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Feverish Fall (sickfic, flu)

Note: I was gonna wait to post this, but I got really excited at everyone’s positive reactions to the first GingerSnap fic I posted (thank you!!!). So here’s one featuring mostly Elliott and introducing Will (brief character bio here)! This one is a lot longer, so I hope that’s cool.

Edit: I forgot that I got the idea based on a prompt from this list. (It’s the first one there, you can’t miss it.)

There were few times Elliott Chapman had been so relieved to finish a shift as he was now. Whatever energy he’d had at the start of the day had long since vanished, and it was all he could do not to lean into the wall as he took his apron off and slipped his hands into the sleeves of his sweatshirt. His head pounded and had been spinning for the past few hours. That, coupled with the shakiness of his hands and relentless interruptions from his respiratory system, had made it quite difficult to carry trays from table to table and be quick about it.

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The Saxons | Harry & Lucy Fanmix {listen}

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Ok, how bout the actual possibility of katsudeku happening, and what you think their dynamic would be after growing up a bit

So honestly, simply because I don’t personally believe that the world is ready for a gay main character in a shonen manga/ series I highly doubt KatsuDeku will ever be canon. 

And that’s fine. 

The possibility of KatsuDeku as a couple from my own personal perspective sees it as rather high, but I ship them shamelessly and I admit that. I have a personal belief of “friends before lovers” when it comes to a committed relationship, and I personally want to be in a relationship with someone I consider my best friend, so that is partly why I see it so positively. 

If we go on the “friends before lovers” idea, then I can see them getting together simply based on the fact that of all the people in their lives they are closest with each other, and emotionally insecure people like Katsuki normally don’t pour their emotions out to someone unless they are comfortable with that person seeing them in such a state of weakness.   Izuku is the only person we have ever seen Katsuki allow himself to appear vulnerable in front of and that takes a huge amount of trust. 

That’s why I can see a relationship, because they trust each other enough to appear emotionally / physically vulnerable in front of the other. 

I think we’re about to see a shift in their relationship. I think we’re about to see more Wonder Duo and less worst Wonder Duo. 

I think we’re about to see a heroic match-up, a partnership in which they will both reach new heights. 

In the future I have a feeling there will always be some form of teasing and competition between them, but they will come to understand each other and accept the other for who they are; working to raise each other up instead of feeling inadequate by seeing their own flaws in the other’s strengths. 

Katsuki’s sheer drive to win makes up for Izuku’s self sacrificing nature, where as Izuku’s need to stick his nose in everyone else’s problems at the cost of his own safety helps balance out Katsuki’s ego. 

They are literally written to match up with the other and make up for what the other lacks. They are literally written to be the heads and tails of one coin. Many years from graduation they’ll be pros working together - and they’ll compete for that top spot but because they want to push each other to do better, because they love and care for one another - (whether that be platonic or other wise) and many years from now they’ll still be at each other’s sides because 

For Katsuki - no one can replace Izuku

For Izuku - no one can replace Katsuki. 

They’re best friends and I only see their relationship getting better from here. 

(even if I wish that they’d get together too)

do you ever realize how crazy it is that tony and loki haven’t interacted since 2012 and there are still tons of people who ship it

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ok but i am a kacchako shipper and you like converted me to bakudeku and now i am shamelessly shipping them as well and i just thank you ; 3 ; your art is so perfect and beautiful and your colors are ahhhh i have you on my notifications so whenever you post something i know right away please take all my money and everything i own.

yes hello my fellow shippers //tear 

@ anon
omg your support alone is worth so much as is fghjkdgfjk 
n for a new comer to the bakudeku side, I whole heartily welcome you! \; 7 ;/ 

I WELCOME YOU TO MY HOMEY BLOG I’M GLAD YOU ENJOYED YOUR STAY THAT MUCH. And it’s tots fine–! looked through for a bit n already got me to be more exposed to new yaoi and gotta say 👌👌

@obviouslystiles​ //cries when u wanna add more characters but too many that are loved to be put into a smoll frame
aaahhh– you say gem yet your ask is more of a treasure for me.really.

