i shall not lack

She had heard it said that, before you could understand anybody, you needed to walk a mile in their shoes, which did not make a whole lot of sense, because probably after you had walked a mile in their shoes, you would understand that they were chasing you and accusing you of the theft of a pair of shoes–although, of course, you could probably outrun them, owing to their lack of footwear.
—  Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

I shall not lack.

Psalm 23 in the Amplified Bible reads “THE LORD is my shepherd [to feed, guide and shield me]; I shall not lack.” More commonly the verse is known by the King James versions that say “want” instead of “lack”. The meaning is of course the same, but I like “lack” because I find that when you say lack the meaning becomes that much clearer. It is written down so clearly there - I shall not lack anything because Jesus is my shepherd.

What does a shepherd do for his flock? The Amplified Bible puts it well too - “to feed, guide and shield me” it says. Apart from these three things, what else does a sheep need? Food? Done. Guidance so it wont go astray? Done. Protection from predators and the dangers out there? Done. A sheep with a good shepherd will never lack anything, because a good shepherd provides his flock with everything they could ever need, leaving no room for lack.

I also love the CEV version of this verse - “You, Lord, are my shepherd, I will never be in need." 

I will never be in need! Does that mean I will never have needs? No! It doesn’t say that. It says I will never be IN need, meaning that my needs will not have dominion over me, because Jesus is my provider. We are human, we will always have needs. We need food, water, rest, love, and protection, among other things, just to survive. But Jesus meets all these needs. He is the sole provider for all our needs, and unlike suppliers here on earth, his supply will never fail. He will never tell you - "Sorry, i’m a little low on stocks here, can you try again tomorrow?”. His supply is never ending, and is ready to meet your every need and lack. Whatever it is. 

If you lack courage, don’t pray for Jesus to give you courage, declare that Jesus IS your courage. If you are facing financial difficulties, declare that Jesus is your provision. If you are suffering from a broken heart and need healing, declare that Jesus is your comfort, your hiding place, and the mender of your heart. There isn’t a single lack in this world that Jesus cannot meet. <3 

“Because the LORD is my Shepherd, I have everything I need!” - Living Bible 

I love this verse so so much, and I hope it blesses you today! 

Quick sketchy comic venting some emotions! 

Had a tough few weeks. Sorry for the lack of art guys, I shall be back posting soon! I’m feeling some Aelin love recently and maybe even a Chaol piece seeing as the new book is on the way ;) 

I’ve also just nearly finished Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments so will be painting my heart out on those characters - holy balls that series is AMAZING! 

Gemini Dominance
  • Key Words: Chilled, Laid-Back, Social, Inquisitive
  • Key Phrases: I shall, I want to, I learn to
  • Fears: Lack of change and growth, life being the same
  • Compatibility: Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

So first it was Chelsea, then it was “Alice bought a house in London”, then it was Man Utd. making love calls, then it was Alvaro getting emotional during La Liga celebrations- got everybody panicking- then it was AC Milan, then it was “he’s staying at RM” after the UCL Final and now we’re back at Man Utd. and I just…

Kang Daniel as a Father AU

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(He looked the most husband material here aka helping his wife to fold and do the laundry perhaps?)

And I have finally finished a request once again (before the 30th of July omg)!! :) This was a really cute request that I had received from @imagizibe through my ask box and I am so sorry for the fact that you have probably waited close to a month by now. TT.TT The same goes for my other readers/ followers too, especially those who have seen my multiple to-do lists and have probably wondered when I would actually get to do them. D: It has been long, but it’s finally done and I actually do intend to make it for Wanna One’s Hyung Line too! ^^ As for the maknaes, they would be getting a “(Name of member) as an Older Brother”! ^^ 

Thank you once again for being so patient and supportive despite my lack of updates nowadays. TT.TT I shall not hold you guys back any longer and I wish all of you a happy and fun read! ^^ Who knows? I might even write a Part 2! :3 

To @imagizibe : To make up for the fact that you had to wait so long, I included a short part of the wedding ceremony too when Daniel becomes the official husband. Hope you don’t mind! ^^

