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What do you think Soma's Father meant when he told Soma in chapt 1 that the secret to being a good cook is to meet a woman who he wants to dedicate his cooking to her? What does it mean to dedicate his cooking to a girl? Is it simply the desire to hear her say the food is delicious? Cuz I don't get how Soma will see Erina as the girl he wants to give all the food he makes to if it's simply to make her say the food is delicious. P.S I ship ErinaxSoma too but I just don't get what Joichiro meant.

Considering what we saw of Jouichirou’s backstory, I’d say he, himself met a girl who brought the joy of cooking back to him again. So, he found someone who enjoyed and appreciated his food, and inspired/motivated him to keep cooking to make HER happy. 

Now, with Souma, it’s different, because he’s not like Jouichirou. He was an underdog right from the start. So, his journey is all about proving himself. He revels in being underestimated and proving people wrong. That’s why Erina ultimately being “the girl he wants to cook for” makes so much sense in his case. Because their first meeting paved that route for him. Erina IS the challenge, and Souma LOVES a challenge. 

Souma wants Erina to acknowledge him, and he has already listed this as one of his goals TWICE now. She’s the God’s tongue, and she insulted his pride and his food. He won’t rest until he gets her to say his food is good, and to do that, he has to improve as a chef until his cooking is so good, that Erina wont be able to resist being honest. Which probably means Souma (and the readers) wont get Erina admitting anything to him until near the very end of the series, where she will gladly praise him. So, he has already entered the route of “cooking for Erina.” 

Also, Erina being the best match for Souma makes sense in a very basic way, too. Souma is a chef and Erina is a food taster. Any relationship they have would only benefit the both of them, and make them both happy, because Souma would only improve under Erina’s strict guidance/opinions, and Erina finds joy in Souma’s cooking, and especially when he’s cooking specifically for her. ^__^

So, that’s how I see the “find a girl you want to cook for” theme. Jouichiro wants Souma to find someone that will help him grow as a chef. Souma already found her, and he’s already growing because of it. But it’s just the very start of the quest. And both Souma and Erina are growing and changing together, because of how the other has affected them. They are pushing each other’s story arcs along. In fiction, to me, that’s what makes a good relationship, and the realization of how important they have become to each other is the payoff at the very end. ^__^

Mini Trivia for Momoi

I was worried that I cannot do ten facts like the others ;__; So little Momoi in the series.

  1. Like I said in Aomine’s trivia, she hates frog because Aomine put it on her head when she was little and it made her cry (AHOMINE!!!).
  2. She had two friends back in Teiko which she called “Micchan” and “Acchan” (we don’t know their real names :P). They discussed about who they all had a crush on. Micchan had a crush on Akashi. If you read up to Teiko arc, she the one that bump into Akashi which he response with a very angelic (THE ONLY TIME YOU WOULD SEE THAT) manner. Hell, they called Akashi “Akashi-sama”. Acchan thinks that Midorima is an enigma and fangirl about Aomine.
  3. She’s also an only child. Her house is close to Aomine that’s why they became close since they were young. She could actually play basketball too since Aomine said that he also play basketball with Momoi (we need an episode where she play it. I demand it).
  4. There was an extra where she had a friendly date (or a romantic date in Momoi’s thought but a friendly one according to Kuroko). Where she dressed up and everyone thought that she was a super model or a celebrity. Kuroko wore a white polo with a normal slack. Aomine and Kise also secretly follow them to observe what happen. Aomine was being a good friend and chase away EVERY guy that looked at her. Way to go Aomine (Shhh I ship them).
  5. She could tie cherry stem with her tongue! and her favourite food is cherry.
  6. She couldn’t eat spicy stuff. That’s why she hates Kimchi because it’s spicy.
  7. She likes to collect bath powder as her hobbies.
  8. Back in Teiko, there was one time she was cornered by basketball thugs which Kuroko (being the good guy) intervene and almost got gutted (again). Aomine came to save with the the cavalry consist of other Miragens. (I love protective Aomine ;__;)
  9. According to Aomine, Momoi would drag him to shopping and make him treat her lunches.
  10. She often made Aomine bento which was inedible. Fujikami even censored the content inside the box because it might be disturbing. What did you put in there Momoi. There was a Drama CD where she was going to prepare food for Kuroko which Aomine and Kise went “Good luck Kuroko”. Also, in the DS game, Kuroko tasted her cooking once and he fainted (RIP Kuroko). She tag team with Riko to make food for their team. Seirin and Touou also tried her cooking which results in mass homicide. Kagami and Aomine had a competition who could eat her cooking the most. According to Kagami, Momoi’s tea taste like coughing syrup. Aomine was like “And the onigiri are…well, it’s kinda hard to describe, but it feels like just one bite totally replenished my stamina”. Kuroko, Kagami and Aomine ran to bathroom after that. 