 JFSDGJKANDG to all of you THANK YOU ; ; 


The Librarians meme  ⇒ Three Relationships [2/3]
Cassandra Cillian x Eve Baird (Casseve)

“Please don’t say I’m like your mother.”
“No, nothing like that.”


As Gansey shut the door behind him, he heard Adam say,

“I don’t want to talk”

and Ronan reply,

“The fuck would I talk about?”

Jaime & Brienne | I'll do better |
.For much time i haven't inspiration to do some videos (so much unfinished videos) so here i am with a video with(for me) the best couple on Game Of Thrones ...

Well shit. If I didn’t ship them before (which I totally, shamelessly did) I would now! 

This video is perfection. It powerfully highlights the reasons I ship Brienne and Jaime (both platonically and romantically). You see, to me it doesn’t matter whether they bang each other–don’t get me wrong, I REALLY want the banging to happen–because they are already bound to each other. 

Jaime had never truly trusted or relied on someone until he met Brienne. His relationship with Cersei is so centered on “family” (aka Lannister values) and lust that he mistakes it for true, honest love. If he truly trusted Cersei, he would have gone to her for comfort after his attack on the Mad King, he would have confessed to her his horror and disgust with both the king and himself but he didn’t. He knew (even if it was on a subconscious level) that his emotional upheaval didn’t fit into Cersei’s golden twin view of him, and as such he put it away and continued to play into her ideal of what he should be and what their relationship should be. 

Brienne changed all of that. With the loss of his hand and her blunt appraisal of him and his actions, Jaime began to change into a character I could actually stand, because of Brienne. For the first time, he was faced with someone who was not only brutally honest about his flaws but brought out the best parts of him and provided him with a safe space to talk about the demons that haunt his psyche. That’s a huge development. 

Cersei sees Jaime as a means to an end, a way to satisfy her sexual passion as well as her need to control and govern. Their interactions are limited to sex and plots for revenge. The contrast between that and his relationship with Brienne is  like light and day. 

Now, Brienne isn’t perfect. In fact, before her journey with Jaime I found her a bit high and mighty and just kind of bull-headed. That doesn’t drastically change where Jaime is concerned, but the biggest shift I saw was that she actually came to terms with the fact that not all “bad” men are truly bad. She saw Jaime as he was, and slowly began to understand that underneath the family name and over-the-top bravado was a human being who was just as eager to find their place as she was. They both crave connection, they both crave the knowledge that they’re being useful and that they have a purpose. 

Brienne and Jaime have a love that can’t be denied, a love that Cersei sees at Joffery’s wedding and calls Brienne out on. The startling part is that Brienne doesn’t deny it. She simply excuses herself, but not before looking back at Jaime–who is not-so-subtlely watching Brienne and Cersei talk because protecting Brienne has become second-nature. They protect each other and it’s beautiful because Jaime has never had someone so fiercely protect him before. 

Just before Brienne leaves King’s Landing to search for Arya Stark, they have a very interesting conversation and I just have to mention it. When Brienne tells him the name of the sword he gave to her, Oathkeeper, Jaime’s entire face softens and hardens at the same time because she isn’t talking about the sword and he knows it. She’s looking him in the eye and telling him that she was wrong about him. She’s not just naming her sword, she’s letting him know that he, Jaime, is an Oath Keeper, someone worthy of trust, a good man despite his assumption that he’s not a allowed to be because of his background and his past actions. This moment is so powerful because they both just look at each other and you can tell that both of them have so much to say, and yet don’t have the courage to say it because it would bring to light just how much they care. Both of them have spent their entire lives struggling to contain their emotions, and so Jaime simply says, “Goodbye, Brienne.” 

Brienne doesn’t say it back. She simply nods, too overcome to speak, and moves past him to her horse. To say goodbye implies that she won’t see him again, and so she says nothing. 

So in summary? I ship the fuck out of Brienne and Jaime. This post became much more of a thing than I wanted it to be, but I needed to get it off my chest. This video is everything I’ve said above and more, and like the title says, Brienne and Jaime both inspire each other to do better, they challenge and push, which is the sign of a truly healthy relationship. 