  • One thing’s for sure, if you are married to Kang Daniel, you can be sure that you probably married the right man.
  • Had one of the cutest and smiley proposals, with a sprinkle of awkwardness.
  • It was simple with him bringing you to the park to stargaze for a while after dinner, pointing out all the stars that you guys knew and bickering cutely about who was more knowledgeable about astronomy. 
  • You were lying on his chest and he had his arm around you, before he offered to get you a drink and cupcakes from a patisserie nearby. 
  • Obviously bought your favourite cupcake and drink, passing it to you before getting down on one knee and finally taking out the ring that he had kept in his pocket the entire night. 
  • Nearly messed up the paragraph that he had prepared for you but it was pretty obvious that you would say yes.
  • Cue an elegant wedding ceremony by the seaside on a cliff with the breeze caressing your faces and blowing through your hair.
  • Probably the groom to say “lawfully wedded wife” as “waffle-y wedded wife” because he was that happy (or more like excited)
  • An elegant wedding ceremony definitely comes with an equally grand after-party.
  • You and him probably get a little tipsy eventually, but it was a night to remember for the both of you. (not gonna go into the details ahem)

  • Now to the real part…
  • You announce that you are pregnant after you realise that you have not been getting your “time of the month” for 3 months (and of course, you had to check it)
  • He would stare at you in surprise for a moment because he needs time to process what he just heard.
  • When he finally does, he would take your hands in his and have the widest smile on his face before saying, “Oh my goodness, I’m going to be a father.”
  • You nod your head with slight tears in your eyes and he gives you a hug before you could see his own tears forming.
  • He would embrace you in a firm hold with his robust arms and you swear you could feel him smiling against your shirt.
  • “I have never felt so happy. Ever. Thank you for being such a blessing and look, we have another blessing.” as he points to your stomach.
  • Definitely expect to see him with the widest grin on his face (even bigger than the one on his wedding day) and he would be so elated that he would call all of his friends, family and colleagues (Wanna One etc.) to announce your pregnancy.
  • Also expect boisterous shouting like, “DUDE, I AM A FATHER.”
  • “진짜 완전 대박 리얼 헐… NO WAY.” (jinjja wanjeon daebak real heol)
  • From the time you announced the news all the way to the day of your expected delivery, he would take extra good care of you.
  • Daniel will literally be at your beck and call, satisfying all your food cravings, by your side through ALL the mood swings and will literally do anything you ask him to do. 
  • Even goes out of his way to learn how to clean the house (as we all know, he’s not exactly the cleanest) so that you won’t fall sick and learns how to cook healthy meals for the both of you.
  • Is occasionally playful and would place his hand on your stomach to see whether the baby would kick; gets uber excited when he feels it and would feel around again.
  • The child will be a happy foetus because his/her father sings to him/her all the time and gives him/her occasional kisses too (makes you giggle a bit because it’s ticklish)
  • He would literally take a day off work to stay by your side on the day of the expected delivery because he wants to be prepared to whizz you to the hospital when the time comes.
  • Bless the fact that it does because he apparently googled the night before on how he should hold onto his wife in labour, things to say and even songs to blast in the car to distract her from the pain.
  • Takes you to the hospital with ease and even tried his best to carry you bridal style, before realising how dangerous it will be for the baby.
  • When you are making your way to the labour room (in a lot of pain) and ready to give birth, you can definitely count on him to always be by your side.
  • Will hold onto your hand through the entire process, even if his hand turns white and feels numb after all the squeezing from you.
  • Comforts through hand holding but will definitely be encouraging, together with the nurse. They probably laugh a little, seeing how Daniel looks as if he’s watching a sporting match. (the nurses probably wished they had a husband like him actually)
  • When the baby is finally out, Daniel would be extremely exhausted but he will not show it and would probably give you a kiss on the forehead with a shy smile on his face.
