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Scales- pt. 2

(A/N): I effin loved this one 

Request: Could I request a 2nd part of Scales where the Maximoff twins asks Nat and the reader about how they first met and fall in love with each other? They met during the first Avengers movie and the reader was very timid and self conscious about her powers and appearance until she saves Nat from the Hulk by transforming into her full Western dragon form. If it’s not too much trouble that is. I really love dragons. :) They’re so fascinating.

Warnings: some swearing, almost injury

(I also couldn’t find the first part to link, like what the hell my tumblr?)

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  Pietro watched fondly as Nat and (Y/N) ate breakfast in silence, holding each other’s hands like the cuties they were.  Pietro was almost hesitant to break the beautiful silence, the tranquility that had fallen over the two but his curiosity was getting the better of him.

    “Nat? (Y/N)?” Pietro asks quietly, still trying to keep that peaceful air about the room. Nat looks up at Pietro with a mouthful of food and (Y/N) follows suit. Nat quickly swallows the chunk of toast in her mouth, clearing her throat slightly before answering. 

    “Yeah Pete?” Pietro smiles as he leans forward onto his elbows, placing his hands under his chin as he stared at Nat and (Y/N) fondly.

    “How did you guys meet?” (Y/N) nearly chokes on their coffee, a huge smile overtaking their features as they attempt to reign in the small dribbles of the liquid falling from their chin. Nat chuckles a bit, shaking her head as (Y/N) finally swallows their drink, gulping it down before coughing a bit.

    “It’s a bit of a long story…” Nat eyes (Y/N) fondly before directing her attention to Pietro.

    “She doesn’t want to tell you because I had to save her ass,” Pietro’s eyes widen as he leans forward a bit more, a wicked smile rising to his lips as he does so. 

    “Nat really needed saving?” He asks in a hushed tone as if speaking any louder would cause the story to suddenly stop. (Y/N) nods proudly, even a bit smugly if Pietro said so himself.

    “You nearly destroyed shield headquarters doing it,” Nat murmured, the smile on her face betraying her mock hurt tone.

    “Okay, okay,” Pietro leans back, smiling at the two people before him. “I really have to hear this story,” Nat sighs, rolling her eyes even in spite of the smile on her face.

    “Well…it actually started the day the Avengers were formed,” And so Nat begin to tell the story of how her and (Y/N) met.

    It’d been a pretty hectic day, with all these heroes deciding to show up at the helicarrier. Nat had to worry about Mr. Nosy Steve and Tony, “I could kill someone in an instant” Bruce, the oaf Thor, and this seemingly shy and quiet new agent. 

   Nat had seen them around a bit, skimmed over their file but she hadn’t payed them much mind until now.

    “So uh-” Tony flips his chair around to face the quiet person sitting across from him. “What does this shy cutie got up their sleeve?” Tony flashes them a smile causing them to blush a bit. 

    “I uh-” They trail off, staring down at their hands folded in their lap. “It’d be easier if I showed you,” all the team members perked up at this, their interest piqued.

    (Y/N) smiles nervously as they rise from their seat, gently moving the chair away from them before breathing in deeply. Slowly, almost methodically, a pair of wings grew from their back as did a pair of horns atop their head. 

   Their wings grew and grew until they were nearly touching the floor and then (Y/N) expanded them to their full length, showcasing just how large they really were. Their eyes slowly open and when they do the team is surprised to see they’ve changed to more of a golden snake like form. 

   Everyone is quiet for a moment, just staring at (Y/N) silently before Tony begins to clap, whistling a bit as well. 

    “That was incredible!” There’s a huge smile on his face as he rises to his feet, crossing over to where (Y/N) was standing. Tony walks around them a bit, just staring at their new form. “May I touch them-”

    “Mr. Stark,” Fury chastises, “professionalism remember,” Tony smiles a bit, his hand almost lingering by (Y/N)’s wing before he drops it to his side instead crossing back over to his seat. “(Y/N) is something incredible,” (Y/N) blushes a bit at this, Fury’s words soothing the small flame of self-consciousness within them. “Essentially they’re a dragon hybrid, part human part dragon. They can breathe fire, fly, the whole shebang,” Everyone stares at (Y/N) excitedly, their eyes twinkling as they stare at the dragon hybrid. 

