i ship him with every as member

wth is going on with the shit that some shippers of a certain ship wish for a certain member’s death so that their ship can be happy?

are you guys effing kidding me? grow the f up seriously

I don’t give an f about you little shit but if Jimin ever sees those shits I can’t even imagine how hurt he will be.

Shipping is for fun, please don’t be ugly. 1st they dragged him into their ships and trashed him for blocking their ship, then thanked him for sailing their ships, and now wanna kill him? Seriously?

I ship Jikook/Kookmin but I’d never say shit about any member. I appreciate each and every moment between each of them.

I just read about it but I really don’t wanna find out, but if you guys ever come across those things, please help by reporting them so that they can never reach any of the member.

And also that thing about him not loving international Armys too. 

I don’t understand why people are being like that to Jimin, esp. people who claim to be fans.

Jimin is shy, and timid, we all know, esp. when it comes to having to use foreign languages. Those English he spoke during the short clips promoting Wings tour and similar stuff, it was clear that he read it from a script (most of the members tbh). He’s a perfectionist, so it’s likely that he doesn’t wanna make any mistake speaking nor writing. And not everyone is good with learning foreign languages, esp. Korean and English have different linguistic systems and origins.

And Korea is his home, Korean Armys are what they started with. It’s not even worth debating that they have a special place in his heart. But it doesn’t mean that international Armys aren’t special nor have less space in his heart or anything. I hope people can be more understanding and actually place yourself in his place before they judge him.

He’s so precious to me, and seeing so many things happen to him caused by fans these days really break my heart.

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- How I feel about this character

I love him so much, he’s such a Team Mom

- All the people I ship romantically with this character

Honestly I haven’t really thought of romantic ships for him?? Maybe him and Tim Shepard

- My non-romantic OTP for this character

I love his relationship with every gang member including the Shepard gang, like he is Tulsa’s Mother

- My unpopular opinion about this character

Maybe that he’s such good friends with the Shepard’s, idk how people feel about that

- One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

I wish we had seen him interacting with other gang members more, like Steve or Dallas

The more I become entrenched in Batman and the community, the more I’m realizing that a good portion of the fandom is just like me: a bunch of losers who don’t care about mean angry Bruce, but instead are obsessed with him as Dadman with his trail of orphans following behind him. We ship him platonically SO HARD with other JLA members doing friend stuff and we literally lose our shit over the slightest hint of Daddybats.

This is the batman fandom, we cry over a loser dad with his kids and co-workers and every now and again we remember he is a dark crimefighter.

Anything… I’m gonna include some ships (no mc) in here, hope you don’t mind

  • Okay so, Zen is the best at oral, hands down. A+ tongue tricks
  • Yoosung has had at least one steamy dream about another rfa member, he’s too embarrassed to think about it. But it was the hardest he’s woken up in his life
  • Saeran and Seven have the most sensitive nipples out of everyone
  • Jumin rarely masturbates, almost nothing does it for him except for thoughts of a certain blue-haired childhood friend
  • Seven has had a crush on every member of the rfa at some point
  • Jaehee has perfected the hability of masturbating in public since she rarely has time to do so at home. Left hand under desk as she works. Never been caught.
  • Despite sitting on it almost 24/7, Seven has the roundest ass along with boarder hips
  • Zen is the best lap dancer, 100%
  • Yoosung is still super careful with his porn despite living alone
  • Saeran prefers boobs over butts
  • Seven has been walked in on while masturbating more than once. Vanderwood didn’t comment
  • Jumin likes public/semi-public sex
  • Jaehee prefers having sex in a body of water
  • Saeran is into fucking against the wall, or just standing up
  • Zen’s sex fantasies are ever-changing, he just goes “oh man I’d love to fuck here” “this seems like a good place to have sex” and just makes a mental list for his future partner
  • Jaehee is most sensitive in her thighs
  • Yoosung plays with his ass when masturbating 
RWBY 30 Day Challenge- Day 5

RWBY 30 Day Challenge

Day 5: Favorite Team







How could you not be in love with Team JNPR? These four are more than just a team, they are the best of friends. Every member looks out for the other, and nothing can tear them apart. Of every team we know of, RWBY and JNPR are the only ones we know are a personal level, and JNPR has been the more stable of the two since arriving at Beacon. There has only been one small quarrel within the team, and that was quickly resolved.

