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warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Yoh! Serious talk here. If you’re part of the Haikyuu fandom, especially if you wander around the UshiOi tag, you might know this person. I’m talking about 91valechan on tumblr / 4haijmeiwaizumi on Twitter. What about this person and why am I talking about her?

 Well, she hates UshiOi and all who ship them. And not only that, she also harasses them, day and night. She spends all of her time scrolling through the UshiOi tag on Twitter, tumblr, efp (an italian fanfiction website) and AO3 to insult and harass Ushioi shippers, writers and fanartists, calling them “sluts”, “whores”, “rapists” and other slurs. She’s also known to be a misogynist and an homophobe, just so you know, she calls Ushijima a “weak woman” to insult him. I’m posting proof with proper translation in case of it being in Italian/Spanish and more information under the read more. 

She was banned from AO3 (I didn’t even know you could get banned from there) because she kept harassing every UshiOi writer.

((all of the fanfictions she commented are UshiOis by a friend of mine))

She thinks she knows what Furudate thinks and wants for the manga because she read it. When you ask her for any detail she claims it to be in the manga, she refuses to give any indication or scan.

I’ve censored the cosplay and cosplayers because I do not have their permission to post the photo, but my point anyway was about Valentina’s comment.

She also owns these two facebook pages where she posts stolen fanarts (sometimes editing them poorly to insult UshiOi) and asks to report UshiOi based blogs.

She posted these comments on EFP,  under an UshiOi fic by one of her now ex-favourite writers. And by ex I mean she started calling her a slut because she wrote about Ushioi. She was then banned from the website because of this.

translation: “The pervesion keeps goin and OOC is not reported. Where is Oikawa Tooru here? I’m quite shocked and disgusted. How much pornography.”
“Unthinkable pairing and unhealthy. Plagiarism [[I don’t know what she meant here and I’m a native Italian speaker…]] is not declared. OOC not reported. Reported”

translation: “Tell Ode I will report her shit rape ushiois.  as you make your bed, so you must lie on it. I have the right to post negative reviews.”
“I have proof that she sold herself off as the worst whore”

The following post is referred to the same writer as above, plus the people who reported her.

translation: “Apologies? To some sluts? No thank you :) they should learn not to sell off their honor. I’m disgusted.”

translation: “here is the reality to share. Who said that Oikawa could change his mind? Fuck off, since you understood nothing of Oikawa. Here… To re-share for life. Ushiwaka, you better go give your milk to someone [[Valentina usually calls Ushijima a cow]]. Anyway, you are worth less than zero. And you’re a woman, and ugly.”

The following picture is the final one I’m gonna post, since this is getting too long.  She wrote this to me when I sent her two pics of Oikawa standing next to Ushijima.

“a little gift [[it was some iwaois]] for a slut like you :) how many times have you been raped? Kneel to canon and to the reigners, vassal. Kiss our feet. Bye bye whore, be raped like you love

There have been more situations in which she told people to get cancer, raped, tumors etc. always for a ship. 

I’m tagging it a bit random, if this is a bother I’m gonna take the tags off.


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hiii im new to this fandom and i want to ask, why do many people hate this ship? i was so surprised that people hate this because when i havent gotten into this fandom, i saw many love for this pairing on twitter so i thought this is the most popular genji ship :o

I do believe it is the most popular Genji ship, however with popularity comes those who dislike it simply for that reason.

But I know that’s not the only case, of course. Sadly the reasons people hate it tend to be disheartening and shameful even. Others, understandable.

There are those that would argue simply because Zenyatta is a robot that he shouldn’t be shipped with a human character. The funny part is in the Overwatch universe, omnics are fighting for their equality rights to be seen as to more than just machines. There are already omnic and human relationships established so I don’t see the issue. Zenyatta is just as human as any character.

Another thing is I see the argument that they do not have history together. People who claim this must have not read their lore’s because each character has a paragraph dedicated to one another. 

 Another big one is the fact they are teacher and student. I understand why that would make some uncomfortable, but in this case the teacher and student titles are sort of just that. Their relationship goes beyond those titles, and the two of them are close friends and partners. Zenyatta has no control over Genji in any way, and he freely chose to teach him as Genji chose to learn.

I believed I covered the ones I often see. The smaller ones I thankfully don’t see very much include more homophobic reasonings, but I ignore those ones given their ignorance.

Looking past these, Genyatta is a very healthy ship to ship. Each are very respectful of one another and have very good history as well. In game dialogue already suggests they’re close friends and they canonically live together currently. Ship away!

