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Subject 17

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Do you think catapills know they’re gonna be buh-flies?”
“Do you?”
“I unno. I think they wake up one day an’ are like ‘oh em gee I can fly what is this???’ you know?”
“Indeed. Would you like to fly, child?”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“How long was your nap?”
“Many years.”
“Like, more than ten?”
“Many tens.”
“That’s a long nap!”
“Do you ever need to sleep again?”
“One day, perhaps. A long time from now.”
“I napped almost a whole day one time!”
“Most impressive.”
“I was soooooo hungy when I woke up. Are you hungy?”
“But you’re not gonna eat anybody, right?”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Look how high I can jump!”
“Have you ever played jum prope?”
“I cannot say that I have.”
“You should try sometime, you’d be good at it.”
“I shall keep that in mind.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“How come everyone’s 'fraid of you?”
“All tend to fear that which they do not understand.”
“What’s that mean?”
“I am old and powerful beyond humanity’s comprehension.”
“What’s that mean?”
“I am before your people’s time.”
“What’s that mean?”
“I come from a place you cannot see.”
“Why not?”
“You lack the ability and have not yet invented the technology to compensate.”
“What’s that mean?”
“Your scientists have not yet discovered other dimensions, despite their many theories.”
“What’s that mean?”
“All in due time, child.”
“Perhaps you can show me how high you can jump again.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“How come everybody looks at me all the time but not everybody else?”
“You are special.”
“Time will tell.”
“So like… why can’t anybody else move things when they look at them?”
“You have evolved beyond the others.”
“What’s evol’d?”
“Evolution is the process by which organisms… you are special.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Are there more like you down there?”
“An’… will they like me?”
“They will worship you, child.”
“An’ they’ll do what I want?”
“Do… do you like me?”
“More than you know.”

“Hey, thoo thoo?”
“Yes, child?”
“Tell me the story 'bout the ah-tah-puss princess again.”
“Very well.”


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@thatsthat24 hope you like it, it’s my first attempt at digital art haha

Yes indeedy I did write this AU out into a thing.


Virgil tapped his fingers on the counter impatiently, giving the customer he was serving a small nod and a stiff smile to show that he was definitely (not) listening. "A hot grande iced latte with sugar, and…?“

"That’s it,” the guy said, pushing his glasses up.


“Patton,” he replied with a cheerful tone. “Thanks, kiddo.”

“No… problem?” Virgil responded with a uncertain tone- his default attitude towards positivity. He’s getting all cheerful up in this place what do I do-

After paying and leaving a tip in the small jar labeled ‘tips always appreciated :)’, Patton strolled away to await his drink, whistling an upbeat tune.

“Next,” Virgil called, scribbling down 'Patton’ on a cup and passing it to his co-worker.

The next person in line stepped up to the counter, wearing a white shirt complete with red linings of decoration. The barista wrinkled his nose as he took his customer in- what kind of moderately sensible person would wear that in public?

“Hello and welcome to Starbucks,” Virgil said in a flat tone, schooling his features back into a neutral one- after all, the guy’s fashion sense was none of his concern. “What will your order be today?”

“Greetings, my dear fellow citizen,” the person began. The barista raised an eyebrow, bemused and trying to keep a straight face. “I shall have a grande quad, nonfat, one-pump, no-whip mocha.”

Virgil did a double take. “You do realize that a quad means four shots of espresso?”


“Four shots,” Virgil said slowly, in case the person didn’t hear him clearly the first time. “Of espresso.”

“Yes."Shaking his head, the barista sighed and entered the order into the computer. "Name?”

“Call me Roman.”

“Uh huh,” Virgil said, scribbling a quick name down onto the paper cup in his hand. “Gotcha. That’ll be five bucks, seventy five cents.” Overpriced for a coffee, but this was Starbucks, after all.

Roman handed a ten dollar bill over, and Virgil handed him the change. “Here’s your change,” he muttered. “Goodbye-”

“What’s your name, though?” Roman asked, mindless of the dismissal. “I mean, you’ve got mine… I feel like it would only be fair if I got yours as well.”

“Anxiety. Or Virgil. Take your pick,” the barista said absentmindedly. “Next!”

Roman got the hint this time and walked over to stand beside the 'waiting counter’- you know, the counter where you stand awkwardly beside when you’re at a Starbucks and you wait for your drink.

Hence the name 'waiting counter’.

Maybe they should rename it the 'don’t talk to me I need my coffee first’ counter.

Virgil sighed and passed the cup over, looking at yet another customer.“Hello and welcome to Starbucks, may I take your order?”

As the person listed their order, a thankfully simple request of a iced black tea, Virgil’s compañero slid the over-espresso-ed drink onto the next counter. "Grande quad mocha for a Mr. Ramen!“

Anxiety turned his head to hide his smirk as his previous customer choked. "Come again?”

“Grande quad mocha,” the guy said, looking at Roman. “For a Mr. Ramen. Are you Ramen? You look like a Ramen. Ramen, take your drink.”

“It’s Roman-”

“A hot latte for Patton!”

Roman sighed and took his cupful of caffeinated goodness. Walking out of the Starbucks, he stopped midway and turned around to make eye contact with Virgil, a question of 'really?’ in his stare.Virgil flashed him a sideways grin and a shrug. Have a nice day, the barista’s gaze seemed to convey. And enjoy your drink.