They are also very laid back, living a normal day to day life during school (at least when Vale isn’t under immediate attack). I know people love shipping team members, but JNPR’s bond isn’t just romantic with one person. Jaune sought advice from Ren, and comforted him when the Grimm attack forced them away from their mission that he was so eager to go on (possibly because his old home was nearby). Pyrrha got advice from Ren and Nora prior to her Vytal Festival, and Jaune comforted her when she was feeling down. This team members is always looking out for one another, even if it means putting themselves in danger.

Also, the comic relief we see from this team seems to nearly always be there. Pyrrha punching Jaune’s arm after he was announced team leader, the castle made out of lunch tables, Nora riding and Ursa and vomiting out an algae shake, not to mention the entire team stopping a Vytal Festival match to have a team discussion.Team JNPR is a family, and that has never been put into question.

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I think you missed out on certain dialogue options with him.

oh right i didnt get to take him to mourn his widow

i dont get it??? i spoke to him at every other opportunity, even that time on the citadel where we talked about ships or something. by the end of the game he wouldnt say anything else. what did i do differently on the first playthrough which pushed the dialogue further?

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How I feel about this character:


All the people I ship romantically with this character:

-Nobody really

My non-romantic OTP for this character:

- Him with pretty much every member of the gang. He could be non-romantic OTPs with literally anyone. If I’m being specific, I think him and Two-bit is such a cool match because they have a lot of the same reckless qualities but are still super likable. These two could literally do anything, and their wit and charm will always get them out of trouble.

My unpopular opinion about this character:

- I don’t think him and Sandy will ever get back in touch, or even see each other again.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.:

- I wished we just got to know a bit more about him and his relationships (if he had any) before Sandy.

I've been watching Star Trek: Voyager lately.

Can I talk about how much I love Neelix and Tuvok’s little breakfast dynamic? Tuvok hates Neelix’s cooking, why does he keep coming back?? It gives this fantastic little insight into how much he must care about his crew even as a Vulcan, that he would even bother trying to stomach Neelix’s…. most creative endeavors. And I love how Neelix accepts that without expecting any sugar coating or special treatment. He doesn’t care that Tuvok hates his cooking, he’s just happy the guy keeps coming back to his table every day. I just really love the crew’s interactions with Neelix in general, like, he’s easily the silliest and seemingly least important person on the ship and everyone takes him seriously as a bridge crew member without even questioning it.
Sassy Voyager Fam is best fam.

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Do you not like jikook anymore? What about vmin.

Well I LOVE every ~cute moment~ the members have with each other. Yoongi giving up his food to feed Hoseok? Nice. Taehyung serenading Jimin along to San.E’s Me You? I’m crying. Jimin who couldn’t say no to Jungkook when he was purposely annoying him for a mission? So sweet I’m prayer emoji etcetc

But the only ship I go all-out with is taekook atm, and by that I mean I track the tag, have read most taekook fics on ao3 and hunt for stuff like “taekook moments” on Youtube (fuckn send help) so.. yeah! I’m neck-deep 


Can i get a ship plz?? This’ll be my first time! ^^ bts member!

I Ship You With: Jimin

Originally posted by chimcheroo

You Guys Would:

  • Go out for food, he would pay every time. It would mostly be sweets

  • Lots, lots, lots of hugs, almost too many

  • Lots of laughs

  • The members teasing him about you

  • Going shopping together, and dressing up in things you would never wear

  • Buying a white fluffy puppy dog, and Jimin calling her a bunch of different pet names like “Princess” and “Cupcake”
  • Lots of pet names between you

  • Long walks by the Han River during Spring

  • Cuddles with hot chocolate during Winter

  • Surprise visits to his waiting room at award shows

Hope you liked it! Feel free to request other things, sorry if you didn’t get your bias. Let me know if you liked it~

2PM’s reaction when their celebrity crush has to do a kissing scene with one of their members

M/Y/K: member you kiss


He’s gonna be jealous but he will still come and watch the filming. “Aish, he calls that a kiss? I would have done a much better job.”


Little Khunnie will be feeling sad and jealous but he too will come and watch and every time something goes wrong, meaning that the scene has to be reaped he will just blankly stare at M/Y/K, which just makes him look scarier. “I see… I see how this works. I guess I too can’t help it if I make a mistake with your dinner tonight.”


