i ship a shadow and a robot

Mass Effect: Loyalty Missions

Shepard: Are we all ready to go guys?

Legion: Geth consensus…beep boop.. please save us.

Kasumi: I need to dress you up, break into a mansion and steal something for me.

Shepard: ….Okay, oddly specific but okay.

Jacob: I have daddy issues.

Tali: Don’t we all?

Shepard: Okay, so Tali, you’re daddy issues too? *scribbles on notepad*

Tali: Oh yeah and can we reclaim my homeworld too?

Shepard: *facepalms, writes it down*

Wrex: Cure my people’s thousand year old disease.

Shepard: that might be hard but okkkayyyy.

Garrus: Help me wipe out three gangs and one lone guy.

Shepard: Do you think he’s even alive in this reaper shit show?

Garrus: Yes.

Shepard: Okay, do you know where he is?

Garrus: Idk, my heart will guide me

Shepard: Ugh! Okay. *writes it down*

Shepard: Ashley?

Ashley: I’m dead.

Shepard: Oh! Oops sorry about that!

Ashley: It’s cool.

Shepard: Liara?

Liara: I need to become the shadow broker!

Shepard: Liara, do you NEED to become the shadow broker or do you just WANT to become the shadow broker?

Liara: NEED!

Shepard: Okay, fine.

Mordin: Help me find my student? Also seashells?

Vega: Help me think of a sweet N7 tattoo design?


Grunt: I just hit puberty.

Shepard:……………………….oookkkkaaayyy not sure I can help with that.

Miranda: Help me hide my kidnapped sister?

Shepard: Wait ……What?!

Joker: Get rid of this ship cancer.

*EDI walks in a game later with her sexy robot body*

Joker: Nevermind. I’m good!

Jack: I want to go blow some shit up.

Shepard: What kind of shit?

Thane: Help me stop my son from making the mistakes I did.

Shepard: Thane, teens are teens, they gotta make there own mistakes.

Thane: At his age I became an assassin.

Shepard: *writing rapidly* Oh, yep, nope, might wanna stop that.

Samara: Help me kill my daughters?

Shepard: WHAT? OMG THIS IS TOO MUCH! I SWEAR if one more person asks me to do something I will light the citadel on FIRE!

*Kaidan walks in*


Kaidan: *In small scared voice.* I made you cookies shaped like hearts.

Shepard: *hugs him* THANK YOU GOD!

birras0  asked:

THE SHIP ONE (because the icon isn't playing well with my browser) for Liaandri and Xiongrou

Liaandri and Shieldsband. I’m not breaking that couple up. (I also secretly ship Liaandri with Edrali >_> DON’T TELL MY ROBOT LOVING GOAT)

Xiong is so sweet and nice, she would be interesting with someone like @veriondraven or @marquis-garren-nishan on a romantic or platonic level. 

Or maybe @shadows-hope?

Hate ship with @profound-amateur, tho. >_>

WTF with all the Leo hate?

I can’t help but notice something odd about a lot of the Leo hate going around. almost none of the statements make sense if you realize that Leo’s basically a more awkward and more Latino teenaged Tony Stark…. and I’ve never seen a fan of either the Marvel comics or movies ever say they’d wished Tony was dead. And I got a whole news feed that says there’s a pretty decent demographic overlap.

In defense of this I’d like to point out:

Both Leo and Tony are natural born tinkering geniuses. (If you don’t think Leo’s a genius you rebuild a robotic dragon and we’ll talk, a flying greek Triream ship is an acceptable substitute)

Both had a father with an enormous shadow that was distant to say the least.

Both Tony and Leo are natural born troublemakers.

Both prefer to use their personality and charm to get people to like them. This is where Leo’s awkwardness is a large factor in people’s more negative reactions.

And regrettably both have displayed pretty misogynistic mannerisms at one point

Neither make a habit of being cruel and despite tensions always try to help the greater good

Both show signs of ADHD.

Just wanted to point out that perhaps people’s hate for Leo isn’t coming from the most righteous of reasons.

#Team Leo