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Ok I'm dying at the SC shippers flipping on the cast like a dime tho for "queer baiting" b/c blatantly saying "these two characters are just friends and will never get together" is the exact opposite of queer baiting and also points to the bitter shippers for totally undermining the importance and value of female friendship and platonic love. My sapphic ass is sick of this shit; which is sad, because I'd like to ship SC if the shippers weren't so freaking awful 😝

Anon ,you just put everything I think into words! I used to ship it actually but then I peaced out of the fandom and joined this one because honestly I can’t function in hostile environments and they were getting increasingly more hostile to the point that I was like “bitch bye!”. 

And I say this as a bisexual woman, how is their relationship queer bating??? There was never one occasion on the show that hinted they had romantic feelings for one another. They love, support and show affection toward each other and that’s something female friends normally do. They keep completely undermining the value of platonic female friendships with those accusations as if women aren’t able to love and care for one another unless they want to bang each other.

I’m totally cool with people shipping them. They have an amazing relationship. Just don’t accuse the writers of queer baiting when all they’re doing is writing a beautiful healthy supportive female friendship which is super rare to be honest. 

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hi! first of all, i'd like to say i really enjoy scrolling through all your art *^^* you're amazing! and the the au is sooo good omg idk i don't really have a lot of questions but do you ship yoonseok? or like junghope or vkook? lmao it doesn't matter if you don't, imm just wondering :)

/ aah thank u!! i ship literally everything guilty as charged tbh vkook r actually my #2 ult ship!! 

Your fav is problematic: me

- claims she loves herself
- shades & colors with a mechanical pencil


When you think your crush is unrequited but it turns out she actually likes you back

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I can only imagine Akira's head so crowded due to all those Personas he caught. He constantly has annoying voices clamoring in his head while he tries to focus... and then there's the feared Velvet Room.

I thought about this too!! I think he can only hear the voice of the Persona he awakened to, but it would be SO AWFUL if he just had everyone chatting all the time like poor boy, how would he sleep??? He goes through enough without all his obnoxious Personas shouting or doing other unnecessary things. ;_;

Besides, Arséne talks enough to make up for it LMAO like Akira’s trying to go to sleep and he’s slowly drifting away but then he hears ‘…Do you think pigeons have feelings?’ and he just groans and shoves a pillow over his face lolol. BUT THEN Zorro joins in since Morgana’s within close proximity, just sleeping on Akira’s tummy. And Zorro’s like ‘Callate, don’t be a fool. Pigeons killed my father’ and then the two start debating in Spanish and French, so Akira and Morgana have to cry themselves to sleep LMAO. Thank you for the hilarious headcanon, anon!! <33

the only OTP question you need to ask is which one is the aesthetic blogger and which one is the shitposter

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Agito x Sho x Toya, yes or no?



Willet - Doctor Who AU

“Why doesn’t she remember me?”


Carlota and Sara, 01x05 “The Past”

+ typo at the seventh gif, it’s supposed to say “it doesn’t go against anything" but i can’t go back to change it now without redoing everything so :’(

they’re so cute! i actually ship them a little more than Lidia and Carlos bc they’re so fluffy lmao (LOOK AT THE WAY SARA LOOKS AT CARLOTA)


you fall in love more than once. it’ll happen again, and it’ll be just as amazing and as extraordinary as the first time. and maybe just as painful. but it will happen again. [inspired by]