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BTS Reacts to a 13 Year Old Joining Bangtan Part 2

Hey guys! I just got back from a short break yesterday. I’ll try to upload more this week around getting ready for Finals in a few weeks. I will post a schedule of what my uploads over the summer will look like soon. I don’t have internet at my house so it will be a little inconsistent. That being said, my inbox will still be open. Feel free to request anything for as many groups as you want and I will get to work on it as soon as possible. Let’s get into this, shall we?


@lovvegoods:  Hey can you do a part 2 to the bts reaction to having a 13 year old female member? But like make it about how she borrows their clothes (hoodies etc) and likes cuddling with them (In a non sexual way but like in a brother-sister way..if that makes sense)

I apologize if this is a bit short, but I just expanded it add the parts that you wanted specifics on because I have a few more writings to work on this week.

1. Jin

     Jin probably wouldn’t really care that you stole his hoodies as long as you didn’t stain them. He might sit and cuddle with you for a few minutes, but he’s the type that tends to keep busy most of the time. He would always be sure to check on you and make sure there are no issues when he has a free moment.

2. Suga

     Suga probably wouldn’t notice that you had stolen his hoodie.It’s not that he’s oblivious, he’s just a busy person. He’s working on music in most of his free time, so he tends to have a lot going on. He wouldn’t mind cuddling for a while, but he would probably fall asleep sometime during the session. 

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope would probably offer you one of his hoodies because he was worried about you getting a cold He would be more than willing to cuddle and would treat you like a younger sister constantly.

4. Rap Monster

     Rapmon would notice the missing hoodie, but probably wouldn’t care too much. He may not cuddle much but he’s also a very busy member. He constantly produces music for both the group and solo performances, so he doesn’t tend to have a lot of spare time.

5. Jimin

     Jimin wouldn’t be the happiest when you first started stealing his hoodies. After a while, he would stop caring. He would be willing to cuddle at any point in time as he didn’t have rehearsal or recording. He’s a big, fluffy cuddles, so he would never be opposed to cuddling.

6. V

     V wouldn’t care about you stealing his hoodies as long as you didn’t steal his favorite hoodie. He would be more than willing to cuddle but he would be a restless cuddler, constantly moving or changing positions.

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook would not be happy about you stealing his hoodies. He does not enjoy sharing clothing. He wouldn’t mind cuddling but he seems like another restless cuddler so he wouldn’t do it for super long periods of time.

Thanks for reading! If you have any requests, please feel free to make them, scenarios and reactions.

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The hall of the mountain king plays in the distance as college students s/o and 2p sleeps. Suddenly, s/o jolts up, eyes widened, looking horrified. When asked what's wrong, the music intensifies as s/o says, "I have a five page essay due tomorrow and I haven't even started on it!" And the 2p, who has the same class, didn't even know about the assignment. There is only one laptop. One of them has to reach it from across the room. They have three hours until class start. Reaction?

Ohhhh geez this sounds like a nightmare!! /screaming/

Exchanges that look with s/o that says “Bring it on” before they both jump up and run to the laptop. They are tackling each other and fighting for the right to use it first. Who shall win? – 2p Italy, 2p Japan, 2p Romano, 2p America, 2p China, 2p Canada.

Let’s their s/o do it first; he’ll get it done in less than an hour. Yep he’s that good. – 2p Prussia, 2p England, 2p Russia.

Just goes back to sleep saying “Too late now.” Either doesn’t give a shit or bs’s it. – 2p Germany, 2p Spain, 2p France.

This is why you get your shit done as soon as possible kids!!!

Love is a sickness

Note: Inspired by @ask-bts-stuff‘s lovely artwork (I’m like four years late but pls love me)
Pairing: Namjin
Words: 4.9k
Ao3: blt_prf
SummaryJin is the school nurse and Namjoon happens to get hurt a lot.

“The way you manage to always get hurt is beyond me.”
“Maybe they’re just excuses to see you,” Namjoon blurts out before he can stop himself. 

