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To give a little credit to the writers, I think they always planned on bughead being loved because it's a very popular ship from the comics, maybe even the most popular once people realized Archie just used to play with Betty's feelings. It does still worry me a little that the writers are only really active on twitter and that's where most of the bughead hate is :(

I read up on their history in the comics, as I am not too familiar as I never read them myself! Makes me so so happy that people shipped them in the comics. 

I know, we have to give them some love! It makes me calm tho, that they like a lot of Bughead posts! They definitely see it. 

horrortale au, frisk comes back to meet their old friend pt2

genocide continues…
I guess this is before this happens though…

BEEP BEEP BEEP! you’ve already hit your alarm clock four times this morning - that’s 20 minutes….which means it’s time to wake up - time to leave for school?! oh ship, you’ve only got 10 minutes to get ready! but don’t worry, I’m here to get you through the morning ♡ listen to me and stay calm

for real, get out of bed. now.

don’t just stay snuggled up in your blankets - actually get out of bed! there’s a ton of stuff to do and so little time to get it done~

pack your bag the night before

the last thing you want to do after waking up late is taking time out of your morning to pack your bag. just do it right before you go to sleep. that way, you’ll have everything ready to go before you even wake up.

also prepare your clothes early

i don’t know about you, but i usually plan a week of outfits on sunday. it’s usually a v loose plan like: “oh, this week it’s gonna be colder than usual, so i’m gonna keep my dark jeans here, a cardigan here, and my long sleeved shirt here”. after that, i’ll pick out what i’m going to wear the night before since it’s easier and i’m less indecisive.


if you wear makeup, keep it to a minimum/no-makeup-makeup look. that is, stick to the tried and tested sunscreen/bb cream, mascara, and lipstick/gloss/tint. if you don’t wear makeup, don’t worry about it! (neither do i keke).

know your knots

whenever i’m in a rush but want to seem put together, i opt for the classic pony tail or bun. you could also go for a topknot, side braid, the works - they’re staples - you just can’t go wrong.

eat on the go

i know it may not be ideal for some people, but eating in the car really saves a lot of time. i’m probably the only one here who actually takes her bowl of cereal into the car with her, but it’s totally doable. or, maybe just grab a cereal bar. but please, please, please, do not skip breaky!

route right

if you’re running late to an event and you’re not familiar with how to get there, use your phone (google maps is a lifesaver, fyi) and type in the destination, route the way, and then exit the app. it’ll be there in the morning, either waiting for you to begin navigation, or under the ‘recent’ locations.

go get ‘em, tiger

get out there and carpe diem! run to class if you have to! skip the elevator and take the stairs to get to your workplace faster (unless it’s on the 72th floor - in that case, the elevator’s your best bet).

good luck!  so I’ve decided to continue with the “disastrous mornings” theme since it seemed to be a big hit, so here we are~


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?

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Rami Character Challenge (1/?) now also known as, how lame and annoying can admin Kate be 

Character: Rami Malek

“Join me in the blanket fort. We play until dawn.”

You had your head popped out between two of the blankets, looking at Rami expectedly as he only stares at you with a raised eyebrow and a smile threatening to spread over his face. 

“Was that a pun?” Rami cooed, crouching down to look into the pillow covered fort, lit up only by the television screen, which was, indeed, ready and set-up to play Until Dawn, a game in which Rami himself appeared. 

“It may have been. Shut up and get in, it’s already midnight we only have, like, six hours… Until dawn,” you muse, cracking yourself up as Rami crawls inside and settles into the pillows next to you, a wide grin on his face as he rests his arm around your shoulders. 


You were hardly ten minutes into the game when you first teased Rami. 

“’Let’s party like we’re fucking porn stars’,” You echo, falling into a fit of laughter against Rami’s shoulder as he playfully pouts at you, silently admiring your loud, non-held-back laugh, and the brightness of your smile. 

“Hey, hey. I know how to hold a great party, even on the anniversary of my dead sister’s,” Rami quips, holding his hand out with a look on his face that says ‘I’m obviously superior’. 

You snort at him, whacking his chest before returning to the game… 


You try to stop your hands from shaking as hard a they are, your eyes as wide as saucers as you stare at the Hannah Wendigo as it screeches at Sam in the cabin. Suddenly, hands grasp your side, a loud scream ringing loudly in your ear. You scream, jerking away, killing Sam at the same time. 

“Holy fuckin- RAMI!” You yell as said man laughs hysterically, almost rolling in his joy. You pout angrily as he only continues to laugh in your face. As he calms down you sigh. 

