i ship it a little tbh

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what's hilarious about the whole brother line is that it offically discredits any chance of shiro and keith being related by blood/and or adopted siblings, like i have a brother and i don't tell him he's "like" a brother. no, buddy, pal he IS my brother. and little do they know that feelings!!! change!!! often!!! and let's say sheith never becomes canon, doesn't mean people will stop shipping them lolol. korra and asami are canon yet people still ship korra and mako, antis are getting desperate.

EXACTLY!!! i have a brother too but i dont even tell him he’s “like” a brother to me, it makes no sENSE. antis tbh are ridiculous, they like clinging onto things bc they can’t get their heads out of the asses and move on

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I ship you with Julien because you love him so much


Oh Anon, you adorable flatterer~ Kirie is awkwardly big tbh ahahah so this is kinda wierd but Kirie is my little self-insert pawn every time 
Not taking this seriously ahahah I’m sorry it’s weird, but I’ve called the files Kirian so..
But seriously anon thank you for telling me this it’s adorable ♥


You truly scare me. I just want to let you know that.

types of ships
  • gigantic deluxe cruise: 34705 search results on everywhere, dominates the fanzine market, badass edits with lots of heart-wrenching quotes since they’re probably the main characters. author probably shipped them as well, tbh. usually the “opposite personality” pair, overused tropes, nicknames, etc.
  • modest viking longship: has been there since the beginning of time, always appears as a side ship in fics, especially those with all the main cruises in one universe. yet has surprisingly little main fics considering how the characters basically aren’t shipped with anyone else but each other.
  • the “aww” submarine: that non-mainstream pair whose fanart pops up on your dash once a while. everyone lowkey ships them in a ‘in another universe where my otp didn’t exist’ way. see: “I don’t get why don’t more people ship xxx!” actually, they do.
  • the sturdy fishing boat: usually clashes with one of the mainstream ships. people either ship them, think they’re good as they are now, or oppose them with a passion. with enough supporters it may upgrade to a bigger fishing vessel, garner quite a bit of attention and start discourse with the cruise oppressors. mostly stays in their waters and are chill if u don’t insult them
  • the driftwood: tinier than the piece of lumber that jack and rose couldn’t hold on to at the same time. you need wood? you make wood. EMPHASIS: usually consists of couples that would theoretically be good together since a) they are minor characters and b) they have had zero interaction
  • the lone canoe: most perplexing of all. these characters are well known, have decent interaction, yet are never shipped together. when it is suggested people frown upon you as they are deeply rooted within their prejudices, but convert someone and you will be much more satisfied with the content than poor driftwood.

I like to think that Lance keeps track of every day that passes since the day they left Earth on a homemade calendar, and when it finally falls on Valentine’s Day, he wakes up super early and makes custom valentines for everyone on the ship and slides them under their doors for them to find when they get up for the day. When everyone meets in the control room that morning, the other paladins are smiling softly, and a little sadly, thinking of home while Lance explains what Valentine’s Day is back on Earth to Allura and Coran. They decide to take a day off and make meals together, appreciating their random but tight-knit new family. Everyone is happy.

 Can you just imagine if anyone ever tried to hurt Pidge though

Lance and Keith would immediately have that little bugger pinned against the wall in no time. Coran would have to drag Allura away. Even Hunk would lose it - frankly speaking, you’d regret it, having four paladins and the Princess attack you all at once.

And then you’d see Shiro’s blank, emotionless face and his freaking glowing hand and you’d know you were completely, utterly screwed.

protect mila / sara is the big spoon fight me

bc i am gay trash i couldn’t help but notice mila and sara in the background of the GPF banquet photos and i just

oh mila

tfw u clutching at the gf during a horror movie but she’s too busy gleefully watching the bloodbath

sara pls she needs protection put down your phone

tldr; mila babicheva of the edgy undercut is a delicate cinnamon roll who should be protected at all costs. sara crispino of the flowing tresses is an actual knight who knows no fear. in other news, sara crispino is probably the big spoon.

Sometimes Sebastian and Ciel ice skate at the frozen lakes around their palace. Ciel is usually clumsy with his movements, but Sebastian is always there to hold his hands and guide him across the slippery surface.
But just so you know occasionally both of them slip and fall onto the ground because Sebastian sometimes loses his balance too.

Tbh I love that Bellarke is a ship that follows the “there´s a million ways to say I-love-you without saying it” trope. Because through and thanks this little scenes (which are monumental imo like: “you´re not a monster” from s1, “together”,”i trust you”) and the things they do for each other is why this slow burning relationship works so good.

“If I´m on that list, you are on that list.”

Sorry, but I don’t trust people that shit on Bellamy, called him white, demonized his character, compared him to a rapist, or titled him “Genocide King” and then suddenly ship him with Raven.

tbh it makes me really uncomfortable when fans ship real life people with each other in a completely serious way, like I understand when it’s a joke because “lol they’d be so cute together they’re in love ha ha ha” can be fun, but when people are legitimately coming up with theories about how married people are totally having an affair and each little glance and touch they share completely proves that they’re in love with each other it’s like??? hmmmm???? no thanks save that for the fiction pls