Dubsmash Wars

Originally posted by wwhatfinn

Request: hey Grant Gustin one shot? Where you and him have a dubsmash war (like the one the Marvel actors did and you both post them on Twitter and all the fans ship it and then you end it with a really cute one of both of you and everyone just really loves you together?

Notes: I’ve never experienced what the logistics of Dubsmash are so some of the technical things might be wrong. Otherwise I hope this was kind of what you were looking for, there are only a few ‘dubsmashes’ because otherwise this would be super long hahah. Hope you enjoy!

Y/F/N is “Your friend’s name”

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I agree with all your points from your last post except that Sam loves shippers. He hasn't really interacted with any of us in months and did nothing to defend us when Shatner was full on destruction mode. I think he used to find joy in our tweets but only when it suited him. I don't know what the deal is with them but that's none of my business. I know I love them together and ship them together but I don't feel the love from Sam and I think that now we're a joke to him unfortunately

This man came on twitter like two weeks after bringing his supposed SO to the BAFTAs and liked four tweets from extreme super shippers!!!!111!!! about the way to lure him in being Caitriona. There was literally zero need for him to do that, even if he thought the tweets were funny, given that he knows full well what goes on in this fandom with the ship war.

Three of those four twitter handles were balfeheughlywed, balfeandheughan, and mrscaitheughan. Pretty obvious what the deal was there.

So I disagree. He may not be as obvious about it like he used to, but he loves shippers. As he should: because we’re intelligent, funny, witty fans.


Look, Noctis x Luna is really a canon ship, Noctis’ English Voice Actor, Ray Chase confirmed himself AGAIN!

“@babigonice @Jackiefearless it’s canon guys… and I’ve lived it.” (Source: https://twitter.com/RayChase/status/799852803372027904)

Remember when, Ray Chase said it’s only the choice? Not other Noctis x Ship or Luna x Ship? (Source: https://twitter.com/RayChase/status/780549509214449664)

things I love about youngbam’s got2day:

- youngjae thinking that the whole month of october is halloween
- bambam watching naruto
- them having to reshoot their got2day (which means that one of these days, will also see the original got2day)
- bambam asking twitter to send questions
- youngjae still having a video of them during predebut days
- my baby bambam TTTTTT
- positive energy Choi Youngjae ☀
- them feeling incomplete because the other members weren’t there TT

anyways, I love youngbam these ship needs more love

Quotations, PR & "reading into things."

I haven’t checked anywhere and I’m not going to, but my guess is many nonshippers are going to say that we should have seen this coming because they’ve been denying a relationship. For me, actions speak louder than words. I also don’t buy it when people say Sam and Cait don’t know about shippers specifically or how they react to things.

Back in March, Sam liked my tweet praising all the shipper tweets that happen when he comes online. Over the summer when we tweeted with him, I specifically asked why shippers were the only ones getting their hands slapped regarding bullying; he said we were not. Caitriona has liked articles about respectful shipping. Sam is aware (because he acknowledged it) of how many of his tweets to Caitriona are interpreted by fans.

Tonight he said “wifey” on twitter instead of wifey, which is unusual. Am I to believe that now that MM is in town he needs to clarify that Caitriona is not the wifey or wife when it’s been perfectly fine for weeks? Caitriona has been calling him hubby and hubs as well - why start this up again when they KNOW how these things are interpreted? If they were planning on introducing the real SOs soon all along, why get shippers all pumped up again?

“It was for PR.” PR for what exactly? PCA votes? They don’t need shippers for that, they get the votes anyways. For charity money? That would be callous and fans were fundraising for them already; thousands of dollars had already been raised for WCC and others.

My point is if they wanted to just get rid of shippers, why start with the affectionate names again? Why did Sam make such a huge frigging deal out of her birthday? Why was Cree talking about getting Cait a blow up doll of Sam? Why did Rosie tell Sam, HER apparently platonic costar, to treat her like the queen she is?

We were already pretty beat down and quiet after the last several months of bullying and silence from them. They didn’t need to get us all hyped up just to put the final nail in the coffin tonight and make us miserable. They could have just shown up with these two tonight and the message would have been received far more clearly. If this WAS their plan all along, they have no idea what they’re doing and they need new people on their teams.

So…after all that rambling, this does not make sense. I don’t understand it. I’m not saying I’m going to just hop back on board the Shipper Express tomorrow because I don’t think I’m ready and as I said in another post, we deserve better.