“Oh well, she was stealin’ my man anyway,” You mutter, at least getting Mike and Emily out of the cabin alive as Rami snorts… 



“Oi, Josh… Rami!… Wake the fuck up”

“Don’t let your sister go what the heck”

“No Chris don’t shoot the squirrel you dumbass nerd”

“Damn Rami, you should wear beanies more often”

“Climbing class… I ship it”



“No, Jess. Put your clothes back on”

“What in the fuck was that”

“Okay, how has Sam made it that far without losing her towel? I call bullshit. Totally unrealistic. 0/10″


“Bro. I’m not your bro, bro. Brooooo”

“Michael don’t you dare shoot my mentally unstable boyfriend” 

“Making my way downtown, walking fast-” *Wendigo Screech* “SPRINTINGGGG”

“No Ashley, that’s not how the whole biting thing works you dumbass” 

“Can I make Mike shoot Ashley instead?” 

*Various screams* 

*Inhuman screech* 

Rami Character Challenge 1/?

First one done! It’s messy but I enjoyed writing it a lot. Your commentary=mine so this is a look into the mind of me, admin kate. 

Might be posting a request later ♡


aesthetic: plankton and karen at the end of the best day ever

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6 w p/harmercy?

i. i don’t know what this au is. whatever. dedicated to @agenthill who follows me somehow despite my total lack of posting her ships. here. im TRYING.

“Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married? Not that I’m complaining,” Fareeha adds, stumbling along as the petite little doctor drags her down the hallway. “I just like to know what I’m getting myself into.”

Having a clear view of the situation has always been a priority from her. Whether that came before or after she fell in love with flying is a little uncertain but at least she trusts Dr. Ziegler. 

“Because it’s the only way I could get a plus-one ticket to this event, my dear, and we have to get you networking. You need connections.”

She had connections, once - the ones that initially got her in touch with Dr. Ziegler, years and years ago, but her companion doesn’t push the topic further.

“Don’t worry about the atmosphere, you’re very mature for your age. You will fit in just fine. Well,” and Dr. Ziegler gives her an up-and-down look, brow pinched perfectly in the middle from concern as she takes in all six feet and five inches of Fareeha’s squarish body in a blue dress and low heels, “you might have to duck to get through a few doorways, but. Now, now, now, there’s no need to look so worried.”

Standing up on her tiptoes, Dr. Ziegler cups Fareeha’s face in her hands.

“I have total faith in you,” she says, whisper soft, rosy lips curling into a smile, and Fareeha’s stomach swoops like she’s just pointed her aircraft into a direct dive. And when that perfect, lipstick-tinted mouth presses a kiss on her cheek she swears she’s hit the ground and combusted entirely.

The rest of the walk to the conference ballroom is a bit of a blur - all she can feel is the way her new shoes are pinching at her toes and Dr. Zeigler’s hand in her, guiding her along. Fareeha comes back to her senses in the middle of a conversation with two men she has never met in her entire life, the older of which is still talking.

“I can make no promises, Dr. Ziegler, no matter how much respect we may have for you. An investment in such a complicated prototype will need to be discussed by committee, and even then will need–”

His companion rolls his almond-shaped eyes and elbows his companion in a way that’s horribly informal. He says something derogatory sounding in Japanese.

“It’s Angela. We can work something out for her,” he promises, and Dr. Zeigler flashes him a smile.

“No, no, Genji, I won’t ask for anything concrete tonight. Simply to keep your minds open to the idea, especially if the Shimada group decides to pursue omnic research.”

“I can assure you we will not. We prefer more practical and human paths to take.” The first man apparently catches the eye of someone on the other side of the room and excuses himself. Immediately, the man Fareeha assumes is Genji loosens his tie and undoes the top button of his shirt. 

From what she knows of the Shimada group, he’s not what she expected. Young, first of all, maybe even a little younger than Dr. Ziegler. And rather flippant for an ambassador at such an important event.

“But back to you. Who is this striking young woman?” he asks, and offers his hand. Fareeha takes it and gives it her firmest shake before he can raise it to his lips.

“This is my wife, Fareeha.” Dr. Ziegler says, and winds her arm around Fareeha’s waist. 

“Your–”  Genji’s eyes widen; if he’s disappointed, he is excellent at hiding it, as his face nearly splits in two with a grin. “Congratulations, Angela. Or perhaps I should be congratulating you on such a catch. Angela is a dear friend of mine, and I lost several years in my youth pursuing her.”

Dr. Ziegler blushes and fans him off. “Oh, now, I accepted your dates more than once.”

“And you stood me up for most of them. The last date we had was when I brought you pasta and you ate it over a ten minute lunch break.” He turns back to Fareeha, sizing her up with a smile. “You must be remarkable indeed to have brought Angela down to earth.”