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Dean Winchester- Words hurt

Title: Words hurt

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1353

Summary: The reader is hurt when Dean says mean things to them because he’s jealous. (Dean, Sam and reader go to a party as a case and Dean doesn’t like the attention the reader receives) 

You looked beautiful. Everything about you was flawless and Dean felt himself getting choked up when you entered the room.

The red dress hugged your curves appreciatively, it fit you perfectly and showed off every curve and angle you had. Dean’s mouth watered slightly at the soft skin that the shoulder dress had revealed.

Sam too choked up on his wine, his face burned red as he began to cough and splutter, his older brother Dean quickly hitting him on the back, causing Sam to almost spit it out all over his brother as they both stared at you wide eyed. Sam was drooling and gawking at you, his eyes roaming over the figure he didn’t know you had. Dean was froze with his hands inches away from Sam’s back as he helped his brother stop choking. Sam had stopped choking but Dean was too out of it to notice so when Dean finally stopped zoning out and let his hand fall harshly back on his brothers back, Sam yelped, glaring at Dean to show him he wasn’t choking anymore.

Dean however was starstruck. He saw much more than Sam, or any man could. He was madly in love with you and the moment you walked through those doors he felt his heart stop beating.

You looked around the room, Dean’s eyes still pinned to you as he watched you with a soft and awed gaze. At first he didn’t notice all the animalistic stares you got, he was only focused on you. But sooner, later on in the night he would really start to notice and it would really start to bother him.

You finally turned your head after searching the crowd for what felt like forever. You grinned, that crooked smile Dean loved as you finally locked eyes. You gave a small wave which Dean tried to give back but was rendered speechless so he just stood with his hand in the air like he was waiting for a high five.

You walked over, your hips swaying as you stole a glass of champagne off the tray that walked past you, locking your lips around the rim of the glass and tainting it with your dark red lipstick as you made you way over.

“(Y/n). W-wow… Y-you look…amazing’‘Sam stuttered out, already piling you with words that he couldn’t quite form correctly. Dean was still stood speechless but finally got the will power to lower his arms.

A red blush creeped up his neck and to his cheeks as he flushed the colour of your dress. You smiled at him, silently asking with your eyes if he was okay. Dean coughed, snapping out of his daze before he ran his hand over the back of his neck.

’'Y-yeah. You look amazing, (Y/n)’'Dean nodded, grunting as he tried to act more masculine. He threw back his head as he downed a glass of champagne. You and Sam both shared a look as you curiously watched the older Winchester act strangely.

’'Right, well. Shall we get started. I wanna get out of here as soon as possible’'You whispered, trailing off your words as you self consciously tugged at the hem of your dress.

Sam frowned, he smiled softly at you. ’'You look beautiful, (y/n)’'Sam reminded, giving you a nod as you let out a sigh and blushed slightly.

’'Thanks, Sam’'You mumbled, nervously scratching the back of your neck. “Right’‘You sighed, rolling back your shoulders. ’'Let’s go’'You mumbled to yourself before searching the crowd.

The night grew and grew and there was no sign of your monster anywhere. You suspected he would be around here somewhere but you flirted as best as you could and you ended up with sleaze bags in return. Dean watched the whole time, eyes glaring hard as he turned away, not able to bare watching you flirt. He felt jealously and anger overwhelm him and found himself becoming someone he didn’t want to be.

You walked over, tired and stressed as you stole Sam’s champagne and downed it all in one. Sam gave you a sympathy filled smile as he rubbed your back.

’'God, that was so annoying!’'You whined, dragging out the 'so’. Sam again chuckled softly as he flashed you the same smile where as Dean simply rolled his eyes. You looked at him with a raised brow but shrugged it off. It was a little out of his character but you ignored it. ’'You see how many guys were literally breathing down my neck. It was so annoying’'You added, genuinely feeling annoyed at how many guys wanted to take you home just because of your looks and not your personality.

’'Don’t see why, you don’t look that good anyway’'Dean added bitterly. You froze, Sam too flashing his brother a surprised look before a bitch face appeared on his face as he hit his brother in the arm.

Your brows raised in shock before slowly lowering as you lightly grasped your stomach self consciously. ’'O-oh…okay’'You stuttered, sadness lacing in your voice. Sam turned to you, his eyes softening as he shook his head.

