i ship borra

focusas  asked:


1. Favourite female character: lin beifong, that lady is my hero
2. Favourite male character: UH tenzin
3. Least favourite female character: lmao su yin
4. Least favourite male character: lol mako or prince wu
5. Ships: idk i used to ship borra back when book 1 was airing and kinda just gave up when makorra became canon so i guess none too
6. Pairings that I just can’t: None.
7. Top 3 favourite episodes: Day of the Colossus, Turning the Tides, Beginnings part 1 and 2
8. Least favourite episode: All episodes from Book 2 except Beginnings. Remembrances too.
9. Favourite line/speech/moment!: “When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change.” This line actually really resonates with me. It has inspired me many times, really.

anonymous asked:

I thought you said you respected other peoples opinions? >:(

Oooh here we go! That was fast.
Listen here Anon, I do respect others opinions. I have followers who ship Makorra, and I NEVER insult them on the posts they reblog, post, or message them on Anon *like you.*
This is actually one of the very few times I’ve dissed Makorra on my dash!
So shut the fuck up and grow a pair. If someone doesn’t like your pairing, respect them. Maybe then you’ll learn they will come to respect you for liking it.

To my followers who ship Makorra,
Your opinions on the pairing doesn’t affect my opinion of you. True, I don’t agree with you on the pairing. However, that doesn’t mean I have the right to tell you “EW,” “Don’t ship that!,” and so on.
If you can handle me dissing Makorra, then I can handle you loving it.
If not, then feel free to message me (if off anon, it’ll be private), ask questions, unfollow, etc.