Roman let out a little indignant huff and walked out the door, tilting his head back to let the sunlight bounce off his brown and purple hair, taking a sip of his drink. Virgil… he’d remember that name.

Roman, Virgil mused. What an asshole.


anonymous asked:

hey!! can you do a daniel smut/scenario where y/n gives him a bj???

there’d be a lot of hands; his hands in ur hair, cupping ur face, grabbing ur chin to make u look up at him, though he’d be struggling with his usual control because he’d be enjoying himself so much, losing himself to the feeling of your mouth and tongue. he’d be groaning a lot to begin with, saying your name and telling you what to do but by a certain point he’d just be lying back with his eyes closed letting you do as you please. on certain occasions though, if you asked for it, he’d definitely be willing to go rougher, fucking your mouth till tears form in ur eyes. He’d always be caring afterwards though, making sure you were ok and taken care of even if he himself was the one coming down from orgasm. 

The Willow maid (Thorin X Reader)

Request: @deepestfirefun ; hi! can i ask request thorin x reader? company ask reader to tell a story so she tells a tale by a singing a song The Willow Maid - Erutan. Thorin is affected by her ability tell stories by singing them.he has feelings for her and the end tells her that. fluff is you please. love your writings! thanks!!

A/N: I am so sorry!! I have been so slack and haven’t gotten on to post in forever, but I’m back now and I hope I can make it up to you guys. Hope you like it @deepestfirefun.

Word Count: 1,702

The air was somber as the aching feet of over a dozen travelers relieved themselves of the empty, repetitious marching that had carried them over mountain, valley and stream that day.

The company’s harmonious gasps filled the air, as burdensome baggage is removed from their shoulders, and their reddened torn skin upon their palms is relieved from their whitened grip upon the reins of their horses, whom Thorin had ordered his company to dismount for their health.

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When the 'Assassin's Creed III' Main Theme starts playing ...
  • me on a regular day: I feel so unmotivated. There is no reason for me to keep trying. I shall not move from this spot. Let sweet death take me.
The Balcony (NSFW)

Note: My favorite Son-Maître asked for balcony smut and dammit that’s what she’s gonna get! Just a heads up, this gets kinda…

His young master was at such a curious, turbulent age. Even after the turmoil of puberty, at age 16, Ciel Phantomhive’s hormones still got the best of him, and to reconcile his urges, Lady Elizabeth visited all the more frequently.

Whore. Harlot. Slut.

That was all Sebastian could think about when she would flounce into the manor, all golden curls and pink frills and coy smiles, before holing herself up in the young master’s bedroom suit, or his study, or the library, or even the garden next to the rose bushes one night (much to Sebastian’s disgust. What kind of farm animal screws outdoors?)

Even now the two sat across from one another, and Sebastian could feel the pheromones practically rolling off one another as they snuck sly, lustful glances to one another from over the rims of thin white teacups. He could hear the sharp intake of breath into Ciel’s lungs as Lizzy not-so-sneakily trailed the toe of her little heeled boot up, up, up his young master’s leg, and into the junction of his thighs. Saw the way his young master bit his plump lower lip before running his tongue over it, giving the young woman a glimpse of what would be coming to her should she continue such brazen displays.

Is this what did it for him? Sophomoric flirtations, played-out little games of footsie during tea time? Sebastian could do that and then some, could make the little brat delirious with pleasure in ways Little Miss Lizzy couldn’t begin to imagine. All Ciel had to do was say the word, and he could have so much more than just a butler.

There, however, lies the rub. The last thing he expected Ciel to do was ask him to take the place of his fiancé. It was that resolute finality that was the cause for his ever-souring mood, and he had been so focused on not ripping the bitty boot from his master’s groin that he plain forgot to hold his tongue as a proper butler should.

“Sebastian, could you please fetch more of these little pastries? They’re just delicious.” Lizzy had cooed, her double entendre not lost on anyone.

“Certainly, Lady Elizabeth. I shall return with them shortly, so do try to keep your tail out of the air in the meantime.”

Well, shit.

That had certainly not been what he had meant to say. However, it was now out there, they knew that he knew, and his only regret now was that, in his initial shock and embarrassment over his faux pas, he had left in such a hurry that he didn’t get to see the stunned looks on the horny teens faces.


Sebastian, instead of going to prepare the requested little pastries, escaped to the balcony of the young master’s bedroom, hoping the fresh air and fragrant flowers would sooth his ire. He managed to hide out there for all of twenty minutes before Ciel came storming out, practically foaming at the mouth.

“Do you mind telling me what the hell that was? How dare you speak to her that way!” Ciel spat, visibly shaking with the urger to smack his butler.

“I apologize, young master, but it was only a matter of time before someone addressed Lady Elizabeth’s less-than-chaste behavior. Better it be myself than someone who could potentially ruin you both.”

“Sebastian, don’t feed me that line of-”

“Just imagine what it would do to your reputation if it got out that she couldn’t keep her skirts down until your wedding night.” The sound of Ciel’s palm connecting with the demon’s cheek rang out throughout the gardens. Sebastian had apparently crossed a line.

“Bastard. What I do with my fiancé is none of your business.” He growled, eyes dark as he silently dared Sebastian to challenge him again. The demon, in turn, merely chuckled.

“Young master, honestly…who is it you would come running to if you two got a little TOO careless, hmm? If she should…miscount her days and you end up a father at 16, or if someone should see you the next time you two decided to fool around by the rose bushes that I tend to?” The demon stalked closer, his full lips in a knowing smirk. “It would be me, and I say that that makes it my business.”

