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c0nji’s July Commissions CLOSED *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

This is an old commission post. Please check the blog for updated/most recent commission post. It differs each time.


UPDATE: commission acceptance deadline extended from July 9th to 14th.

UPDATE: additional info:: cartoony illustration request gets $2 discount from the character base prices. Additional character price also gets $2 off.

Rules and more info below (must read!):

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Home | Remus Lupin

Warning(s): A little too much fluff

Requests:  Can you write a oneshot about Adult!Remus coming home from a mission for the order and surprising the reader?

Can I have a request about adult Remus coming home from a mission for the Order? Btw I only recently discovered your blog but I love it

A/N: I’m really trying to finish with my queue before school starts over here because I know then everything will go downhill. Anyways, I loved your request and I hope you enjoyed it too! Let me know what you think. 😍

Originally posted by harrypottersource

Remus dragged his feet inside the small apartment you shared, immediately feeling a wave of relief hit him. The Order’s meetings always left him exhausted, not physically but mentally. 

The war could be coming any time now and all he could ever think of was what it would leave in its wake. Remus was no stranger to loss. He had lost so many people he loved, people that he still missed to this day and the mere thought of losing anyone else caused his heart to clench. 

Merlin, what if he lost you? He tried to push the thought away so many times but it would always haunt him at nights. You were all he had left and he wasn’t planning on letting you go anytime soon. Even if that meant putting his one life on the line to protect you. He’d rather die than lose you.

You were all there was to keep him going. His life, his love, his future. You were a ray of sunshine in his life - the person that reminded him there was still hope.

The best part of his day would always be coming home to you. How his heart leaped when you jumped in his arms every time and engulfed him in your warm embrace.

 Your arms gave him such comfort. 

Your smell kept him sane.

To hear your voice and taste your lips was what he could only describe as salvation. 

Smiling upon hearing your soft humming coming from the kitchen, he called your name sweetly but received no response. He frowned a little at that. You usually sensed his presence before he even entered the house.

“Love?” he walked towards the kitchen, concern laced in his voice. 

His heavy footsteps against the wooden floor startled you and you jumped, dropping your last batch of sugar cookies and clutching your now scorched hand.

Remus was in front of you immediately, hands on your arms to help you regain your balance. “Merlin, love! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Is your hand alright?”

Ignoring the pain, a smile tugged at your lips to see Remus. It always felt so lonely when he wasn’t home. “Oh, it’s nothing. How was your day?” you stood on your tiptoes to peck his nose lovingly, just above his scar like you always did.

He did not look so convinced and his green eyes looked at you pleadingly in a way that had your heart melting. “Love, let me take a look at it. Please.”

You sighed defeatedly and slowly opened your palm for him to take. 

His eyes softened at the sight of the swollen skin and you could only watch as he pulled out his wand and healed it wordlessly, placing a sweet kiss where it used to be.

A giggle erupted from your mouth at his lovely gesture, but Remus’ gaze fell to the mess on the floor he was responsible for. Your sugar cookies had landed everywhere his eyes could reach, messing up the beautiful frosting.

You sensed his worry and nudged him with your shoulder. “Don’t worry, Remus. I have another batch of these anyway, just thought I made one with chocolate since you like them so much.”

Gracefully, you took out your own wand and cleaned up the mess whilst checking if any of the cookies could actually be salvaged. 

Feeling like he was getting in the way, Remus took a step back instead and simply watched you as you began humming that same familiar tune again.

You could feel his eyes burning into your back and you couldn’t help but sigh again at how silly he was being. “Seriously, honey. It’s alright, you can go change.”

Seeing how he didn’t even make a move to leave, you moved towards him and slyly snaked your arms around his waist, looking up to meet his troubled gaze. “You should go change and when I finish up here, we can cuddle and finish that book we started yesterday. What do you think?”

Feeling you nuzzle your nose against his neck as he held you close, Remus could never deny such a proposition.

And when he finally had you in his arms, your head resting against his chest as he read to you and listened to your soft breathing - he knew this was home.

