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genji finds some old tamagotchis at like a flea market or something and buys them for nostalgia’s sake, has a little fun with them. but then zenyatta finds them and just absolutely falls in love with them, like he hears them beep and he’s like “what is it my child? do you require feeding? are you bored? do not worry i shall play with you.” and genji’s like “master, are you really interrupting your meditation for those silly toys?” and zenyatta just gives him the most offended look he can muster with his expressionless face and is like “do no speak of them like that genji they can hear you you are being RUDE”

unforgivable crimes committed by damon albarn on june 10th
  • nearly climbing over the fence and into the crowd as security keeps a hold on the back of his shirt and looks vaguely worried
  • “who fell asleep on the beach this afternoon? i did. i was like aw, fuck”
  • attempting to dance on multiple occasions
  • physically grabbing the camera and pulling it towards a 2D cosplayer only to then make two big thumbs up at it
  • “when we put this album out we had been away for, uh, quite a while”
  • hugging absolutely everyone on stage at some point
  • “jamie hewlett will draw all of you an individual picture later”
  • “we’ve got a couple more songs. they’re pretty rubbish though”
    (plays fucking feel good inc)
  • “i shall now play my melodica. hinting at a motif”
    (plays fucking clint eastwood)
  • singing??? more than once??? he sang??? how dare he???

🌿Spring Glamour Shower Spell🌻

A perfect spring glamour spell for my fellow i-don’t-have-a-bathtub witches.

 Recommended to cast during: Waxing Moon - Full Moon 


🌸 Fresh or dried flowers. (PLEASE, for safety reasons, do not use poisonous flowers.)

Bonus: Pick flowers that are significant to you in a positive way. Magickal correspondence wouldn’t matter for this spell since this is something for yourself. 

🌼 Clear shower gel that has a pleasant scent for you (The flowers look hella beautiful in it)

🌸 Music that makes you feel sexy and beautiful. 

 To Cast….

🌸 Carefully place the petals inside your shower gel bottle and chant: 

 Beautiful spring blooms I see, 

 Beautiful flower I shall be. 

 🌼Play your beautifying music and prepare to take a shower. 

 🌸Clean whatever it is you need to clean and leave the shower gel last. 

 🌼 When you’re done cleaning yourself, apply the gel and be immersed. 

 🌸 Rinse after.

you might need t o, plug in your headphones to hear this properly


‘Prepare for the show: IT GOES WELL
Oh my god people, i’m going back on the theatre stage, with one of the things I love the most; Antiteateret💜 Go me. And go us! I shall now try to play a not quite good guy, which I have never fully understood.
A guy who behaves totally opposite to what all rollefabler* says. The guy is called Tarjei. We play and improvise our way to something we’d like to show you, and it’s alot of fun for us anyway! Buy tickets friends, they went so fast last time, and it sucks in case you’d miss buying. The price is no problem in this happy country? IT GOES WELL!’

* . When he says “motsatt retning av det alle rollefabler sier”, I think he refers to every possible backgroud story of roles. I have understood that “rollefaber” (role fables) is the backstory of a character, the stuff that makes the character alive, so to speak. So I don`t think he refers to what society says, really. He acts opposite to what all kinds of role fables says. Something like that? // @hjertetssunnegalskap

daddyiidubbbz-deactivated201707  asked:

c3 zelink (legend of zelda lmao) for the drawing thing if you're still doing it :-))

My tablet’s busted, so had to whip out the old pencil-paper method. I’m not very familiar with Legend of Zelda, hope i did some justice, and that you like it!



Victorian Starters
  • "Have you made any inquiries?"
  • "This complicates matters."
  • "It is indeed kind of you to come."
  • "I have no time for trifles."
  • "My heart grows light."
  • "Do I put you off?"
  • "That sounds ominous."
  • "You may entirely rely on me."
  • "I am impatient to be gone."
  • "I cannot possibly fathom what you are talking about."
  • "Let me hail a passing cab and we can be away."
  • "Heaven bless you."
  • "We are on a hunt."
  • "Glad to meet you."
  • "In these days of nouveaux riches, it is good to see an old country family restore the grandeur of the line."
  • "Are you well?"
  • "What sort of night is it?"
  • "You have much to answer for."
  • "How can I assist you?"
  • "How long will it take you to make up your mind?"
  • "I have no feelings on the matter."
  • "The world is full of oblivious things that no one ever observes."
  • "This is my special hobby."
  • "There is danger."
  • "Be ready in an instant!"
  • "Are you mad?"
  • "I shall not be played for a fool."
  • "You look very serious."
  • "Surely you will stay and have some dinner?"
  • "Give me another mouthful of that brandy."
  • "Know your place."
  • "This matter is too serious for any hesitation."
  • "This is very deep business."
  • "Is there immediate danger?"
  • "I cannot say. It is a private matter."
  • "I seem to have dropped into a council of war."
  • "The plot thickens."

