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I spent my snow days this week finishing up these two Richonne sets I’d been working on for a while.

-Richonne from episode 7x10 featuring junkyard cat sculpture and Rick’s bloody hand. Not to toot my own horn but I’m so in love with this one 😍😍😍
-Richonne from episode 7x12, day packs and all. I’m pretty happy with these.
-and a bonus Jerry cause i love him so much.

{PART 4} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; As Jungkook learns more about you and your life, you find yourself wondering what it would be like to date a man of his power - before asking him something you’d never thought he’d say yes to; not in a million years.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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distraction; sehun [m]

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oh sehun. reader-insert. 3,5k words. roommate!au. smut.

—sometimes you really need a distraction from college life, how lucky that sehun needs one, too

“Do me a favor, pick me up, take me out later / Are you down to be a distraction, baby?” —Kehlani, Distraction

requested by @sassyunicorns2 for the drabble game (although this one turned out to become a scenario ;;; the song is great btw!)

“I’ll make it quick—” you breathed out as you broke the kiss, supporting your weight on Sehun’s shoulders, “Unconventional sex, no feelings, no obligations. Are you in or not?” you shoot the question quickly, gazing into his lecherously dark eyes. 

“Babe, you could put all sorts of conditions. Right now I need you to take off your clothes and that quickly,” he spoke in between his panting, running his hands up your back, over to your neck to pull you down for another kiss. 

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askv4xrinandlen  asked:

Gakukai no questions. *runs away*

proud bfs ready to take on the world together


Part 1 | Part 2

The free class had been on a Thursday and Rosie had spent the entirety of dinner that night explaining to John what they had done in class.  She even then gave him demonstrations as she still had her outfit on.  Sherlock could not get her to change out of it but decided the enthusiasm was good.

She was sad when she had to get ready for bed but Sherlock had promised her they could practise everyday until Tuesday’s class which they did.  They usually ended up practising while John was at work because he had a busy schedule the next few weeks because one of the doctors was still off on maternity leave. Sherlock didn’t mind though, he loved taking Rosie to her classes and watch her progression. She concentrated diligently and was usually the first in the class to master the moves they were taught and then she would help Evan and the other girls who didn’t quite get it.

The first two weeks of class were pretty much the same, the third week they began to expand their moves.

This time they were made to stand in a straight line while they learned the first and second position with their feet.  In first position their heels are almost together as if kissing and in second they’re a step apart.  The teacher then when on to teach them the arm positions for positions one through five.

The next lesson they learned was the plié.  She chose a volunteer from the class and brought her up front, her name was Vanessa.  First she had Vanessa stand in the first position and then bend her knees while keeping her heels flat on the ground and making a ‘diamond shape’.  The second position for the plié was the same, but instead of making a ‘diamond shape’ this time you made a ‘house shape’.  The teacher went around and individually helped each of her students with the instruction and they all seemed to pick it up fairly quickly.

The next position she taught them was the posse.  This is where you bring your one foot up to the leg and where you connect your toe to your knee, making sure the knee is facing out to execute the move properly.  This move took a little longer to master because of the balance issues.  She gave them each homework or practicing this move until they could do it without wobbling too much.

Now that more than half the class was over, the teacher decided they had enough time for one more move. “Alright class to wrap things up before cool down, we are going to learn one more move, the echape sote.”

She began by starting in first position with both arms and feet and then you jump out to second position with arms and feet to finish.  This caused the room of toddlers to giggle and it was by far their favourite move of the day.  They practised this move several times before doing cool down stretches and being released to their parents.

“Remember children,” the teacher called after them, “to keep practising.  You are all doing a wonderful job and in two weeks we shall start some new moves that I think you will all like.”

All the children chattered and clapped and Rosie went over to Evan and told him he did a good job today and that she’d see him next week.  Evan’s mum commented to Sherlock about how polite and encouraging Rosie was and that if it hadn’t been for Rosie, Evan wouldn’t have come back and Sherlock stated she had that effect on people.  Evan’s mum almost asked Sherlock for coffee until she noticed the wedding band on his finger and was relieved she noticed before making a fool of herself.  Sherlock seemed to sense it and just smiled it away and told her he’d see her and Evan at class next week.

This time John had beat Rosie and Sherlock home from class and he was in the kitchen making tea when they walked through the door.  “Daddy! You’re home!”

She ran out and grabbed his hand and drug him to his chair and made him sit. Sherlock clicked the kettle off and also joined them in the front room in his chair.  Rosie took her coat off and laid it on the coffee table and turned back to her parents.

“Look at what I learned today.”

She began with the first and second positions and moved into the plié, then the posse and then echape sote. And John grinned from ear to ear.  “I don’t know, you soon may be giving your papa a run for his money.” He winked at her.

She looked at him quizzically but continued talking about her class, “I helped Evan and some of the other girls with some moves and the teacher said we are all doing good practising on our own and in two weeks we get to learn some new moves.”