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I'm not the anon who asked you about ships, but I wonder how widespread "Emma/anyone but Hook" is as a ship, and how much it grew the more the show tried to pimp CS=TL. I didn't ship Emma with *anyone* unless I counted food or her happiness with Henry, and then suddenly CS was a thing and I went "wait, wait, I change my mind!" Swanfire, Swanqueen, Swanqueenfire, Gremma, Emma/Mulan, Emma/Lily, Emma/Elsa, a veritable orgy of Emma pairings. I guess I have CS to thank for my becoming a multishipper.

I already shipped Emma with a ton of people - yeah, Frozen Swan was a big one - so it wasn’t just OUAT becoming the Hook show that caused it, but I think that was certainly a contributing factor

And how could I forget Emma/Lily?  I totally shipped those two!

my half of the toonblr oc blind date thing for @toontownmeat !! we both actually ended up picking farm animals which was a rlly funny coincidence,, we’re CONNECTED bruh

anyways this is Juniper the donkey!! originally a con artist and petty thief, she now uses her sleight of hand skills as a magician and performance artist! she’s a drop gag specialist and can make things like grand pianos fall right out of her hat,, all her other gags suck tho aside from her toonup

some facts about her: 

  • her hair is naturally black, she dyes it to look cooler in her performances
  • she teaches conway different coin tricks; she’s basically conway’s idol?
  • loves salty foods and will pour unhealthy amounts of salt on everything
  • juniper is very observant, analytical, and one of the best at multitasking
  • is really good at disguising and faking her emotions; you’ll probably never see her angry or upset unless she wants you to
  • mild mannered but has a really wild and intense stage persona
Something Nice: Han x Leia Secret Santa for @frozen-force-leia

@frozen-force-leia: I made you a thing! Where there previously wasn’t a thing! It is the first thing (fic) I have made (written), so I hope you (and your tsum tsum!) enjoy. Merry holidays! ;)

Thanks to my own, somewhat confused nerf-herder for the beta (I’m sure there are still many errors, which are all my own) and of course to the wonderful @organanation and @hanorganaas for putting this together!

Title: Something Nice
Prompt: Getting Caught
Rating: A very mild T
Word Count: 4,341 (sorry!)
Summary: In which Leia is a confused mess.
Year: Approximately 2 ABY
Place: Some Rebel Base

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i don’t think you understand how much i ship Shaw and her food like you could give me an entire episode of her stuck in the den being delivered food by a slightly i’m-terrified-that-this-order-is-wrong Harold and a flirty i-could-watch-your-mouth-all-day Root and she just spends her time stuffing her face and speaking with her mouth full and opening snacks with her teeth and casually stealing bits from Reese and feeding things to Bear when she thinks Harold isn’t looking and swatting Root’s fingers away from her chips and sandwiches even though she lets Root take some and pretends she doesn’t see it because really, does Root ever think about her own nutritional needs?? and wiping her hands on her pants and chewing extra loud when Harold looks displeased and accidentally on purpose getting crumbs on the keyboards and glowering at anyone going for her drink Root and just gimme more Sameen and a greasy paper bag full of good ol’ street food and i’ll die happy yes that’s all

I am almost resentful towards the sloppy joe theory..

So I ship Lucaya & while I believe majority of the theories/proof 

I’m not gunna lie I am starting to resent the sloppy joe theory. 

I’ve never really given that theory/proof much thought its just not my go to because while sure i doubt its a coincidence I think theres a lot of other more substantial examples of why lucaya is going to be together (at least for a while idk about endgame yet)

I just kinda resent it now though because a lot of rucas shippers (not all but some) are using that theory as a way to shrug off Lucaya & any other proof we have.  Its like because a lot of people believe the sloppy joe theory suddenly no other proof is real. 

Like sure the sloppy joe is a possible theory, but do you really think thats the ONLY reason we ship two people together… because of food..

c’mon now. It’s fine to not ship a ship but can we all stop acting like certain ships aren’t valid/real..

Lucas likes or at least has liked both maya and riley, its been made clear. Who he wants to be with idk yet, but I will never argue that he doesn’t like riley of COURSE he does, however that doesn’t mean he didn’t like Maya at one point/doesnt like Maya.

idk I just feel like people are using the sloppy joe theory as a reason to not acknowledge any other obvious proof. Its just frustrating me