    “We have many a great dragon where I come from,” Thor’s booming voice rings out. “I am glad to have a small piece of home with me,” (Y/N) smiles shyly, hanging their head as their cheeks burn even brighter and holy hell Nat thought it was the cutest thing she’d ever seen. How had she not realized how cute this agent was before? With their cute smiles and shy nature Nat was almost offended she had failed to make their acquaintance.

    Nat smiles as she leans forward, truly captivated by (Y/N) and their shy nature. Nat could vaguely hear the people around her asking questions about (Y/N) or simply noting something interesting about their new appearance but Nat payed them no mind, she was too focused on the way (Y/N) was smiling and blushing.

    “Tony and Bruce,” Fury’s voice interrupts everyone. “I want you down in the lab working on this thing ASAP, understood?” Both scientists nod before rising from their seats, dusting themselves off before beginning to walk down the hall together. “The rest of you can do whatever the hell you want just don’t fuck anything up,” The rest of the team nods before rising as well, the four of them remaining branching off to go do their own thing. 

   Steve and Thor went god knows where but Nat had other plans in mind.

   "Hi,“ Nat smiles as she slides up beside (Y/N). “I’m Natasha,” (Y/N) smiles shyly again and Nat could almost melt at the sight.

    “I’m (Y/N)," 

    "It’s great to have you here (Y/N), god knows we need a least one level headed person on this team,” (Y/N) chuckles a bit, even if it is just out of courtesy. “So you need a tour of the place?” Nat presses on, not quite ready to give up on this almost conversation she was having. 

    “Yes, please, that’d be great,” (Y/N)’s tone is quiet and soft and oh so sweet.  

   "Great, let’s get started right down here,“ 

     The two had travelled quite a bit of the helicarrier by the time they reached the labs. In passing Nat looked inside and found most of the team congregated there, everyone but Fury and the two in fact.

    "Wait (Y/N),” Nat raises her hand as she stops (Y/N) in their tracks. She gestures towards the lab with her hand, signaling for (Y/N) to follow her in. Nat pushes open the sound proof doors and the noise level that suddenly appears was not what she was expecting.

    Tony and Steve were arguing while Thor would occasionally add in his two cents, Bruce stood in the corner watching the fighting silently. 

   The group doesn’t even recognize the door being opened or the sound of two extra pairs of feet on the floor, no one even snapped out of the fighting until the door opened again and Fury was suddenly standing there, looking at the group angrily.

    “What in the hell is going on here?” Fury demands as he looks about the group. Everyone falls silent for a few moments before the group explodes once again.

    “Shield is planning on using the tesseract for weapons,” Tony points to a screen behind him. “Steve even found some of Hydra’s old weaponry.” (Y/N) looks between Fury and Nat in complete and utter shock.

    “Wait-” (Y/N) begins, “why do you need-" 

    "To stop things like me,” Bruce finally pipes in. “Isn’t it?” Fury sighs as he rubs his temples in slow circles. 

    “Bruce it isn’t anything personal or-" 

    "It sure feels like it,” Bruce mutters and (Y/N)’s heart aches for the poor guy. 

   "Did you know about this?“ Steve takes a step towards Nat, his demeanor cold and menacing. 

    "Mr. Rogers, I can’t-" 

    "Just answer the question Romanoff," 

    "Steven,” Fury interjects, “I need you to take a step back-" 

    "No,” Tony slides up beside him, glaring dagger at Fury and Nat. “We need the truth," 

     "Stark-” and suddenly everyone begins their screaming match once again, leaving (Y/N) to shy away into the furthest corner of the room, attempting to get as far away from the fighting as possible. 

    Their gaze flits about, refusing to look at the fighting, anywhere but the fighting. They glance out of the glass walls and through the glass front of the helicarrier it was then they saw it. It was quick in its movements but they had most definitely seen it. 

    “Guys,” (Y/N) breathes out, the shock of what they just saw making it damn near impossible to speak any louder. “You guys,” (Y/N) state a little louder but everyone was too into the fighting to notice, everyone but Bruce that is. 

