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Hey for your Voltron Percy Jackson AU, I was wondering what Lance thinks about Hades and Zeus visiting Keith and Shiro? I mean he's a child of the big three as well and he's got to be feeling left out.

[Voltron PJO AU] Ever since Shiro shared to the whole gang that his father, Zeus, visited him, Lance was happy. He truly was happy for his friend. It was one of the things they all wanted. However, Lance knew that he’d forever be jealous of Keith who had Hades visiting him monthly. He thought that with Shiro not meeting Zeus, he’d be okay, but now knowing that even Zeus appeared right in front of Shiro, Lance felt so left out. He knew a lot of other demigods hadn’t seen their godly parents but Lance was one of The Big Three Boys. Two out of three had seen their Dad.

Lance had never seen or met Poseidon. Not even when he was a kid, which was apparently a common thing to happen with the big three children. 

He’d been down the whole day, so he decided to swim by the lake to get rid of his depressing mood. He didn’t know how long he was under water but when he went to the surface, he saw Keith sitting down by the wooden dock.

Lance let out a squeal out of surprise. “DUDE! DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT!” He placed a hand over his racing heart.

The son of Hades was going to kill him.

“Lance, do you hate me?” Keith asked, ignoring what he just said.

Lance snorted. “Why do you care? But yes, I do. But not so much. I tolerate you, Mullet Head.” He paused and scrunched up his nose. “Okay, maybe I do like you a little but only because Shiro wouldn’t stop talking about wonderful his boyfriend is and I know that Shiro wouldn’t lie. Shiro is really sappy, isn’t he? I still don’t get why he—”

“It’s about my Dad, isn’t it?” Keith cut him off.

Surprised by the question, Lance just stared at his friend. He pulled himself up to sit beside Keith, wrapping his arms around his legs. “It’s not about your Daddy, Mullet.”

“Lance,” Keith made a face. “I’m not dumb.”

“That’ll be the first.” Lance sighed and told Keith everything. How he felt so left out and that perhaps Poseidon didn’t really care that much about him after all. Lance went on and on, while Keith just nodded along, both staring into the lake. They were quiet after a while, Lance thought perhaps Keith was thinking he’d had more to add, and when he didn’t, Keith spoke.

“We can’t choose our parentage,” Keith began. “The fact that you’re still alive and being able to discover new abilities says a lot. Whether you believe it or not, Poseidon loves and cares for you. If he didn’t, then you’d probably be dead right now.”

“Wow, thanks, Keith. You were doing great there with comforting me for a second, then suddenly you just had to turn all morbid.” Lance grimaced. 

“Sorry, it’s a child of the Underworld thing,” Keith frowned. “But I do believe. I mean when Zeus visited Shiro, the god of the gods had his reasons. Pretty sure your Dad has one, too. It took Shiro a lot of years to see his Dad again, so maybe just give yours some time. Maybe when he’s on his day off or something.” He added a shrug.

“You sound so sure,” Lance smirked. “You buddies with my Dad?”

“Yeah, Broseidon texted me a while ago actually,” Keith pretended to fish out his phone from his pocket. “We’re gonna go for some grub later. Wanna come with us?”

“You idiot,” Lance laughed.

Keith smiled and then suddenly Shiro was hovering over the lake in front of them. “Hey, guys!” He turned to Keith and added, “I was just looking for you.”

Shiro leaned in to give Keith a soft peck to which the son of Hades beamed at. “Whatever do you need me for?”

“Coran was asking for us, something about… a thing,” Shiro tilted his head. “Not quite sure what exactly it was.”

Keith nodded, getting up as he dusted his pants. “Okay,” he turned to Lance. “Wanna head back with us using Shiro Airlines?” 

Lance saw Shiro rolled his eyes fondly. He shook his head, “Nah, you disgusting married couple go ahead. I’m just gonna swim for a little more.”

Both boys nodded, then Shiro placed his arm around Keith’s waist ready for take off, when Keith grabbed his hand instead and interlaced them. “No, sweetie. We’re shadowtravelling.” 

And with that they were gone, leaving Lance smiling to himself. He dived back to the lake and just floated, looking up to the sky. He knew Keith was right, his Dad probably had reasons and he didn’t want to force him to materialize in front of him if he couldn’t.

“Hey, Dad. I hope you’ll invite me soon to your Underwater Palace. That’ll be great, don’t you think?” Lance whispered to himself and then suddenly he felt waves pushing him. He looked to his side and saw that the waves were just directed at him. He smiled to himself. “I shall expect your text to Keith then.” He chuckled to himself as he dived towards the bottom of the lake.