’'No, (y/n), you look beautiful’'Sam urged, glaring once again at his brother.

’'He’s just trying to make you feel better, Sammy does that all the time, don’t you Sam’'Dean said snottily. The dirty look on his face was enough to make you want to burst into tears but the words hurt you way more than his face did. Sam tightened his jaw, shock and anger mixing into one as he turned to face his brother.

’'Seriously! what the hell is wrong with you!’'Sam yelled. Dean gave him a look.

’'Me!? Me?! She’s the one being the whore, you don’t ask her what’s wrong with her!’'Dean yelped. Sam’s eyes grew wider as he looked like he was seconds from choking Dean. You gulped down the lump in your throat before placing your arm softly on Sam’s.

’'It’s okay, Sam. It’s fine, really’'You smiled softly, trying to get the taller Winchester to calm down. Sam’s face fell as he turned to you and shook his head, his brown locks sprawling about.

’'it’s not, (y/n)’'Sam muttered, looking at the floor with shame as if he had said it. ’'He shouldn’t be saying that to you”

Dean’s face flashed with something as for a second he looked like he regretted what he said, but then it went back to the stone cold face and he was off in the other direction, being a hypocrite as he talked to a blonde lady at the bar.

Sam stroked your arm, sighing as he gave it a gentle squeeze. “He’s just jealous, (y/n). He’s probably drunk too, he’s just being an ass, forget him, you’re the most gorgeous girl here’'Sam smiled comfortingly.

You gave Sam your smile back but you felt hurt. You turned around, your eyes glazing with tears, ready to leave but then you saw him and the feeling in your gut showed you it was the monster. You spun around, rushing over to where Dean was, ready to notify him.

’'Dean!’'You yelped, tugging on his arm. Dean looked at you, the same dirty look on his face as he ripped his arm out of your grasp.

’'Oh, I didn’t know you had a girlfriend’'The girl muttered with a red face as she looked down. Dean scoffed, throwing her a displeased look.

’'her? please, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s not good enough for me, I couldn’t date her anyway, she too annoying, even if she was remotely even pretty’'Dean said. The girl gave him a awkward/shocked expression as your heart dropped. Dean’s face fell when he saw the tear that dropped down your cheek. ”(Y/n), wait!“Dean cried as he grasped your arm but you slipped it from his grip.

You spun around, Sam’s face dropping as he saw you quickly jog past him with wet cheeks. Sam tried to stop you but you managed to slide out of his grip too and out the doors.

The man you loved just mercilessly ripped out your heart and gave you lots of reasons why someone like him could never love someone like you.

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Since you promote positivity and lending advice is your inbox/IM open to those that have gotten panic/anxiety attacks over this recent drama? [or any?] frcisier seems to think getting anxious about stuff is 'stupid' but I'm happy to see that you don't and are always willing to lend a positive ear (I hope?)

               I want nothing more than to be able to promote positivity in light of recent events. So if anyone is in need of advice or just need to vent away their anxiety and panic attacks, you’re more than welcome to take advantage of my ask box and IM. I may not be able to respond to everything right away, though I’ll certainly do the best that I can to get back to you as soon as possible. I want everyone to feel safe and welcomed, so let’s focus on that now shall we? 

A Different Side of Him

Word Count: 2768

Released: 160307

Genre: idk? Schoolboy AU

A/N: I might make an alternate story line for this

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Jimin Ending | Yoongi Ending

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Standing in front of your mirror, you hold your textbooks a little tighter and furrow your eyebrows. You scan yourself, silently judging your school uniform’s skirt for being a little too short for your liking. Normally, you’d enjoy going to school and not pay your uniform any attention, but something happened to make you hate it.

Your teacher had assigned partners for your poetry project in English class. Most people would be okay working with a friend for a project, but you dreaded this particular project. You weren’t partnered with a friend of yours. You were partnered with the worst kid in school; Min Yoongi. How could your teacher partner you with someone who sleeps in class, fails at everything, and attends Saturday detention almost every week? Shaking your head in frustration, you grab your backpack and your keys.