To all of you who trudged through my fangirling and reached the end, YAY FOR YOU! I’m flattered you got this far, and if you want more feel free to send a message! I’m always down to dissect GOT or other fandom relationships <3

Torstein and Floki ACTUALLY had a sexual encounter. I think they loved each other a lot. Floki was certainly crushed by Torstein’s death, enough so that it inspired, in part, his vendetta against Athelstan.

But would they ever have said “I love you” the way Ragnar said it to Athelstan? Would they ever have gently clasped hands, gazed into each other’s eyes, pledged their commitment to each other, shamelessly bared their souls? I don’t think so.

I shipped them, actually, and I know others here did, too. But why were we not into it as much as we are Athelnar, beyond the lead/secondary character thing? Surely, the presence of actual sex would be confirmation, right?

To me, it’s an easy answer: Their love, while strong and genuine, simply was not the same. It was BFFs with benefits, not epic romance. Their story had friendship tropes, not love-story ones.

So, no. We’re not “seeing sex” where there is none. We’ve already seen men sharing sexual encounters. It’s already part of canon. What we’re seeing is what was there: Love. The same kind of love that makes people get married, share a mortgage, and raise babies. The kind of love that causes people to drastically change and lasts well beyond death.

So enough, already, of the “they weren’t fucking!” BS to deny it. I would have adored a love scene between them, but it wouldn’t have made me ship it any harder than I already did–and do.

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For the sentence starters, Hongice (if you ship them, if not then Dennor?), and "Can I have a kiss? I promise I'll give one back!" Thank you! :)

I’m not big on HongIce, so I did DenNor instead, seeing as I ship them shamelessly like no one’s business.

Sorry this took so long. Like I said last night, I’ve been out of sorts emotionally so writing has been a bit hard for me today.

Without further adieu, shameless fluff.

               The way Norway moved around the kitchen was almost like watching the ballet. He knew exactly where he needed to go and when he needed to be there. He looked over the breakfast bar to see Denmark grinning at him, his chin resting in his hands.

               Norway turned away from Denmark, feeling his face heat up some. He took the wooden spoon and stirred the sauce he was making for dinner. He tasted the sauce and added more spice to the pot before putting the lid back on. He turned around and jumped. Denmark had evidentially moved from where he was sitting to stand just behind Norway.

               “Holy-! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”  Norway leaned back and away from Denmark and held up the wooden spoon defensively.

               Denmark grinned but appeased Norway by taking a step back. “I’ve still got it then. You almost done, Nor?” He leaned close again to look over Norway’s shoulder at the pots bubbling away.

               “They need to simmer longer,” Norway answered, replacing his spoon and slipping under Denmark’s arm.

               Denmark caught him by the wrist and twirled him in close. “Then we’ve got time.”

               “Time for what?” Norway let his annoyance seep into his words some as he looked up to give Denmark a mildly disgruntled look.

               “This.” Denmark wrapped an arm around Norway’s waist as he slowly waltzed the two of them around the kitchen, utilizing their socked feet for maximum gliding capacity.

He moved them both in slow circles, humming tunelessly in Norway’s ear. Norway hesitantly let his head rest against the Dane’s chest, listening to the comforting, steady thump-thump of his heart. His feet moved automatically after Denmark’s, his body knowing the dance by heart.

Norway had drifted into a semi-dream state when he was pulled from his stupor by the sound of the lid rattling. He jerked back from Denmark, who looked equally surprised and alarmed, and leapt towards the stove. He donned his oven mitts and removed the sauce from the range. A quick glance assured the nation that he had saved the sauce from burning.

“Don’t distract me while I’m cooking, Denmark!” Norway snapped, feeling flustered and upset that he had gotten so wrapped up in them that he had forgotten the food on the stove. He put the other pot of water on to boil for the pasta. “Go sit back down. Dinner is almost ready.”

Denmark looked like a wounded puppy. “Can I at least have a kiss, Nor?” he leaned in close to Norway. “I promise I’ll give one back!”

Norway rolled his eyes before leaning over to press a quick kiss to the Dane’s mouth. “There. One kiss. Now, you owe me for that and for almost ruining dinner. I expect you’ll pay me back later. With interest.”

Denmark grinned excitedly as he bounced back to his chair. “Sure thing Norge, anything for you!”

“Good.” Norway was glad that the steam from the simmering water was thick enough to hide the soft smile that graced his lips.