If it’s for their M/V he will ask the director to either remove the kiss scene or replace him with M/Y/K. If this doesn’t work and the director doesn’t agree, he will be in a bitchy mode the whole week especially with M/Y/K. He probably would also prefer not to watch the M/V later or he will just always skip that part. cuz he a bitchy diva


The kid is called curious Wooyoung dude. What do you think he will do? He will ask the two of you so many questions later like “So Y/N-shii, is he a good kisser?” “Ya M/Y/K, did you perhaps ask for her number? Don’t lie to me. I know what a creep you are.” “How about we kiss too so you can tell us who is the better kisses.” “Do you two perhaps.. you know… like..each other.. now?” etc. The kid might even ask questions which answers might hurt., and he knows it. But he can’t help it. Cuz in the inside, he is dying of curiosity. don’t do this to him. don’t hurt my wooyoung


This one is smooth bro. He will act like he is fine on the outside but he is dying in the inside. He was probably already murdered M/Y/K and buried him six feet under in his mind. M/Y/K must be prepared cuz Lee Jun Ho isn’t gonna let this one slide. You know, this is how assassins are born.


He will feel a bit jealous but not much because he knows that it’s all fake so he won’t really concern himself. Hwang is also confident that he is a better kisser his hyungs will ever be. *cocky maknae*

***i don’t own the gifs*

You know how everyone basically ships Jimin with every member?

I ship Namjoon with everyone.

I mean, he’s clearly more dominant than the other members [being the leader and all - he just has a more intimadating vibe] and would usually be the taking care of the other.

But there will be days where he just kind of shuts down and needs to be reminded that the other loves him. So the other person will be taking time to make him happy and adored.

Namjoon is honestly such a sensitive being, he deserves to be cared for.

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Jimin + namjoon

such a lowkey brotp that needs more love cuz they’re sososo precious and no that’s not just cuz i ship jimin with every member… 

*coughs violently*

anyways here are some of my favorite minjoon moments :)

i feel like jimin’s just the type that just makes people want to hug him like the members just can’t keep their hands off of him :’) jimin’s so cuddly + namjoon’s so open and yet a bit shy = CAN IT GET ANY CUTER

Originally posted by yongguksfingers

omg namjoon’s like “son please stop it, no, no aegyo i sAID- gdi you’re still so adorable though- I SAID STOP IT”

Originally posted by a-little-too-obsessed

the dance master and dance monster just jamming out in sync



Originally posted by agustd

height difference height difference height difference 

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“hyung, hyu- nAMJOON HYUNG HEY- ok shhhh calm- HYUNG”

(source: @yoonmin)

namjoon sososo happily and giddily approves of jimin’s cuteness and I APPROVE OF THIS ADORABLE MOMENT

(source: @koiyomi)


(source: @jimins-bootae)

they even did a crazy v app ep together just jumping around and flailing their air guitars crazily :’) they’re so playful and fun AS;DLFKJASD;LF

not to mention this to-die-for interaction LOOK AT HOW JOONIE ADORINGLY STARES AT HIS SON AS;LDFJASL;DFJAS 

but this has got to be hands down my most favorite minjoon moment

remember when jimin was crying because they just won their very first win ever with I Need U and they were all super emotional but then what does the leader say in the midst of all the celebratory chaos?

i’m sure he and the other members know fully well just how much jimin struggles with his image, with not being “good enough,” with being the member that most korean netizens look down on, and just with his self esteem in general. but joonie’s always looking out for jimin, making sure he knows that he’s not only wanted, but needed in bangtan. he does such an amazing job of taking care of the members and in return receives so much love for them too. 

minjoon is underrated but soso special. pls love them

EDITED! sorry the gifs weren’t showing up D:

  • Scott Thompson: What do you think Will's motive is for going after Hannibal?
  • Laurence Fishburne: Gotta kill him.
  • Scott Thompson: (disbelieving) You think that's it?
  • Laurence Fishburne: Noooooooooooo. Gotta get together with him and go off into the sunset.
  • Scott Thompson: And what do they do in that sunset?
  • Laurence Fishburne: Oh, everything.
  • Scott Thompson: Everything.
  • Laurence Fishburne: They drink. They talk.
  • Scott Thompson: (suspicious) That's not "everything".
  • Laurence Fishburne: That's almost everything. That's enough. That LEADS to "everything." (high-pitched laughter)
  • Scott Thompson: Maybe not for network television
  • Laurence Fishburne: Drinking. Talking. Leads to everything.
veuve-lilac replied to your post: //When the new comic is great in every way yet…

there’s full of hate in the tag of your favorite character, I know how it feels

//I just don’t get the vehement hated for Gency in the fandom.  I always hear that;

1.Gency or Mercy isn’t straight (or bi).  This really can’t be proven until we get word from Bilzzard.  I mean at this point they can have any sexual orientation, but people always just dismiss it as “they must be gay.”

2.Doctor/Patient relationships are terrible.  By that logic Mercy shouldn’t be shipped with anyone, since she has likely treated every member of Overwatch.  And she treated what was years ago in the canon, so I doubt they hardly see each other as doctor and patient.

