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Posting these both because honestly @cocotingo did such a marvelous job and the hoodie deserves a showcase. Thank you again, Coco, for your beautiful work. You’ve made me so happy and hopefully I’ll get to commission you again on something else with her, someday!

Honestly, I can’t wait to play. My heart  ♥

when I was in elementary school, this author came to our school for a picture book reading and idr what happened exactly, but i think i wrote him a letter thanking him for coming to our school and i wasn’t expecting him to reply, but he did and told me to ask my mom if it would be okay for him to send me a book, so i wrote back and said yes and the next time he wrote, he included a free autographed copy of the book and i was so excited?? we kinda kept in touch and every time he released a new book, he would send me a copy with some extra goodies like stickers and stuff and he still does to this day and one time he even sent me an autographed copy of one of his friend’s books because the cat’s name was victoria and he “thought of me” and i’m just like THAT’S SO NICE

anyways, we added each other on FB a few years back and i totally forgot because he’s not really active on it, but he just created and added me to a facebook group for his dog and books and i’m just like this is it, i’ve made it LMAOOOO


here are some brushes that i’ve been using for my most recent doodle, as motivation to start working on commissions again. i’ve come up with two oil pastel brushes after messing around a little bit, and i thought that they looked good enough to the point where i couldn’t keep them to myself ! 

to find the brush texture + brush shape seen here, you’ll have to download the brush pack, and the start sai file. ( you’ll have to right click the start-sai file and select ‘run as administrator’ for these brush textures + shapes to open in paint tool sai ! )

Work Out Playlist!

Hey! Since lately I was working out a lot (a lot more than I used to haha) I wanted to share with you my playlist! Today I’ll work in A Fine Day in the Neighbourhood (I have finally all the plot for this chapter) and maybe tomorrow you’ll have a scenario and a reaction! I hope you enjoy this playlist, even if you don’t work out, all the song are made to lift up your mood with the beat!

  1. Boombayah - BLACKPINK
  2. LIFTED - CL
  4. Hello Bitches - CL
  5. Up&Down - EXID
  7. HIT ME - MOBB
  8. Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
  9. Do You Love Me - 2NE1
  10. Can’t Nobody - 2NE1
  11. CRUSH - 2NE1
  12. I’m The Best - 2NE1
  13. FIRE - 2NE1
  14. Crazy - 4Minute
  15. Free Somebody - LUNA
  16. Why Not - BULL-DOK
  17. Catch Me If You Can - SNSD
  18. Gee - SNSD
  20. Catallena - Orange Caramel
  21. Secret - Yuri, Seohyun
  22. Ssenunni - Jessi
  23. Roll Deep - Hyuna
  24. Red - Hyuna
  25. DOOM DADA - T.O.P

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Wait… What do you mean Casanono never had mugshots in Yokai Watch 2? Better spend 2 hours in photoshop fixing that. I’ll do Casanuva next when I have time.
(Free to use for blog themes, roleplay blogs, etc. Credit isn’t necessary as long as you don’t claim it as your own.)

827. Ravenclaw house does a book share every year. Returning students bring their favorites (magical or muggle) and put them on the empty shelves. Throughout the year, all the books are up for grabs. After reading, you write your name on the inside cover on a piece of paper so you know who else in the house has read it and you can discuss with friends or meet new people who read the same book. At the end of the year, you take the ones you want for the holiday or take yours back home with you.

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omg i saw ur observation on how enfps are probably not into movies and i would personally say that's so true! I'm an enfp surrounded by tons of people very very much hyped for upcoming and old movies! my brother literally has a hard drive entirely dedicated just for movies! i just ummm movies are cool but not really something that excites me a lot?


us ENFPs like our fiction long and intellectually stimulating cuz we need long term sustenance for our rapid fangirl/fanboy-self (something that movies can’t provide)

So mom and dad were about to fetch me from nerd school at Manila today and they showed me this on our way home, telling me they saw this by the subway on their way to Manila and it reminded them of me so they took a photo

like oh my gummy bears, I love whoever owns this.

you know that idealized version you’ve got of yourself in your head? become that person and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of that. 

get that job. go to that place. make new friends who support you. get a handle on your mental illness. open yourself up to love and feeling. if 2016 was the year of ~realizing~ where you are and where you wanna be, make an effort to be where you wanna be. and i get depression and life and crap but you can’t just stay in one place forever you’ve gotta try even if it takes you a lifetime. cause all of life is about trying, after all.