“Down to earth is a poor choice of words, Genji,” Dr. Ziegler teases. Her cheek is pressed against Fareeha’s shoulder for the space of two seconds, just long enough to make a statement, and then she continues. “Fareeha is a brilliant pilot at the university where I used to teach. We met a little over a year ago - in the emergency room…”

The story comes so easily to Dr. Ziegler; mostly because the majority of it is true. Except for the cubic zirconia ring she is wearing on her finger, that she keeps spinning around to hide the lab-created, cheap stone that she is sure someone will call her out on, everything she says is accurate. Down to the bit about ‘love at first suture.’

“Ah, so we have something in common after all. I’d show you the scar, but if my brother saw me do it he’d be rather displeased. Now,” and with a subtle shift of his shoulders, Genji transforms into a perfectly professional businessman, dark eyes piercing through Fareeha despite the inch or three of height she has over him. “What can the Shimadas do for you?”

Dr. Ziegler nudges Fareeha in the arm; she licks dry lips and starts.

“I’ve been working with some experimental technology for adaptive, self-propelled flight…”

So, we don’t know if Fairy Tail is coming to an end or not - sure seems that way, with Zeref and Acnologia seemingly the last huge hurdles to overcome. But who knows? Maybe Mashima will throw us a curveball and there’ll be another arc with Ankhseram or something completely different.

Setting aside that possibility, FT is quite likely reaching its end. It’s been quite a ride with lots of bumps in the road; no series is perfect. Speaking for me personally, I only started tuning in for the better part of half a year now. You can tell me all your gripes about the series, and I’ll still tell you more than a few things I like about it. Even arcs like GMG.

Buuut this post isn’t about that. With the series coming to a close and shippers clamoring to support their ships, I figured I’d post a little something for Natza shippers who might be feeling down about Nalu and Jerza shippers POSSIBLY  'getting their way’. Just consider this a little reminder of some of the reasons you supported Natza in the first place. Out of respect to other shippers, I’ll try and tone down ‘anti-nalu’ and 'anti-jerza’ talk, but it might still come up in a few places. Kinda unavoidable…

First up, these two have history. And I don’t mean 'slaves trapped constructing a cultist tower’, I simply mean prior to the first chapter/episode, these two had seven years together, working and living together at Fairy Tail. That might not seem like much, since Erza became S-Class in X780 and kinda left Natsu and Gray in the dust, but they most certainly associated with one another. Igneel provided a base for Natsu’s education, but Erza built up on that. Natsu couldn’t read the job request flier he picked out on his own, and Erza made sure he could… Admittedly traumatizing him in the process. You want more than reluctant student and teacher? In a manga chapter we got not too long ago, we got flashbacks of Natsu, Gray, and Erza (as kids) doing stuff together; Erza breaking up fights, Erza teaching them hunting… and yes, even the times they bathed together. You might say, “Well… wait. That’s not Natza!” And I’ll agree. I’m simply pointing out that Natsu and Erza have history - seven years of it. It’s not a case of Natsu being 'scared’ of Erza for all that time; yes, he has those times where Erza intimidates him into behaving, but you know that little Pyro. He’s just gotta challenge Erza and catch up to her. Erza’s not someone unbeatable; she just really… really… strong. And of course Natsu admires that.

So now we’re to current events as the series officially begins. Admittedly, it takes a few episodes before Erza gets her debut, but she shows up, and we get our first impressions of the scarlet knight. She’s a tough disciplinarian, but she knows Natsu and Gray well enough to know they’re capable in their own right. Moreover, Natsu really shows determination here as he makes Erza promise to have a rematch with him after the mission. And that’s how they, Lucy, and Happy wind up going on their first conquest of a Dark Guild. Ah, but Erza comes with her own quirks, just like Natsu and Gray. She totes around a HUGE pile of luggage, and to make the train ride easier on Natsu, she… knocks… him… out. Still by far one of my favorite moments of the series. I can see why some might label Natza as a brotp with this kind of scene, but our time will come.

So they beat Eisenwald and Lullaby, and Natsu and Erza get their rematch. Whoo hoo. But their rematch gets broken up as the Council comes to arrest Erza for the destruction of the Guild Conference meeting hall in Clover Town (at least officially…).Of course Natsu won’t let that stand, and he makes quite a scene in the courtroom as he tries to save the redhead. … Well, instead of that slap on the wrist like they’d initially attended, the Council locks the two Fairy Tail mages in a cell for the night. Understandably, Erza is quite frustrated with Natsu’s lack of perception, but nonetheless, she thanks him for standing up for her.

As we’ll discover throughout the series, there are lots of instances where Natsu and Erza are concerned for one another; but moreover, there are plenty of instances where they strongly believe in one another as well. And it’s not just misplaced trust - they DO get the job done, such as when Natsu beats Gajeel and saves Lucy, and when Erza withstood a blast from the Jupiter Cannon for her Guild and still had the energy to take down Aria a short while later. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a basis for a healthy relationship right there. Worry and trust come in fair shares; as time goes on, these two become less and less worried for one another even in the face of overwhelming odds. They know the other can handle the situation and come out on top; the worry never goes away fully, just decreases in the face of mutual respect and trust.