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This post is late af but that’s what happens when you count on your mom to get some of the pictures to you 🙄 Anywaaay, last Saturday, ya girl starred as Dorothy in my theater company’s production of “The Wiz”. That’s right, Dorothy glo’d tf up 💀 But uhhh, enjoy some pics of me, my mom, and my cousin, backstage after the show! 😊💛

it’s gonna be neat when the Crit Rollers change their characters, cuz in theory they’ll end up playing characters with new MBTI types and that will tell me sooooooo much about them as people :3c

Lena’s Love Song for Kara

Prompt from @thatghostlygay – “Lena is classically trained in piano and her Extra Gay™ self composes a piece for Kara and she asks Supergirl for advice, tells her that she wrote it for Kara and plays it for her and asks her if Kara would like it. Supergirl is just in awe and can barely form a sentence, just nods and says “you should play it for Kara and ask her what she thinks, I’m sure she would LOVE it.” And Lena just giggles softly to herself, grabs her reading glasses off the top of the piano and puts them gently on Kara, smirks, and says “well?"”

Note: this is one of the most beautiful prompts I’ve ever received and I almost didn’t want to write it because it’s just so beautiful how could I ever do it justice???? Thank you for blessing us with this piece of gorgeousness <3 <3 <3

Kara seems flustered when Lena tries to take her to expensive restaurants (”You don’t need to spend that much on me, Lena, I… don’t get me wrong, everything’s amazing, and it’s beautiful here, I just… I don’t want you to feel like you have to”).

She seems flustered when Lena tries to send limos across town to pick Kara up for their lunch dates (”I can f… I can take the bus. The bus is… the bus is nice. It’s… I like the bus, it’s really okay, you don’t have to go out of your way”).

She seems flustered when Lena overhears her humming “Helpless” and the next day presents her with tickets to Hamilton (”Lena, that’s too much! I mean, Ra – god, of course I’ve wanted to see it since it came out, but I… I can’t accept something so generous, I – I mean, unless you wanted to see it, too? We could see it together?”).

To be honest, Kara seems flustered most of the time around Lena.

It’s one of the things Lena lo – likes – so much about her.

Her earnestness. Her genuineness. Her openness.

Her awkwardness.

And to be honest, spending money on her? Or offering to, anyway?

Is one of the only ways Lena knows how to show Kara that she appreciates her. Show Kara that she deserves the best. Show Kara that she loves… being her friend.

Being her friend, with lingering glances and not-so-stealthy eyes flitting down to lips and heavy innuendo over candlelight and potstickers and red wine that she’s pretty sure isn’t actually affecting Kara, but something certainly has her cheeks flushed.

But Kara?

Kara is thrilled with Noonan’s instead of Starbucks, enamored of food trucks instead of five-star restaurants, moans with delight at the city’s cheapest potstickers instead of the city’s most expensive catering service.

So Lena decides to get creative.

Because Kara is worth learning new ways of communicating for.

Kara is worth… everything.

So she gives her everything.

She gives her everything with her fingers, with her soul, sitting down at her grand piano with her reading glasses and blank staff paper and a pencil and a glass of red wine – hell, a bottle of red wine – each night for a month, sometimes until two, three, four a.m., working, working, feeling, feeling, being, dreaming, giving.

It’s more exhausting than her most hostile board meetings, and it’s more draining than a series of confrontations with her mother.

But unlike those encounters, this? This process, of writing music for Kara? Composing a classical piece that will refuse to capture, but rather paint, the woman who saw her when no one else did, who fought for her when no one else would, who adjusts her glasses and fiddles with her fingers and brings Lena donuts and laughs at her ridiculous jokes and writes beautifully, generously, compassionately?