  • Asked to carry the baby and he freaks out a little, until you remind him that he is the father of the child after all.
  • Is exceptionally good with children as the baby smiles the moment he/she takes a look at him and he coos, rubbing his forehead together with the happy baby.
  • “Welcome to the world, little Kang. You are going to grow up to be handsome/ pretty, like your parents. Trust me, I know so.”
  • Starting off wasn’t an easy task because whenever the baby cried, it was difficult to tell what he/she truly wanted; was it a change in diaper? Was he/she hungry? Was he/she sad and craving for attention? Who knows?
  • He doesn’t know what to do when the baby starts crying so he tries comforting it first by whispering soft words and when it doesn’t work, he’ll rock the baby gently and sing him/ her lullabies or will try to make the baby laugh through weird antics.
  • Doesn’t want to stress you out because he knows how difficult it was to carry the baby and promises to take most of the responsibility as the father.
  • When the baby cries in the night, he will be the first one to wake up to be by his/her side until the baby falls asleep and he is definitely the type to tuck the baby in and look at him/her for a little while from the top of the baby cot, smiling to himself and wondering how he got so lucky.
  • If the baby cries again, he’ll be up once more, until you were awoken by the constant ruffling of the bedsheets and the slight movement of the bed. You were just way too tired for the past few days.
  • Saw Daniel trying his best to comfort the baby and you feel bad that he has been doing a lot of work, so you volunteer to take over.
  • Stubborn initially but after you remind him that he needs to return to the industry in the pink of health, he unwillingly hands you the baby and tries his best to sleep without stressing over the fact that it was dangerous for you too with your state of exhaustion. (It didn’t affect you anymore really but he was just being protective)
  • Attempts to make food and healthy snacks for the baby through cookbooks and youtube videos, but he’s not so good with the things in the kitchen and panics when he does not understand the instructions given.
  • “Wait, they told me 3 tablespoons of flour?? But I thought it was supposed to be cups? And oh my goodness, I spilt some on the floor and is it supposed to be levelled or heaped?? It won’t affect the recipe right?”
  • It’s actually cute watching him cook, until you realise that he could have burned down the entire kitchen.
  • Attempts to make the baby’s milk too, and you had to teach him step by step because he was worrying way too much once again about the formula to water ratio.
  • Once he thinks he’s confident, he would volunteer to babysit despite his practices so that you, too, could have a well-deserved break time (since you had to take a leave from work and takes care of your child 24/7)
  • Would bring his baby to work in a little baby carrier (cutest thing ever omg) with everyone cooing over how cute the baby looked and basically take turns to carry the child at least once.
  • Very much prefers to stay at home from then on because Jaehwan threw the baby up into the air (which the baby liked VERY much) and Daniel swore he saw his life flashing before his eyes.
  • Still invites them over anyway since they love the child so much.
  • Despite the habit, there will be times he forgets almost every single thing about how to take care of a baby and asks the members for help.
  • His best friend Seongwoo would be even more clueless, while the more motherly members (Sungwoon, Minhyun, Jisung and Daehwi) will just shake their heads and even teach him how to take care of a child.
  • “Sorry bro, can’t help very much but your baby is adorable!!” - Ong Seongwoo
  • “NOT HELPING.” - Everyone else
  • When they are clueless as to why the baby was still crying or seemed unhappy, his fellow Wanna One members would either google through parenting websites and some would even call their mothers and sisters to get help.
  • Over time, he definitely gets more tired trying to strive for a work-life-parent balance and you genuinely worry for him, but he only smiles and says that he will take care of himself just fine.
  • In conclusion, he’ll probably be a pretty good father; supportive, a role model, committed, loves his child very very much, encouraging and will always be by the family’s side, no matter how busy he can get.
  • Clearly loves his little family and will always put them first, no matter what happens.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget that he’ll be an extremely good husband too. :’)

