i ship emily and badass characters

I don’t have completely-out-of-left-field OTPs very often, but there’s one I would pay good money to see:

Elizabeth Comstock and Emily Kaldwin being stealthy reality-warping badasses together. Emily taking Elizabeth with her on diplomatic visits abroad so Elizabeth can actually see the world (a world, anyway), and the two of them sneaking away to go on dates in cute little local places where people aren’t trying to murder them for once.

Their dads watching all surly-like from the shadows just in case some schmuck does try to murder them.

Corvo giving Booker advice on how to be a halfway decent human being father while they make sure their kids are safe.

Meanwhile Emily and Elizabeth bond over the fact that their dads aren’t fooling anyone, but it’s nice to see them making friends. Maybe the two of them can go dig stuff out of garbage cans together and give the ladies some privacy later, m’kay?

pandagamers  asked:

overwatch for fandom thing?

Favourite Female: Tracer

Favourite Male: McCree

3 Other Favourite Characters: D.Va, Zarya, Mercy

3 OTPs: I actually don’t have any ships for Overwatch? Aside from Tracer and Emily. I’m really okay with anything?

Notp: None.

Funniest character: All of McCree’s voice lines are golden? Can I just: “I’m not good. Not bad. But I sure as hell ain’t ugly.’

Prettiest character: Mercy

Most Annoying Character: Bastion? Not annoying as a character, but annoying to deal with. When I still had a way to play Overwatch, it was hell for me when it came to Bastion. Oh wow just turning a corner— instantly mowed down.

Most badass character: Widowmaker

Character I’d like as my BFF: D.Va

Female Character I’d Marry: Tracer

Male Character I’d Marry: I… don’t think I would marry anyone, actually.

Character I hate/dislike/least like: None, really.

My Final Bethyl Rant

I need to get this off my chest so maybe I can get some sleep. It’s already 5 a.m. and I’m legitimately heartbroken about this episode. It may sound ridiculous to be so invested in a fictional character, but they did her an injustice. The “what could have been” will haunt me forever and I honestly do not believe I will ever recover from this. Daryl is my favorite character, Beth was my second favorite, and I refuse to watch the unnecessary death of Beth Greene become a plot device to “re-break” Daryl. The man has already been through enough loss. Why couldn’t they give him a little happiness? At least for a little while. Beth was a fighter and didn’t deserve to die like this. If Daryl had “trained” her, why didn’t we get to see more of that? They made such a big deal out of how “strong she had become” and how “badass she is” and we only caught a glimpse. What happened in the conversation between C@rol and Beth when C@rol woke up? And if Beth HAD to die, why couldn’t they have made it to where she didn’t have a choice in the matter? She was home free. HOME FREE!!!!! She was with Daryl. She was with her FAMILY and she chooses to stab a pair of tiny scissors into the neck/shoulder of a uniformed (important fact because the scissors probably didn’t even imbed in Dawn’s skin through the material) police officer??? Seriously?! Grab Rick’s gun and blow her f’ing head off!!! A gunfight didn’t break out after Daryl shot Dawn so that excuse can’t be used.

I’m literally mourning a loss of life (fictional character be damned) and all because some lazy, good for nothing writers wanted to jerk us around and play into shock value. All the cherished moments I had from season 4 where Daryl and Beth are together have been tarnished because the writers already had her dead in their minds. The last words Beth ever said to Daryl were “I’m not going to leave you.” They made her into a liar. She didn’t have to leave him!!! There was no reason for it to happen that way!!

Beth’s death would have been so much more powerful if she had actually HAD something with Daryl. If she had reunited with Maggie. If she had escaped the hospital. Instead we were left with a half-assed ripoff of a non-story driven death. The entire hospital arc was created strictly for killing Beth. Noah joined the group, yes, but they could have created any different number of ways for him to do so rather than Grady. Then to not even let her death be the “highlight” of the end of the episode by having that bit of Morgan after the credits…to completely gloss over everything that just happened with Beth?? I’m angry and utterly disappointed.

Norman Reedus said that if Daryl ever loved, it would be forever. We won’t ever truly know if he loved Beth like I wanted him to or not. I like to think he did from their unfinished conversation in the kitchen of the mortuary, but we’ll never get that concrete proof. Anyone Daryl gets with now will be a cheap substitution and I (personally if I lived through such circumstances as Daryl and Beth’s journey) would never recover from something like this. I WILL never recover from this. This show has been ruined for me. I will no longer watch it. It has nothing to do with “my ship will never happen” and everything to do with the time and energy I invested into Beth. She could have been so much more. Her story didn’t feel finished. She deserved to live. She fought tooth and nail to survive and you kill her by having a cop get trigger happy on reflex? Her gun and been holstered the whole flipping scene!! I feel bad for Emily Kinney who must feel utterly betrayed by her characters poorly timed demise. They were just scratching the surface of what COULD HAVE BEEN a badass character with morals and values intact (much like Andrea in the comics) and you killed her off without a justifiable reason. I saw no heroism in her death because Beth didn’t even take Dawn with her. While she may have known Rick or Daryl wouldn’t have allowed Dawn to survive after harming her, Beth still died for no reason. Like I said…she should have taken Rick’s gun and as they were walking away, blown Dawn’s head off and she could’ve set Noah free and still have fulfilled those “what ifs” with Daryl.

I will forever miss the “ray of hope” that was Beth Greene. The show has literally snuffed out the 7 months of excitement I had. Without Beth, I do not feel compelled to watch a show that no longer places value in their characters and is solely out for the cheap tricks and shock factor. If the show was about people learning and adapting to survive the apocalypse, then why is it absolutely necessary to have a death? Let the ones who deserve to survive…SURVIVE!! I will never get the closure I need for the death of Beth Greene.

With Coda, my Bethyl world has crumbled, but I will continue writing my fanfictions and will begin writing the third book of my For the Ones trilogy where Beth is the badass we deserve and season 5 will be written how it SHOULD have happened. You can find my Bethyl works here: https://m.fanfiction.net/u/494243/apenny12

Sorry this turned into a novel and thank you for reading my rant. This has allowed me to put my broken heart “onto paper” and take a step toward the closure I need for the unnecessary death of my now favorite character; Beth Greene.

I'm just in awe of what Marvel has done YET again. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a MUST SEE
It gives you closure on a lot of things (if you thrive on relationships like me, wait until the closure they give about Peggy Carter… sobs). “I COULDN’T LEAVE MY BEST GIRL”

Agent 13 AKA Sharon CARTER AKA Cap’s future bae who was brilliantly casted (Emily VanCamp is a badass)


All those fight scenes…

Black Widow is the definition of a badass

Agent Hill, also, was quite wonderful (you go Robin Scherbatsky)

I called that one about Nick Fury

Falcon… (whoever casted this movie deserves all the awards)


And I know he was technically the villain (he was brainwashed, he wasn’t himself okay) but damn it, Sebastian Stan

Stan Lee’s cameo.. LOLZ

Honestly, I called Emily VanCamp being Sharon Carter (any Marvel junkie would know that) AND I’M SO EXCITED TO SHIP STEVE AND SHARON I CAN’T EVEN

The comic relief, the casting, the directing, the whole freaking plot, the easter eggs, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SEQUEL made up for the first movie and Marvel did so wonderful. Thank you for giving me hope in Marvel again.