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Quick side comparison of 10 dog skulls. More comparisons to come later! 

Top: French Bulldog 

Row 1: Shih Tzu x Miniature Poodle mix, Chihuahua puppy, Whippet 

Row 2: Airedale (male), Siberian Husky (male), Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

Row 3: Beagle (male), German Shepherd (female 1940s), German Shepherd (male, 2010s)


Volunteered to take photos at my local SPCA yesterday. These are some of the sweethearts I got to photograph. I hope it helps them find new and loving homes.


My families crazy, sweet, loving pups. Penelope, a dachshund mix (we’re not sure with what exactly), and Cooper, a shih tzu. I love getting to see them. :-)

Part 5 - Aussie Sausage Dairy.

Note : all the stories I wrote are true :) happy reading !

I’ve been pretty busy with life recently. Didn’t really have the mood for hookup. But I always like to share my sexual experience to people I chat with vise versa as much as I like to hear about theirs as well. Typically : The first time and the best ones :) 

For me I’m actually having a hard time picking which one was the best, Previously in Part 2 I shared about Calvin the Chinese hunk with a Shih Tzu stole my heart, definitely a boyfriend material and A grade fuck buddy lol. Well this time in Part 5 I would call it one of my Wildest Adventures. 

it was 2 years ago I could recall. I was 18 and horny.

It was a Friday night. Desperately wanted a dick right up in my ass. Shaved my ass, cleaned my hole, put on my Hugo Boss cologne, wore a super revealing singlet (my nipples are exposed on the side if I move too much) and a super short shorts, comb my hair nicely, chewing eclipse mints make sure that my breath smells nice.

Off I went. Took a ride to the city center of Kuala Lumpur. Pavillion alone. Found myself in Tom Dick’s and Harry Bar, ordered a pint of Carlsberg, scrolling through JackD and Grinder hoping to encounter someone decent for hookup but it seems like ladyluck wasn’t on my side tonight. Most of them were staying with friends, busy or just not my type. I was depressed and disappointed obviously I came here with an objective which was clearly to have a fine dick right up in my ass. Thank god he heard my prayer lol. 

A fine ass looking Caucasian caught my attention when he walked into the bar. He’s 6 Feet Tall (180cm+), Broad Shoulder with dark brown hair, that’s all I could remember the details of him. He was in a suit with a loosen tie ( I guess he just got off from work and came for drink) I was staring at him the whole time since his arrival. He was looking at me at one point, I smiled at him :) He stood up took his drink and moving towards my direction. (you cannot imagine how excited I was in that moment.) I was in Cloud 9. 

Hot Guy : Mind if I buy you a drink ? 

Me : hello sure. I’m alone anyway. :)

We were sitting by the Bar on the high chairs drinking and just introducing each other and found out that he was actually from Australia and he came here for working purpose and he’s flying back tomorrow afternoon. Until he hit that jackpot question.

Leonard : anyway. What are you doing here alone by the bar in this hour ? is it common for an 18 to drink here 

Me : Well I could give you the answer on your bed if you wanna know what am I doing here in this hour :)

Leonard : (Chuckles) you’re pretty straightforward little boy . I like that. I’ll go get the bill.

Me : alright. Be right back, I’ll head to the washroom.

Washing my drunk face in the washroom. Chewing to my eclipse, looking in the mirror telling myself don’t screw this up. Thinking a way of impressing him so I went in to one of the toilet cubicle and I took off my underwear and I put in inside my man pouch. 

I had about 3 pints of beer and I wasn’t drunk, just a little tipsy as we were heading towards his hotel Pullman in a walking distance.

Leonard : So do you do this often ? you don’t look like its your first time.

Me : (Chuckles) Believe it or not its actually my first time looking for hook up in a bar. I guess lady luck was on my side after all.  How old are you btw ? 

Lenaord : I’m 45.

Me : That’s not a funny joke. You look like late 20′s instead of 45 !