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Warnings for violence and smut and general horribleness. 

“Sebastian, kill them all”.

My favourite instruction. I licked my lips eagerly as I observed the room of child traffickers - mostly members of the aristocracy that sat in neat, tiered rows to view the cage at the centre where a single dead-eyed girl was on display.

None of these people had any idea that they were about to die. They chattered politely amongst themselves while waiting for the auction to start, a few of them fanning themselves with bored expressions on their faces. I took it all in; their disgusting little desires, the pumping of blood in their veins, the breath in their lungs - all of it soon to be snuffed out. By me.

“And what manner of execution would you like me to use, My Lord?”

He gave me a sidelong glance and smirked. “I leave that up to you, Sebastian. Whatever you do though, don’t spare them any pain”.

“Understood” I told him, and bowed politely before turning to regard the room once more. It was time to shut this auction down.

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Dating Got7 | BamBam

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  • First of…your vocabulary will contain large amounts of “you little shit”s
  • And then his cute laugh coming from somewhere in the background
  • Cause he knows you just found the prank he wanted to pull on you
  • But you love him
  • How could you not?
  • With BamBam
  • Comes Yugyeom….
  • So expect the tol maknae to get dragged along with you guys on outings…
  • Don’t mind when Bam gets jealous…
  • He puts out a strong vibe, but he’s soft and squishy
  • He takes things to heart
  • And he’s so afraid that someone might steal you away.
  • Which is why when you are together he tries to make every moment count
  • Movies, video games, cuddling, napping…
  • Anything to spend time with you and remind you that he cares so deeply for you.
  • Beware of the dab…
  • It’s kinda took over his life…
  • “Y/N…come on…dab just once…”
  • “I refuse…someone has to keep the non dabbing sanity…I am on the crusade…”
  • “So you won’t be my dabbing queen?”
  • “I’ll be your queen, but I shall never dab”
  • That’s ok though…Jackson will make up for your lack of dabbing (he’ll remind you of that fact too)
  • Your dates will never be boring
  • Because he’ll always want to take you somewhere fun
  • Someplace where he knows will put a smile on your face
  • Even if you’ve been there a thousand times…
  • That’s where he’ll take you.
  • Fashion advice…
  • Expect it…
  • But please don’t take it the wrong way…
  • “You’re gonna wear that?”
  • “Yeah…what’s wrong with it?”
  • “Oh…nothing…but let’s just change a couple things.”
  • He means well…he just can’t help wanting to walk out of the house knowing that you two are the best looking couple on the block.
  • Although…
  • You could wear a burlap sack.
  • And you’d still be the sexiest person in the whole world to him.

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Little Angel- Jon Snow x reader (pt1)

Imagine being a kitchen maid and feeding a hungry baby using castle food… and getting caught. You have an upsetting past and are being taken care of by the starks.

A/N- I literally just thought about this and am so eager to write it down. I hope you enjoy it… otherwise go fuck yourself..

Anywho ha… let’s get on with this.


(Y/N)’s POV

I quickly rushed into the kitchen as my stomach grumbled. I can’t believe that I overslept. It was my day to cook for the Starks. I had planned out everything last night… too bad it took most of the night to do.

Luckily for me, there was nobody in the kitchen to yell at me about my lack in punctuality.

I sighed. What shall I do now?

My stomach growls again and I am forced to bend down to grasp my hollow stomach.
If I even dare to take Stark food I will be punished, I cannot take that risk.

Suddenly I hear a cry of a baby. It seems to be coming from outside the kitchen doors.

As I open the door, I see a baby with tears running down her cheeks. My heart throbs as she crawls towards me and into the kitchen. I move myself around the baby in order to conceal her presence and sneaking her in.

I pick up the baby and out of nowhere she clings onto me. At that moment, my heart was put at rest. All the worry I had built up inside me had vanished.

“Okay, little lady. What are you doing here?” I said to the chubby little baby. I soon realised that she was too young to reply and understand and mentally face palmed.

I noticed her reach out for the bread (idk man… just pretend they eat this stuff) and realised that she must be hungry.

I looked around and let out an exasperated sigh.

I know it is wrong but I cannot let this baby starve.

I take out the bread and rip a little but off, handing it to the baby. She giggles and devoures the bread in her tiny mouth.

While she was eating I noticed something strange. The baby had not been wearing rags. She was actually dressed in fine clothing.

She must come from a rich family. Where are her parents? How did she get here?

My thoughts were interrupted by the baby violently shoving the food into my mouth. When I tried to put the food down, her smile fell.

I didn’t want to make her cry so I ate the bread. My body was soothed a little from the hunger and I felt myself craving for more.

The baby clapped her hands, clapping as she watched me munch down the bread.

I smiled.

She reminded me of my baby…. my baby that had been taken away from me.

I recall the day as if it were yesterday.

My husband was murdered infront of me, trying to protect me from Lannister soldiers. He was a brave man. Worked to protect the Starks with all of his life. In exchange they promised to keep me in their castle as a kitchen maid. We loved our baby. Those monster stomped on my baby and jabbed a spear through her fragile skull.

I flinch as I feel a tiny, warm hand touch my cheeks. I open up my eyes to reveal the little girl wipe away my tears.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with her kindness. I hug the little baby, protecting her with my hands.

“Oh, you beautiful child. Eat up. You shall become a strong girl, who shall fight your own battles.” I kiss her forehead.

I place a pan infront of her and face it upside down so that she can band her hands onto it and us it as a drum. I happily placed more food ahead of her as i ate with her.