    “What is it (Y/N)?” Bruce comes to stand beside (Y/N), tucking his hands into his pockets as he does so. They merely point outside, hoping Bruce could catch a glimpse of the helicopter that was lingering around the ship. 

    “(Y/N) I don’t see anything, what are you- oh my god,” Bruce trails off as his eyes catch on what (Y/N) had been pointing out. “You guys,” Bruce went to warm everyone but it was too late, within a moment chunks of helicarrier were exploding, sending everyone sprawling across the floor.

    (Y/N) groans softly as the world around them spins for a moment and then settles once again in a dusty, concrete covered mess. They slowly sit up from the ground but by the time they do Fury is already giving everyone orders. 

   "Rogers, Stark, you get this thing flying. Thor, make sure Loki is contained. Natasha,“ Fury looks around for the redhead only to find she was nowhere to be seen. However in her place Fury finds a gaping hole in the floor, leading down to some floors below. "And (Y/N),” Fury points to the highly shocked dragon hybrid. “I want you to find Agent Romanoff, understood?” (Y/N) gives an affirmative nod and a gentle ruffle of their wings, shaking the dust off of the fragile skin. Without any hesitation they drop into the hole in the floor, their sharp gaze looking about them for any sign of the redhead. 

   There was some debris from the hole and a few fallen beams but other than that everything looked to be in order. (Y/N) squints against the dark lighting, attempting to see a bit further. However, there searching became pointless when an ear shattering roar filled the air and it didn’t come from (Y/N) and that could only mean one thing.

    “Shit,” (Y/N) whispers as they take off in the direction of the roar. They’re feet carried them quickly as did their adrenaline so it was no surprise when (Y/N) rounded a corner to see a furious hulk chasing after Nat. Without any thought (Y/N) charges straight for the green monster, their instincts telling them to protect the defenseless redhead. 

    It was almost natural to slip into this larger form, to slip into this full dragon mode. In fact (Y/N) had hardly even noticed the way their body would change and expand with each step they took, that was until their too large for the helicarrier body began to press against glass and metal. (Y/N) elected to ignore the sudden tightness around them and instead push forward, bound and determined to contain the hulk. 

   Their talon like claws reach out, plucking the hulk from the floor as (Y/N) began to beat their wings, taking them upwards towards the ceiling. The hulk roared and beat furiously upon (Y/N)’s feet but they payed him no mind, they could barely feel his fists on their scaled feet. Instead (Y/N) roared back, even louder than the hulk could, silencing the monster into shocked silence. In fact the entire helicarrier seemed to fall silent at (Y/N)’s roar, everything suddenly quieting down into an almost unnatural state. 

    “(Y/N)!” A voice calls from below the dragon. “Let him go!” (Y/N) glowers down at the voice only to have it melt away when they realize that it was Nat calling out to them. Nat was safe and okay, that’s all that mattered. Almost casually (Y/N) drops the hulk back to the ground, not even caring when his body made a loud thump against the metal, He’d be fine after all. 

   (Y/N)’s taloned feet touch the ground with a clack and their body follows smoothly after until every chunk of dragon was perched atop the ground. Nat was a bit breathless and her hair was sticking to her forehead but despite this she smiled, giving (Y/N)’s front paw a gentle pat. 

   "Thanks for saving me,“ She sucks in a great amount of air in between words. (Y/N) makes something akin to a hum, more of a purr given their state at the moment. "But uh-” Nat’s smile grows as she looks about her, surveying the damage caused by (Y/N)’s form. “I think Fury’s going to be pissed you destroyed the lower half of the helicarrier," 

    Pietro leans back into his seat after the story was over, smiling softly to himself as he does so.

    "Needless to say Fury was pretty damn pissed,” (Y/N) chuckles as they finish their coffee, an almost amused twinkle in their eyes. 

    “Wow,” Pietro scoffs a bit, “that was-”

    “The greatest love story ever told,” Tony interjects as he waddles into the kitchen, his hair disheveled from the small amount of sleep he’d gotten. “I’m jealous I wasn’t there to see it,” Pietro smiles fondly at his teammates, just appreciating their sleepy conversations and shared smiles. 