Ciel, however, was a fighter, and wouldn’t back down to even the likes of Sebastian. “Why do you even care? Your job is to serve me, not approve of who I sleep with!”

“I care because she isn’t worthy of you!” The demon hollered, slamming his hand down in the railing and effectively startling Ciel. “She brings nothing to the table but status and mediocre sex, and I could give you so much more than that! I, who rebuilt your company from the ground up. I, who gave your very life back to you, deserve every bit of what you give her and then some, and yet you don’t even give it a thought!” Sebastian poured his would-be heart out, something he should had found embarrassing, yet necessary.

The salt on the wound, however, was Ciel’s laughter following a pregnant pause.

“That’s it? You’re throwing this tantrum because your jealous?” He smiled.

Sebastian chuckled derisively. “Hardly, young master. I simply don’t understand why you want a tame little pussycat, when you can have The Beast.” Ciel, however, wasn’t buying it. Still chuckling, the young master brought his hands to the demon’s face, pinching his cheeks as Sebastian had done to him so many times before.

“Aww, my poor Sebastian, you just wanted pets from Master, didn’t you, boy?” He teased, scratching the demon behind reddened ears like he were a needy puppy.

“Young Master, it isn’t funny.” Sebastian replied, his voice gone quiet yet firm. He took smaller hands into his and held them in his strong grip as he lowered his face to Ciel’s. Full lips grazed his own as the young earl inched closer, this change in his butler’s demeanor drawing him in. “You say it isn’t my business, but you are just as much mine as I am yours. You, every inch of you, belongs to me, and I won’t allow anyone else to dirty you. I simply won’t have it.” He finished with a gentle nip to Ciel’s plumb lower lip.

The tension between them was palpable, the two staring into each other’s eyes, searching for some kind of resolution to…whatever this was becoming.

It was Ciel that broke first, his eye casting downward as he took the black silk tie into his fist. Without a word, he turned away from his butler moved to lean his lithe body against the balcony railing, dragging Sebastian along with him. His eyes and stance were both challenging as he regarded Sebastian critically.

“Fine.” He said simply, catching the demon off guard.

“My lord?”

“I said fine. I’ll give you your chance, Sebastian. If you honestly think you can best Elizabeth, then do it.” With a final yank to his tie, he pulled Sebastian’s face within mere centimeters of his own. “Take me from her, if you can.”

Without any further hesitation, he pressed his lips firmly to the demon’s, nipping at the bottom tier. Sebastian moaned in response as he opened his mouth to let a venturing little tongue inside, his hand coming up to tear at the delicate little buttons of Ciel’s shirt. Wasting no time, he yanked, hard, the fine silk ripping like tissue paper, pearl buttons flying. No matter, nothing Sebastian couldn’t fix later.

The little earl pressed closer to the wandering hands, his body burning as he ached for more of those firm, sinful touches. He busied his hands with the multitude of buttons and closures of Sebastian’s uniform before running his fingers along the chiseled body exposed to him.

“Is that the best you’ve got, demon?” He growled against his butler’s lips before crying out as those fangs roughly grazed the base of his throat.

“You wish, My Lord…” Sebastian replied as he hoisted Ciel up, plopping his rear end onto the banister before yanking open his trousers. An impatient hand worked its way inside, gripping the young man’s aching erection, and even through silk gloves Sebastian could feel its perfection. How well his master had grown into his body, from his long legs and sinewy torso and this, the pulsing delicacy between his thighs that Sebastian couldn’t wait to devour.

Ciel tossed his head back, moaning loudly as the demon pumped his cock once, twice, three times, before he dropped to his knees, yanking Ciel’s trousers and underpants down with him. He didn’t have a chance to ask what the butler was planning to do before his length was engulfed in the warm, wet heat of Sebastian’s mouth. He was worked over expertly, Sebastian pulling him out until just the head was between his lips, tongue lapping at every drop his master spilled.

“Have I won you over, yet, My Lord?” Sebastian showed a wicked grin, lips brushing the sensitive head of his master’s prick as he spoke. Without response, Ciel grabbed the demon’s hair, pulling roughly that vile mouth over his erection once more.

“I didn’t say you were finished…” He sighed through gritted teeth, pushing his hips to for more of him into the demon’s mouth. Sebastian moaned around the intrusion before swallowing around the throbbing member, pulling it deep into his throat as the rough treatment stroked one of his ‘weak points’, as it were. He was willing to bet money that he had never been this rough, this free to act as he pleased with the delicate Lady Elizabeth.

Point One for Sebastian, he supposed.

He didn’t have a chance to enjoy his little victory, however, as Ciel shaved his face away from his groin before pushing him by his shoulders to lay flat on the balcony floor.

“Young Master?”

“Shut up.” Ciel snapped as he yanked and pulled at the closures of Sebastian’s trousers before fishing out his prize. Sebastian was larger than he, as he had expected. He could only just barely wrap a hand around the twitching girth. “Do you have any oil on you?”

“I’m sorry, Master, I-”

Ciel, however was prepared to make due, shoving the fat prick into his mouth and slicking it 'the old fashioned way’, as it were. With one hand working the base, Ciel made sure to make it as wet as he could, even going as far as to spit on it, just to be safe.