And then we reach the epitome of our Natza ship… Nalu’s worst nightmare…The Tower of Heaven Arc. I am going to try and sidestep the icky love triangle that Mashima tries to make here - I’ll make it as simple as possible. This arc is where we learn about Erza’s past. Why she is the way she is, why she doesn’t get along with Councilman Siegrain, why she can find it hard to open up to people. Erza tries to keep her Fairy Tail family out of it, but they get dragged into it anyway. She mends bridges with her old friends, thanks to Simon; but on the flipside, Erza acts very much unlike herself here (at least from what we’ve seen up to this point). In this conflict, Erza is ready to throw her life away to protect both of her families. Despite being a seasoned warrior by this point, she can’t summon the same strength that she did when she tried to fight Jose Porla! And she’s in better shape than she was at that time! Perhaps some will argue that this is simply who Erza is - strip away her armor, and she’s a traumatized little girl with a *tragic* past. Ugh. Nope, nope, nope. By no means am I arguing that Erza can’t have her tender side; it’d be hard to like her character if she didn’t have such a side. What I am saying is that when Erza left the Tower of Heaven, she was alone and lost when she wandered to Fairy Tail. But in that time there, she acquired a new family, recovered the strength she once had when Grandpa Rob died and she inspired the slaves to keep on fighting. In fact, you could say she surpassed that strength - she became S-Class, didn’t she? Yet the moment her past comes back to haunt her, Erza horribly reverts; she goes into that fight with Jellal with a defeatist’s mindset. Thankfully, Natsu is up to the task of helping Erza bury her past. He fights Jellal, who is one of the Ten Wizard Saints, who took over the management of the Tower of Heaven, and who killed the mutual friend he and Erza once shared - the guy who made it possible for Erza to reconnect with her old family, Simon. He fights Jellal knowing most if not all of this, even when Erza desperately pleads with him to abandon the fight. Natsu can’t and won’t abandon her, though. In the end, Natsu makes a gutsy move of eating Etherion, and that gives him the strength to beat down Mr. Wizard Saint. Say what you will about that, how the fight 'should’ have gone, but I think it worked very well symbolically. Erza’s past warred with her present and future, and guess which came out on top? The scarlet knight picked herself up yet again and moved on with her life, despite lingering thoughts on Jellal and Simon. We can probably agree that Natsu had similar moments of getting worked up over villains hurting other friends - Lucy (present and Future), Yukino, etc. - but for me personally, I feel like there’s something fundamentally different in how those moments feel compared to the Tower of Heaven. For Lucy, Natsu saving her happens a little too often without Lucy doing the same as much for my tastes (in other words, those hero moments don’t feel as deep and meaningful to me). And for Yukino… well. I think anyone would get worked up over Yukino’s treatment by her Guild (especially her Master). I feel like Erza and the Tower of Heaven is different because Natsu connected with her more deeply than he ever had prior to this; he saw her pain, and wished for nothing more than to end her tears. He panicked after she sacrificed herself to stop the Tower from exploding. And in that dreamlike vision of the future brought about by Etherion, Natsu didn’t believe that Erza had died. Everyone else had given up, but not him. And whose arms does she wake up in, after realizing someone had saved her from being fully absorbed by Etherion? Natsu’s. He even makes her promise not to do such a suicidal move again. On Erza’s side, she recognizes his growth the moment he took down Jellal, and she tried to get him out of the Tower before it exploded. After seeing how affected Natsu would have been with her death, Erza cites that, “You don’t die for your friends. You live for them.” It was a pretty good shippy moment right there, but then the rest of their friends find them and rejoice that they’re all alive.

We can whine about it all we want, but when the Oracion Seis arc hit, that’s when the Jerza ship began to get a little more wind in its sail. After all, the man that brought Erza pain in the past returned, but he had… amnesia. You gotta be sympathetic to a guy like that, right? They had such a tragic past, and now Jellal can’t remember it. What a pity. … Okay, enough bashing. But it is a bit annoying for us Natza shippers; after the high that we got from ToH, we’re suddenly smashed back to earth with Jellal’s return. You can say that Natsu came to forgive Jellal in this arc, but that isn’t the case when you inspect the arc carefully. After all, what’s the first thing Natsu does when he first hears that Wendy revived Jellal? He’s intent on making sure Erza never has to see him again. Not out of jealousy - but out of sympathy for his friend. Natsu doesn’t want to see her cry again, but despite this, Erza finds the blue-haired mage anyway and comes to the dissatisfying conclusion that Jellal really can’t remember all of his past atrocities. Later, Jellal goes off to help Natsu fight Zero, and the Pyro tries to fight him off as well. Sure, Jellal ended up helping Natsu in the end, giving him something equally as potent as Etherion so that he may attain Dragon Force again, but that anger that Natsu holds hasn’t vanished. They’re tentative allies against a greater threat. And when the Rune Knights come to take Jellal and Oracion Seis away, Natsu doesn’t fight for Jellal’s freedom because he’s a swell guy that helped take down Zero; he does it for Erza, because the redhead is conflicted about resisting the Council’s authority. Despite his personal feelings about the blue-haired mage, he tries to resist for Erza’s sake so that the two can resolve their past. Of course, Erza tells him and the others to stand down in the end, and the Dragon Slayer grudgingly complies. Erza goes back to angsting about her past.  