    “Yeah,” Pietro nods as he yawns a bit. “I think I may have to agree with Tony,”

Promise you’ll be brave (part 3)

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A/n; this is part 3 for ‘promise you’ll be brave’ y/n has been killed by ultron to only find shes still breath. im not a fan of pietros death so i changed it , so he doesn't die but get hurts. hope you like it, request are still open so send in ideas!!!*gif not mine*

part one  part two 

*Pietro’s point of view*

my heart broke as i held y/n body in my arms, pushing away some of her hair that was on her face. her nose started to bleed, i slid my hand onto her neck to see if there was a pulse. i felt a low pulse.

“she still has a pulse! “ i turned back and everyone’s eyes flew wide open.

“take her to the medical bay, NOW! “ Steve demanding me.

i raced down to the medical bay where i found Dr Helen Cho , she ran towards me

“ put her in the cradle” she said opening up the new cradle.

“i could restore the broken tissue, if i stabilize her she’ll be in the coma due to the amount of blood she lost” she said working on the computer

“dont worry shes a fighter” she walked towards me, giving me a hug and then returned to the computer

couple minutes past and the whole team came down.

“how she holding up? “ Tony said to Dr helen Cho

“she’s stable, but due the amount of blood she lost and how deep the wound went, she won’t be waking up any sooner” she sighed, looking at everyone’s faces that was completely destroyed.

a felt a gentle hand on my shoulder, turning back it was wanda giving me a broken smile.

“i could of saved her, i should’ve followed her!!” punching the wall,ignoring the pain on my knuckles. i was angry, my body was burning, tensed up.

“it is not your fault brother “ she put her hand on my cheek, wiping away the tears that were coming down my cheek.

“you must be strong brother, for her. “she said giving me a smile.

“sir i’ve got a location on ultron” Jarvis said

“where?” i heard Cap across the room


“Gear up everyone now” Cap demanding everyone. Everyone rushed out of the medical bay.

4 hours later ;

“We find out what Ultron’s been planning. Keep the fight between us.” Cap says sternly over the earpiece

i felt the ground shake as i try to stand on the bridge, i see multiple metal hands grabbing the edge of the bridge, pulling themselves up, some flying into the air. ground starts to break and next thing you know savokia is flying. i started to run, destroying every bot i came across, protecting my sister. i left her with Clint, he was shooting robots that try to come close to us.

“Do you see?” I look up at a robot with red eyes. “The beauty of it. The inevitability. Your rise only to fall. You. Avengers. You are my meteor. My swift and terrible sword. And the earth will crack.” I look at Wanda , i can see that she is terrified.

“Purge me from your computers. Turn my own…flesh.. against me.”

Clint lowers his bow staring at the bot. “It means nothing. But when the dust settles, the only thing living in this world…Will be metal”

I grabbed Clint and Wanda and ran to everyone that was guarding the button or whatever it was.

“Is that the best you can do!” Thor shouts at Ultron, making a hand gesture for the robots to come.

“you had to asked” Cap said looking at thor.

everyone began to fight and destroy every robot that came to us.

“The next wave is gonna hit any minute, what ya got Stark?” Cap says to Tony through the earpiece.

“Welp, nothing great. Maybe a way to blow up the city. Keep it from impacting the surface if you guys can get clear.”

Cap walks beside me. “I asked for a solution not an escape plan.” I look up at him before looking around you. Wanda is leading people inside, Clint is as well. I walking with Cap towards the edge. Looking down at the edge, we are so far up , that i cannot see the rest of the city below. Nat shows up at Cap’s side.

“Cap these people are going no where. If Stark knows a way to blow this rock” Cap speaks over Nat.

“Not until everyone’s safe.” Nat looks at him angrily. “Everyone up here versus everyone down there, there’s no math there.” Cap speaks louder.

“I’m not leaving this rock with one civilian on it.” Nat cocks her head to the side slightly. “I didn’t say we should leave.” Cap takes a breath before turning toward Nat. Nat nods her head. “There are worse ways to go.”

“Where else am I gonna get a view like this.” Nat says. Silence flows through as you all realize that this is it.

“Glad you like the view Romanov.” everyone with confusion on their faces then looking towards the sky.

