m a bit behind on this season, btw. Carol just left The Kingdom.

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Hello there! I'm new to this fandom and new to this ship. I just want to say that I have been having a pretty horrible month, but happened across your Fic through recommendations, and the tenderness and thought you have put into their blossoming relationship really made my day. Thank you so much for your contribution to this fandom!

Thank you so much. I’m glad I could do something to help your month go a little bit smoother. :)


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Hello hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well, Skaiapocalypse will be doing something we have NEVER done before. 

The idea came to me when I was doing a role play on MSPARP, because we all know that one role play that we all love but it’s just.. It’s gotten old and worn out. Well then I realized that’s why skaia has gotten so dead as of late! We need our spark back SO!!

We are doing a refresh on storylines! That’s right all the cast members will start over their story, switch characters if they wish, along with some changes to the general area of Skaia to make it a bit more clean. 

This allows new ships, storylines, and all the things like that! Along with getting a new character for our cast members so they aren’t stuck with the same old thing forever. 

Some people will leave yes, but that is the essence of life. Plus it also opens doors for all of you out there looking to audition!! Call it spring cleaning if you must, so bring in your cosplays and role plays!!! 

The refresh will happen on MAY 1ST!!! No new auditions will be accepted until after the refresh is over so our cast gets first pick (I figured it was only fair). Some will stay the same character, some will not, but this is the LAST MONTH FOR THE STORYLINES THAT ARE CURRENTLY HAPPENING!!! Keep that in mind as you ask away to our inbox dearies and have fun! I hope to see you all soon!


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Hello ((: I was just wondering, what are the rules for the ships?

I currently have no rules for anything! Ya’ll can be as specific and as weird as ya’ll choose to be. If you want to be matched up you could tell me a bit about how you look and how you act and some things you enjoy doing - stuff like that. Anything you think is an important part of who you are (that you’re also comfortable with telling others (anon or otherwise) ^^’ )) I hope that cleared some things up? c’x

Another humans are weird space orcs idea because I really like thinking about it. What if aliens have no idea how to hide their emotions? Like, they suck at poker because they can never keep a straight face or anything. or, on a darker note, their ship is hijacked and they can’t keep the fear out of their faces, but all the humans look cold and emotionless to them. Other aliens hating having to bargain with humans becase we can bluff and keep our emotions in check so well, but when they get frustrated it’s all over. Pirates threaten the space ship and they send the human to do negotiations, and the pirate talking is super confused because no matter what threat he makes, the human just doesn’t seem to be fazed one bit.

Someone please, feel free to add to this, I love to see what else people come up with!


Writing a Relationship Your Readers Will Ship

Relationships, especially in beginner writer’s works, have a tendency to feel forced. Even in some popular and famous works of fiction, the relationship doesn’t feel natural. It seems like a boring afterthought which the writer added in at the last minute. Far too often, I find myself completely indifferent to a character’s romantic life. A good romance in a story will give the reader a bit of second-hand infatuation. They’ll root for the relationship, beg for it. If the romance is well written, you can make a reader smile and blush just by reading a few sentences. When done properly, it can even compensate for a weak and cliché plot.

But first, decide whether the romance is needed. If you’re adding a character to the plot simply for the sake of being a love interest, it’s probably not a needed romance. You can still add it, of course, but it will be much harder to keep your story focused on the central plot.

Step One
Make sure the characters have chemistry.

The characters should compliment each other’s personalities. If he’s loud, stubborn, and aggressively opinionated, a more tranquil and soft-spoken love interest would suit him well. Two headstrong people wouldn’t be likely to have a lasting relationship in real life, unless they (impossibly) agreed upon every subject. But, there should be some similarities. While opposites do attract, polar opposites will not and the whole relationship will feel forced. The characters should have something in common. It could be morals, a parallel backstory, the same motivations, whatever. As long as there’s a reason for them to be drawn to each other, there’s potential.

Step Two
Slow burn ships are fantastic.

Don’t make your characters fall in love right off the bat. There can be attraction, of course, but genuine feelings of true love don’t happen instantly. Your characters should become closer as people, feel at ease around each other, and truly know the other before they fall head-over-heels. The readers will crave the relationship far more, like dangling a treat right in front of a dog’s nose, but keep pulling it away. Teasing is a beautiful thing.

Find ways of showing (NOT TELLING) the characters are falling for each other. Have them stand up for one another, be protective. Have them break their own normal routine for the other. For example, a callous, guarded character could lower their walls for a moment if their love interest needs emotional support. These scenes can be awkward for the character changing their typical behavior and that discomfort can demonstrate how much they care for the other, altering their own selves for the other’s benefit.

Howeve, make sure that you combine these cute emotional moments with distance. Make the characters deny their true feelings or even distance themselves from their love interest upon discovering their feelings. The more the characters long for each other, the more the reader will long for them to be together. Build barriers between them for your characters to have to work to knock down. Keep them close, but maintain that distance until the moment is right.

Step Three
“_____” translates to “I love you”

The first example of I think of when I think of this is The Princess Bride, where the male protagonist tells his soulmate “as you wish” when he really means “I love you.”

This falls under the category of show, don’t tell. Hearing a character say “I love you” has become so boring. Unless it’s done in a surprising confession or unique way, it’s boring and stale.

Come up with a phrase that you can repeat in moments throughout the story until it has a meaning of love for the characters and both know exactly what the other means when it’s spoken.

Step Four
Taking a break can help create tension.

You know you loved someone if you leave them and feel awful. Apply this into the writing. Your characters can break up, then get back together in a joyous reunion.

Step Five
Not every couple has a happy ending.

Sometimes, things don’t always work out for different reasons. An ending that leaves readers craving more can be a good move.