“Yes.” (x)

Please, you have to understand 2

A/N:Hellooowwww here is part II of please, you have to understand. I hope you like it. this one is longer than the previous one. most people like that right hahaha. anyways enjoy. please bare with me. I’m still figuring out how to link part 1

Summary: you were meeting up with your best friend, who was a big star in Asia. So ofcourse she had befriended other bands. Including Exo. Whats’s weird about that? you must think. Well the problem is that you and Baekhyun have a history and it didn’t end to well. What’s going to happen if you cross paths again?after meeting Baekhyun you’re telling Hiyori what happened. making you go back three years in time. (Y/C/N) = your country’s name (Y/T/N) = your town’s name

Genre: Angst / Fluff / Future Smut

Words: 2.894

part 1  part 3 final part

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Me and Baekhyun were at the playground, sitting on the swings. The playground had always been our meeting point since he asked me to be his girlfriend here. ‘’(Y/N)?’’ Baekhyun asked. I looked at him  and gave him my smile. He was digging his foot into the sand, making a whole. ‘’Yea?’’ I replied. ‘’Do you remember I went to Seoul last week and auditioned for a company named SM entertainment right?’’ ‘’Of course I remember silly. The week before you went to Seoul, that was all you were talking about. Even it made me nervous, like I had to audition.’’ I laughed and patted him on the back. Baekhyun laughed and sat sideways on the swing so he was facing me. ‘’Well they called me and I’m in.’’ Baekhyun said hesitantly, looking up to the sky full of stars. ‘’Oh my god! That’s amazing Baekkie!’’

I jumped up from the swing and tackled him in a hug, which caused him to fall off the swing and me ending on top of him. He chuckled. I sat up but kept sitting on his legs. Looking in his eyes, I frowned. His eyes telling me he was uncertain. ‘’Baekhyun? What’s wrong?’’ I asked stroking his hair out of his face. He sat up and his arms circled around my waist and laid his head into the crook of my neck. I felt his warm breath and I shivered. ‘’You do know that I have to move to Seoul.’’ Baekhyun’s arms tightening around me. Shit. That was a thing that completely slipped my mind.  Well Seoul isn’t that far away. A two hour train trip. It’s not that bad. ‘’Babe? Are you still here?’’ I heard him saying softly in my ear. ‘’Y-yeaa, I’m still here goof.’’ I slapped his back playfully. I pushed Baekhyun an arm length away so I could look into his eyes . I sighed .‘’I’m not going to lie. It will be kind of shitty that you’re moving away but it’s not that you’re going to live on the other side of the world. Just so you know, I won’t give up on you and it’s just a two hour train trip to Seoul. I can visit you when you have free time and luckily we live in the 21st century so we can call and text each other. Chase your dreams Baek. Never let your dreams go to waste for someone,no matter how important that person is for you.  I support you, you know that. Although you have to train before you debut I know you can do it and I know you know it too. And when you will debut everyone will love you. No doubt about that so don’t be selfish and show your talent to the world. ‘’ I chuckled and hit him playfully on his shoulder. Baekhyun also chuckled and rubbed his shoulder where I had hit him. ‘’I love you so much (Y/N).  so so much.’’

He tackled me to the ground falling on top of me. ‘’So much.’’ He whispered again before crashing his lips onto mine. My hands travelling to his soft hair, feeling his strands through my fingers. I felt his hand on my butt and gave it a squeeze causing me to gasp. He quickly slipped his tongue into my mouth. Baekhyun moaned, hands travelling up north, stroking my sides. His kisses always made me feel weak, making my heart feel like it was close to bursting. My mind shutting off and just be in this moment. Feeling him on top of me, feeling his heart beating faster, feeling his tongue working wonders in my mouth, teasing me but most important of all, feeling Baekhyun’s love for me, feeling save in his arms.  Baekhyun slipped his tongue out of my mouth and giving me a quick peck on the lips. He got off of me and held his hand out for me. I was still dazed. Feeling like this time my heart bursted out into butterflies now flying in my stomach. ‘’(Y/N), I know that I’m good but I mean we’re still at the playground so we should get going.’’ He smirked. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. Baekhyun dusted of the sand on my butt. After he made sure all the sand and dirt was gone he grabbed my butt and gave it a playful slap. I jumped and slapped his hand away and huffed. Even after a year together he still could make me feel shy. Even now I felt that my face was extremely red. If it was possible, there would be steam coming out of my ears.  