“It’s about to get better.” Fury says over the earpiece. In the distance i see a shape form through the clouds revealing Fury’s helicarrier. Back to the people in the buildings, they all look out the window to find out what’s going on.The helicarrier lifting above Sakovia.

”This is S.H.I.E.L.D?” I said looking amazed. “This is what S.H.I.E.L.Ds supposed to be.” i turn to look at Cap before turning back and nodding his head. “This is not so bad.”

”She’s dusty, but she’ll do.” Fury says. Cap says. “Fury, you son of a bitch.” Fury replys with “Oohoh you kiss your mother with that mouth.” As rescue ships aborted the edge , i turned around towards the building to tell everyone to go towards the ship. I grabbed up Wanda and ran to where Clint was, helping him out i destroyed the rest of robots.

“I’ll protect it.” Wanda says standing next to it. Clint looks at her which catches her attention. “It’s my job.” Clint nods his head looks at me and to Nat. “Nat, lets go”  

“Get the people on the boats.” Wanda says looking around for any sign of the robots.

“I’m not going to leave you here.” I said looking at her.

“I can handle this.” She says and throws her hand to the side breaking a bot in to pieces.

“Come back for me when everyone else is off, not before.” She says with her hands up and ready. “Do you understand?”

Wanda says raising her voice. I look at her smirking “Ya know,..I’m twelve minutes older than you.” Wanda giggled before she speaks. “Go” she gave me a smirk.

helping out the rest of the people getting on board i see Clint running towards a little boy. then i began to hear gun firing getting close. I ran towards Clint, grabbing him and the boy i ran to a safe spot. only to get shot in the leg. “shit” i mumbled

“bet you didn’t see that coming” Clint giving me a smirk and then we headed towards the ship. i see the ship crash. everyone was in the helicarrier, looking around for Wanda. i spotted her next to Vision. “ you okay ?” looking up and down her to see any wounds.

“yes brother im okay, as for you ?”

“i got shot in the leg , ill be okay.. now lets go home” i said pulling her into a hug.

3 hours later ;

we got back to the tower, everyone tired and exhausted. as for me i ran to the medical bay to see y/n. “how is she?” i said looking down at the cradle where her body is lying peacefully.

“shes doing good, but she won’t be waking anytime time soon” Dr Helen Cho said.

i pulled up a chair and sat next to her. looking at her, her features. how beautiful she is, i wish i could of told her, how i felt towards her. “please wake up y/n.. i need you, the whole team needs you..if you can hear me i love you.” i heard loud beeping across the room where Dr helen cho was “oh my god, i cannot believe this” she ran towards the cradle, pressing a button to open the cradle. “whats going on ?” giving a confused look at her

“shes waking up”

i looked down at y/n

“y/n ?” i said , i could see her hands turning blue.

“her vitals are really high ! she gonna make an energy blast!” she said grabbing me and hiding behind a wall

but she was wrong, the blue glowing only went bright and soon disappeared.

i walked back towards the cradle.

“y/n” i called out, hoping she’ll hear me

Y/n point of view

i could hear someone calling my name but it was faint and couldn’t make out who was calling my name. slowly opening my eyes, i saw pietro and Dr helen cho. i sat up and looked around, i was in the medical bay, “Pietro?” i said grabbing his hand

“y/n , im so glad you’re awake!” pulling me into a hug, his warm embrace made me feel better. i could feel his heart beat race.

“how long have i been out?” i asked looking at Dr helen cho

“i say for a day, this is so rare, you lost alot of blood and now here you are awake and everything seems to be okay” she looked back the monitors, confused.

“y/n i love you , okay? not in a friendly kind of way but gosh i do love you, ever since i first saw you” Pietro said looking at me and i could see tears forming his eyes, looking into those beautiful icy blue eyes, i couldn’t help myself. i pulled his shirt, crashing our lips together, it was passionate, warm and kind. “ i love you more” breaking the kiss, looking at him i could see his cheeks turing red. he smiled at me. “ i missed you so much” he said putting his hand on my face

“so what did i miss?” i said i him with a smirk

“so much, but we to let the team know that you’re awake” he said helping me out the cradle.

we were walking towards the door, when we opened it, everyone was standing there. “Suprise!” everyone said shouting and running towards me to give a hug, apparently JARVIS informed them i have awaken. “im so glad youre okay” Nat said giving me a kiss on my forehead

“you better treat her and protect her pietro” Clint said giving pietro a smirk. “i promise i will” he said looking at me giving me a smile, i looked away i could feel my cheeks turing red.