I’m not gonna say my interpretation of events is the one, true way to look at the series. I AM saying this is how we Natza fans see the relationships between Natsu, Erza, Jellal, and Lucy. Some of you naysayers will argue Natsu and Erza are siblings; Jellal and Erza have such a tragic and *amazing* past together; Natsu brought Lucy to Fairy Tail and totally fell in love; you’re perfectly fine with believing in any of that. Just don’t shove your theories down our throats. From a Natza fan’s perspective, such as mine, Natsu brings out the best in Erza; he doesn’t make her think about her past every five minutes or force her to be the ever-shining beacon in their relationship. On the flipside, Erza doesn’t require saving all the time; she stands alongside Natsu, and is a pillar for him when he is sad or has doubts. Natza is mutual, and I think there’s something deeper there than sibling love. Heck, there are still Natza moments floating throughout the series, it’s just that whenever Jellal gets involved… yeah. You can tell what Mashima is likely pushing for, just not very convincingly. It’s fine if Erza becomes Jellal’s redemption, but it’s such a shame that a mutual, passionate relationship like Natza goes out the window in favor of giving Jellal a relationship to go with his redemption. Just look at all the various moments they have together…

So yeah! Criticize the Natza ship all you want, but you’ll never stomp us out completely. Even if Mashima cedes to you Nalu and Jerza fans, we’ll still have all these moments and more to look back on - canon, filler, omake, you name it. I think we have reason to be proud of our ship to the very end. We’re not a brotp or a fanon couple - if Nalu can be argued to be semi-canon, when it wasn’t in Mashima’s original plan, then I don’t see why we can’t make a case for it being at least semi-canon. I’ve certainly reflected long and hard on it over the past half year I’ve been into FT. I’m still going to be bummed if Mashima follows the crowd and forces Nalu and Jerza to happen, but I won’t falter in my love for this ship. I encourage other 'unpopular’ ships to do the same. I certainly don’t mind other ships with Natsu involved; Natza is just my OTP.


“Well, well, look what the cat dragged in,” a gruff, yet familiar voice calls out as you enter the main console of the ship.

“My, my, Rip must be desperate if you’re here” you reply with a playful smirk.

“Funny” Mick replies with a grunt as he walks towards you. “Good to see you, kiddo” he softened ever so slightly, giving you a rare one armed hug in greeting which you happily receive.

“I don’t suppose it would be too much to hope that only half of your little duo decided to join this little adventure” you ask quietly, making sure none of the other curious ears can here your desperate plea.

A frown falls onto Mick’s lips as he tries to think of an appropriate answer, but he’s cut short.

“What, no hug for me?” Leonard drawls out as he practically saunters into the room, collapsing carelessly into one of the chairs. A smirk sits on his lips, but his gaze holds another story; it’s fixed on you with determination, yet the insecurity that lays there is almost unsettling.

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character/ship aesthetic meme: xeverlasting-illumination requested: naminé/xion

“naminé, are you able to see my face?”

Adopt a Goopy!

Say hello to my newest babe. And he’s for sale!

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Benefits of adopting a Goopy?

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Please PM me for any further questions! (I also take commissions for plushies and various other things so feel free to ask!)

Kaneki x Ayato ✨
The cutest little ghoulies ever!

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - A Mor/Nesta Fic

This pairing has consumed and ruined me and I have…absolutely no regrets whatsoever it’s amazing. Join me in femslash heaven ladies and gentlemen. From an anonymous prompt for Mor/Nesta and ‘dancing’ (plus another thing which I am going to write but this got long enough that I decided to format and post it properly) 

Title:  Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

Summary: Mor coaxes Nesta to come to Rita’s with her but has to employ all of her charm and powers of persuasion to encourage her into a dance. Established Mor/Nesta; mixed POV, slightly NSFW. 

Teaser: Letting out a long breath, Mor folds her arms and rests her chin on them, peering up at Nesta with her best, huge, irresistible begging eyes. The kind that would have anyone pleading to do her bidding just to make her stop looking at them like that, the kind that no-one can ever possibly say- 

“No,” Nesta says flatly, without looking up from the book she appears to be attempting to read by the dim lighting of Rita’s. Amren smirks. Mor scowls.  