Baekhyun grabbed my hand and laced his fingers into mine. ‘’Let’s go (Y/N). although I would love to continue to show my love to you under the moon and the stars, I don’t think everyone would appreciate it. ‘’ I smiled and put my head on his shoulder. He let go of my hand and his arm pushed me further into his warmth. He kissed my head. While walking he hummed my favourite song. ‘’Babe?’’ I asked. ‘’Hmm?’’ he replied. ‘’When are you leaving?’’ ‘’Over two days.’’ He answered my question. ‘’Well, that’s soon. That means that those two days we will make it the best last two days for a while. When you have free time and I’m in Seoul then we can meet up and make that the best day.’’ I smiled. Even the moon and the stars seemed extra shiny today. My heart felt really warm. I was extremely happy to have a boyfriend like him. He should chase his dreams and live his life to the fullest. I was really happy for him. He finely got recognized for his talent. I came back from my thoughts when we stopped. I saw we ended up in front of my house. ‘’Well, here we are. I will see you tomorrow. Sleep tight, and make sure you get up healthy tomorrow.’’ He pecked me on the cheeks, ruffled my hair and walked away. He suddenly turned around and said ‘’And have beautiful and naught dreams about me.’’ I hit myself on the head and shook it. I heard him laughing in the distance. What a weirdo. But it was my weirdo.

Those two days went by superfast. We spend as much time as we could together. Not all the time though, he also had to pack and I made sure he also spend time with his family.  The day he left had arrived.  His family and my parents had already wished him good luck. I was standing on the train station with Baekhyun next to me. His train could arrive at any time now. ‘’this is it.’’ I said softly. Baekhyun gave me smile and tugged me into his side. ‘’It will be fine. Just like you said. We live in the 21st century. We have phones and computers. We can contact each other anytime we want to. ‘’ His hand stroking my back. ‘’Yeaaa you’re right. It’s going to be fine. I trust you. You trust me. We got this.’’ I pecked him on his lips. After I pulled back his train had arrived. He gave me also a peck, pulled back, grabbed his suitcase and went on board. He took a seat at the window and pressed his face on the window. I giggled. I heard the whistle, a signal the train was going to leave soon. I kept a smile on my face even though I felt a lonely feeling creeping in my heart. I didn’t want to worry Baekhyun so I smiled for him. Baekhyun waved at me and gave me air kisses. I waved back and saw the train riding. I kept waving until the train was out of my side. My smile fell off my face and a frown appeared. It’s okay (Y/N). it’s going to be fine. Support him. I turned around and left the station. The weather was chill but the sun was shining bright. I felt the phone in my pocket burning. Shall I send him a text or is that too soon. No. just a good luck text will do. Right? That’s not bad and not clingy. Fishing my phone out of my pocket, turning it on. The picture on the background made me feel warm. It was Baekhyun and me at the playground on the swings, happily swinging and laughing. Ticking on the message icon, I opened our app and wrote: babe! Good luck! You’re gonna ace them all. All the woman will fall for you. you’re charms are to blame. I love you. do your best!  I put the phone back and made my way home.

Once I was in my room and on my bed, I felt tears burning in my eyes and eventually they made their way down my cheeks. I scoffed. Why was I even crying. It’s not like we broke up or something. He is just going to chase his dreams and take over the world. I wiped the tears away, grabbed my pillow and screamed in it. I stopped screaming. I smelled his scent. Remembering yesterday. he was laying on my bed while I was getting some snacks. He wanted me to his self, he said. I knew what he meant though. Unfortunately  when we got to that point my parents came home and wanted to wish him good luck and stuff. So that didn’t happen. He promised me next time.

I got up off my bed and walked over to my desk where my phone was. I had 5 new messages but none were from Baekhyun.  I sighed and decided to get some snacks. No matter how I felt, food always helped. After eating, I climbed into my pyjama’s and went to bed.

4 weeks went by. Me and Baekhyun texted. The first 2 weeks everything was fine. We texted and we called. The last 2 weeks he got busier and needed to train harder so there wasn’t as much time.  But then my parents told me something what made me really pissed off. I was angry, sad and hurt. They told me we were going home. Home? Home? I am home! What do they mean with home? We were going back to (Y/C/N), (Y/T/N).  They wanted to be with their family. I can understand that but after living 21 years in Korea, this was my home. How was I supposed to tell this to Baekhyun. He was doing fine. He made friends and he said he was very happy. He was going to debut soon he mentioned. I shouldn’t break his bubble of happiness. I begged my parents if I could stay here. I had a job. I just have to work more so I could live on my own. They didn’t want that. I had to go with them.

I screamed, I kicked stones, I kicked everything I saw on my way. Streetlights, commercial boards, bus stops. After what seemed like a forever walk I saw the playgrounds in my sight. I began to run. I ran and ran and ran, stopping in front of the swings I let myself fall on the ground. The night sky twinkled. The moon giving the night a safer feeling. I closed my eyes and thought back to the night 4 weeks ago. Together with him. Feeling him. a tear fell down, making a dark patch in the sand.