“Its time for a celebration!!” Tony said while throwing his hands up in the air. i walked over to pietro, pulling him into a hug. his warm embrace , i could hear his heart beat. i swear i didn’t want to ever let go of him. looking up into his blue eye as he looked down at me. i pulled him into another kiss, ignoring the fact that the team was shouting and whistling at us. breaking the kiss, “ i love you” i whispered in his ear.

“i love you too dragul meu”

In the infamous words of Kanye West “Avengers I’m a let you finish, but The Winter Soldier was the BEST movie in the MCU of all time!”

My Review: *Spoilers goes without saying, DO NOT READ if you have not seen this movie*

Man listen….I really don’t know where to begin. I knew this movie would be good, but I had NO idea it would be Marvel’s best entry to date. This movie was EVERYTHING and promoted Steve Rogers to the iconic hero he is. Cap is my favorite Avenger mainly because he is grounded with a big heart and moral compass and the most human without the flash at the same time. The writers brilliantly show just why he is a hero and why he is The First Avenger. It is so much to take away from this film, but I will breakdown why it slays and its definitely worth your time and money if you’re interested.

The Characters:

Steve Rogers - Chris Evans is the BAE, but he without a doubt has completely embodied Captain America. He was flawless (and looks it as well) and nailed all his scenes, especially those emotional ones. ‘O Captain, my captain…wonderful job indeed.

Natasha Romanoff - Scarlett has really evolved the Black Widow from her first start in Iron Man 2. She and rightfully so was the perfect choice for the female lead in this film. NO other female could have did what she did and added to that film the way she did. Her kicking a** is always a beauty to watch, but her humanization was the star this go round.

Sam Wilson - My other boo Anthony Mackie was glorious in this one. Repping as a proud native of New Orleans, Anthony was perfect to play Falcon. He was witty, kick a**, his wings are awesome and he was a great addition to the team. I look forward to seeing more of him to come!

The Winter Soldier - Well hot damn! What is this? Marvel has an actual threatening villain in their movies?! Sebastian Stan was a BAMF! He really had me scared for the lives of those fighting him. I mean dude was a possessed terminator for real. Sebastian knocked it out the park.

Nick Fury - What a great display of character from SLJ in this one. I’m so glad they finally gave him more to work with, it was past time. He delivered 100%! Sam did an awesome showing why he’s Nick Fury and why Fury is Fury. Interesting to see where Nick goes from here, but dope stuff no doubt.

Alexander Pierce - Robert Redford is legend and that’s pretty much all you need to know. Didn’t expect no less from him.

All in all the main cast was outstanding! Honorable mentions goes to Frank Grillo and Cobie Smulders.

The Relationships:

One of the main reasons this film worked was the all the relationships that manifested onscreen. What many might not know is that those relationships translates because most of the cast are really good friends off screen and all have worked with each other prior to filming. It was very natural and real and you can’t cast authentic no matter how well a person can act. The relationships were the heart of the movie.

Steve/Sam - One of the best formed bromances ever assembled. In the comics Falcon and Cap are very good friends and partners and this is no different for Chris and Anthony who are friends as well. They brought that same relationship to the screen and it was delightful to watch.

Steve/Natasha - Now let me say, I ship these two like the helicarrier, but aside from that I loved watching the development of their relationship. Everyone should know by now how close Evansson is and they have a comfort level like no other together. As I mentioned before, Scarlett was perfectly cast as co-lead in this film because of their dynamic onscreen and off screen. It just works no matter what and Marvel hit a goldmine by having those two in those roles. Realistically, Romanogers happening would’ve been far fetched for this movie b/c of where we last saw them standing in Avengers and because of their character traits in general. We had yet to see them really interact and develop a relationship and this movie done that. They have a bond now and trust each other fervently so that’s a great connection formed. Now did this movie spell out exactly where they stand? Not at all. You can see they care for one another deeply, are attracted to one another, and have an unmistakable respect for one another. it was mentioned by the directors how they relationship is clearly undefined and in a gray area because there’s an intimacy to it now. I think that’s even better, nothing like an ambiguous relationship to keep people guessing and that’s exactly what those teases at Marvel will do. They’re both going on a self-discovery journey so it’ll be interesting to see where AOU takes us with that. Whether they go there or not (and the hope is they do) at least they gave them development because Widow is a strong partner and friend to Cap as well. It will have to do as far as the MCU goes because let’s be real Romanogers is canon and signed, sealed, delivered with their seed James Rogers. So I’ll always have that to fall back on. It was all kinds of feels watching them in this movie though.

