Imagine your otp

Okay but today in class there was a lock down drill and there were these two guys sitting right next to each other and one had his arm around the other and they had their fingers laced together and one of them was leaning his head on the other guy’s shoulder and they were whispering to each other and giggling quietly and then

at the end of class I hear one of the guys go up to the other and is like “hey wanna go to homecoming with me” and the other guy said yes and I just

imagine your otp

Trying not to think about the judging shit show from the short program yesterday and trying to focus more on the fact that these two “best friends” touched each other’s butts on camera with no shame.

It’s a great day to be alive.

Shoutout to the poor man that had to interrupt that PDA.

Edit: Also, credit goes to @thatonekimgirl for these spectacular gifs that have given fuel for the shippers everywhere!