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Everything's Going to be Alright - Zach Dempsey x Reader

just a quick little image for y'all :) thank you guys for all the support on my last post!! <3 just a reminder, requests and ships are open, so send them in! :)

Warnings: mentions of bad home life

mainly just some good ol’ fluff

Originally posted by alltimewolf

    Walking out of my last class of the day was a relief, considering it was Friday and the relaxing weekend was about to start. Going over to my locker, I pack up my bag, figuring out everything I need for the weekend. Zipping up my bag, I lift my head to see my boyfriend, Zach Dempsey walking over to me with his friends. He smiles as he approaches me.

    “Hey babe! How are you?” Zach asks, giving me a quick kiss on the forehead. I shrug, lifting my bag onto my shoulders.

   “Could be better.” I say, but give him a smile as I see a look of concern flash over his face. Zach and I have been dating for around 7 months now, and he’s the absolute love of my life. No matter what the situation, whether it be at school or home, Zach has always been there for me.

   “Alright… I just wanted to make sure you were still okay with me going over Bryce’s tonight for the party?” Zach asks, rubbing his hand behind his neck.

   “Of course I am. Go have fun!” I say, giving him a peck on the lips, smiling at him. Zach knows I’m not a fan of parties, only going to one or two a year, but I never want to stop his fun by holding him back. He nods, kissing me quickly on the lips before saying goodbye to me and walking away with his group of friends. I walk the other way to my parked car, driving myself home.

    As I arrive at my house, I can already tell something is wrong. I walk the pathway up to my house to find the door partially open, voices booming from within. It wasn’t shocking to find my parents in a fight, but they usually kept their voices on the down low. I open the door more to see my parents in the living room, pictures and furniture broken, my father walking away shaking his head. I jump to the side as he pushes the door open, jumps in his car, and speeds off, not even noticing my existence. My mom soon leaves after him, once again not noticing I’m there.

   I go inside and close the door behind me, looking at my surroundings. Pictures of my parents and I have been smashed on the floor, chairs from the kitchen broken to pieces, and the TV smashed to bits. I’ve seen my parents fight before, but never this bad. Tears begin to swell up in my eyes while picking up some of the mess. Before I know it, I’m on the couch, sobbing myself restless. I don’t even hear the front door to my house open, or the person walk in. All I hear is the concerning voice. “Y/n…” it speaks.

   I lift my head to see Zach, standing at the foot of the couch, looking around the room in shock. I then look out the window, seeing as it is now dark. “Y/n, what happened?” Zach asks, rushing over to me, checking me for injuries. I shake my head, whipping away the tears before responding.

   “It wasn’t me, it was my parents.” I get out through shaky breaths. Zach’ face fills with sorrow as he pulls me in, letting me cry some more. Zach shushes me as I cry. “What about the party?” I ask him, still crying into his shoulder. He pulls me out of his grasp by my shoulders, looking me right in the eyes.

   “Hey, the party is no where near as important as you. And don’t you worry, everything’s going to be alright. I’m here now, and everything’s going to be fine.” Zach speaks with nothing but love and concern for me, and I nod, falling back into him embrace. And at this time, I realize everything was going to be alright, all because of Zach. We lay down on the couch, falling asleep to each other’s breathing.


Trimberly for send me a ship and I'll tell you....

Requested by @uniquelynormal92 I really hope you like it, sorry if it sucks.

​ who is more likely to hurt the other?

Trini is more likely to hurt Kim, she doesn’t realize it at first though and it’s definetly not intentional. Trini is used to having to defend herself, at school, in battle even at home. She’s used to putting up a wall and pushing everyone and everything away when they get too close to breaking that wall. Kim pushed her too hard and on instinct, Trini pushes back, harder. She regrets it almost immediately.

who is emotionally stronger?

Kim, even though Trini seems like nothing fazes her but in reality she’s used to pushing her feelings away, ignoring them until she’s forced to face them. Kim is pretty in tune with her emotions, she doesn’t like to hold stuff in.

who is physically stronger?