Steve/Fury - This is one of the more important relationships that got needed spotlight. Fury has mad respect for Cap and Nick’s father Jack Fury fought with Cap back in the day so he always will have that acknowledgment for him. But of course there’s the trust issues where they knock heads at and after this movie its finally put to bed and those two start anew. Wonderfully done.

Steve/Peggy - Lawdddd Steggy had me in my feelings. Hayley is such a doll and did superb. This is one of those emotional scenes I was talking about. Chris’s face was killing me softly. I mean the whole time during this scene Whitney Houston’s “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” is playing in my head. I mean it was just bittersweet. So wish we could have more of Hayley Atwell in the MCU. She was truly Steve’s heart…le sighs.

Steve/Bucky - Just good Lord…these two…I just. Emo was all over the place with Stucky. I was hurting for both of them. I really felt what both of them had to be going through seeing each other and those fights tho..geez it was like burning watching them. This clearly was the highlight of the film. Just kudos man.

The Tone:

The tone was perfect. It was exactly what it needed to be for this film. Though there was lines of humor, the movie NEVER got away from itself. The most serious one yet.

The Story/Plot:

The writers are definitely to be commended for their script. They took a comic book storyline and translated it remarkably to film. It was balanced and well structured. Hats of to Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely!

The Direction/Action:

The Russo Brothers turned Cap all the way up and fans could not be happier! Thank you for finally showing him as a BAMF. And all the action sequences are mind blowing and not contrived one bit. Some of the best action I’ve seen in film period. Russo’s did that!


Like I said, truly Marvel’s best in my view and game changer for Cap’s franchise and the Avengers. The Russo’s have raised the bar and it is to be noted. Thank you, thank you, thank you, this movie did not disappoint and have me anxiously awaiting Cap 3 as much as AOU. Like Magneto would say “Perfection.”

The Future:

So, Cap 3 will be a continuation from Cap 2. Everyone who was in this one that’s alive is making a comeback for the third. Now let me just say this, one of those people is Agent 13, who I didn’t shed light on b/c of her brief role, but she is going to be more prominent in the next…sighs.

I will be honest, I absolutely have NO EFFS to give about this character.. She is one of my most disliked comic characters because of her useless purpose and lazy arc from the creators. I HATE how she was put as a love interest for Cap just because she’s a relative of Peggy(he deserved better), which is gross btw, I HATE how she played a major negative role in Cap’s story knowingly or not, I really just cannot with this character at all. Basic is the best word used to describe her.  I for one feel it was disrespectful and trash to have him date his first love’s kin….just ugh. I would think out of all the love and respect Steve has for Peggy, he wouldn’t dare. It’s way out of his character. Emily looks very young next to Chris to me as well, but if this atrocity does happen God forbid…it needs to be super developed. For this to believable, it has to be done with tact and authenticity. How will they do this in one film? I have no idea. We could end up with the mess that is Thor/Jane, which is just a horribly written romance. I am going to pray because I will be pissed if this “romance” is sh*t and will already be fighting the urge to regurgitate if this evolves. I’m really getting sick just thinking about it, but honestly I hope they think long and hard about this before just putting it out there if it has to be. Now, we could all be saved and its nothing because in other comic versions she is nothing more but an ally and friend and actually dates Sam, with Steve being a mentor to her despite her feelings for him. You know this would make much more sense, but you can’t ever be too sure with Marvel. Needless to say, Cap 3 will be interesting.

Extra Tidbits:

- Love the Stephen Strange mention and the glimpse of the Avengers tower.

Favorite Catch Lines:

“On your left.”

“I’m with you til the end of the line.”