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Wanna hear a good news, RR novel now become best seller and got 4 stars according WSJ twitter. Its that mean IR officially death and many of BLEACH fans start to move on and accept ending along with IH and RR. Why not ship our lovely Ichika and Kazui, those cutie cinnamon roll is look like IR 2.0, huh? Just move on right now !

It’s only #1 in the general Jump j book sales, not #1 in novel sales overall? Jump j said it’s selling well which is usually the case with an initial release. The novel is barely about RR or IH so shoutout to you guys for no doubt buying ten copies each to boost sales? Congratulations I guess? Truly, it’s such a riveting work of literature that you’ve fallen off in my inbox for what purpose exactly? Explain it to me. If IH (Steamship Her Shield Has No Effect) and if RR (Steamship I tried to kill you after 40+ years of ignoring/avoiding you because my friends told me to/I was afraid of your new brother, and I needed your 15 year old human buddy to beat some sense into me) are so amazing, why are you worried about the non-canon losers? What does our shipping do to you? Nothing and yet you’re worried, crusading trying to convert us? B Y E. Kubo can’t even be bothered to talk about his own canon, let alone draw for it. What’s stopping him? 

Let’s talk about what he did draw…

Why is he upset?

Why is she scared?

Why is he ready to go home?

Last, so you admit that not even 686 was enough to make IR “officially dead?” Don’t worry. I agree. If the ship didn’t go down then, what makes you think it’s going anywhere now? And if Kazoo and Etch a Sketch are supposed to be the next IR, doesn’t that mean that some over-hyped bread-eating girl who always wants to fight but actually lacks the skill, and some eleventh hour opportunist are going to swoop in and fuck it up? Because uh, that’s what you’re telling me. If you ship the babies who are “like IR 2.0,” then what was wrong with IR 1.0?

To answer your query, no. I don’t care about your pathetic row boat of a ship. I will not stop shipping Ichiruki while I yet live. You heard the man. “Time goes on, but these bonds will never break.”

I can respect the Gotham writers for not queer baiting their viewers. They actually went and made Nygmobblepot at least half-canon, and I can’t wait for 3x14; the episode where Ed and Oswald apparently come to a “mutual understanding.” If they were just queerbaiting, I wouldn’t have ended up becoming Nygmobblepot trash. 

I don’t think they would do anything irrational, not with this many supporters AAAND the actors themselves (Cory and Robin) not only shipping the fuck out of their own characters together but shipping THEMSELVES WITH THEMSELVES LMAO. I’ve never seen two actors more involved in their own TV show ship and flirt with each other religiously on Twitter before. They are such teases. Lol, what a bunch of adorable dorks. 

OK I just realized.....FANS LISTEN!!!

Ok I’m not one for being in the ship war, I honestly ship gency more, but no hate!
OK for people who like overwatch and Steven Universe, something similar happened not to long ago. People were attacking A story board artist named, Lauren Zuke. They said mean and nasty threats and messages, literally driving her off of twitter, and not to long after, the whole crewniverse itself. Point being You need to stop this, because if you don’t….You are causing the risk of an important person leaving the overwatch team, not only that but you are causing mental anguish, just think about it, put yourself in their shoes. Cyber bulling is a virus and we all can stop it, if we just put this nonsense aside./p>

People always say Twitter is the cesspool, but honestly Tumblr isn’t much better. 

When I tell you that there were absolutely no ship wars at Unity Days, I mean there were none. Out of every panel that I attended, which was almost all of them, there were probably only 2 or 3 ship related questions asked and even then the questions were great, thoughtful and insightful, for example:

“Will Clarke’s mourning in Season 4 (for L/xa) be constructive or destructive?” (To which Eliza answered yes). 

The panels that I didn’t personally attend, someone else went to, like Gina or Sam, and I trusted them to give accurate recountings of the events.

Even in Meet and Greets, which were very small and super personal (they held 10 people at max and most only had about 5-8 fans in them), most people were too starstruck to ask questions (I attended two-Jarod and Luisa-I missed my Chelsey meet and greet-more on that later) and so the actors asked questions of us. The questions that were asked of actors were almost always more personal, things like “Was acting something you always wanted to do?”, “Any great restaurant recommendations?”, etc.

So it seems really odd to me that on the last day of the convention, in a hugely public place (because the autograph room had tons of people in it and Lindsey had lots of volunteers around her and fans waiting for her John Hancock), only one or two people heard her disparage a ship that had just gotten really great news. 

Not only that, but she also decided that she was going to speak for Bob (the comment where she allegedly said that “Bellarke fans make Bob uncomfortable”). Like…y’all are jokes. 