“How vulgar, Young Master.” Sebastian chuckled teasingly.

“Well, sorry you have a fat cock, now shit the fuck up.” Ciel spat as he eased his body over his butler’s, lining the rigid flesh with his awaiting entrance.

It had been hard, but Ciel couldn’t help but toss his head back in ecstasy as Sebastian filled him. The young earl sank lower and lower, until his backside was nestled against the thatch of dark curls surround Sebastian’s manhood.

The demon groaned as his master’s body clenched and fluttered around him, and all he wanted to do was flip that little brat over and show him just how much better he was at pleasing him than his tawdry little fiancé. However, this was clearly at Ciel’s pace, he was at the young man’s mercy until he was ordered otherwise. His job now was to remain pliant as his master used him to seek out his pleasure.

Or so he thought.

“Tsk, even Lizzy can just lie there, Sebastian. Or do you intend for me to do all of the work?” Ciel smirked as he rode his butler. Taking the bait, the demon flipped their position, Ciel on his back, panting heavily and writing beneath Sebastian on the us soaked floor of the balcony as the demon shoved himself deeper within that tight sheath. Ciel’s hands scrambled at his butler’s back, nails digging into the flesh as his body shook with pleasure. Each strike
of those hips brought him closer to his climax, nudging harshly at his prostate. Sebastian spread those coltish legs wider, attempting to reach deeper into his charge’s depths, wanting to make his mark on his most intimate of places. He wanted to ruin Ciel, not only for Lizzy, but for anyone else who thought themselves brave enough(or foolish enough) to try to steal away his young master.

“Fuck!” Ciel cried out, his head tossing back and forth in his pleasurable delirium, hips rocking to meet every jostling thrust. Damn Sebastian and his inhuman size, damn his ability to tear him apart completely, to absolutely wreck him from the inside out. “Seb-Sebastian! Don’t stop!”

“Never, My Lord.” He could defile his master all day if he were allowed, but he could sense Ciel reaching his apex. The body around him shuttered and spasmed, the young lord crying out as he began to fall over that final edge, and his essence began to burst from him in powerful spurts.

It was only then, after his master had reached his peak, that Sebastian allowed himself to finish, spending his seed into Ciel, filling him almost the the hilt.

The two laid there, breathless and sated in the sunlight of the balcony, not uttering a word to one another. What else needed to be said? Ciel had told Sebastian quite clearly to take him away from Lady Elizabeth.

And that is precisely what he had done.

(I feel filthy, but it’s for my favorite, so)

A New Day Dawning

Anonymous asked: OMG, could you write a imagine when y/n give birth to Robb’s twins? You decide if they are boys, girls or a boy and a girl. But, please something sweet and fluffy, and really long. I love your imagines! Xx

I do not own Robb Stark. He belongs to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Mentions of pregnancy and childbirth. Robb lives!!!!

Pairings: Robb Stark x fem!reader

Originally posted by richard-madden

A sharp cry in the middle of the night jolted Robb from sleep. He sat up and turned to see you, his wife, clutching onto your swollen stomach. “Y/N?! Is it?” You nodded, unable to speak through the pain. Robb threw back the furs on the bed and pulled on his robe. “I shall fetch the Maester,” he told you, trying to keep the frantic tone from his voice. The two of you had been waiting for so long for your child, but now that it was time, Robb was nervous and panicking a little. What if he wasn’t a good father?

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Will Do

  • Original Characters / Canon Characters / Humanoid Like Creatures / Mythical Creatures 
  • Couples (Of all genders, races, and sizes!)
  • Simple Backgrounds
  • Don’t see it on here? Shoot me an ask!

Will Not Do

  • Overly Detailed Backgrounds (this can be discussed but you will have to pay EXTRA for detailed backgrounds.)
  • *R-18 (Things such as gore, sexual themes, abuse, etc.
  • Some Animals (I don’t feel confident in drawing some of them.)

*On the subject of naughts (Sexual Themes) I will only do those for a select few whom I know are above the age of eighteen, preferably above twenty as well. From there the prices will be discussed.


I use two different brushes, a C brush and an F brush.

Brush C - (This brush is a bit more rough but is best for thick lines)

Brush F - (This brush is flat and more smooth in texture)

I sometimes mix these two together but I more commonly use one through out the whole picture.

What I’ll need from you.

  • An idea of what you want beforehand.
  • A detailed description of what you want or photo examples. If you can provide both it will make it much more easier for me to achieve what you want.
  • If you need it by a certain date, let me know before then. I can work with deadlines but only if you tell me about it.
  • Your patience, while I do work fast I still have things on my side of the block to take care of. Which I shall try to keep you updated on.


  • I prefer to be paid before or nearing the end of the process and in total. I know I can keep my end and I believe you can to.
  • I will give you the link to my Paypal once we’ve fully discussed what you’ve chosen and have figured out the pricings.

Contact at IronLoafOffical@gmail.com or through the tumblr messenger.

When contacting through email please label it as such (your name here)//Commission Inquiry

Spots for the month of June.