“Now I do.”

“….dance with my favorite girl.”

“Man shut the hell up!”

anonymous asked:

Marta, what do you think about all the Minseok OTP ships? :)

You’re talking to a hardcore xiuharem!shipper, honey ~ ♥

All those xiuships. 

All those beautiful, gorgeous ships.

Yes, I ship them all. I may helicarrier xiuhan to the other side of the universe on the wings of loveh, but I seriously ship Minseok with everyone.

I wasn’t exactly like this in the beginning, since - yes, I admit it -  I had a hard time standing all those /canonmy ass ships the fandom was trying to sell way back in the beginning, but the more I got to know these guys the more I began to like their relationships with their one and only Da Ge

Minseok is a damn cupcake. A sassy, devilish, adorable dominatrix cupcake. He could easly be exo’s real only leader thanks to his age, but he’s blessed enough to be even above that status. At the end, he’s a bit like the guardian angel of the leaders and the cool mom of the youngs who loses his shit as soon as Lu han kicks a soccer ball in his direction, but anyway. And it’s so damn funny seeing how nobody fucks with him, even if he’s like a little plump innoncent squirrel. Everybody can fuck with the leaders, but not with Minseok. Minseok is above everything. Minseok is even above power itself. Beware of the supreme squirrel, foul mortals, uh uh uh.

No, but… what the hell am I talking about.

The SHIPS. Oh yeah. Minseok’s OTP ships.

I can’t honestly say that they’re /otp/, because everybody’s otps are different, but in my big and perfect xiuharem paradise I can name a few that I hold very dear.

No, Xiuhan. Get lost. I already breathe you every single day, let me work here. I’ll fangirl with you later, with those twenty fanfics I forgot to read last night. Leave me alone for one second, suhfiSYDFGISDGFPUDRGFAD

… the ship I’ve reevaluated the most is surely Xiuchen.

I’ve never liked how they were canonized in the very beginning, when there was so little to canonize, like “oh the only koreans in m, let’s put them together so everything is gay and happy”, but now… oh, now it’s a whole new different story. Now we’ve seen a lot more of them. Now there’s so much to ship I don’t even know where to start. It’s very clear that they’re hella comfortable with each other, and so playful. I have also this strange feeling that Jongdae is one of the few dongsaeng Minseok lets dork around, because Jongdae is fun, Jongdae is sunshine, and you just gotta leeet the sunshine in ~ ♬♪♫  

… then, Xiuris is definitely a strange weakness of mine. And I say strange because…

No, they’re not ok. No, I don’t know what drugs they’re on. Yes, it’s better to back off and walk away before it’s too late. Don’t look back, Anonie. The Leader and Leader’s Boss. Let’s move on.

Xiulay. My dear, precious Xiulay ;w;

Yixing wants the bun. It’s so obvious it hurts. He may be the sweetest unicorn in the world but he’s so hungry for buns I wanna cry /gross sobbing/. What else could I ever add to that.

 Moving on, I have a very, very sweet spot for Taomin.

… and it’s not just that Zitao is Minseok’s rightful maknae. Zitao is the “oppa“ boy. Zitao’s the big sweet maknae that Minseok can manhandle how much and how hard he wants. That’s what you get for being kungu fu panda, Zitao. No, seriously, that’s the real BROtp right here. They’re so brothers when they’re together, and Minseok takes really good care of his little dongsaeng.

And finally, my second XiuOTP - way too close to xiuhan, honestly - is…

… yes. Them. I’ve already said countless times how much I love xiuhun and how much I want them to get it on and marry and have many little drooling motherfuckers, but I just- I love them. Looking at them, I never see that maknae-da ge relationship. I see hell. And paradise. But mostly hell. They’re my precious korean Yzma and Kronk, and I’ll hold to them because they’re effin precious.

And YES, I refuse to talk about xiuhan in this reply because that would be the death of me. And I’m really sorry, but I don’t wanna die. I’m still young and I have many more years of shipping and fangirling ahead of me.

These are the xiuships I know the most, but those I’ve left out are just as loved and welcomed anytime they happen, because everybody has the right to get a little piece of baozi ♥ and xiuharem is LAW.

I salute you, Anonie.