Well, they’re both kind of at equal strength considering their power rangers. But Trini has more free time on her and she trains more often than Kim and the others. So I guess Trini is more physically skilled.

who is more likely to break a bone?

Trini, she’s got a temper and she doesn’t like to hold back in a fight. She’s never broken anyone’s bone but Zack has come dangerously close to passing out a few times every time Trini puts him in a headlock. And it’s pretty hard to break a bone when you’re a ranger but if anyone could do it, Zack would. So yeah, Zack would break a bone.

who knows best what to say to upset the other?

Trini does, but she tried her hardest never to say them.

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument?

Honestly, it depends on what the argument was about. Trini’s pretty stubborn most of the time but Kim can hold a grudge. It just depends on who was in the wrong, their both pretty level headed people and when they make a mistake, they can own up to it. Especially when it comes to their relationship.

who treats who’s wounds more often?

Surprisingly, Trini, she used to climbing mountains and patching herself whenever she falls. So it’s like basic instinct to grab her first aid kit from her backpack and patch up Kim after a particularly nasty battle.

who is in constant need of comfort?

Kim, her mistakes tend to haunt her and its hard for her to let go of them at times.  Trini and the rest of the team has to reassure that even though she’s done bad things, it doesn’t make her a bad person.

who gets more jealous?

Trini, she’s crazy territorial when it comes to Kim. She know she’s dating one of the most popular girls in school and it drives her crazy when people flirt with Kim, sometimes right in front of her. But then again Kim likes to shut down egotistical douchebags who think they can ‘turn’ her. So the jealousy doesn’t last long when Kim basically makes out with Trini right in front of them.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other?

Wow, okay. Ummm…..I guess Kim. But not because she doesn’t love Trini, it’s because Trini still has a lot of things to sort out with herself and her life first. Kim doesn’t want to get in the way of that.

who will propose?

TRINI! She’s not much of a romantic but she literally spends months planning and overthinking the perfect way to ask Kim to marry her. She gets the whole team in on it and when it finally happens, it’s one of the best moments of her life. Coming second only to the day Kim says I do.

who has the most difficult parents?

Kim’s parents are super controlling and expect the best from her, they don’t really tolerate mistakes. Trini’s mom doesn’t really try to understand her but she’s a daddy’s girl anyway. So yeah, probably Kim.

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?

Trini, she’s crazy territorial remember. Kim usually initiates it when they’re in private.

who comes up for the other all the time?

I have really no idea what this is asking so…both I guess?

who hogs the blankets?

Trini, but Kim doesn’t like blankets on her at night so there really is no problem.

who gets more sad?

Kim, she overthinks everything and has terrible anxiety.

who is better at cheering the other up?

Trini, Kim loves her dry humor.

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly after they make silly jokes?

Kim, she’s a huge flirt and she doesn’t even know it.

who is more streetwise?

Trini, she’s quiet and observant which is a lethal combination.

who is more wise?

Kimberly, she’s the mom friend you guys.

who’s the shyest?

Trini, she’s not a big fan of letting people into her life.

who boasts about the other more?

They both love showing the other off. Mainly PDA but when it comes to just talking about the other, Kim takes the cake. For the first couple of weeks Kim was the girl who somehow figured out how to mention Trini in every conversation. It’s ridiculous.

who sits on who’s lap?

They take turns, whoever’s feeling laziest at the moment usually just plops down in the others lap. Plus they’re both big on PDA so they just kind of do it all the time without really realizing it.

Ant*: you can not like Kylo Ren!

  • and wear a sombrero!
  • and stop stomping the ground, this is triggering me!
  • you can not enjoy Reylo and eat cubed cheese! my ship always eats cube cheese after they had sex! 
  • you can not ship Reylo and wear clown shoes! clown shoes are taken by the PoeFinnC3-POReySkyTwinChewie ship!
  • you can not write Reylo fanfiction and make it about Reylo instead of other ships!
  • keep your cubed pedophile cheese off my dash!
  • you can not ship Rey and Kylo and wear a hoop skirt! Hoop skirts are taken by the LuBB8 fandom, ugh. You nasty Reylos steal everything!
  • can’t we just have like ONE THING?!
  • don’t wave your flashlight back and forth because thats incest, you nasty piece of shit. 
  • stop screaming REYLO IS NEAR - Reylo is never going to happen it is the worst and most stupid ship of all time

Me: oh, really? Well, of course, my friend!

⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆  Commission Info ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆

Digital Full color:

  • Almost/full body - $40
  • Waist up - $30
  • Bust - $20
  • Additional characters - $10

Digital Monochrome or Linework:

  • Almost/full body - $30
  • Waist up - $20
  • Bust - $15
  • Additional characters - $10

Digital Sketches:

  • Colored - $20
  • Monochrome or lines only - $15
  • Additional characters - $8

Traditional Media:

  • Watercolors/Ink - $30-40
  • Copic Markers - $30-40
  • Black Ink - $25
  • Pencil sketches - $10-20
  • Doodles - $5

I WILL DRAW: NSFW (most kinks), mild guro, anthro, and comics (price will vary)

I WON’T DRAW: Heavy guro, culturally sensitive, insulting or hurtful content

To order one, send me a message or mail on here, DM me via Twitter, or send me an email (lavenderchewinggum@gmail.com) and we can plan from there.

Rates for traditional media are a little more flexible depending on the content, hours worked on it, and the amount of materials used, but everything else is fairly concrete and payments are requested after the work is completed, unless negotiated otherwise. If you’d like a print or the hard copy of your piece after it’s finished, I am able to ship it, but this increases its amount to incorporate production and shipping. You obviously also must be comfortable with giving me your address.

I accept payments via Paypal, the above email is my account on there as well. I create invoices with the details of the production and the cost in it to keep track and a copy will be sent to your email account.

As of now, the time estimation for commission work is 2-4 days, but for an extra charge it can be completed the same day/night it’s ordered. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I’m always around and pretty easy going!!! :)

sleep over; peter parker

pairing: peter parker x stark!reader
word count: 937 (I changed some things so it’s probably at a 1000 right now)
warnings: none, just fluff
summary: you ask your dad, tony stark, if your boyfriend, peter parker, can stay the night. but your dad doesn’t know that you guys are together. 
my other work

Originally posted by waywarddaughter

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anonymous asked:

Hey!! I love your writing <3 for the short fic requests, could you do jinkook for 24. "I will if you will"?

Awww thank you! For the record, in this fic Jungkook and Seokjin are in New Zealand doing the big swing in Queenstown yaaay.

Jinkook - “I will if you will.”

Send me a ship and a prompt.

* * *

* * *

Wow, when Seokjin was actually up on the platform overlooking the gorge everything seemed so much higher and scarier. He gripped the metal railing and stared down at the river far below them. The harness around his torso felt like a stupid strip of cloth, ready to snap and have him falling to his death. He was too young to die.

“Hyung? You okay?”

Seokjin looked over his shoulder at Jungkook. “It’s very high.”

“It’ll be okay. It’s not even a drop, it’s a big swing across the gorge.”

Seokjin grimaced. “I guess…”

“Come on,” Jungkook said, stepping forward to hug Seokjin. “I’ll go if you go.”

“You’re already going.” Seokjin shook his head and laughed. Then paused. “Kookie… Would you be okay going with me? Together?”

Jungkook grinned. “Sure, hyung. Uh… You’re going to have to tell them, though.”

Usually on this big trip they relied on Namjoon to translate, but he and the others were off getting lunch. Only he and Jungkook had come to the huge bungee-jump-cross-swing-above-the-gorge-of-death, and Seokjin’s English would do in a pinch.

With a little effort, Seokjin got across they’d like to go down together and he and Jungkook were both strapped up to the swing and lead over to a little platform ready to jump. The wind rustled Seokjin’s hair and he clutched Jungkook. Jungkook held him back.

“It’s okay, hyung, I’m here,” Jungkook laughed.

Seokjin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Kookie? I’ve got something to tell you.”


