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“They are both passionate, they both will live and die for the ones they care about, the ones they love. They are family oriented; they’re strong and loving and they are actually very, very similar characters in many ways.”

                                            - Dominic Sherwood

- all of the Losers have had a crush on Bill at least once in their lives
- he’s their (beautiful) leader and they love him and sometimes those feelings get a little less platonic
- we know Bev’s feelings for him. Y'know, canon
- ignore pretty much all canon besides that tho
- Eddie’s was when they around 14 and he started the realise he likes boys
- it lasted two months and he’d sigh and stare wistfully at him
- and all the other losers knew and would tease him
- Richie especially.
- he realised he was jealous
- and at first he thought it was just because he was into Bill
- because come on, Bill is gorgeous and he’s so cool and Richie has always admired him
- and he realises he’s into Bill around the same time Eddie does
- when Eddie tells the losers that he thinks he’s not into Bill anymore
- ((((hint: he realised he’s in love with Richie))))
- At this Richie realises he likes Eddie. More-than-a-friend type of like.
- his crush on Bill was legit tho. But it was a fickle little crush.
- they’re 16 when Ben realised
- as writers, he and Bill share some of their works. short stories, poetry, prose, y'know
- and Bill just has such a way with words. he writes so beautifully and he’s so romantic and Ben’s like “oh boy i think i’m falling for him”
- he realises eventually he isn’t but he still feels that warm feeling when he reads Bill’s writing about love and romance
- he tells Mike about this and that’s when Mike starts thinking “why are they all falling in love with Bill??? what’s up with that?? what’s so great about Bill?”
- so he starts to look at him differently, trying to figure out why all their friends fall in love with Bill
- and, well, when you start to look at someone like that, lines between romantic and platonic feelings get blurry
- and oops. Now Mike has a crush on Bill.
- that, as did the others, fades away
- Stan’s the last one. Except he was also the first. Stan has been in love with Bill since they were young. He doesn’t know when it happened, he doesn’t even know when he realised, but he has loved Bill for years.
- Stan is the only one who tells Bill about his crush.
- he only tells him after Bill confesses about his crush on Stan
- As they’re hanging out one day Stan lets slip he used to worry that Bill would fall in love with another of their friends
- and Bill tells him that not only would that never happen but their friends wouldn’t like him back like that anyway
- and that’s when Bill finally finds out that all his friends have been in love with him before


kdrama women’s week, day 8: age of youth lovefest
↳ favourite couple: yoon jin myung x kang yi na


[ December 2017. ]

(actually just wanted to do Rey for a quick warm-up and ended up sticking with this until almost 4 am wtf 😂 tried drawing without line art for the first time and it’s kinda relaxing, but definitely takes too long ;;;)


“What to do when Jimin is cold?”

Ahhh this really took a while to make ^^; I would’ve colored it more, but I like this simple style more~

In case you didn’t know, I ship Jimin with everybody XD He’s just so cute, I bet everyone is whipped over this mochi ><

hating on someone else’s ship is so unnecessary and weird? it’s like making a nice dinner for yourself on a tuesday night and your 4th degree cousin calling you from abroad to tell that she found it overcooked. don’t rain on my parade brenda, nobody cares. it’s fucking delicious.


Starjack in the early days: a summary

also i think im funny and my captions r great (not really lmao)