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  • Remember to message me directly or to contact me at Ironloafoffical@gmail.com
Vices and Virtues - Chapter 2

Here you go! Chapter 2 hope you like it 😉

We walked into the house, I dumped my clothes on a couch and he started showing me around. Pointing out different features, talking about the various pieces of art dotted around the place. He led me upstairs, giving me a tour of the bedrooms, each one decorated differently, but with a stylish simplicity, almost spartan. I had seen it all a few times with the realtor, but seeing it through his eyes was giving me a completely different perspective. We finally got to the master bedroom, he waved his hand with a flourish. “Last room, my bedroom, but then you’ve been it before?” he asked with a grin. “Yes I have” I said with a small smile. He nodded knowingly, “like it?”. I nodded, it was beautiful, white pieces of furniture, all simple but striking. “It’s lovely” I said, trying to imagine how it would look with my stuff in it. He cleared his throat to get my attention, I quickly turned finally looking at him. He was staring at me again, I realized I was still wrapped in the towel. I felt a sudden need to get dressed and get the hell out of there. “Uh, well, thank you, I’d better get changed and head off” I said quickly giving him a tight smile. “Wait there no rush” he said shrugging “I’ve got no place to be” he grinned. “Well I have so I’d better get moving” I said, “where did I leave my clothes?” I said more to myself. I was disappointed, thought he was going to show me something I’d missed, so now I was kind of annoyed that he’d wasted my time. “Downstairs in the lounge” he murmured. I nodded and turned quickly ducking out the door. He followed close behind me as I went down the stairs and into the lounge. I spotted my clothes on the couch and swiftly grabbed them, turning to look for a place to change. “You can change in the office if you like” he pointed to a room down the corridor. “Great thanks” I said. Just as I was about to head off, he started speaking, “So, listen Charlotte, I have to tell you something …” he said hesitantly, his tone caught my attention and I looked at him expectantly. “Yes?” I said. “I uh, well I haven’t actually signed the contract of sale” he said slowly. “Why not?” I said sharply, “well, I kind of decided … that I don’t really want to sell …” he said with a hesitant smile, he looked at me carefully, waiting for my reaction. “But, you agreed, I only came here today because you, you …” I stuttered, my anger beginning to rise. “I’m really sorry, I just love the place too much, I can’t get let it go” he said apologetically. “Then why the fuck would you waste my time giving me a tour!” I snapped, I stormed off heading in the direction of the office to change. “Hold on, would you let me explain” he said, quickly following me and grabbing my arm. I spun around to try and get out of his grip but as I did, my towel came loose and fell to the ground, my clothes falling out of my arms as well, as I tried desperately to grab hold of them. “Oh my God!” I gasped as his eyes fell to my breasts, my cheeks heating up in embarrassment and I gave a small squeal of frustration. He bent down grabbing the towel and handed it to me, I quickly covered myself. He then picked up my clothes and held them to out me, I snatched them off him and stalked off. I slammed the door closed and started getting dressed my hands trembling, fuming silently. I couldn’t believe he’d backed out, that wasn’t the worst part. What pissed me off the most was that he had wasted all that time pretending, only to tell me he’d decided not to sell!! Who does that?!! I stormed out of the office, picking up my bag from the couch as I strode past him on my way to the front door barely glancing at him. “Charlotte, please wait, let me explain” he pleaded jumping in front of me. As my hand reached for the handle, he put his on the door effectively trapping me. “No explanation necessary, you’re not selling, that’s that, I’ve got nothing more to say to you other than goodbye” I said tersely, waiting for him to move. He didn’t. “Just hear me out, please, come in the kitchen have a drink” he said giving me a smile. It was the kind of smile that made you stop in your tracks and stare. It lit up his whole face and blinded you, a pure unadulterated sensual, drop your panties kind of smile. I quickly shook myself, “no, no thank you, you’ve wasted enough of my time” I said through gritted teeth. He frowned, disappointment written all over his face, but thankfully he opened the door. “Okay, well, again I’m really sorry” he said. “Whatever ….” I muttered and walked out. I got in my car and sat there for a minute composing myself before taking off. I glanced up only to see him leaning against the door frame watching me as I quickly started the car and took off.

As soon as I got back to my apartment I phoned the realtor. “Charlotte I’m sorry, he’s just phoned to tell me …” she said regretfully, “if I’d known I never would have gone over there!” I said. “I know, I know, he’s really sorry, he asked me to apologize” she said. “Well he can stick his apology” I said snapping. “Shall I keep looking?” she said quickly, trying to diffuse my anger, I sighed. “Sure, whatever, I haven’t liked anything else so I don’t know where you’re going to find something” I said. “Don’t worry, something will come up” she said cheerfully. I quickly ended the call, I didn’t need anymore false hope today.

anonymous asked:

Hail, Agron! i want ask you two things ( i rarely find ppl who want talk about Spartacus with me aka "my life is done", you know....) and i have doubts. In first place do you think that Agron really had good reasons for to be such jealous of Castus and Nasir? i mean Nasir developed really feelins for Castus? and the second Spartacus had stronger feelings for Mira or Laeta? what do you think? oh kisses XXX

HEY THERE LOVELY ANON!!!!!! AWWWW!! I am SO SORRY that its hard to find peeps to talk Spartacus with!!!! You shall NEVER have that problem with me ;)!! Hahah! Cause I LOOOVE chatting about the show!! So feel free to hit me up any time!!!! 

OK SOOOO your question is SUCH an excellent one!!! and I have SOO MANY FEELINGS about that whole Castus situation!!! PREPARE FOR AN ESSAY!!! I shall try to keep my rambling to somewhat of a minimum ;)!!!  