(I Swear he don’t look like 45!, I never fuck with a man in his 40′s btw)

As we reached the hotel. We were in the elevator just the 2 of us he was standing behind me. And it started. He sneaked his left hand from behind right into my shorts touching my bubble butt. We both were shocked for god sake. I didn’t expect him to do that in the elevator.

Leonard : fuck boy where’s your undies ? (Laughing)

Me : I think I lost it somewhere. Maybe its on your bed ? (smirks)

As I undress myself in his room we started kissing slowly and passionately. Until he went shirtless I swear his body was priceless. Firm chest with broad shoulders I worship it immediately touching it and licking his hard nipples. He knew I love his chest when I couldn’t stop worshiping it.  From the chest slowly right down to his hard Aussie Sausage. It was HUGE. It was longer than 5inch (12cm+) and its thick. As I stroke it I when next to his ear and whisper.

Me : Can I call you Daddy ? (whispering softly)

Leonard : anything for you Baby Boy.

Me : Am I allowed to suck it ? (whispering softly)

Leonard :  show me what you got boy.

Me ; Yes daddy.

His hard dick was huge that I couldn’t suck it all the way through, he likes me sucking his dick obviously from the head to the balls making it wet with my saliva. Sucking his dick while by tongue is doing the job on the inside. Again. I used the ace up my sleeves. Swirling his dickhead with my tongue like drawing a circle. he was impressed :)

Leonard : oh boy you’re good at blowjobs even better than my boyfriend.

Me : well I hope he wasn’t jealous. (smiling)

As we switch position I found my ass facing his face as he rims me it felt so good especially when I shaved my ass so it would be smooth. He likes it alot licking my hole and spanking me lightly as I moan. We were in 69 Position where I was sucking his big dick while he was enjoying my pink hole. He took the lube and started to loosen my tight hole gently. I love it when my top takes the time to lube my hole as I moan softly. He wore a condom and I started riding his dick all the way through. I’ve never felt so good. While riding his big dick I rest my hands on his chest and play with his nipple he was moaning as well.

Leonard : Fuck you. Yes baby boy 

I was just moaning the whole time and make sure my hips are moving up and down to make us feel good. Switching position time to time from Military to Doggy to Standing and against the bathroom mirror.

I was leaning against the bathroom’s basin facing the mirror moaning as he fucks my hole from behind with his left hands on my shoulder and right hands on my hips pounding my hole gently making sure that I moan like his slut. My dick was hard as fuck and my precum was leaking all over the bathroom floor.

Leonard : enjoying the view of me fucking you ? 

Me : yes Daddy fuck you’re so hot. Can I cum now ?

Leonard : I’m close too cum for me Baby.

Me : Im cumming ! (Cum all over the floor it was a mess)

Leonard : fuck ! I’m close kneel down I wanna cum on your cute face.

As I kneel down quickly looking into his eyes with his huge dick wanking infront of me removing the condom and there it is. With his babies all over my face and body. It was surreal. Mind blowing indeed.

Me : Can I stay for the night ? its 3am now if you dont mind.

Leonard : As if I am going to allow a cute boy leaving on his own in this hour. bunk in with me tonight. Don’t worry I’m dead tired couldn’t start a second round even if you want too (chuckles) 

It was heart warming of him to do that. Most of the guys would just ask me to leave or fetch me home after the sex. The next morning we had breakfast together, took him to have some local food nearby and he was cute because he couldnt stand the heat from the Curry sauce for the Naan. 

He gave me some money for the Cab (which was way more than enough) but I refused to accept. We part ways every since then. xoxo

Part 2 - when once wasn’t enough

its been a few days since the Singaporean left and I am craving for some meal. been trying to look for decent early/late 30′s man with decent body and of course a big dick. It ain’t easy to look for an average and above dick in Malaysia actually (unless you don’t mind going for Indians , no offence) of course a big chest is a major bonus.

I’ve been trying to hit up one of my all time favorite, I met him on Grindr a year ago. He was in his late 30′s , short black hair , with a decent body with a 180cm height and tattoos covering almost half of his upper body. I find it charming. Was secretly praying that he’s interested in young boys like me and thank god heard my prayer he replied me.

