i ship her with gil

Among several bouts of adorable hilarity, a friend mentioned off-hand that Gil and Zhem would make a great Addams Family and bullshit happened, courtesy of @removethewallinourhearts
because Pixie is amazing and an amazing artist like holyshit
and her Gil is adorkable
and i ship it so hard fiteme

Happy Hallows from the whole two of us who ship PrussiaSquared

I can’t ship Alice with anybody. [I don’t ship her with Gil because she is a child and he is more like a brother to her, i don’t see any romance in this pairing. I can’t ship her with Oz because their bond is beautiful without any romance. I think she is still very naive and she is not interested in things about love like Sharon. Also, a single Alice may teach readers not every girl need man, people can be happy without love.]
     –submitted by anonymous