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The Train Station Part III

You women ready for the third and final part?? Hope you like it and don’t forget to check out my Fiverr! (katje_von_paws)


Katje xx 

Train Station Part 3

     Robbie is taking you down some side streets so you can get off the beaten path for a while and explore the less touristy neighbourhoods. “You know, for only having been here a handful of times, you know the city really well!” You say as you walk arm in arm. “Well actually, I’m afraid I have a confession to make.” “Oh?” You say, raising an eyebrow. “I haven’t just been here a few times, I used to live here.” “What? Why didn’t you say anything before?” “Well I don’t know, I guess in the same way I don’t like talking about acting stuff, I just want to do my best to come off as a normal guy, you know? It’s like, as soon as people find out I’ve travelled a lot and I’m an actor, they treat me differently. And, I like the way you treat me now.” He says, looking down at you apologetically. “Aw, Robbie. I understand that. But I didn’t say yes to Robbie Kay the actor, I said yes to the nice guy in the train station. And that hasn’t changed.” You say, giving his arm a light squeeze. 

     “That’s part of why I like you.” He says with a glint in his green eyes. “But, one more confession….” He says, hesitating. “Oh no, now you’re going to tell me you volunteer saving puppies in third world countries or something, right?” “Ha! Not quite! I’m actually staying at the bed and breakfast in your village. I didn’t want to say that earlier because it was such a weird coincidence and I was worried you’d think I was just saying that to get you to come with me.” You both laugh at how ridiculous the whole thing is. “Well that means you can walk me home tonight, right? “Of course.” He says, looking down at your admiringly. 

     “Um, Robbie?” “Yes?” “You sure we took the right turn back there? This area is looking a little sketchy.” “Oh no, I’m sorry love! I wasn’t paying attention. Wait, where are we again?” He says, releasing your arm to get his bearings. He points his hand in a few directions and closes his eyes as if mentally drawing a map. As you’re trying not to laugh at him, your eye catches a group of about 5 young guys hanging out near an alley way. They look like serious punks. You don’t know much Czech, but you know enough to know they just said something vulgar, and directed at you. His eyes flash with anger and he throws them a stern look. For a moment he almost reminds you of Peter Pan. You don’t have time to admire his handsome looks, though, because those guys are now slowly walking toward you and Robbie. 

     You look up at him, fear in your eyes. “Stay close to me.” He says, pulling you in by your waist and quickening your pace back toward the main street. “Hey why you no talk to us, girl?” One of them yells. You glance back to see them making obscene gestures and jeering. “Don’t look at them.” Robbie says, surprising you with how roughly he pulls you in tighter as you speed up your walking more. That continues for almost a block and you’re feeling sick to your stomach at the though of what would happen if these creeps caught up to you. You hear quick footsteps behind you and as you and Robbie both look back, you see the gang of boys are now running at you. “Run!” Robbie yells, taking your hand and leading you down side street after side street. Your heart is pounding and each time you look back it seems they’re gaining on you. “Do you trust me?” Robbie says breathlessly. You look back one more time and know you have nothing to lose at this point. “Yes.” He yanks your arm and pulls you toward an alley that’s less of an alley, and more like a small crawlspace between two buildings. You both desperately squeeze your way though, hoping they didn’t see you divert paths.

     He never lets go of your hand once as you dart through 3 more alleys and finally reach the main street, looking back to find your would-be muggers long gone. You both stand there, staring at each other wide eyed for a moment, taking in what just happened. What almost happened. “I’m so sorry, I am so sorry, Y/N. That would have never happened if I had been paying attention.” He says distraughtly, running his fingers through his hair. Without a word, you throw your arms around him and rest your head on his chest. He pulls you in tighter and his fingers are tangled in your hair. You just stand there, embracing and catching your breath and letting the adrenaline wear off for what seems several minutes. Neither of you want to let go, but you break the hug first. “Don’t kick yourself, Robbie. It could have happened to anyone.” He still won’t look at you, his eyes filled with guilt. You gently put your hand on his jaw and make him face you. “Do you know what I would have done without you? I don’t even want to think about the possibilities.” You say seriously as you shake your head. 