Link: AO3 

Mor collapses in a happy heap beside Nesta who raises an eyebrow at her over the rim of her glass that she’s delicately sipping. Amren sits opposite her and the two of them seem to be engaged in one of their typical comfortable silence sessions, which have been known to last hours. 

Glancing out over the dancers, Mor’s eyes linger on the couples she recognises. Feyre and Rhys are slow dancing on the fringes of the dancefloor, not in any proper hold, simply embracing, their lips meeting gently every few moments. Elain and Lucien are in the centre of the dancers and Elain is giggling as she stands on Lucien’s toes and allows him to steer. Cass and Azriel are nowhere to be seen, having disappeared to somewhere more private some time ago. 

Letting out a long breath, Mor folds her arms and rests her chin on them, peering up at Nesta with her best, huge, irresistible begging eyes. The kind that would have anyone pleading to do her bidding just to make her stop looking at them like that, the kind that no-one can ever possibly say- 

“No,” Nesta says flatly, without looking up from the book she appears to be attempting to read by the dim lighting of Rita’s. Amren smirks. Mor scowls. 

“Please?” Mor asks, shifting in closer to her wife and nuzzling affectionately against her neck the way she likes. 

“No.” Nesta repeats, very pointedly turning a page and just as pointedly not looking into Mor’s wide, pleading eyes.

 Amren gets up, giving Mor a smirk that very patently says ‘good luck’ before she slips off to the bar to get herself another drink, and flirt with the attractive female serving them, leaving the two of them alone together.  

“Come on, Nes,” she wheedles, setting her lip in a pronounced, miserable pout. 

“No,” Nesta says again, exhaling a long-suffering sigh this time, her eyes moving down over the page of her book but Mor is quite sure she stopped really reading the moment she got there. “You know the rule,” she says, “No dancing.” 

Mor groans and resists the urge to point out, for the thousandth time, that coming to a dance club with a rule of ‘no dancing’ is stupid. She settles instead for flopping onto the table in an outpouring of dramatic misery, head in her hands as she whines pathetically in mock agony at the stubbornness of her wife. Nesta responds by propping her book on top of Mor’s back and continuing to pretend to read with a broad smirk on her face. 

Mor growls at that and moves blindingly fast, snatching the book from her hands and tossing it onto the bench beside them, dipping in to kiss Nesta. Nesta however avoids the kiss, grumbling indignantly, “You lost my page, Mor.” 

“I’ll find it for you again later,” Mor promises, voice low and sultry as she takes Nesta’s chin between her thumb and forefinger and tilts her face back towards hers. 

Those beautiful, glittering ice blue eyes meet hers and this time Nesta allows the kiss. Mor takes her time, slow and deep and reverent. Even though they’ve been married for decades now and all of Velaris knows it, Nesta is rarely comfortable with being physically open in public. Which for the most part Mor doesn’t mind. But one of the things she particularly loves about Rita’s is that, nestled in their booth in this dark, quiet corner, she’s free to kiss Nesta as much as she likes. 

She can also slide her hand slowly up Nesta’s thigh until it’s slipping beneath her dress and wandering higher still. Nesta breaks the kiss, gasping, “Mor-” she begins, her voice a low groan, catching her wrist and stopping her. 

“You look beautiful tonight,” she interrupts quietly, voice low and rough. It’s a stunning dress, a deep, blood red, clean cut lines with black outlining and defining the sharp edges. The slit that bites deeply into it, travelling high up her wife’s legs is appealing as well. 

Nesta releases her wrist and Mor smirks and purrs in approval at being given permission to continue her exploration. She rests her head on her shoulder, eyes closing as she nuzzles at her neck, breathing her scent in deeply and savouring it. “Rules are made to be broken, love,” she murmurs in her ear, “One dance, one song. I’ll make it very worth-“ she breaks off with a low hiss of breath as her fingers travel higher still, Nesta’s thighs parting slightly beneath the table to allow her access, and she realises she’s not wearing any underwear.

Mor pulls back to look into her eyes, her own wide and tinged with the hunger that’s surged within her. “You were saying?” Nesta prompts, raising an eyebrow. Though she tries to suppress it a thin smirk tugs at the corners of her mouth as she looks at Mor.

Mor’s voice drops into a low, thrumming purr as she leans in and presses her lips against Nesta’s, pressing her next words into her mouth, “I love you.”


Smiling, Nesta kisses Mor again, more deeply this time, letting her ease herself forwards until she’s half in her lap and half on the chair, fingers plunging deeply into her hair. Breathing hard, Nesta answers her wife’s words by slipping lithely out of the booth and extending her hand in invitation for Mor to join her.