This process drains her, because it requires her to pour so much of herself into the piece. But it also gives back to her, abundantly, because Kara Danvers? Kara Danvers is a perfect muse.

She’s shaking when she’s finally ready to show it to her, and her fingers – so practiced, so trained, so refined – disobey her, dialing Supergirl instead of Kara Danvers.

Because it gives her an out. Even if she’s right – and of course, she’s right, the glasses are ridiculous, and she’s know what those arms feel like around her body no matter what kind of suit they’re clothed in – playing the piece for Supergirl instead of Kara gives her an out.

“Thank you for coming,” she says, somewhat formally, making it sound easy, the way she masks the trembling in her voice.

But god, it’s not.

“I… it’s silly, I know, and surely you have more important things to be attending to, but I… I wrote something. For your friend, Kara. And I wanted to see what you think. Before I play it for her.”

Supergirl crosses her arms over her chest and tilts her head – Lena wonders if she’s picked it up from Agent Danvers’s girlfriend – and furrows her brow.

“Play it?”

Lena fights down a hard blush, and forces herself to keep composure, keep composure, keep composure.

“A song. One of the few gifts my mother actually gave me – she made sure I grew up a classically trained pianist. Well, not at her hand, of course. At boarding school. And I wrote Kara a… piece. Would you mind terribly? Listening to it?”

Supergirl stammers, and Lena knows with full certainly, then, that she’s right. About Kara and Supergirl.

She recovers quicker than she does without the cape, though, and she gestures almost too enthusiastically for Lena to sit at her piano.

“Of course I wouldn’t mind!”

Lena smiles, and she sits, and she begins.

Her entire body moves with her playing as her eyes drift closed; she’s practiced the piece so many times, learned the intricacies she’s sewn into it so intimately, that she can let her eyes drift closed, no need for her sheet music, as she wills herself to float on the notes that she’s gifted to Kara, the notes that she’s woven together into the lightest, darkest, most hopeful, most sacred, arrangement that she could paint into the air between them.

She loses track of time and she loses track even of the flutters in her own heart, playing on and on, until the final notes echo through the room softly, delicately, perfectly.

She lets her eyes linger closed – lets herself relish the moment as long as she can, lest Supergirl hate it, lest she reject her, lest she say, finally, that Lena is too much, has gone too far, has crossed too many lines – until Supergirl’s stammering brings her scared eyes up to meet shockingly blue ones.

“Lena, I…. that… wow, it… I… it…”

“You can be honest, Supergirl: if you didn’t like it, I want you to feel free to – “

“No! No, I… you… you should play it. For Kara. I’m sure… I’m sure Kara would love it. Like, really love it. You should play it. For her.”

Lena chuckles softly to herself – a chuckle that’s really a giggle, and the fact that she’s giggling only further solidifies her knowledge that this superhero is her superhero, her Kara – and she reaches with a surprisingly steady hand for her reading glasses, anchored in front of her sheet music.

She unfolds them deliberately, stands, and places them gently, carefully, onto Kara’s face. She smirks at Kara’s slack jaw, and her stammering, at how beautiful Kara looks in Supergirl’s suit.

“Well? Shall I play it again right now, or would you like a minute to collect yourself? My hero.”

“Lena… I… how… I mean… Pfft, I – I don’t know what you – “


Kara gulps and adjusts Lena’s glasses on her own face instinctively. Lena barely restrains herself from a victorious “ha!”.

“Kara Danvers, do you trust me?”

“With anything,” Kara answers somberly, seriously, earnestly, all pretense abandoned.

Lena’s eyes flicker to Kara’s lips, and she bites her own.

“Then trust me with this. I will never betray your secret. Lord knows I know what it is to have some of my own.”



“Play it again? For me?”

Lena fights down tears, the lump in her throat.

Because the look in Kara’s eyes?

Lena can’t be the only one of them who’s irrevocably in love.

“Of course, Kara. Of course.”

So first it was Chelsea, then it was “Alice bought a house in London”, then it was Man Utd. making love calls, then it was Alvaro getting emotional during La Liga celebrations- got everybody panicking- then it was AC Milan, then it was “he’s staying at RM” after the UCL Final and now we’re back at Man Utd. and I just…