“I think I’m falling for you.”

And he jumped off the platform, taking Jungkook with him. Seokjin screamed and clutched Jungkook as the fell, but the screams turned to laugh when the rope went taut and they swung across the gorge instead. A huge swing high above the river, his heart beating in his  chest and the wind whipping around him. Jungkook held him tight and secure.

When they’d stopped swinging and started getting lifted back up to the platform, Jungkook taped Seokjin on the shoulder. “Hyung? W- Were you serious just now? About falling for me?”

Seokjin’s cheeks turned pink. “Uh… Maybe?”

“You just confessed to me to make a pun.”

“Did it work?”

Jungkook laughed and rested his head in the crook of Seokjin’s shoulder. “Yes. I fell for you, too.”


Hey everyone! Since money is tight, and I’m going to uni next year, I’ve decided to open up comissions!

Here’s some key info:

  • My art is traditional, so I will mail everything out (and yes, I will ship internationaly) but the prices above do not include shipping; I will calculate and add that to the cost of the comission when it’s done
  • I always work from a photo reference, so please, when you request something, have a reference image available to send me
  • I mostly deal with real-life portraits, and I will not draw anything NSFW
  • All payments to go through Paypal, and GBP (£) only
  • My tumblr’s art tags have more examples of my work!

Send me a message if you’re interested and please boost! ily <3

May the 4th be with You!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Star Wars day everyone! As most of you know, I am a huge Star Wars fan and am planning on blowing up this blog as much as I possibly can, so, please help me do this by sending in images/requests/ships/list ideas. Anything and everything! I plan on posting Star Wars stuff today, but will take what I can get. Hopefully I’ll be able to post hourly! May the 4th be with you all!


I wanted to thank everyone who had interest in my mermaid prints. I’ve sold quite a few and have just a few left if anyone is interested.
I’ve also had requests to show the rest of my printmaking stuff.

Lithography, woodblocks, and letterpress cards! Everything handprinted and made with love. All colored inks are handmixed - and everything printed on a variety of stock to choose from. These are all final runs, original plates all destroyed.

With my past few buyers I’ve been sending detail shots to them personally dependent on what they are interested in~

Prices are listed in the image description and the invoice will include your shipping+handling. Again, thank you so much for the interest and support guys. 

Please send me an ask or message me directly if interested, thank you!


I do variety of things on this blog. Make sure to check out my fandoms list which is right here [x] The following are things I’ll take requests for.

1. [OPEN] Gif Imagines. Gif imagines are a big part of my blog so requests for these would be appreciated. 3-4 gif imagines are posted everyday and the longest it would take for these to be posted is a month.

2. [OPEN] Moodboard and Aesthetics (only character aesthetics are open)

3. [CLOSED] Preferences

4. [OPEN] Headcanons read this before requesting

5. [CLOSED] Ships. You must send me a fandom (three fandoms at the most) and a little bit about yourself (personality, interests, etc). Ships will be answered on Monday and Thursday nights.



Nsfw Content

I do do nsfw (not safe for work) imagines but I won’t write them for characters who are minors.

Two things that I will definitely in no shape or form romanticize is rape and suicide. If you send me a request involving these two things I will immediately turn them down. I try to tag imagines and such accordingly but if you see something you’d like me to tag that involves something triggering please let me know and I’ll try my best to fix it

I accept male x male requests and female x female requests. Also the reader can be of any race you want, the reader can be trans, gender fluid, can have a mental illness. Basically this blog is about equality. Don’t feel scared to have a request based on your sexuality, race, identity, etc. I will not write for real people.

However I will not write any canon gay or lesbian character as straight because I free their sexualities deserve to be respected.

Everything must be sent to my inbox, do not reply to posts because most of the time I don’t see them. When requesting please try to include the character first and last name or at least what fandom they’re from so I know who you’re talking about. You must be specific with your request don’t just send me “I want an imagine with [insert character]) you need to give me something to work with. I only write x reader imagines, I don’t do fanfics for ships and or for your ocs.

