i ship chair

“holster can you please for once sTOP NARRATING EVERYTHING LIKE GOSSIP GIRL”

“hey upper east siders gossip girl here. looks like our dearly beloved baker B feels a bit burnt out, although his pies definitely aren’t.” 


“until next time. you know you love me, xoxo gossip girl”

a concept: people/ai ships? im talking delta/york, epsilon/anyone, etc,,

like theres so much potential for cool ai mechanics? for example: worried bc they dont have a physical body? no problem! theyre in ur head, they can hold ur hand (or at least pretend to) and u can feel it as if they did, problem solved,

I’m going to create a ship company and each ship is going to have the name of my favorite otps and i’m only going to hire people who belong to each fandom so if something like the titanic happens we can all say “I’M GOING DOWN WITH THIS SHIP”

Sometimes I think y’all just wanna ship Evelyne Brochu with anyone or anything… like, she’s so attractive and charismatic y’all are all: “I ship EBro with Cate Blanchett,” “I ship EBro with Clarke,” “I ship EBro with that guy I just passed on the street,” “I ship EBro with that chair,” “honestly, I just want to see EBro make out with someone or something I don’t care I don’t care just fuck me up!”