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Hello yes

I just wanted to disprove another post that said Flug was taller than Black Hat. The picture they used had both of them slumping a little

I tried to find a scene where they were standing as straight as possible and the best I got was this one, even though BH is still slouched forward a tiny bit. Despite that, he’s still a good bit taller than Flug, who is upright here.

A show doesn’t suck just because a ship isn’t endgame, I just wanna point that out first. If the show is defined by which couples are together and which are not, said show probably wasn’t that great to begin with.

So I’m not complaining about Chris and Eva not ending up together, I’m really not. My only question is why we couldn’t have skipped all the clips and messages we had this week that are connected to Chris’ feelings for Eva if they were gonna be ereased in a few seconds. If anything, it’s just a bit weird after all the time they spent on their relationship this week.

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Henlo there,can you blease draw expensive headphones(Rich//Michael)?? I dont know if you ship it,though I just wanted to see you draw them together :') Thank you sm

ask and ye shall recieve uwu

It’s not exactly a main ship of mine but it’s still hella adorbs so here’s some expensive headphones

Some kid called me a pissbaby on my own post, and I went to check out their blog… and I can’t even bring myself to be mad. For this kid, shipping is their whole life. It makes me a bit sad too, to see these kids who are supposed to be enjoying something obsessed with discourse. I just… I hope you sort through all that stuff you’re going through there. Shipping isn’t everything.

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For BAP asks: 6, 8, 11, 15, 20 and ofc 29?

6. First song you heard.

so, the first song i ever heard was badman and i got a bit curious so i decided to hunt down some music videos. warrior was the first mv i saw.

8. What song got you into B.A.P

i think it was coffee shop. i love the soft melody and rhythm that it had. warrior was just an added bonus because it showed that versatile mentality that they had.

11. Bias Wrecker.

look at him. he’s so smug

15. Least favorite ship.

okay i might get a lot of hate for this but…

i don’t… like… himup?

i mean, it’s great for a brotp type of ship, but i don’t ship them like romantically or anything like that. i don’t see the appeal and i’m not a fan of it.

same thing with banglo

20. Favorite Duo


tbh, i would really love to see a youngup kind of duo. imagine those vocals together.

29. Why do you love B.A.P :)

i don’t know. i really don’t

tbh, this is the first time in so long that i’ve been this obsessed over a band. the last time was mcr and their breakup was a bitch to get over. 

i love their brotherhood. i love that they’re not that awkward around one another. i love the banter that each one has. i love that they’re so close and together that they were willing enough to leave a company with one another. 

do they have their fault? of course. what band doesn’t. but i still love them. flaws and all.

I’m putting a lot on the line here. Don’t get me wrong, you all know I am die hard Bughead!! Or I wouldn’t have invested the hours I have to the cause in the form of Vanilla Lips. But this is purely for my own fun and the fact I have started enjoying Jeronica as a ship as well. Don’t think I am “jumping ships” as I don’t want people to think that. Just a bit of fun on my behalf. Ignore this completely if you want to imagine me as just Vanilla Lips’s writer <3

Yes, this is a Jeronica Drabble.

Warnings! ANGST, ANGST, (I don’t know why I bother even mentioning angst because you guys should know by now I am %12782722 angst. JERONICA it’s a warning just because. Alcohol and mentions of marijuana. OOC!!!

I gulp down courage and I feel the weight of Southside on my shoulders. Deep down I feel a little sorry for myself as I drink at the bar. Cheryl hadn’t even given me a single ounce of the sympathy I was searching for but then again, she never does.

ACDC plays loud through the bar but it was almost empty. Somewhere in between songs she mentioned Betty and I humoured her with gutless, empty words. I asked her if she knew Archie was going – Cheryl didn’t but her eyes flickered down and I held back a sharp smile, I liked it when Cheryl didn’t know things because apparently, she knew it all. They say no one likes a know it all. I can’t say I liked Cheryl, but she was a little more palatable on the tongue these days.