The jealous man

Requested by anon:

Could y9ou do Jealous Captain Cold Imagine? 💕

Warnings: ¨

A/N: (h/l) = hair length   (h/c)= hair color. I have a feeling that there is lots of spelling mistakes in this. I tried to correct most of them, but sometimes words looks correct to me but they feel wrong. 

So there is a thing I have been missing is the ships so please send them in alongside more request from any show or movie if you want!!

You and Leonard had been together for a while and you were going out to celebrate the second anniversary of your first date. He decided that you would go to a nice restaurant to celebrate. He had a surprise for you that you didn’t know about he had a plan to propose to you. He wanted everything to go as planned, he ordered the reservations weeks prior and talked/threatened the owner. He had picked out what he found to be the perfect ring for you, it wasn’t too big but not too small ether. It was white gold with some diamonds in it.

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AkaYona Skype Chat Info

WHO:  ALL AkaYona lovers are welcome to move in & out of our chats freely as long as you’re respectful of each other & interested in chatting about our favorite fiery red-haired princess + her Happy Hungry Bunch (of course)!  We’re currently ~80 strong.  @lacuna-matata (me), @stars-glow-for-you (Laz), & @a-chuuya (Mizu) co-mod.

WHAT / WHY:  I created a Skype chat group originally to discuss everything AkaYona including spoilers, predictions, theories, character analyses, ships (OTP, OT3, OTINFINITY lol), headcanons, fic requests/feedback, fanart, cosplays, AMVs, and much more!  We’re OK with discussing other interesting topics, but we will ask people to move to a secondary chatroom when discussing spoilers for OTHER series, politics, etc.  ***PLEASE NOTE THAT AKAYONA MANGA SPOILERS WILL BE ALLOWED / ENCOURAGED IN ALL CHATS***

WHERE:  Please send an ask to @lacuna-matata!

WHEN:  We’ve become a rather friendly bunch, so you’ll find at least a few of us ululating about Zeno feels um roasting in AkaYona Hell I mean hanging out real casual on most days.

OTHER:  Feel free to direct any other questions to our mods (me, Laz, or Mizu)!



Guuuuuys! So I’m a lil baby writer at the moment, and @wanderingcas and @wrenwritesometimes have reacted AMAZINGLY to my writing, so I’d like y'all to know I’m taking requests so I can practice writing!! I have 3 things I’ve got to work on before any requests, but seriously. Send me your unpopular ships, send me your random ideas for one scene that you can’t write cause you don’t write, send me your fluff ideas, send me your angst ideas, send me your smut ideas, send me your bro!Winchester ideas, send me your sis!reader ideas, send me your reader insert, send me your alt!character, send me anything but things that include one of these two things,


I WILL write Wincest upon request, though!!(as opposed to writing losecest, lmao.) It is not my ship but I don’t judge!

Anyway. The point of this is so y'all know;



Also I’m in several fandoms, and while I probably write SPN best just plainly due to how much content of the characters personalities there is,
I can also write requests for;

And SENSE8!!

And I am not adverse to writing crossovers or AU’s, so don’t think your AU or crossover is too much for me, I may not write the best but the only way to get better is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!


In Need of Requests!

Hey TMR fam,
So, I haven’t been getting many requests as of late…

Disastrous, am I right?
So… I’d really appreciate some more requests! I am working on one at the moment, but that’s about it, and I happen to have a lot of spare time on my hands.

However, there are only just a couple of rules about the requests you send in…

Rule Number One: No ships. I apologise, and I realise that ships are very important to people (believe me, I know) but I cannot write for them as I’m actually just not good at writing them, it’s weird, but my best writing actually lies within Reader x Character.

Rule Number Two: No smut. Again, this is another big thing that people like to read, and I understand that, but because I actually do not like reading very sexual content, I cannot write it.

Other than those two rules, everything else is completely fine! I am keen to get back into writing so please send in some ideas that you have, I’m sorry if it seems so restricting, but this is all I can do for you. You guys are the absolute best, so I want to only write you the best stuff I can!

