i ship it but this isnt correct

mutanty replied to your post “saigenos or genosai??” : 

isnt that the same ship…?

years ago depending on which name was first it meant they topped(or the seme lol). So saigenos = saitama tops, genosai= genos tops.

now is not that common because most people dissagree with the fact that a top will always be a top and now there’s the concept of switching which btw I 100% agree but if you told me which is my favorite then I go with saitama topping because I have a thing for saitama being called master during lol 

however this doesn’t mean all saigenos is saitama topping saigenos is now the commom name for the ship it doesn’t matter which tops or if they switch , I answered saigenos ‘cause the person gave me the two options and I knew what they were talking about so yeah that’s it