I’m just going to start off by saying that if there are a couple things that we know Agron is, its protective and passionate. He is a VERY emotional individual which is both considered a weakness AND a strength. We see his loyalty and devotion towards others (Duro, Spartacus, Nasir) because when Agron has that bond with another, it is NOT easily severed. He becomes tied to them, completely devoted to them, and will quite literally die for them! After Duro’s death, a piece of Agron died with him. A HUGE piece! We saw the way he was in that opening shot where he was bashing the guy’s head in! He was uncontrolled in his rage and he just had a lot of anger! I also headcanon that that’s why he cut off his hair! But anyhoo, I shall try to stick to canon evidence ;)!! 

Now, when he met Nasir, he fulfilled that void in Agron. He became whole again, and Agron started exhibiting that passion and affection onto Nasir. As well as that protectiveness. I won’t go into more detail about Nagron cause I could LITERALLY write dozens of pages on them!! hahah! But what’s important to note here, is that Nasir became Agron’s everything. It was clear he was willing to do anything for him, and was completely devoted to the man. We also don’t see Agron develop those romantic relationships easily. When others would sex it up, Agron would not partake. For him, I feel like he needs that emotional connection with someone, which is also why the development between Nagron was SO beautiful!! Dan’s phrasing of their relationship was great too where he said that in Vengeance it was the honeymoon phase and by War of the Damned, the honeymoon was over and things were more real! hahah! We have to keep in mind that there were years between the two seasons as well! 

OK NOW! Bring in Castus! A man with sweet words of flattery which, lets be real, Agron never really QUITE had! The man was raised a warrior so being that … charming perhaps, is not something that Agron immediately conveys! He already had trust issues when first meeting someone. It makes it all the more beautiful that Nasir broke down those walls, because Agron DOES have a romantic side to him and we got to see that in intimate moments between Nasir and Agron. 

My personal thoughts with Nasir’s reaction, first . .  he basically tells Castus that he’s taken. Castus persists. I think Nasir is not used to those kinds of words of flattery, especially being a free man. When enslaved, he was commanded to do things and any interest in him or flattery held a sense of entitlement since it would come from a Roman talking to their slave and person that they could use as desired. Once Nasir joined the rebels and he and Agron became a thing, I HIGHLY doubt any other rebel, especially ones who knew Agron and about their relationship, would make a move on Nasir. Nasir is constantly referred to as “Agron’s boy” and such, not that I LIKE that reference, but I think it was just people knowing that they were together and they weren’t stupid enough to piss off Agron.

So Castus’ flirtation I think was something very new for Nasir. Unused to someone being that forward to him – as both a free man and as Agron’s lover – so I do believe Nasir was flattered. As Pana said, who wouldn’t be flattered by someone’s interest but his heart belongs to Nasir. Castus then took Nasir’s arm to keep him in place and THAT is when Agron interjected. At that point, it wasn’t about Agron not trusting Nasir but I think just the fact that he saw someone put their hand on him and it had something snap within Agron. We all know the German has a temper! Which was also why Nasir immediately tried to diffuse the situation by saying he [Castus] meant no harm! Then, Castus provoked him by insulting him and THAT set off Agron! I mean, granted it was an accumulation of things. But they could have just parted ways. Instead, things got more personal! 

This is just me trying to explain where Agron coming from in his rage! Anyhoo, Nasir goes after him, they kiss and make up and everything seems better! NOW, the next issue arises when Agron sees Nasir and Castus together. I DO think Agron was a bit irrational in his accusation towards Nasir, because it implied that Nasir broke a promise, or lied to him, which I don’t believe Nasir did at all. I think Agron is so terrified of losing Nasir,  that he acts impulsively and leaps to conclusions. I think his anger to him was not entirely fair at THAT point, and they talked it out (eventually) haha! The second Nasir spoke of how he would trust Agron in all things, I think that was when Agron realized that he wasn’t being fair to his lover!  

NOW, what comes AFTER is totally different! We see moments with Nasir and Castus together, and Nasir defending Castus etc. Granted, defending Castus was Nasir acting upon his conscience in saying that he had nothing to do with the Cilician’s betrayal. HOWEVER, I think Agron AND the others had total justification in distrusting Castus. Even when Heracleo teased Castus about staying in Sinuessa because he had sights on the Syrian, you could see Spartacus’ discomfort, aware that it was going to cause tension and such! So I do believe that they had every right to distrust Castus. He seemed shady and didn’t really do a whole lot to earn the people’s trust and the pirates betrayal was sorta that final straw. So I can understand both Nasir’s defense of him, as well as Agron’s distrust of him. 

I think however, Nasir paid too close attention to Castus. I like to compare this to a modern day situation: if you have a partner, and there is someone out there who likes your partner, and has made advances towards them … would you feel TOTALLY comfortable with the two of them always hanging out?? I personally think Nasir enjoyed the flattery, which is TOTALLY normal. However, I don’t think he realized how much it was hurting Agron, until it was too late. Castus even called out Nasir on the way his eyes went to the Cilician so in Castus’ mind, he felt he was being encouraged and led on. Even Agron noticed Nasir’s gaze on Castus as well, and THAT was why he would react so strongly about the whole thing. Out of fear of losing Nasir!   