     A small smile forms at the corners of his mouth as the guilt in his eyes fades away. “Looks like I ended up being your bodyguard after all.” You both laugh off the last of the fear. He looks off toward the bridge and you can’t help but admire his defined profile. “Well love, it’s going to be getting dark soon. Shall we head back to the station?” “That sounds nice. I think that took it out of me.” You walk back, side by side, not arm in arm this time. He must sense that you want to preserve the friendship and not act on what you both so obviously feel. You gasp as you see the sunset over the Charles Bridge. “One more picture for the road?” You ask. “Of course.” He says, smiling broadly. He waits patiently while you find the right angle. “How about two?” He says, taking the camera and leaning in close for a selfie. “Perfect.” He says quietly, handing the camera back to you, still standing just as close. You look up at him and meet his gaze. He swallows and you bite your lip. You quickly clear your throat. “To the train station then.” He shakes his head slightly, as if shaking off a spell.

     You make it back on the train and both collapse into your seats. “I didn’t realise how done my legs were until just now.” He sighs. Despite how tired you are, your conversation continues the whole way just as easily as you get to know each other more and more, not wanting this day to end. “You should probably call your mum and tell her we’re on our way home.” “Oh, right!” You whip out your phone and give her a little recap, leaving out the part about running from a street gang so as not to worry her. “Can I talk to her again?” Robbie whispers. You hand the phone over. “Hi! Yes, we had a great time. Oh no, no trouble at all. I just wanted to say thank you again, Mrs. Y/L/N, for letting me steal your daughter away for the day. You’ve got an amazing girl.” He says, looking into our eyes and then looking down sheepishly. “Right, yes, about an hour. What? Oh, yeah sure! Okay, great, bye.” He hands the phone back, and you look at him questioningly. “What was that all about?” You ask. “Your mum seems so nice! She wants to meet me. She said she really appreciates me watching out for you and showing you a good time.” “Well I do too.” You say as you scoot in next to him. “Want to look at the pictures from the day?” “Yeah.” He says, obviously enjoying the close proximity. 

     You finally make it back to your house and both decide to relay the story of your little misadventure. She hugged him afterwards and thanked him over and over. After a little chat, you step outside on your porch. “Well Y/N, I can’t thank you enough for coming with me today. You absolutely made my whole trip here.” “No, thank you! You know, I didn’t expect to start my trip off in tears, but I definitely didn’t expect it to end this way either.” “Right, I’m sorry about your dad. Will you be able to see him soon, do you think?” He asks, showing genuine concern. “We’ll work something out.” You nod and look down. “So, listen….” He says, suddenly looking hopelessly awkward with his hands in his pockets. “I, um. I was planning on taking another day trip tomorrow, this time to Luxembourg. Would you care to join me? No pressure! But… I really would love it if you said yes.” “Hm.” You say, feigning serious consideration. “Well you’ve been a top notch bodyguard/tour guide, and I don’t know if I can afford to pay you. What are your hourly rates?” You joke. “Well miss, I simply require the hourly pleasure of your company.” 

     “I think I can manage that.” You laugh as he steps in closer. “And perhaps… a kiss?” He says, tilting his head and leaning down to meet your level. His eyes stare into yours, asking for permission. You close the space between you as your lips meet his. The kiss only lasts maybe 5 seconds, but that’s all you needed. Just a soft, innocent kiss to express the affection you’ve had building for each other since he first looked at you at the train station. You separate and he takes your hands. “I’ll be here for you tomorrow at 10:00, okay?” He whispers. “Perfect. Good night, Robbie.” You turn to go inside, but he steals one more quick kiss. “Good night, Y/N.” He says with a big smile. You watch as he drives off, ready to go to sleep and be whisked away again in the morning. 

Prince Luke - part 4

Prince Luke || PRINCE Luke – PART 2 || Prince Luke – part 3

You didn’t know for how long the tears have been rolling down your face, you were surprised that you haven’t run of tears with the amount of tears that you had shed. You once remembered that they said that if your sad, crying would ease the pain, but so far it didn’t east any of the pain you felt. You just couldn’t seem to stop, but how could you stop crying when the boy that you had fallen in love with was telling you that you had to leave, that you could no longer stay here with him, that he didn’t want you around.