Cheryl slams a glass down on the counter before rolling her eyes and putting a pink stained cloth to it, smudging sticky around. “We’re closing soon, Forsythe,” she says, dripping my name from her tongue. “The sun will come up soon and you’ll still be sitting in here drinking women’s drinks and smelling a hell of a lot like an ash tray. No insults intended but…” she tilts her head.

“But every insult is intended, I hear it, Red,” I say sipping my drink through a straw.

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So artists of all levels can participate to the zine ? Is participation free ? Sorry i'm a bit clueless but even if it's just a small message i kind of want to participate haha

this is the goal! i will need digital art, however, so if you are doing something traditional it’s important that you’re able to scan it. i’ve seen some zines accept more craftsy submissions (like pictures of sculptures, hand-sewn/knitted plushies, etc) so i’d like to be able to include those as well.

participation is free. i’m planning to finance the printing and shipping on my own and make a PDF available for free. if anyone else would like a printed version, i’ll need to look into services for that and what the expenses would be.

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What's your w|w ffxiii ships and do you have any headcanons for them? the ffxiii female cast and their interactions are just TOO GOOD™ sign me the fuck up


I just really like fang/vanille SO SO MUCH LIKE WOW OTP OF OTPS RIGHT THERE, also Fang/Light, Fang/Vanille/Light, Light/Vanille, Serah/Vanille are all god-tier ships that are just….wonderful.  Like goodness. As for headcanons, I ship Fang/Vanille the hardest so I’ll do headcanons for that:

  • Vanille and Fang can both cook, but Vanille is a bit better, but Fang has that BBQ Dad vibe and I feel like she’ll do BBQ better than Vanille
  • surprisingly both of them are extremely neat and keep their house tidy and clean and know where everything is
  • Both are early risers but Fang likes to sleep in more, and sometimes drags Vanille and just lies there talking and giggling
  • Fang likes to give Vanille nose kisses because she’s taller than her and Vanille’s nose is ADORABLE
  • They love pillow fights and Vanille always wins. She is merciless.
  • Fang is ticklish and Vanille takes that to her absolute advantage when she wants something out of her
  • They like watching the sunset, and they do it every day, weather permitting
  • They love to go on hikes and look at animals, and sometimes they just stop and rest, gazing at the scenery, with their head on each other’s shoulders and they cuddle
  • When they watch horror movies neither of them get very scared at the gore but they’re BOTH SCREAMING during jump scares and scrambling to hug each other for comfort
  • Fang’s more reckless and tends to get more colds because she doesn’t watch out for her health as much, not complaining since Vanille is nursing her back to health
  • Vanille loves baking and Fang’s got the biggest sweet tooth of them all so it works out because Vanille likes to experiment and can always count on Fang to finish off all the food
  • Vanille’s hands are always too cold and Fang’s hands are always too hot so they always hold hands for thermodynamic equilibrium and this way everyone is happy
  • Fang’s alwasy taking Vanille out to do something fun but Vanille is more of the romantic one who thinks of romantic activities to do outside of running around screaming (although that is fun)
  • they take up the two-people canoeing thing  and they’re GREAT AT IT

I think this is long enough for now lol

Protocol 7 (1/?)

OUAT travelers au! I started watching it last night and I have no control over my muse so yeah. This happened. Obviously, CS will be the main ship featured here.  This bit is going to be a little different to the rest and it does involve descriptions of death so please avoid if that’s something you are uncomfortable with.

Word count: ~300. This is just the prologue

Summary: in the distant future, humanity is on the verge of extinction. Under orders, the remaining humans implant their consciousness into host bodies in the 21st century, interfering with strategic points in the timeline with the intent to trying and prevent humanity’s eventual collapse. Rated T. 


Earth. Storybrooke, Maine. 6th September, 2017. 

Victim’s name: Killian Jones, aged 32.

Recorded time of death: 21:37. 

It is the great folly of the human race to think they have control.

For millennia, they have lived, bending the earth to their whims, creating and destroying in a vicious cycle, over and over and over again.

Humans believe that they have the power over life and death, can choose who lives and who dies, categorise people into those they deemed worthy and those they do not.