3. Mercy is bad cause she made him a cyborg.  Do you really think Angela “Outspoken critic of war and weapons.” Ziegler would do that to a person without their consent?  And not even in a “Agree or die.” way.  I am 100% certain they stabilized Genji and would of gave him basic cybernetic replacements should he of declined.  If anything she would probably be the one person telling him not to accept that deal

In short, I don’t get Gency hate.

Sometimes I wonder how I came to ship Reylo

because I tell myself I’ve never shipped a villain and a hero before so I don’t know why it appeals to me now

But then I remember

I’ve shipped Bulma/Vegeta since I was like 6 years old…. and that man blew up, not only planets, but took out entire systems, several of them, basically has the power of a god and an “I am holier than thou” attitude, tried to kill every member of the main ‘good guys’ team and has an angry streak probably worse than the Hulks….(when he had his tail he quite literally turned into a monster)

 And while he was raised as prince of a race of super beings that had a pretty nasty reputation, he also had everything taken away from him at a young age and was raised and conditioned by a crazy alien hell bent on taking over the galaxy… He was basically Freeza’s attack dog. And he set him off on anything that was in his way. He was a weapon and nothing more. He was so fucked up. He killed innocent people all the time.

But then… after all that shit, he ended up married to a beautiful, genius, human woman, no super powers or nothin’ but has enough sass and as much of a temper to throw him off and stand toe to toe with him. And she started out hating and being absolutely terrified of him, like everyone else.

He’s not a good man. He doesn’t deserve everything he’s got now and he knows that. But people forgave him. He couldn’t quite believe it either. 
All the people he tried to kill in the past are now close friends.
He’s got 2 beautiful kids. He even gets to live a relatively normal and peaceful life for some time.

By the time he had a wife and kid he STILL wasn’t a morally good guy. He still did many questionable things. But as the series progresses, as the years go by, he gets better and better.
And people love him. They forgave him, they gave him a chance and they love him. And he came to love them in return. Big time. These people are all he has and although he’s not the type of guy to say it or show it all the time, you see it when it counts.

So it does seem odd to me, to see people thinking Kylo/Ben could never go back from the things he’s done, That he doesn’t ‘deserve to be loved’ which is a load of kark. You see it happen in fiction all the time. 
People use ‘rey’s afraid of him, she hates him’ as a reason for them being impossible. But So did Bulma. God she hated him, she had nightmares of him killing her. But things changed.

Vegeta was the big bad of the series at first.
Now look at this idiot.

Gency is not a problematic ship.

There I said it.

I’ve seen these posts over and over on my dashboard, reblogged by blogs I respect and am occasionally mutuals with. 

It’s usually the same argument too:

  • It’s “florence nightingale syndrome” - Mercy shouldn’t be dating her patient
  • Taking away LGBT representation - (Referencing Phar//mercy)*

First I’m going to talk about the “florence nightingale syndrome” argument. This is… illogical. Mercy is a healer, a doctor, a medic. Using the “Mercy shouldn’t be dating her patient” when bashing the Gency ship is ridiculous. If that argument held any kind of importance then that would stand for every Overwatch member. Pharah, Zarya, you name it, all of them. They’re all Mercy’s patients. Genji? Genji doesn’t even get treated by Mercy anymore- he’s in Nepal. Mercy is no longer treating him, she is no longer his carer.

(I could make a point here about how tumblr is super hypocritical when it comes to Gency and Gen//yatta* but I won’t because this post is not about that ship)

I know that Blizzard took away voice lines between Pharah and Mercy and I cannot defend that. However that has nothing to do with the Gency ship nor the Gency shippers. So take your anger at that and do something about it, email blizzard about your anger for example. Stop this tumblr mob mentality and ganging up on shippers who just so happen to have had their ship made canon. Just because Pha//rmercy* is unlikely to be canon does not mean that you can’t still ship it.

I’m not even a Gency shipper, but I know a large group of my followers are and I am getting irritated by seeing the same two arguments on my dashboard. One being incredibly stupid and not thought through, the other being no fault of the ship itself but instead a decision by Blizzard which- if you want to change you should contact Blizzard yourselves.

If you have any questions you can just send me an ask and I’ll respond to that, I don’t want any more of this discourse on my blog because let’s be real, arguing over fictional ships is pretty petty and stupid.

(Phar//mercy and Gen//yatta are written like this so it doesn’t show up in their tags as I don’t want to fill up that tag with something irrelevant to their ships, and I want to be clear that I do not hate any of the ships mentioned in this post.)