Luke wanted you gone; nowhere near him… at least, that’s what it felt like to you.

You couldn’t shake your feelings for him, you tried to make yourself not like him, but when you tried to forget the only thing it did was make your heart ache, because you couldn’t push them away, you only could think about how safe he made you feel, how cared, how wonderful he made you feel.

You noticed that someone was knocking on your door, your head immediately shot up. You ran to the door. Your heart raced thinking that it would be Luke, that maybe he would let you stay, that he didn’t want you to leave, that he would admit that he also felt something for you. You wanted all of this and more, you hoped that it would be Luke.

But your hope was crushed when you noticed that it wasn’t Luke who was at the door, but rather one of the servants with a scroll in his hands. You knew that it would just contain the locations of places that you could move to, but you didn’t want to leave.

“Hello miss (Y/N), Prince Luke has told me that I was to show you the houses that the king and queen are willing to give you. May I come in?” he asked with a gentle kind voice.

You wanted to tell him to leave, that you wouldn’t need his help that you were just fine staying here. But you knew that this wasn’t a choice that you could make, it had already been decided without you even giving an opinion, you couldn’t tell him to leave. So with a nod you stepped away from the door, to allow him in. he smiled, making no quick moves, making you think that Luke had told him about you not being comfortable around others. He was careful around you, and went to the table that was in your room and pulled it to the center to better lay out the map for you.

When he was done, you walked over to the laid out map and noticed that there were circles all over the paper, most likely displaying where the houses where. But when you noticed where the kingdom was in compared to the houses, you noticed that none of them were close to the castle. By the looks of it, the closest location to the castle would take three or four days to get there.

This was making your heart ache even more, Luke not only wanted you out of the castle, and he wanted you to be as far away from him as possible. He wanted you so far that he wouldn’t even see you at all, because you would doubt that he would visit you if it meant a three to more day long trip.

You wanted an answer; you wanted to know what exactly you did wrong. You couldn’t understand what you did wrong that it meant that Luke had to kick you out from the castle to location miles away from here. Did loving him make him think that you could no longer be here? Or was it because you didn’t kiss him back, did that small kiss make him think that you didn’t like him, and now he is kicking you out of the castle.

Nothing came to mind, you couldn’t think of a reason. Nothing made sense, nothing at all. You just wanted Luke to be right here beside you, you wanted him to tell you that he does in fact love you, that he feels something for you, and that you could stay. Nothing else made sense without Luke, as bad as it may seem, you couldn’t imagine a place where Luke wasn’t there. He had become the sun in your life, the light at the end of the tunnel, something that yon didn’t think anyone would ever be, but Luke did that quite easily.

You looked down at the map, trying to see if there was a location that maybe wasn’t so far away, that maybe there was one near the town, anything that would just keep you as close to Luke as possible. But there wasn’t, there wasn’t anything close to the castle.

In that moment you realized that if Luke wanted space, he would get space. If he didn’t want to see you at all, then you would locate yourself in the farthest place you could, so he would never see you. This was what he wanted right?

He wanted you as far away as possible, well then he would get that, because no matter how much it would break your heart, you couldn’t upset him. You had grown fond of him, your feelings for him growing with each day; he had done so much for you. He gave you a home, food, clothes, someplace where you felt safe and secure, he didn’t have to do any of that, he could have just left you in the field where you had been collapsed on.

But he didn’t, he brought you back to his home, and you knew that you would never be able to repay him, that nothing would ever be able to repay the kindness that he showed you. So if leaving him was doing him some sort of favor, then at least this way…you would be able to repay the debt that you felt that needed to be repaid.

So looking once more at the map, you looked for the farthest location, and you found it.

“I think this one would do”, you said pointing to the farthest circle on the map.

“not a bad choice Miss (Y/N), the fields there are so beautiful, it’s actually quite beautiful all year long, the town near there is quite nice, and the people are too”, he said looking down at the map, not noticing that you didn’t care where it was, as long as it was far away from here.

“How long would it take to get there?” you asked.

“hmm, judging by the route that we would have to take, it would take about a week or so to get there, but it is worth the travel, the place is just really beautiful”, he said writing down something on a piece of paper.