NOW, the next big thing is WHY Agron left! I DO NOT believe he left so that Nasir could be with Castus. It went FAR deeper than that! I believe Agron saw in Castus a life that could be offered to Nasir that Agron could never offer him! That is, a life without blood and battle. Agron was a born and raised warrior. It’s all he knows. But he knows it is a life that was sorta forced onto Nasir. And I think he fears that that was part of the appeal Nasir saw in Castus. Which was why he knew he had to let him go. It was the only way for Nasir to have a life without war, because I sort of see Agron as feeling like he was the one burdening Nasir with it! Which was why that conversation with Laeta was SO pivotal! Talking about how Spartacus deserved happiness made Agron feel he was depriving Nasir of that kind of happiness too!! I don’t believe it had anything to do with Agron being like “i’m going to step aside so that Nasir can be with Castus” and EVERYTHING to do with Agron wanting to unburden Nasir and not be the cause of his death!! 

Another pivotal moment is that deleted scene HERE, where Nasir confirms that had gazes of desire upon Castus and that Agron KNEW this! Would Nasir ever have cheated on Agron? No. Did Agron believe Nasir would cheat on him? I doubt it. I think Castus just represented something that Agron didn’t, and that filled our poor German with so much insecurity and self doubt. The fear of losing Nasir as well as being the one to drag him to his death … coupled with seeing his lover seek company with another man who desired him, seeing the ease in which they conversed and such … I think just provided a major epiphany moment for Agron in that he would rather part from Nasir than have to watch him die.

I believe anything Nasir felt for Castus in terms of  “desire” was purely superficial. I don’t believe he ever would have cheated on Agron, or been with Castus had Agron not been there – as we saw Nasir’s reaction to Agron’s perceived death. Eventually? Who knows! That would be pure speculation! I DO believe Agron was entitled to feel jealous, eventually. I think his actions implying lack of faith and trust in Nasir were unfair because Nasir did not deserve that, but I can also see where Agron is coming from! And the fact that he wanted to make that ultimate sacrifice, offering his life to help distract Romans so that the others could flee … BUT ALSO, loving Nasir enough to let him go and truly free him, showed just how much he loved Nasir! 

As for Castus … I think he always would have held on to the hope that Nasir would fall for him. Even in his dying words, he spoke of how he wished he was Agron for a day or whatever! I have some sympathy for Castus, to an extent. I just think dude didn’t go about it the right way even if he felt it was mutual. He saw how Agron and Nasir were together and should have just stepped aside because it wasn’t as if it was anything but lust that initially drove Castus to pursue Nasir at that celebration. Castus was too persistent upon it BUT I also believe Nasir should have made his intentions abundantly clear even after Castus and Nasir’s first meeting in that nothing was ever going to happen, and not find himself in his company if he knew that Agron was uncomfortable with it. Granted, Nasir is a free man and can do whatever he wants … I think he did enjoy that flattery and saw it as innocent. Which, Agron did not. And there in lies the major miscommunication.  I think in a way, every character had their faults in this situation! But I do think Agron gets a LOT of unfair judgment and hate on his reaction to the whole thing! Which is why I talked a lot about HIS perspective with it!  


As for Laeta and Spartacus, another EXCELLENT question!!!! Its SO HARD to say!! I had give another detailed answer comparing Laeta and Spartacus to Mira and Spartacus HERE! I do feel that if Mira hadn’t set the pressure on Spartacus so intensely, they could have remained together! I think Spartacus needed time to heal and such and by the time he met Laeta, and Laeta’s own actions towards him, he was in more of a place to be with another woman. I don’t think he could have EVER truly given his entire heart to another, but Laeta – losing her husband – I think could relate to Spartacus more in knowing what he needed and therefore, did not place that pressure upon him. She did not ask for more than what Spartacus could offer and I think this was the fundamental difference between Mira and Laeta! 


I HOPE THIS ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS!!!!! OMG THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR SENDING THEM TO ME!!!! Its always SO MUCH FUN for me to get inside the character’s heads and get all analytical ;)!!!! IF EVER you wanna chat Sparty with me, let me know!!! Pop into my ask!! SPAM IT IF YOU LIKE!!!! I will always LOVE LOVE LOVE talking about it!!!!


A Week Early Part 2

Prompt: I was wondering if you would do a Part. 2 to “A Week Early?” When they take the baby home, but instead of the reader freaking out about the baby, its Sherlock.

A/N: So sorry this took so long, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Xoxo