‘’I’m sorry Baek.’’ I whispers softly to myself. He was going to be fine. I was sure about that. He will forget me soon.  There are many beautiful women in Seoul. Much more beautiful than I was. Once he had his debut, women will fall at his feet. He has enough choice.  Plus Baekhyun and I have to keep our relationship a secret.  That is not good for the relationship. He is all the way there and I am, I’m all the way here. Well for now, tomorrow I will be all the way in (Y/C/N). He won’t miss me. I stood up grabbed the handles of the swing and sat down. My feet began to sway, causing me to go up. After a while I was swinging. The wind playing with my hair, the moon and stars keeping me company. ‘’ I’m sorry Baekhyun. You will be fine. With or without me. You’ll forget me soon. I’m sure there is someone you find very pretty and kind over there. Just move on. I love you.’’ I whispered to the wind, to the moon, to the stars, to the trees and to this playground what held so many memories.

The day had come. The house was empty. All the boxes were transferred to the truck standing outside. I sat in the car waiting. My parents got in. ‘’Sweety, I know you don’t like this. But were going to see our family much more often now.’’ My mom said patting my hand. I pulled my hand back, crossed my arms over my chest and looked the other way. They sighed.  My father started the car and drove away.  The house was getting smaller and eventually was out of my sight.

2 weeks had gone by. I was back in (Y/C/N). Baekhyun had sent me multiple texts and had 10 missed calls. I ignored them all. Yes I know. I am a terrible person. But I really thought this was for the best.  At last he got mad. Which is understandable. One of is texts I really could tell.

Baekhyun 11.05 p.m.: Really (Y/N), are you going to ignore me? What is this. I tried to call you but you don’t pick up. Do you think this is a joke? Huh? Do you think it’s funny. Cause it isn’t fucking funny. I didn’t do anything that I am sure of. I’m traning my butt of, but still make sure to call or text you. Don’t you think I’m stressed. I’m stressed out as shit. My debut is tomorrow and I don’t need this shitty attitude from you right know. Once I debut I have less time than I have now. So right now I’m giving you the chance to fucking explain yourself. So please (Y/N) tell me what’s going on.

A couple of days after that I received a voicemail at 06.30 a.m.

‘’(Y/N)!’’ He screamed. ‘’Seriously this is how you end a relationship after 1.5 years? You’re so low.’’ He laughed bitterly. ‘’Fine be that way. I don’t need you, I don’t need your love. Just go, but don’t come running back. I made my debut with my band and they are all nice so I don’t need you. people love us. People love me. So Goodbye (Y/N). I hope you know you’re fucking happy hurting me. ‘’ that was the last thing I heard after he ended the voicemail. I heard him sniffle. I threw the phone hard against the wall. I didn’t care if it broke because right know the only thing I felt was my heart breaking in pieces and the worst part is, that it is all my own damn fault. I screamed, cursed and smashed everyone I saw in my sight. I didn’t care. I kicked the door hard, what ended up hurting myself. The tears were falling like waterfalls what got me more angry. I shouldn’t cry. One last time I kicked the door and broke down.


I cried and cried. Telling this story still broke my heart. I was such a selfish bitch and I still am. Hiyori was rubbing my back and hushed me. ‘’I think you’re really brave, telling me this story. How honest you are.’’ She whispered softly, afraid she was going to break this silence. ‘’No, I am not brave! I am a coward.’’ I hiccupped, stood up from the couch and out of Hiyori’s arms.  ‘’I deserve his anger. I actually came here to Seoul to make things right. To give him an explanation. Although there isn’t really one. But still. I want to tell him how sorry I am and how he deserves the world.’’ I smiled at the ground. Imagining a happy  Baekhyun, a Baekhyun with his bright smile.  ‘’well we are going to collaborate with them and set up a meeting over two days. You can come after the meeting. Try to talk to him. ‘’ She mentioned, while holding her finger to her lips. Telling me she was thinking. ‘’Are you sure?’’ ‘’Yes, I’m pretty sure. Everyone deserves a second chance. ‘’ She pulled me into a hug. ‘’Thank you so much Hiyori, You’re really a wonderful friend. I still don’t get why you don’t have a boyfriend.’’ I chuckled. ‘’Yah! Who says I’m not working on it!’’ She yelled and ran away. ‘’Mwoo? Are you seeing someone?’’ I was shocked and  bursted out laughing. ‘’You’re keeping secrets from me. What kind of best friend does that!’’ I yelled while running after her. I felt better. She really was my best friend. Always making me feel better. I still felt nervous. How was I going to talk to Baekhyun, he even didn’t want to listen to me. This sure seemed like a mission impossible. But who doesn’t try, will never know and won’t ever get a chance.

  • Hunter: I shall call him 'Squishy,' and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.
  • Hunter: Remind me why I agreed to look after this devil child?