“Yea it is worth the wait”, you said knowing that there was no backing out now.

“yep, I shall go inform the king and queen of the location that you have selected, they also asked when you would be ready to go, not that they want you to leave, but that way they can organize things before hand and make sure nothing gets to hectic”, he said as he was winding up the map scroll.

“I would like to leave as early as possible, that way I don’t overstay my welcome here”, you said, hoping that you could leave as soon as tomorrow, and hoping that maybe once you would leave the castle it would make your feelings for the Luke disappear, as well as the heart crushing feelings that came along with it.

“I’m pretty sure that they won’t mind you staying here for a while longer, but if you really do want to start preparations for you, then I will do so”, he said shocked that anyone would be so eager to leave the castle.

“Yes, I would like that”, you said noticing that once again you were crying.


Luke sat in his bed chamber, looking up at the ceiling for the hundredth time today, hoping that it would drown out some of his thoughts of you, but sadly it couldn’t.

It seemed that every time he closed his eyes, you were there; he couldn’t shake off the image of you from his mind. It seemed that no matter what he would do, his thoughts would always fill with you. He would look outside his window and would think of the times where you would be out just talking and getting to know each other, he would walk through the castle, and just think about how amazed you were. Nothing could help him not think of you.

And what worse is that he couldn’t stop thinking of how your lips felt pressed against his. He could still remember how soft your lips were, how warm they were, but he also remembered how he didn’t even ask if it was ok.

But the memory that made his heart break was seeing you crying, he knew that you were upset, when you knew that you had to leave. He didn’t want you to leave. But he knew it was for the best, he knew that you needed to leave, and he needed to get over you, and maybe putting distance would be the solution for that.

He got up from his bed and went down before his mother would tell him that he shouldn’t be so lazy and just lock himself up in his room.

Luke was walking down the grand staircase when there at the bottom of the steps was the object of his affection, the girl that had plagued his mind night and day.


You looked up and noticed Luke standing there with widened eyes, almost as if he was surprised that you were there, for all you knew it seemed that he was surprised that you were still here. But that wouldn’t be a problem in the next few days, because you would soon be gone, never to see Luke again.

Luke nodded and continued to walk down the steps, going back to ignoring you once again, something that you could never get used to since it still hurt so much to know that the one person you want to notice you wasn’t doing that.

“Hello Luke”, you said surprised that you were able to say words without crying.

“hello (Y/N)”, he said calmly, still not looking you in the eye, “did they bring you the map, so you could see where you would like to go to?” he said with his voice laced with a bit of pain that you couldn’t notice since you were to distracted by your own pained heart.

“yes, I did, some of the places look quite nice”, you said noticing that he was standing so close to you, that if you lifted your hand up, it would be pressed against his chest.

“That’s good, I actually chose some of the places, but don’t worry about making a choice yet, you should really think about it” he lied through his teeth.

He didn’t want you to make a decision at all. He didn’t want you to think about anything that involved you leaving the castle, he wanted you here with him, but he knew that you would make a choice, he just hope it wasn’t too soon. Because although he would ignore you, he still enjoyed admiring you from afar.

“I actually already made my decision, I was just talking to it with your mom about when I would leave”, you said with a pained voice.

Luke’s eyes widened once again, he wanted to scream to that you can’t leave. That no one would ever care for you like the way that he would, that no other place would be home if he wasn’t there with you. But he had to accept that this was what he wanted, that he wanted you to leave, that you made your choice, and he had to respect and accept that. He didn’t want you to leave to soon.

“Really, where did you choose to go to?” he said with a fake smile.

“I don’t know where it is, I forgot, but I think it’s a week travel from here”, you admitted.

“Oh, when do you leave?” he said hoping that maybe you wouldn’t leave too soon.

“I leave tomorrow” you said not bothering to look into his eyes.

With that simple sentence that you admitted, you broke two hearts at the same time, yours and Luke’s.


Sorry for the long update for prince Luke, hopefully it wasn’t that bad, let me know what you think.

I hope this update wasn’t that bad, I feel that there may only be one more update for prince Luke and then that’s it for this series, as well so yea… they will have happy ending though, so don’t worry.



