i ship alimor

  • What I mean: These two have an interesting dynamic, and I wished we could see more interactions between the two, so we can learn not only about the romantic side of their relationship, but the platonic side, the emotional side. How do they help each other grow and change? Do they make them act better? Worse? I want to see more of the intricacies of their relationship and how they affect each other's lives, both as a couple and as friends
  • What I say: my otp needs more screen time

Hey guys, I just wanted to remind everyone that these characters are fictional. Let’s not have the same debate over and over again. For the sake over everyone involved, calm down and respect other people’s right to have an opinion. 

Magi 300 small part discussion:

So anyone who has seen spoilers of this chapter or read it know what I’ll be talking about.

So at one part, we get to see Olba with his wife Toto and their 2 sons after the time skip (<3), and of course we get to see Alibaba be depressed because everyone he had known 3 years ago had moved on without him.

Olba, being the sweetie he is, says how he still has Morgiana.

Then Toto said something on the comment. “But Olba… Morgiana is, well… with Hakuryuu…”

I nearly cracked at this.

Not because I ship Alimor (which I do), but for the mere fact that if she meant Morgiana was in a relationship with Hakuryuu, it literally goes against everything Morgiana ever stood for as a character.

As a reminder, Alibaba admitted he loved her, right? And so after Hakuryuu “killed” Alibaba, Morgiana even admitted to Hakuryuu that she had loved Alibaba as well; which was a HUGE character point for her due to the fact that when he confessed, she said how when she was a slave, she never had that option to love anyone, and how she had to learn to love because she is now free but was still haunted by being a slave. But in the end, she admitted she loved him and I felt like it was a huge step for her because she knew she was free to love and she wasn’t bound by the past anymore.

She is loyal to a fault, and, as I said, she finally admitted to herself that she loved Alibaba. It’s been three years, and she knew that Alibaba would come back somehow (She only searched for so long and even went to Yunan to see if he could help). She wouldn’t just move on after that bit of time. That is literally out of character for her. I mean, can you even imagine Alibaba seeing her again and her saying, “Yeah, I loved you, but now I’ve moved on, and since we both were grieving over your death, Hakuryuu and I are together now.” That’s f***ed up.

Considering that she is literally my favorite female character in this series (besides Rurumu in Sinbad no Bouken), this will be a huge let-down to her character. And that’ll royally tick me off.

I know another way this could be interpreted was that she was merely “traveling with Hakuryuu” and not with him via relationship, and if that’s the case, that’s fine.

But whatever. I’m just ranting about my feelings here. It might even just be me that is bugged by this. Am I the only one?