Beaming, her smile bright enough to light up the dim room around them Mor eagerly slips her fingers into hers and allows her to gently draw her to her feet and lead her towards the dance floor, trailing reverently behind her, going where she leads them.

Nesta knows that Mor loves being in the centre of the crowd, in the thick of the dancers, her body moving without thought in perfect sync with those around her, weaving in and out of all of them as though she was made for those. She comes truly alive when music plays in a darkened room and she can just close her eyes and lose herself in it and the press of people around it. But Nesta is never that comfortable surrounded by a dense crowd of shifting bodies and she halts on the fringes and firmly stops in place, pulling Mor in against her.

The radiant smile on Mor’s face doesn’t falter at all, she just sweeps her arms around Nesta and tugs her in against her, following the last, rapid, pulsing beats of the song as her body instinctively moves with them. This has never failed to mesmerise her, in all their time together, she’s always loved watching the way her lover’s body moves to music. It seems as though it sings to her blood, as though it slips inside her and takes control of her and she lets it, lets it carry her away. Nesta has never been able to find that herself, though her appreciation has grown since her stiff, irritable lessons as a girl, thanks to Mor. But she will never stop being in love with the pure happiness and joy that blazes from her wife when they dance together.  

The song ends and Mor opens her eyes and looks questioningly at Nesta, who simply hums gently and remains in hold, sloppy as it is, more adequately described as cuddling than a true hold but it does what it needs to. Mor smiles at her again, dipping down for a quick kiss just before the next one starts.

This one is different to the last which was upbeat and lively. This song begins with notes that are drawn out and echo through her bones longer than they have any right to, drawn from the instruments they belong to as if by a lover, coaxed out with deep, startling intensity. The smile that spreads across Mor’s face is slow and rich, marble wrapped in smooth velvet and Nesta watches every movement she makes as though she means to memorise every detail in order to have Feyre paint this moment later on.

Feeling suddenly self-conscious, despite the fact they’re on the very edge of the room, shrouded in protective shadows, Nesta burrows in against Mor, closing her eyes and breathing in her wife’s scent. The rich blend of cinnamon and citrus and the undercurrent of the cherry shampoo she likes is familiar to her as the sound of her own name and it always soothes her. She lets it flood her senses, drowning out everything but Mor, the heat of her skin against hers, the feel of their bodies melding together, her hands on her hips, slowly moving her in time with the music.

The song lifts into a chorus and Nesta looks up at Mor and a moment later her lips are on hers and she’s kissing her between the light pulses that flash across them for only a second before bathing them into an even darkness that seems deeper and blacker for the intense flash of light that came before it.

When she draws away from the kiss, Nesta turns Mor and presses her back against her, holding her close, any whisper of space that might have been left between them gone completely now. The music mixed with her wife’s scent is intoxicating and she just wants to live in this moment, to let it move through her and consume her and Mor until there’s only them. Mor pauses in her arms, a little stunned by the sudden change of pace but she sinks into it almost at once.

Her hands wander slowly over Mor’s sides, pulling her closer still, unable to stop exploring every inch of her body she can reach. The music swells around them, consuming every couple on the floor and that sweeps them away as well. As though they’re all caught in a river’s current, the music bears them along with it, making them rise and fall as it does, every movement striking the inescapable beat which pounds beneath the melody.

“You’re incredible,” Mor groans as Nesta leans down to softly nuzzle at her neck.

Nesta just smirks at that, “I know,” she purrs and Mor looses a slightly breathless laugh in response. A laugh that is bitten off into a sharp gasp as Nesta’s wandering hands find skin beneath the silk of her dress.

She loves this dress, the way it clings to her wife’s curves, shaping her and defining her while at the same time drenching her in elegance and mystery. The way the fabric moves with her body makes it impossible to pin her down, impossible to find any solid edge to catch a hold of. Her wife is molten, liquid that flows where and as it will, free as smoke that can never be caught or held against its will. Except for her. Her wife. For her alone she will be fixed and permanent and hers.

The thing she loves most about this dress though is how obliging the material is when her fingers find the slit in the thigh. It parts with a delight invitation, coaxing her to explore further, urging her hands to seek the warm, smooth skin they seek. “Nes-“ Mor begins hoarsely, her eyes closing as she leans back more firmly against her body, allowing her to support a little more of her weight as her legs tremble in anticipation.

Nesta huffs a soft breath against her skin when she finds a lace barrier blocking her path. “That won’t do,” she murmurs, easing the thin fabric aside to ease between Mor’s folds. Mor gasps, her head resting against Nesta’s shoulder, her eyes closed, her lips slightly part as a faint, delicious whine spreads through them both.