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A Different Side of Him

Word Count: 2769

Released: RE-UPLOAD

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Jimin Ending | Yoongi Ending

Standing in front of your mirror, you hold your textbooks a little tighter and furrow your eyebrows. You scan yourself, silently judging your school uniform’s skirt for being a little too short for your liking. Normally, you’d enjoy going to school and not pay your uniform any attention, but something happened to make you hate it.

Your teacher had assigned partners for your poetry project in English class. Most people would be okay working with a friend for a project, but you dreaded this particular project. You weren’t partnered with a friend of yours. You were partnered with the worst kid in school; Min Yoongi. How could your teacher partner you with someone who sleeps in class, fails at everything, and attends Saturday detention almost every week? Shaking your head in frustration, you grab your backpack and your keys.

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Having just suffered through a flight diversion myself, I suddenly began to wonder about how the logistics of the Leipzig/Halle Airport fight in Captain America Civil War took place. I mean.

Airline Captain: “Um, ladies and gentlemen, we have just received word from Leipzig/Halle that the airport is temporarily closed. Apparently Iron Man is trying to arrest Captain America. We would need to divert the plane to Dresden. We have received reassurances that the confrontation will be short and peaceful. We will do a quick refuel at Dresden, and get you all back to Leipzig/Halle as soon as possible.”

Airline Captain: “Fu—Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we have now received reports that a fight HAS taken place. But, we are receiving word from a spokesperson that the fight will be short, and would not affect your travel and connecting flight plans. The plane refueling is complete, so as soon as we get the ceasefire notice, we will get you all back to Leipzig/Halle as soon as possible.”

Airline Captain: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME—Oh GOD. Okay, I am SO sorry, ladies and gentlemen. We have just received the report that the entire landing area of Leipzig/Halle Airport is trashed. We will now allow you to depart from the plane in Dresden. Please contact our ground crew for information on how we shall reroute your connecting flights and transport.”

Judging Books By Covers

TITLE: Judging Books By Covers

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty Nine

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Loki is cast out into a castle in his Jotun form, under a spell that will return him to his Aesir one if he learns to accept himself for who he is, not what he looks like, and can find another who will do the same. Angry and repulsed by his own appearance, Loki fears he will live out his days as the monster he so greatly loathes. 


Lagertha woke to a sharp pain in her head. She groaned as the light seeping through her slightly opened eyelids inflicted more agony on her sensitive eyes. “Why have you the curtains open?” She queried, not opening her eyes as she spoke.

“I woke to go to the bathroom some while ago and decided to remain awake. It is quite late in the morning, breakfast was left outside an hour ago.” He chided playfully. When he realised that Lagertha’s teeth were chattering, and she that she was not getting up as she usually would, he became concerned. “Gertie? Darling, are you alright?”

“I am not feeling very well.”

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Not Ever Since the Accident || Closed Modern AU || theworstviking

Hello! You have reached the Haddock-Ducey household. We cannot come to the phone right now, so please leave your name and number and we shall get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you! 

Jamiel was getting home from the store wondering why she was hearing her own voice on the answering machine. Since Hiccup was supposed to be home cooking dinner tonight, she figured he would have answered it. She set her groceries on the counter seeing no sign of him nor their child. 

Dalia was still at daycare then, too, since he was also supposed to pick her up an hour ago. 

Hello, my name is Heather and I am a nurse at Joyce Hospital.

Jamiel could feel an icy sensation run throughout her body. The pure adrenalin and fear taking coarse through her veins as she continued to listen to the machine, or the voice on the machine, speak. 

I’m calling to inform you that Hiccup Haddock has been admitted around noon today.

Jamiel checked her watch. 4:30 PM

He is in stable condition and we, and probably he, wishes that you come whenever it is convenient. 

Then the ‘click’ of the receiver hitting the dial pad sounded and Jamiel could feel her legs give out beneath her. Thankfully she was near the island in their kitchen so that she held herself up by her hand for support. Without further delay, Jamiel grabbed her keys to jump right back into her car to quickly get to the hospital. It was about ten minutes away, but at the speed Jamiel was driving it only took five.