But it’s a lie.

Everything you think you know, everything you’ve ever believed.

You don’t control anything.

Some people say it’s part of a bigger, cosmic plan. They’re closer to the truth.


Can you hear it?

The tinny sound, somewhere in the back of your mind. That one that you can’t shake no matter how hard you try, the one that sounds suspiciously like a warning. It stands firm, niggling at you, reminding you of its existence when you least expect it. Always ringing.

And it’s getting louder.

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hoping for a more open minded response than blind hate in return, but--- i just can't get behind touken just yet ( i don't ship anything in tg ) bc it happened a bit too fast for my liking. not a fan of rushed development since it happened in a span of just a few chs / pregnancy subplot in general so i was wondering what your thoughts were on how you would ideally like their relationship to go about? don't have to answer this but im just curious lol.

Mod K:

We have no problem giving open minded responses, anon. Generally, we only respond to people who tag vitriolic hate. This blog isn’t necessarily here to defend Touken, but Touka specifically. Since Touka is involved with Kaneki (and her relationship with Kaneki is what gets her the most hate) we usually discuss their relationship as well. It is perfectly fair not to ship touken. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine. We’re just here to defend Touka at the end of the day – not necessarily touken.

Now, Mod A and I both ship touken – but there are problems with the way that the relationship was developed. However, I think these problems are also present in tg and tg:re as a whole Touken _definitely_ could have been developed better. Ishida Sui shafted Touka’s character for large parts of the plot after the aogiri arc, which is something that I’m still salty about since she was so prominent in early TG.

However, I can’t say that it was necessarily rushed since the growing feelings between Touka and Kaneki is something that has been developed since the beginning It was at least hinted, and it was quite clear that Touka developed strong feelings for Kaneki at least by the time that he was kidnapped. Ken even notes that he didn’t take her with him to join his group because since she was so strong-willed, he was afraid that she would run off and disappear (he was especially shaken and affected when she was mutilated by Ayato). While Ken’s feelings weren’t as clear for awhile – he set her apart from others and wanted to keep her from danger (even though she can clearly defend herself), meaning that he at least considered her to be special.

I think that TG:RE has a problem in general with pacing. Timeskips and significant events just sort of happen with minimal buildup and it’s an overall issue with Ishida Sui’s writing. So – I would have much preferred for Touka and Ken to have much more buildup after he returned from cochlea with her then they did have. But – I can’t say that their relationship came out of nowhere. You would have to have ignored all of the buildup that they _have_ had to say that. I was recently re-reading TG and was kind of amazed at how much development the both of them did have toward their relationship in the earlier series.

Even after that arc, Ken does does things like leave Touka that cute keychain, and Touka is clearly distressed to have missed him when he dropped the keychain off of at her school. Their talk in chapter 120 was significant, and Haise was very clearly crushing on her openly at the start of TG:RE. He even wondered about what she was doing and if she was on a date.

While I’m excited about the prospect of a baby, I can admit that it’s pretty contrived. I think that the baby is meant to be a symbol of hope of co-existence between ghouls and humans (sort of like Eto was supposed to be) – but I also would have preferred had it not actually happened. It’s a cliche plot line but that’s not just unique to touken’s story line (the mutsuki plotline of becoming an unstable serial killer due to abuse and mental illness is pretty contrived and cliche as fuck). Like any series, TG has good points (some even can be considered great) and bad points. The problem with touken’s relationship and development is a small example of the greater issues that are present within TG as an entire story.

As for how I would have gone about the plot and touken development, I would have kept Touka prominent in the story and developed the romantic aspect of the relationship much more slowly than what was given to us, personally. I would certainly kept chapter 125 the way that it was, because I still think that it was quite a significant moment for both characters.

I hope that this answered your question!