I got carried away with all the fun and didn’t realise how much noise I was making. I noticed people standing at the door of the kitchen and shifted myself to face them.

My heart dropped as I saw Lord Robb Stark, Jon Snow, Theon and other guard staring at me mortified….. so except Jon Snow. He had a soft smile upon his face.

I curtsied out of fear. “My lord. I - uh I am sorry..”

As Robb was about to speak, Theon yelled, “You’re sorry, are you? For what?! For coming in late?! For stealing castle food?! For kidnapping a knights kin?! Which one are you sorry for?”

My heart stopped. “A- a knights kin? I d-didnt know… I didn’t kidnap her… I just-”

I was almost cut off by Theon but Jon had stopped him.

“She was not talking to you. She was talking to Robb.” He argued and then turned to me with a soft smile.

“It is Lord Robb to you, bastard.” Theon growled. I almost reached out my hand to strike Theon. I hated the fact that people would class Jon Snow as a bastard. He had not done anything to deserve it. It wasn’t his fault.

Robb cleared his throat. “I told you to stay away from trouble (y/n). Didn’t I? I know that my father has promised to take care of you to repay for your …. for his loyalty but its hard when you’re always in trouble.” He sighed.

Tears ran down my face. “I’m sorry. All I tried to do was help. That is all I ever tried to do. She was hungry… I could not just let her starve.”

Jon’s eyes fell to the ground. I could tell something bad had happened.

At that moment, a guard ran in yelling, “I could not find the baby!” He stopped as he saw her with me.

“Why..why do you need her? What is wrong…? Tell me, please.” I cried.

Theon was going to say something but Robb got there first.

“ (y/n) … the thing is… her parents, they are dead. She doesn’t have any family. We have to….she has to go. She wont survive alone…” Robb awkwardly said. I could tell that he really didn’t want me to know.

My heart fell.
“You.. you’re going to kill her?” I whispered.

Robb nodded. Jon’s head shook up.

“You dont have to. You saw how happy she was with (y/n) … you dont have to go that. I am sure that (y/n) wouldn’t mind. ” Jon urged Robb to agree.

They all looked towards me. “I want her. I will take her in as my own. Please …. don’t hurt her. She has not done anything wrong.”

Theon yells, “she is an orphan, you stupid cow! She won’t love you as her mother! She is just as much of a burden as a bastard.” He harshly glances at Jon.

I had enough of Theon. Before I could think, I slapped Theon. “Don’t you dare! How dare you insult orphans and bastards?! I am just as bad! Im a damn widow, who had lost her child! Yet you took me in with open arms! I don’t care if you happen to be close with royalty, insult them again and i WILL take away your tongue!”

Robb smiles. “You have she same fierce love for justice that he had.”

I looked down to realise I had been shaking with anger and tears were rushing down my face.

Robb agreed to letting me keep her and dragged Theon out of the kitchen, apologising on his behalf.

I cried into Jon’s chest as he ribbed my back to cool me down.

He whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, you shall be a great mother…. I know you will.”

A/N - Guys! Do you want a part 2 with Jon Snow helping (y/n) take care of the baby … OR would you rather have it as a really sad one… where (y/n) dies… and Jon takes care of the baby???

Okay guys! I realised that I am an idiot and can’t hyperlink … so pt 2 will be on my blog when it comes out. (Not out yet)

“so, what are we?”

your eyes change from chocolate to caramel
as your heart flits between tugging emotions
they look confused at something so new
so let me make this easier for you

i’m not too good with sprouting words when
you’re in the same space as me and thus
i’m carving a poem on the lining of my lips
with the sustained ease of a romanticist

so the next time you close the gap between us
and my heart beat loses all semblance of sanity
let these words guide you like a flame
to rediscover the path from where we came

your cloaked voice transcended time and
found me in the unrelenting hours of the night
it whispered promises into my midnight ear
suffused the air like a record player

your hands were like dormant volcanoes
first fragile, recoiling, retreating; afraid
but as sands fall, so do your walls
and a fire erupted, your touch smouldered all

your mouth made mountains move
it blew me off my nimble feet and
flung me into the blustery, twinkling air
weakening my resolve with an uncanny flair

my intended words have flown from my mind
i believe i was attempting to define us
but i lack the penchant to semantacise this
and shall, instead, bathe in its simple blissfulness

let me try to put this prosaically
you make me positively giddy
i think i stumbled into a rhyme mistakenly
but what can i do when you, my dear, are poetry

i quite enjoy our blurred lines and
smiles seeping into spontaneous kisses
so let’s forget labels, implications and linguistics
hand-in-hand is we’ll take the risk to jump off this cliff

because we are oil-lit lanterns exuding incandescence
we are crisp white sheets with pancakes and cream
we are the feeling you get when your stomach flips
we are head on shoulder and lips on lips

words are sticky ropes tightening on our fingers
but to answer the question pervading your lungs
and i hope this sets your pulsating chest free
we are anything you want us to be.