“Nes,” Mor groans in warning, gesturing around at the crowded dance floor but she just laughs darkly and continues with what she’s doing. She picked her spot well and she knew that Mor has been desperate for her, has been able to scent the faint tang of her arousal since she discovered her lack of undergarments in their booth and she can’t resist her. The music has built to a shattering crescendo and no-one is watching the way their bodies move, closer than any other couple, each person has eyes only for their partner and all Nesta can do is watch Mor as her eyes flutter open and reveal the pupils that have burst wide, split open to spill into the rich caramel gold that usually fills her gaze by lust and hunger.

The last note of the song echoes through the hall along with the applause and together they mask the moan that Nesta swallows with delight as her teasing becomes more intense to the point that she can’t control herself any longer.  

As the song ends Mor’s eyes flash and glitter with wicked hunger and she grabs Nesta’s wrist, tugging her hand away from where it still wanders between her legs. With a rough snarl that sends any in their way skittering out of her path, Mor takes Nesta’s hand and drags her towards the back of the room, pushing her back into a shadowed alcove, her eyes consumed by her need for her.


Pressing her against the smooth dark wood of the wall with her body Mor braces both hands above Nesta’s head pinning her down, blocking her from view of any that might pass this secluded spot. Mor tilts her head slightly to one side, studying her, the untamed hunger that shines in those stunning blue-gray eyes, the devilish little smirk that tugs at her lips and she lets out a low hiss.

“You planned this,” she says slowly, softly and she doesn’t fail to note the triumph that flashes in her wife’s eyes at that.

Mor growls low, leaning in and tilting Nesta’s chin up, giving her access to her throat which she begins to kiss. Slowly, trailing a tender necklace of kisses across it, sucking on all the right spots, biting at the soft skin until Nesta’s hands grab her hips and jolt her body harder against hers, she marvel’s at her wife’s cunning.

“Agreeing to come with me tonight,” she says, nibbling gently at Nesta’s ear. “Bringing that damned book and sitting with Amren all night,” she says, her voice lowering to a growl as one hand slips from the wall and starts pushing the skirt of Nesta’s dress out of her way. “Ignoring me,” she says, this a definite snarl. “Making me work all night to get your attention, pretending you weren’t interested and all this time…”

Her fingers find their mark, sliding between Nesta’s slick folds and it’s an effort to remain standing, an effort not to groan as she feels how wet she is. “All this time,” she repeats, struggling to find the thread of her conversation again as her self control slips. She compensates by making slow circles at Nesta’s centre, not quite where she wants her but enough to make her gasp and bite back a moan. “You were planning this, knowing this would drive me insane, that as soon as I felt this,” she drags her finger slowly through the wetness pooled between her thighs to emphasise her point and Nesta whimpers.

Leaning down again, Mor presses hot, open-mouthed kisses to her neck, biting down a little harder than before and causing Nesta to whimper. “You filthy little-“

Nesta cuts her off with a rough kiss, burying her hand in Mor’s thick golden hair and pulling her hard against her. Her lips part for her tongue and Mor can’t help the faint whimper that she presses into her mouth, her arms going slack, falling away from her as she lets herself sink in to the kiss.

“You love it,” Nesta purrs in her ear and Mor snaps.

Grabbing Nesta and pulling her hard against her she winnows them home. They vanish into nothingness as one, their beings blending together as they’re consumed by mist and smoke and they reform in their bedroom. Mor’s lips find Nesta’s once more as they allow themselves to fall, tumbling from empty space and onto their bed in a confused tangle of soft silk sheets and wicked laughter.



RWBY fanworks stats! Pretty much all of this data is from Ao3 as of August 2016 wih a little look into fanfiction.net and wattpad for some comparison.

This came about after seeing rwby show up on centrumlumina’s break down of the top 100 femslash ships on Ao3. I wanted to do a little overview of what rwby had been up in general this year.

There’s been a pretty big boost in works published for rwby on Ao3 recently, which isn’t a huge surprise given that the platform grows bigger ever year anyway. With season 4 round the corner I’m sure that number only grow further before 2016 is over.


ULTIMATE DEGRASSI MEME [3/5 Romantic Relationships]: Miles Hollingsworth & Esme Song

“Everything I touch gets ruined and if anything had happened to her … I just can’t let her be another victim.” 


I would never miss TakaMido Day <3 (10/6)

The lucky item for Cancer today was a kiss from a person they like. Also somehow cancer was in last place.
Scorpio was first.

sorry for the long post

Bad Little Boy

Marshall Lee: Good little girl.

Always picking a fight with me, you know that I’m bad,

But you’re spending the night with me.

What… do you want… from my world? You’re a good little girl.

Fiona: Bad little boy.

That’s what you’re acting like, I really don’t buy,

That you’re that kind of guy. And… if you are… Why do you want to hang out with me?

Okay, I kind of addicted to this song from adventure time. xD