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You still taking the request of cross over? My request may sound a Bit morbid but how about danganronpa? It a killing anime that take place in a school that thier trap him. Thier isn't really much with shipping but it would look cool to see either Jeff or Laurens snapping and confessing thier feeling to Alex as the reason why they kill the other as "they got in the way" during trial (their like a class trail were everyone in a circle and have to guess who is the murder with the clues they found)

I don’t know the Anime, just heard of it so it could be difficult sorry :/

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So... what's your opinon on the Starmora ship? :)


I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get more than just a dance in GotG Vol2, however I think they have amazing chemistry, and they are both broken in different ways, which means their relationship will have a lot of angst and other awesome stuff involved. I cannot wait to see where they’ll go! 

Send me a ship and I’ll give you a brutally honest opinion on it

Imagine Keith and Pidge bonding over trying to out salt each other.

Imagine Hunk and Pidge trying to outsmart each other

Imagine Lance and Pidge trying to out prank each other

Imagine Pidge and Shiro bonding over their mutual love for unholy amounts of coffee and swearing

Imagine Pidge and Allura gazing at the stars together and naming all the constellations

Imagine Pidge and Coran exchanging facts about their planets to see who has the weirdest thing

Imagine Pidge being loved by and loving team voltron


They take care of the members like no other 

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And laugh together like no other

Originally posted by minhasgifskpop

To tears sometimes 

Originally posted by de-drums

Namjoon used to pull Jin just to make a heart

Originally posted by mochixhamster

Or concentrate so hard (to make one)

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

Today they make them with the eyes closed

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They crush while dancing while we pray no one will break a bone

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They have these weird moments we can’t get but still love

Originally posted by yovibeispretty

Just keep in mind  they are the eldest and the leader 

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Namjoon thinks Jin is so cute

Originally posted by byeoltan

He watches Jin acting cute like he is witnessing the next big thing since pizza

Originally posted by slut4bangtan

He also tries to make Jin cuter (GOALS)

Originally posted by boys-love-hell-yes

Or, remember when  they were  alone in the studio

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And namjoon wasn’t able to take his eyes off Jin

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But again … he isn’t the only one

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Mr third guy from the left is worldwide handsome and VERY caring:

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Speaking of Namjoon’s obsession he usually holds Jin the same way

Originally posted by cryseok

by putting his hand around Jin’s wide shoulders

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Namjoon is way too smooth

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And it works because Jin shares his food with him and yall know how much Jin loves his food (MAAANHI MANHI if you had no clue)

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THE aura. THE charisma. THE air around them changes when they stand together. Their presence together is THAT powerful.

Originally posted by namjinkiss

SO powerful. Even their cute selfies revived the dead ARMYs killed by the previous events

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They are soooo~oooo cute and precious and must protect material when they play with filters, you forget that one of them is called rap “MONSTER”. 

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“Jin put his hand on Rapmon’s thigh as he laughed. Namjoon ignored all the cameras and he held it thightly while smiling” It sounds unreal but …No. This is not a fanfiction. This is reality:

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The way Rapmon hugs him and how Jin just puts his head on his shoulder is like a scene from a movie too

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I mean, look at this, you can’t feel nothing even if dead

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And space is not part of their dictionary: look at all the empty seats but they slept next to one another

Originally posted by boys-love-hell-yes

It was never a coincidence (Did you just “Awwww” now? don’t worry 99% do)

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And we can’t let out a post about these two without the GIFT SENT BY THE HEAVENS this year: THE kiss!

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It’s the ship that the WHOLE fandom approves no matter what. Why you say? I mean look at them. How can you not?

Originally posted by bwibelle

So with flying kisses from both our lovely Jin and beloved Rapmon,  I finish this post wishing it has made you smile a bit <3

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I love these two so so so so much so I hope you liked it too^^ 
If you want to see more Try: 


By @mimibtsghost

When Bitty comes out over Skype, his parents take it very well. He wonders if they had an idea or are just much more open minded than he thought they would be. When he tells them he is dating someone who was on the smh team and graduated last year his momma freezes.

“Um, are you alright?”

She takes a deep breath and releases it with a sigh. “Dicky, I love you no matter what, but for the love of all things holy please tell me you aren’t dating that Mr. Crappy fellow. I don’t want to call my son’s boyfriend anything like that.”