—  so, uh, what are we?

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"Stay warm" for Jhope (Drabble game! 😃)

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BS: J-hope | 01 

“Hobi I need a favour.” Yoongi spoke into the phone. Hoseok looked between the comfort of his bed and the clock that read 3 a.m. He had just arrived home from the studio and his only planned destination was his bed. That didn’t involve a call from Yoongi. 

“Hyung, I’m kind of busy.” Hoseok mumbled. 

“Doing what?”

“You know, just what normal people do. SLEEPING.” he said, glaring at the wall as if it was Yoongi himself. 

“Come on Hobi, please. I’ll owe you one.” Yoongi begged. 

“Fine.” Hoseok gave in all too easily, just as Yoongi knew he would. “What is it?”

“I need you to pick up my sister. Her flight lands in an hour or so.” 

“She’s coming to Seoul? I thought she’s studying at Daegu?”

“Yeah but my parents are fed up with her attitude so they’re dropping her ungrateful ass on me.” Yoongi grumbled. Hoseok was taken aback by the spite in Yoongi’s voice. But he knew Yoongi had a rather rough way of displaying his “love”. “So will you do this for me or not?” 

“What are you doing anyways? Why can’t you pick up your sister?”

“I’m uh…slightly busy.” he mumbled an incoherent excuse. He thought he heard a female voice in the background, but he couldn’t be sure. “Will you?” Yoongi asked again. 

“Ugh hyung, fine.” 

“Thanks, Hobi”

“But-” before he could say anything Yoongi had already hung up the phone. Hoseok found himself staring at his phone in disbelief for a while. Did this call really happen? Maybe he was just imagining it. Maybe he was dreaming. He could atleast say that was the case. He could just go to sleep.

He sighed. 

He couldn’t do that. He just didn’t have it in him to leave a girl stranded at an airport. With one last longing glance at his comfortable looking bed, he finally turned around and headed out. 


It wasn’t long before Hoseok parked his car and headed inside the airport and to the terminal that Yoongi had texted him. He had met Yoongi’s sister once before during their pre debut days, and it was more of a wave and nod than anything really. He remembered that she was maybe a year or two younger than he was, and slightly punk looking back in those days. He had no idea if she would still look the same or not. He stood at the arrival area, looking around with drowsy eyes. His eyelids felt too heavy to lift and his body cried for sleep. He leaned his head back, pulling on his face mask. What if he just closed his eyes for a few seconds…


He jerked awake, dropping his phone that had been resting on his lap. He looked around till his eyes landed on the individual who had called him with such conviction. And then he saw her. And he was left blinking a few times because…this was not the girl he had remembered.

“You are Hoseok?” She asked him. 

He nodded, pulling down his face mask to give her a smile. 

“Its nice to see you again, after so long.” He grinned. “How have you been? You’re brother always talks about you.” 

She snorted at his words. 

“Yeah, I can imagine the things he says.” She remarked under breath. “It took me forever to find you, didn’t realize you were flying in from another city as well.” He was about to correct her when he stopped, realizing that she was being sarcastic. And right than did Hoseok see the stark resemblance, an almost mirror like image of Yoongi’s temper standing in female form. When Hoseok didn’t say anything, she arched her brow. “So, are we spending the night here? Shall I take my sleeping bag out?” She snapped at his lack of response. 

Hoseok just stared for a while before giving her a small smile. That only seemed to piss her off even more. He stood up and gestured for her to start walking. 

“Ladies first.”  


They got in the car and were on the road in no time. 

“So, I’ll drop you off at Yoongi-hyung’s” Hoseok said.

She was leaning her head against the window, her eyes lazily shutting and opening. Hoseok took a few side glances of her and couldn’t help but realize how adorable she was…when her sharp Yoongi tongue wasn’t on fire that is.