And the fact that so many people want this to be true, that so many people want Lindsey to openly disparage an entire group of people, and claim it makes Lindsey “brave” and “a woman” to not come out and say she never said it (when really she’s just not talking to ANYONE on social media about ANYTHING, because trolls were telling her to kill herself), says a lot about who you are, not who Lindsey “Actual Angel” Morgan is. 

Its maybe not my business but what is the reason that @jamesandclairefraser-deactivate is the only one who gets attacked..??

I know ship war is in every fandom and I know many people are against Cait Sam shippers but she is not the only shipper but still it seems like anti shippers focus more on her than the rest of the shippers..
Not that I think other shippers should be attack too, in contrary but I just wonder why she is the one who gets the full blow..

I don’t use twitter, so I don’t if things happen there but based on what I see on Tumblr I only see her having fun..

And are there people in here who have personal contact with her..?? Just to know how she is and if she’s oke…

Sorry for asking all this but I just take these kind of things seriously when a fan suddenly choose to deactivate their accounts if they are depressed..

This is for all shippers!! Too many show runners and writers seem to think it’s ok to insult shippers. They think it’s fine to act like poor “women” (because apparently women are the only ones who ship) need someone to explain to us on twitter what story they are trying to tell since we are too stupid to get it. I am over it! Shippers in general are over it.! Networks, EPS, writers, and actors need to understand that we are fans. Passionate fans who promote their shows for free most of the time.

Any shipper who wants to help trend #RespectShippers on twitter come join us. Tag the networks and the writers in your tweets but please BE RESPECTFUL. No hate toward other shippers, actors, or writers please!


The zelgan search on twitter is full of ugly, childish people who post anti (and guilt its shippers all the time) and then play victim if called out.

It is very saddening to see it, and today I did not take it no longer and lowered myself to reply- it ended in an encounter and they were below tasteless. It was a terrible mistake I honestly will not do again. 

I decided that my reply from now on should be productivity, I will draw a cute pic for every mean tweet. I shall do more, since there’s so many.

(Sorry guys)

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Listen I want to believe so badly, Johnlock is my whole life, but there is that whole stuff with Sue liking a tweet that says "john watson deserves better than sherlock holmes fjdkkc WHY do ppl ship them????" & Mark blocking everyone on twitter who tries to talk to him about queerbating, the way Steven answered that question yesterday, I'm a flop and only saw this today but how Mark replied "RIP" to a person saying they'd die without canon Johnlock, man I'm gonna cry

listen.  I want you to imagine that you are Sue right now (HOLY SHIT)

Now, I want you to think about the gay love story you have been carefully and tenderly crafting for literal YEARS.  I want you to think about the buzz it’s generated, about all the attention you pay to every little detail of tea and colors and lighting and elephants, and I want you to imagine that this baby of yours is about to have its coming out party, so to speak, in THREE DAYS.  Imagine the excitement you’d feel, and the smugness you’d feel knowing about the ultimate rug pull you’re about to pull off.

Imagine that you know how much John and Sherlock love each other, and how much they save each other and are meant for each other.  Imagine that you and Mofftiss have been happily, successfully, and openly trolling audiences for literal years.  

Then imagine it’s THREE DAYS before johnlock becomes canon and you go on twitter and see someone say John Watson deserves better than Sherlock Holmes.

You bet your ass Sue liked that shit.  She was probably crying laughing as she did and pouring back a shot.  Like.  JUST IMAGINE READING THAT TWEET KNOWING WHAT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN.  That was definitely not a genuine like.

Also, imagine you’re Mark and you know johnlock is gonna happen very soon and you love write bad gay porn novels and you love going to sherlock holmes fan camp and you love gay media and representation and you just want a detective show with a gay detective who comes home to his boyfriend every day and you love trolling audiences.  Imagine you’re Mark, and you know johnlock is about to drop, and you are GLEEFUL with anticipation and this makes you super excited and playful and ready to troll.  Are you gonna respond to that tweet and say “don’t worry friend take care of yourself you’ll be okay?” NO.  Are you gonna ignore?  Maybe, if you weren’t riding high on the johnlock truth.  No.  You’re gonna fucking toy with the poor desperate johnlockers who are at your mercy.  You are Mark Gatiss.  You are a walking smirk.  You’re not gonna give up the game yet.

They LOVE PLAYING GAMES.  This whole show, the game is on, that’s not just for the characters.  It’s for the audience, too.  We’re in the game, too.  

Mark knows he’s not queerbaiting.  He doesn’t want to engage.  He can’t, not without risking ruining the whole thing.  Have faith, friend.