Part One HERE

Part Two

“Careful on the stairs,” Sherlock says,, his hand pressed to the small of your back. You smile.
“I’m fine,” you say, with a laugh, realizing that this had become your mantra over the past few days. “We are fine.” You clutch the bundle of blankets that is your son to your chest and nuzzle his soft, dark curls as you traverse the remainder of the staircase. Safely up top, Sherlock darts around you and unlocks the door, dropping your bags off to the side and dashing to the thermostat.
“Is it too cold in here, do you think?” He says, adjusting the temperature.
“It’s fine,” you sigh, using that nasty four letter word once again.
“Here, darling, have a seat,” he says, turning back to you and guidinging you to the couch. You curl up in the corner and gently unwrap your sweet little bundle. He looks like a mini-Sherlock. Clear blue-green eyes, all cheekbones and floppy curls.
“Hi buddy, we are home,” you coo gently. Baby William fidgets a little, his tiny fists waving around. “This is 221B Baker Street, and when you get older, Daddy and Uncle John will tell you some amazing stories…”
“Knock, Knock,” Mrs. Hudson’s regal voice sang from the doorway. “I came to meet your newest Holmes Boy!”
“No,” Sherlock said, crossing the room and moving to shut the door. “You’ve been sick. I can see, your nose is red from where you’ve been blowing it and your mouth is dry, presumably from some sort of daytime cold medicine.”
“Sherlock!” You exclaim, mortified. You scramble to your feet. “Mrs. Hudson, please come in and forgive my husband, he is suffering from new father-itis.”
“Quite alright, dear,” she said, not appearing the least bit phased. You hand her your son and she she beams at him as she walks around the living room, bouncing him gently and speaking to him quietly about how much he looks like his father.
You stalk over to Sherlock and grab him by the elbow, dragging him into your bedroom.
“You need to calm down,” you hiss at him. “You are overreacting and you are going to drive me crazy.”
“Overreacting? Y/N, that is my son!” He exclaims defensively, pointing towards the living room. “He can’t protect himself from anything, he is depending on me.”
“Ok, well then tell me, who is going to protect YOU from ME?” You say, shoving him playfully in the chest. “Honestly, please, I need you to try to tone it down a bit. More than a bit.” He frowns at you, then looks away but you can see his frustration.
“I disagree,” he tells you. “But I shall try to ‘tone it down’ if it will keep you from inflicting any more harm upon me.” You shove him again and he rocks back on his heels, a small smile finally tugging at his lips. Rolling your eyes, you turn and head back out to the living room.
William has begun to fuss a bit and Mrs. Hudson hands him back to you.
“Someone’s hungry,” she smiles. “I’ll leave you to nurse, dear.” She lets herself out and you settle down, in John’s chair this time, to feed your handsome little baby.
Sherlock sits in his chair, elbows on his knees, chin resting in his hands, watching you intently.
“It’s just that I have never had so much to lose,” he murmurs, half to himself, half to you. You look up at him and suddenly feel your irritation slip away.
“You won’t lose us,” you promise.
“I can’t,” he replies, his voice cracking.
“You won’t,” you repeat and you wish you say more to eradicate whatever irrational fear has gripped ahold of him.

Much, much later, in the middle of the night, you wake up in bed, alone. You sit up and glance around you, looking for your husband. Rising, you pull on your dressing gown and pad out to the living room. One small lamp is on, casting a dim light around the room, but no Sherlock. You turn and head for John’s old room, now William’s new room and push the door open a bit, peeking in.
Sherlock is there, arms resting on the railing of the crib, his gaze locked on the tiny, sleeping bundle. You slide up beside him and wrap your arm around his waist and rest your head against his shoulder.
“I do believe he is perfect,” he whispers, turning and planting a kiss on your cheek. “Well done, you.”
“Well done, yourself,” you whisper back. The two of you stare on for a few minutes longer before you pull Sherlock back to bed. He hesitates outside William’s door, frowning.
“What if he cries and we don’t hear him?” He asks.
“We have the baby monitor,” you struggle to answer whilst stifling a yawn.
“What if he get’s too cold? Or too hot? Or can’t breathe? Or chokes? Or–”
“Sherlock Holmes,” you say, gripping ahold of his biceps firmly. “Stop. Stop worrying.”
“I can’t,” he said, running a hand through his curls. “I literally cannot. How are you so calm? Why aren’t you wracked with panic as well?”
“I am!” You assure him, smiling in spite of the gravity of the conversation. “But if I give in to all my worries, they will consume me, cripple me and I am going to miss out on all the joys of having a new baby. Just like you are going to unless you find a way to reduce your worrying to a more manageable level.” Sherlock sags against the wall, suddenly looking completely drained.
“I never worried about other people before,” he explains quietly. “It was simpler that way. Then I let John in, then you… now William. It’s all so new and terrifying and I can’t shut off my brain.” You stare at him for a moment then step towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck and straining up onto your tiptoes to reach his lips. You kiss him for all that he has become in the few short years you’ve known him. You kiss him for all that he still wants to become. You kiss him because you two created a life together. And you kiss him to show him that he can and will shut his brain off.
“Quieter?” You ask and he thinks for a moment.
“A bit,” he confesses, pulling you close. “I will get better at this, Y/N.”
“I know,” you say. “But can we save some of this worrying for the morning? I am beat and Baby Will is going to wake up wanting to eat soon.”
“Alright,” he says, pushing himself from the wall and following you back to your room. “Y/N?” He asks as you both snuggle down into the bed.
“Do you promise to kiss me like that every time I start worrying?” He asks and you can hear the smile on his lips.
“MmHmm,” you moan, affirmatively.
“Good,” he yawns, but you are already asleep.

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Fucking hell man while reading the new Protector chapter I'm just screaming at my phone hoping that Jeremy may hear UUGH YOUR WRITING IS SO FUCKING GOOD IM SO EJEMXJNENCNEJ

wouldn’t it be funny as hell if the characters could actually hear readers yelling at them though

jeremy: I’m hearing voices while I’m trying to have a panic attack in a bathroom

michael: uh

jeremy: which is why I’m breaking up with you

(I’M KIDDING!!! but I’d love to see sth like this. I love kicking the fourth wall down!!!)


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Week one of semester 2 done, but the work load is already way too big to be reasonable. As the weeks go by it’ll only get bigger, but I shall try my best to keep up and be productive! A big week ahead of me, I have my first driving lesson on Monday (yes I’m 18 and haven’t driven yet) and then I’m going out and working and then uni again.