“His house? He texted me saying that I’m staying over at yours for tonight.” She said. 

“Mine?” Hoseok couldn’t believe his hyung. 

“Apparently he has ‘someone’ staying over.” She rolled her eyes. “As if I don’t know who it is.” She said more to herself. 

“Well hyung could have told me. How very brotherly of him.” Hoseok muttered at the lack of responsibility Yoongi was showing. 

“I’m sorry, is this going to be a problem?” She suddenly asked, her eyebrows furrowed together.


“Am I burdening you in someway? Because if this is too much to ask for then I don’t need any favours. You can drop me off at a hotel. I don’t need these snarky side remarks.”

“Woah.” Hoseok stopped her rant. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you. And that ‘side remark’ was for hyung, not you. I’d love to have you over.” He quickly explained. She glared at him for a while longer. 

“Oh.” Was all she said, before turning to face the front again. 

“Hey does the hot-headedness run in the family or…?”

“Excuse me?”

Hoseok chuckled. “I think I got my answer.” 


They finally arrived back to Hoseok’s apartment where he roomed with Jungkook. Jungkook must have been asleep by now. He unlocked the front door and brought her bag in. He offered her his room, simply taking a pillow and blanket for himself. She didn’t agree, like he imagined, instead insisting that he take his own room and she can sleep on the couch. Hoseok chuckled, shaking his head. He told her he could never do that. She insisted he could. Hoseok continued to shake his head no and it seemed her temper was growing. When Hoseok said he could do this all day, she quickly gave in because the thought of keeping Hoseok up any longer for her needs didn’t sit well with her. She didn’t like accepting favours, and he learned that all too quickly. After that he let her take a shower in his bathroom and get to bed as he slumped down on his couch and quickly fell asleep. He couldn’t have been asleep for more than hour when the noise of something breaking woke him. Hoseok sat up immediately, looking for the source of the noise. He walked over to the kitchen to find her crouched on the ground over a broken tea cup. She was picking up the pieces. 

Fuck” She suddenly hissed as she pulled her hand back. Hoseok reacted immediately, darting forward. 

“Did you cut yourself?”

She turned around, surprised by Hoseok standing behind her. 

“Yeah, its just a prick. Its okay. I’m sorry I broke your cup. I was trying to make some tea. I couldn’t fall asleep and -” Her explanation was left hanging as Hoseok had already pulled out a bandaid box and had her finger between his hands, wiping away the blood gently. She watched him concentrate on her finger. She noticed how soft his features looked. Noticed how close he stood. His tongue was sticking out slightly as he worked on her wound and the concern in his eyes was kind of…heart warming. She wasn’t used to that. 

“There.” He said. Finally taking a step back. 

“Thanks. I’ll clean this up.” He shook his head. 

“I got it.” He set tea for the both of them and grabbed a dustpan to pick up the pieces. 

“I’m really sorry Hoseok.” She muttered, as she watched this clearly exhausted man work on cleaning up her mess. She really did feel bad. 

“Its fine.” he smiled at her. He always smiled, she noticed. It was so weird. And every smile was so genuine. He seemed to have a world of patience, which completely amazed her because everyone she knew, including her brother, was always done with her in the first ten seconds in meeting her. It was refreshing and ….strange but nice. “Why can’t you sleep? Jet lag?” 

She nodded her head. He tossed the pieces away and finished up tea. 

“We can watch a movie, if you like?”

“Don’t you have to get some sleep.”

“I’ll manage.” Hoseok replied, leading her to his living room. She took the blanket he offered and they flipped through channels till the Jurassic Park movie came on. “Do we have to?” Hoseok asked as she kept it on that channel and got comfortable. 

“Don’t you like it?”

“Its kind of not my thing.” he mumbled.

“What, scared of dinosaurs Hoseok?” She chuckled. But when she noticed he wasn’t laughing, she gasped in surprise. “Are you seriously afraid of this movie?”

“This and many more. And its really not that funny.” He mumbled, pulling up the blanket to his chin. 

“I’m not laughing at you, I swear. I’m laughing at how adorable you are.” She said between fits of giggles. She was too far gone at the idea of his horror movie phobia that she didn’t even realize her words.

Adorable.” he stated with a grin.

“Did I say adorable? I meant…”

It was his turn to chuckle at her flustered state. “Fine, keep your movie on. I need to get some shut eye anyways.” He said, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. 