Me : nice body you have there :)

Calvin : Seek ? Fun ? 

Me : Yeap. Your place available ? I cant drive tho.

Calvin : sure , tomorrow night ?

Me : fuck yes :)

Calvin : Clean that hole for me.

I remember back then I was very excited because he’s exactly my type. So I couldn’t drive back then and was waiting him to fetch me from my house. As he arrives with a black BMW M2 , my jaw literally dropped. When inside the car and He was wearing a normal black singlet with some gold chain necklace and rings on his hands with his cool and fierce look on his face actually turns me on. It was a 20 minutes drive to his home and we were just awkwardly talk in the car with my eyes couldn’t get off from looking at his cool looks.

By the time I reached his apartment , he actually has 2 cars. So I took a guess that he loves cars. But the moment he opened his apartment door , my jaw literally dropped again along with teeth this time. Guess what I saw ? its a FUCKING SHIH TZU (I don’t personally love dogs but there were so much going through my head “he looks so cool and muscular but he has a dog in his apartment ?!” ) so of course I went and play with the cute dog and he’s just smoking by the balcony watching me play with the dog.

I was very horny and I told him “I’ll wait in your room” . I was sitting on his bed looking around his room. and I heard his footsteps walking in enters the room and shut the door. standing infront me. I grab his dick slowly kissing the surface of the pants passionately and removes it without wearing an underwear inside. His cock was HUGE for a chinese. I couldn’t swallow that 6.6 Inch dick whole in my mouth but he was moaning when I play with his head. As he was sleeping on the bed I continue blowing his huge dick as good as I can to impress him with my blowjob skill. From the tip to the balls. “Can you rim me ? I cleaned it” Oh god I was so turned on with that muscular body of his with his shy voice asking me to rim him. I went on and lifted his legs with my hands smelling his hole and licking it from the outside to the center of the hole making it wet with my saliva. As I ask him to turn around in a doggy position I continue rimming his hole and grabbing his bubble butt with my left hand while my right hand stroking his big dick. 

Calvin : My turn. sit on my face boy.

Oh god I was so turn on when he’s dominant. As I sit on his face with his tongue licking my tight hole that I promised to clean it for him. He was enjoying it , I found us in a 69 position so I was sucking his hard dick while he rimmed my hole. And he started to finger me with one finger two fingers and three fingers. He started to compliment me by saying ,

Calvin : Damn I love your hole boy. Its so clean. Ride me.

Me : No condom or lube ?

Calvin : you’re not willing to let me fuck you bareback when you’re so high now ?

(I was speechless but was willing to let him fuck me bareback since he’s totally my type) So I inserted his dick without any lube but only his saliva. But it went inside and I never felt so good. Moaning as loud as his bitch and with his satisfied looks on his face. I was proud. Resting my hands on his chest and working that dick right up in my ass as quick and hard as I could to impress him my bottom skill until he says “lets change position” found myself with my legs in the air in a missionary position. He was fucking me slowly in and out with his big dick in my hole..I could feel his precum leaking as my ass was pretty wet. And he was licking my nipples while slowly fucking me. I was in heaven.

Calvin : (Panting) Fuck , can come more often and let me fuck your hole ? I really love your hole boy.

Me : Of course I would. (moaning) I love your body your dick everything ! Im close fuck me harder

As he fucks me harder and I was stroking my dick with my precum 

Me : Fuck im cumming (Moans superloud) Fuck Fuck Fuck !!!

Calvin : Can I cum on your face please ? 

Me : cum on my face now

pulling out his cock from my ass and found him sitting on my chest with his big dick towards my face cumming all over. It was one of the hottest sex I ever had back then on our first encounter. He was really my ideal type of boyfriend/fuck buddy material. He’s Rich , 10/10 Good on Bed , Muscular , Love Dogs (bonus) but too bad. I am attached. Well now you know how to story goes :)

Well that happened a year ago and I found myself texting him again this evening. Lets see what happen soon this weekend :) xoxo