i ship everything and everyone

The reason I came by was to give you this! Ta-dah!

Those ships where Person A is broken, and clings to Person B because they are whole, and Person B is pretty messed up, but not as bad as A, so they just help B with a smile and tell them that everything will be okay, they will take care of them, but on the inside they are breaking just a little bit more. But also A makes them strong because they need to be strong?

who else thinks that nicole haught seems lonely?

i ship Captain Swan.. and SwanFire.. and I know that there’s alot of hate for shipping either of these but how can you notttt?

they both have chemistry with her so I hope that Captain Swan happens on the way to Neverland and then she can save Neal and Swan Fire can happen! Neal is probably her true love and i think they are super cute. but i also think Hook is adorable with her too 

You know what saddens me? The fact that there are only a few IchiHime shippers. So obviously, it affects all the amounts of fan arts and posts. But, there are good things that come from it too. Like the fact that it’s easy to get to know each other and recognize each other. We can easily recognize who are the artists, who are the analyzers, who are the editors, who are the defenders, and a lot more. The fact that we are a small fandom makes us seem closer in some ways. We also get to value every art and every post we see, and that’s an amazing thing. Sometimes, I desperately wish for our fandom to grow larger and to have more people, but then I remember how it’s like to have a small fandom like our IchiHime fandom. I remember how grateful we get to be about everything and everyone that contributes to our ship. I remember how thankful we can be to have these different people who give our fandom hope and inspiration. And here, I conclude, just because we are a small fandom doesn’t mean we are a weak fandom, it means that we have a way of finding value and happiness in everything that happens, and that makes us a strong fandom.

I see so many posts about the supposed love triangle with Tauriel. I just have to say, her romance with Kili or her romance with Legolas doesn’t really matter to me. Ship whatever makes you happy.

But for one thing, Kili’s going to die so it’ll be short lived if anything. For another thing, Legolas is going to meet Gimli and fall in love with him so his romance with Tauriel would also be short lived. 

Welp, I found a thing that I actually ship in a mainstream fandom thing with thousands of works on ao3, but the thing that I ship has eleven hits.

Still, that’s nine more than my other OTP from a popular television show.

I don’t even have much interest in reading fanfics for this ship, I just got curious how popular it was compared to other pairings, and the answer turned out to be “Rune, you’re a weirdo”.

slash goggles on full blast

Okay, so I’m watching a movie, right? So Character A hates Character B, for some odd reason. Tension! Sizzle sizzle. Some scenes later, Character A accuses (not seriously) Character C of being lesbian and liking Character B. You can just TELL that Character A is referring to herself, and is lashing out because she doesn’t know how to deal with her own feelings for B. (Oh, the self-hatred!)

B finally confronts A about why A hates her. Turns out that A hates her step-mom, who is from a province that B is also from. So A hates B, simply by association. They talk about this over soju, and start drunk-bonding. B says she still likes A, because A is pretty. A says she still doesn’t like B. They talk about more feelings, like how B used to be the prettiest girl in her school, but now she’s not because all the city girls are so pretty, especially A. Then B starts drunk-crying and A starts drunk-apologizing and B starts to apologize too and then it turns into mutual drunk-hugging and drunk-crying and drunk-apologizing.

Drunk-bonding! Ship it! Also, I retain my headcanon of A being a repressed lesbian, because I have a thing for repressed angst-bucket lesbians. (My poor bbs. :()

(Ship fodder: B: *drunk crying* “I like you. You’re the prettiest girl in the world.”)
(Response: A: *drunk crying* I’m sorry that I’m so pretty. It’s all my fault.“)