“Is the volume too loud?” she asked after a bit. When she looked over, she saw him already fast asleep. She smiled, gently pulling more of the blanket over his sleeping form. “Stay warm.” She whispered. 

When she pulled her hand away, he suddenly caught it. She froze. She looked up, surprised, but saw his eyes closed. He was still asleep. To her utter surprise, he leaned his head all the way down till it practically fell onto the pillow on her lap. He brought her hand to his head and she immediately caught on. Smiling to herself at how ridiculous this must all be. Nevertheless, she began to slowly run her fingers through his hair as he slept. 

She had never admitted this to anyone. She vowed never to do so. But, now in this moment, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to admit. 

“Jung Hoseok,” She whispered, as she continued stroking his forehead gently. “I’ve always had the biggest crush on you.” She bit down on her lip, amazed that she had actually said it outloud. 


She stopped breathing. She looked down to find his smiling…and very awake face looking back at her. 


Ode On The Death Of Her Husband, King Francis II

In my sad, quiet song, 
A melancholy air, 
I shall look deep and long 
At loss beyond compare, 
And with bitter tears, 
I’ll pass my best years. 

Have the harsh fates ere now 
Let such a grief be felt, 
Has a more cruel blow 
Been by Dame Fortune dealt 
Than, O my heart and eyes! 
I see where his bier lies? 

In my springtime’s gladness 
And flower of my young heart, 
I feel the deepest sadness 
Of the most grievous hurt. 
Nothing now my heart can fire 
But regret and desire. 

He who was my dearest 
Already is my plight 
The day that shone the clearest 
For me is darkest night 
There’s nothing now so fine 
That I need make it mine. 

Deep in my eyes and heart 
A portrait has its place 
Which shows the world my hurt 
In the pallor of my face. 
Pale as when violets fade 
True love’s becoming shade. 

In my unwonted pain 
I can no more be still, 
Rising time and again 
To drive away my ill. 
All things good and bad 
Have lost the taste they had. 

And thus I always stay 
Whether in wood or meadow, 
Whether at dawn of day 
Or at the evening shadow. 
My heart feels ceaselessly 
Grief for his loss to me. 

Sometimes in such a place 
His image comes to me. 
The sweet smile on his face 
Up in a cloud I see. 
Then sudden in the mere 
I see his funeral bier. 

When I lie quietly 
Sleeping upon my couch, 
I hear him speak to me 
And I can feel his touch. 
In my duties each day 
He is near me alway. 

Nothing seems fine to me 
Unless he is therein. 
My heart will not agree 
Unless he is within. 
I lack all perfection 
In my cruel dejection 

I shall cease my song now, 
My sad lament shall end. 
Whose burden aye shall show 
True love can not pretend 
And, though we are apart, 
Grows no less in my heart.

by Mary Stuart

@reignfacts this poem was written after his husband’s death.
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At Dreadfort

Anonymous asked: Happy Easter!!! I’d like to request a Ramsay x reader were she’s from a northern house and vists the dreadfort with her brother head of the house. Ramsay takes an interest in her and when he sees her being harassed by one of the Bolton guards he defends her and threatens the man. He asks her to stay with him. Not too sure on the rest, id be happy with any ending. (I know it’s weird to write Ramsay in a romantic way so if you wanna tone his psycho down that’s fine)

I “toned down his psycho”, but only a little. I do not own Ramsay or Roose. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Brief mentions of violence, a little fluff

Pairings/Characters: Ramsay Bolton x fem!reader, Roose Bolton

Originally posted by ram-me-bolton

You stuck close to your brother’s side as the carriage pulled to a stop outside the gates at Dreadfort. You’d heard tales of House Bolton. They were not known for their mercy or hospitality, especially Ramsay Bolton. “Why are we here again?” you asked your brother when the carriage started moving again to lead you safely into the castle grounds. “I told you, sister. Mother wishes to find you a suitable husband. Since I am the head of our house now, it falls to me. Lord Bolton is a good man.”

              “You wish to betroth me to Lord Bolton?!“ you practically shrieked. Roose Bolton was twice your age and his son Ramsay was about your age. It just seemed…wrong to you. Your brother shook his head with a laugh. “Of course not. I-” he was cut off when the carriage stopped again, this time to let you both out.

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