Hope you all have an amazing week!

wwenaie  asked:

For the mini fic one, could I request 2 for LawLicht? If not already taken ^^

LawLicht {2: Things You Said Through Your Teeth}

“Let me go!” Licht screamed but Hyde stubbornly held him in a tight hug and dragged him away from his piano. He swore when Licht stomped on his foot but he didn’t loosen his hold on him. Between sniffles and coughs, Licht tried to escape his arms but it was pointless when his body felt so weak. The only thing he could do was yell at Hyde. “I swear I’m going to fucking kill you!”

“That’s it!” Hyde screamed in frustration and threw Licht over his shoulder. “No practicing your piano when you have a fever. You need to stay in bed and rest.”

“I’m an angel and I cannot get sick.” Licht insisted but his sneeze contradicted him. He grumbled to himself as Hyde continued to carry him back to his room and slammed his fists against his back. Slowly, Licht lost his will to fight and Hyde was glad that he stopped hitting him. “I really hate you right now.”

“I know you love me.” Hyde chuckled. When they reached their room, Hyde gently placed him on the bed and was glad that Licht didn’t try to escape. He loved Licht’s dedication and determination but his stubbornness could be frustrating at times. He would often boast about Licht’s angelic qualities but he was all too aware that he was human. “I’m going to get some things from the drug store but I’ll be back soon. Will you be a good angel and stay in bed while I’m gone?”

“You’ll just drag me back if I do try to leave.” Licht rolled his eyes when Hyde nodded with a laugh. In any other situation, Licht would’ve fought Hyde more but he felt too tired. He pulled the blanket over Licht and brushed his hand over his cheek. It was burning and Hyde’s cold hand felt like heaven to him. As Hyde began to pull away, Licht grabbed his hand and held it against his cheek.

“Don’t leave…” Usually, his pride wouldn’t allow him to admit how much he needed Hyde but, now that he was feverish, he could only be honest and admit he wanted to have him next to him. With some difficulty, he forced the words out of his mouth. “Call Kranz to get those things… Just don’t leave me. Your hand feels nice. Don’t let go.”

“Anything for my angel.” Hyde pushed Licht’s bangs from his face and caressed his face. With his free hand, he took Licht’s hand and threaded their fingers together. He settled himself on the bed next to him so he could sit comfortably while still holding his hand. “You’re being pretty honest today. If you weren’t sick, I would say I wanted you like this more often.”

“Try anything and I’ll kill you the minute the I get better.” Licht warned but they both knew that his threat was empty. “You better not let go of my hand after I fall asleep either.”

Licht closed his eyes and Hyde smiled as he looked down at him. “Why would I ever let go of you when you’re everything I ever wanted?”

I got a duplicate request for this (same ship and number) but they wanted angst. I already finished this fluffy ff when I got it and I didn’t want to trash and rewrite this entire thing so I’m just going to write a second version.

[Send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic]



Welcome to my updated commission page! Here’s what I’ll draw:

  • Fanart 
  • Ships 
  • Original Characters (no anthro)* 
  • Nsfw (prices are the same) 

Everything will be through paypal, you can email me through nateobite@hotmail.com for your request (or just message me), once I’ve received payment (through an invoice I’ll send you) I’ll get started right away. Sketches and lineart are usually completed faster than fully colored pieces, message me if you have any questions! 

If you’d like more examples of my art I have a doodle and an art tag

*I don’t draw anthros because I do not have a lot of experience with them

requests open  ♡

-i’ll write for any seventeen ship, (but if u request junhao or jihan i’ll love you forever), poly ships included.

-i don’t really have any rules, i’ll write mostly everything. 

-also, not a rule, but if you follow before requesting i’ll be v happy. i may also take a while to respond to a prompt, pls be gentle with me ; - ; 


{CroCzech Aesthetic}

In that brief moment, she freed me from all my burdens, and I almost let myself believe that everything that had happened to us those past weeks wasn’t real; that we were the only two people in the world, and honestly I wouldn’t have minded so much if that were actually true. But then she pulled away, and it all came flooding back.