Bitty can’t help but laugh. He looks behind his laptop at Jack, who is trying to hold back his own laughter. “No, momma, I’m not dating Shitty, sadly.” At this Jack makes a face at him. “ You both know him, though. Sweetheart, why don’t you say hi to my parents?”

When momma and coach look so  relieved to see that it is Jack on their screen. They both can’t contain their curiosity and joy. Bitty thinks he might even see Coach wipe away a tear during the conversation, but he is smiling and tells the both of them how proud he is.

After the Skype session ends the two of them sit in silence, both knowing this is the start of their two families truly becoming one.

If your animal hurts you, take a step back and ask yourself why

This morning I am typing this with my ring finger, as my middle and thumb are pressing gauze to my index. Please excuse the typos.

I have been blessed with either docile animals and animals that love me dearly. I know I have. And when people at work ask me about hamsters in particular, I tell them I’ve been extremely lucky to never have been bitten.

This morning Bernie decided to tell me that he thinks his cage is more of an apartment and he would like a spacious house more. I knew that day would come - he is a Syrian after all, and very few cages really exist for them - but I was hoping it would take more than two days. I bought the biggest cage that could house him but he is not a fan. He has experienced life outside out of the box he was in at work and goddamn he is gonna enjoy it.

The only cages big enough are only available online where I live and take one to two months to ship. I told Bernie this, but of course being a hamster, he didn’t care. So I gave him a tissue box with a few pulled out, stuck some noms inbetween the sheets, and made a digging cave for him.

Not good enough, man. I booped his snoot, and he bit me.

So first off, hamster teeth hurt like a motherfucker.

Secondly, I wasn’t mad. I did yell out a foul word, but more out of pain than any anger at him. It’s not his fault. He just wants s bit more room AND his cool toys, not one or the other. I left to grab some gauze but I came right back, and took Bernie out, and we had ourselves an explore on my bed, which IS much larger than his cage, obviously. Bernie had a blast. He tunneled under sheets. He tunneled under pillows. He climbed Pillow Mountain. He wanted to rappel down the sides of the Bed Cliffs (Mama said no).

Bernie is now back in his cage thinking he is Hot Shit. And while out of cage time is important, it’s equally important that his actual cage be big enough so that I can work an eight or ten or twelve hour shift and come home and go right to bed, and know that he’s okay and not bored. In the meantime, I’m thinking of going to Walmart and buying one of those long bins used to store sheets and making him a maze out of cardboard. A big maze, with empty passages and passages stuffed with bedding and chambers big and stuffed with bedding to tunnel through. He’d like that. I’ll keep it once the big cage comes in, but hopefully this will tide him over while he lives in the apartment cage.

Bernie bit me to show he was frustrated. He wants to run NOW, not in two hours, not in two months. NOW.

Luna, Apollo, and Aisha, my cats, don’t bite and never have, but they do occasionally scratch. Not on purpose. They’re trying to get down or get up, they slip, or something exciting or scary happens and they need to book it. And it hurts every time.

You’re going to get hurt if you own a pet. You’re going to get bitten or scratched - by them, their equipment, etc. If they’re a bigger animal, you’re going to get body slammed from time to time. It’s okay.

I’m not saying you can’t yell FUCK when the pain hits. It’s actually scientifically proven that that helps lessen the pain. But don’t blame your pets. Look around and try to see it from their perspective. Maybe they’re tired, or something scared them. Maybe they have to pee. Maybe you’re bugging the crap out of them, or they want to play in an animal way, not in a people way. Maybe it was genuinely an accident and your body invaded the space they’d intended to put their body.

It’s okay. Talk to them calmly. Grab a bandaid or some Tylenol. Don’t yell at them. Don’t hit them. Don’t be mad at them. They’re just trying to talk to you and it’s not their fault you don’t speak hamster or bird or lizard, etc etc.


breathe.  Just breathe.  Now … reach out.  What do you see?

Light … darkness.  The balance.

I meant to post this on may the 4th but I stopped working on it and didn’t come back until now 

new blog! hopefully i’ll be posting more art here!