John reached across and took Sherlock’s hand and squeezed it, “this was such a good idea.  I can’t wait until Marci comes back from leave so I can go along to a class.”

Rosie shrieked, “Daddy, that would be wonderful, I can’t wait!   How soon does she come back?”

“Two weeks sweetheart.”

“That’s just in time for you to see the new moves we’ll be learning!”  Rosie squealed as she bounced up and down on her feet.

“Why don’t you go put some play clothes on and we’ll call out for takeaway tonight to celebrate?” John asked her.

She frowned, “But I love my ballet outfit.”

“I know you do sweetheart, but we don;t want to get it stained,” he said scooping her up and tickling her belly.  She giggled and agreed as long as they could have Thai.

They all agree and John let her down so she could run up to her room to change.

As soon as she was out of sight,John walked over to Sherlock and pulled him into a kiss.  “Let me guess, you’re the proudest parent there.”

“Absolutely John. You should see her, She lights up the room and everyone follows her lead but it doesn’t go to her head.  She takes after you in that respect.”

“I can’t wait to see her in two weeks.” He leaned in and kissed Sherlock again.

When they broke, John chuckled, “I better go call our order in.”

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One Hell Of A Baby Daddy (Sebastian x Reader)

K, so I let my friends (*cough* @chictheatre *cough*) read this and they told me I should totally post it, so, here it is.

For all you Black Butler fans out there ;)

~ * ~

For the first time in almost a millenia, Sebastian Michaelis felt an emotion he thought died with his human self.


Genuine, hand trembling, panic.

And the fact that he was actually panicking caused him to panic even more. 

Sebastian Michaelis never panicked. 

He was one hell of a butler. 

One hell of a lover, the sleeping maiden beside him held the proof, every bare patch of skine marked with his passionate affection from the night before. 

And becouse of that said passion, they now had one hell of a problem.

Instead of two heart beats, there were three.

Faint, undeveloped, but a heartbeat none the less.

Never in his entire existence did Sebastian think he would ever be in this situation.

The echoes of his laughter to Ciel’s reaction when Lizzie declared her pregnancy now seem very far away as Sebastian was shoved into his masters shoes.

“Ahh …”

Sebastian now understood completely why Ciel had fallen down the stairs at the sudden announcement.

He didn’t think he could stand at the moment either.

The thing that made his situation completely diffrent was Ciel’s wife didn’t have an older brother who hated his guts and forbid there relationship in the first place.

Sebastian glanced at the demoness beside him, her curves and hips silhouetted by the soft morning rays that escaped through the gap in the heavy drapes.

_______ Faustus.

Sebastian had always scoffed at the rumors and tales of the allure of a demoness, but when confronted with the female of his species, any will power he had was then booted out the door.

So very unprofessional of a butler to side with instinct rather than logic, but coming across a demoness was like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Wooing her hadn’t been an easy task either. Practically impossible.

Besides the fact that she was the sister of that vile abomination, Sebastian had never delt with a woman who could beat him at his own game.

To be frank, she had completely owned him and he was, as the kids say these days, ‘whipped’.

Underneath all the chaos and panic that was going on, Sebastian felt something he thought had also been lost.

The feeling was almost … Breathtaking.

Were demons even allowed to feel this way?

“Are you quite finished spazzing yet?“ 

A woman’s voice had never sounded so silky to Sebastian’s ears. 

"My dear, I do not spaz.”

She let out a very unlady like snort.

Sebastian’s heart fluttered with a tender warmth. Not even the birds could have competed with that.

With an indescribable need to feel her warmth, Sebastian slipped an arm underneath her hip and pulled her to him. 

Her body spooning against his, fitting perfectly. Like the hundreds of silvers spoons he had to polish.

She closed her eyes and let out a satisfied hum as he buried his face in the crook of her neck.

“If it’s Claude your worried about, don’t worry. I’ll protect you from my big bad brother." 

The humor in her voice didn’t fail to reach his ears, and neither did the slight tremble when she said his name.

That tremble struck a cord.

A protective surge unlike he had ever felt before burned through his veins and his grip on her tightened.

The next few weeks, perhaps months, would most likely be hell.

Claude would sense the child’s presence immediately, and promptly come down to the Phantomhive Manor to try to kill him. 

Sebastian was certain that Claude wouldn’t touch her or the child, a demon baby was far too precious and rare to destroy, but she would no doubt face his wrath.

Like hell he would let her go though that.

If Claude wanted to even so much as glare at her, he would have to go through him.

It amazed him how readily he was to defend this unborn creature when a few moments ago it almost sent him into hysteria. 

It made him feel a little guilty that he would strip it away from Ciel one day.

But only a little bit.

With this child, and a soon-to-be enraged older brother, perhaps finishing his contract as swiftly as possible would be best.

Soft, lush lips pressed against his cheek, snapping him back to reality.

Finding his tongue somewhere in his chaotic state of mind, "Do not worry about a thing, my love. I shall take care of everything.” The kiss was returned, a soft peck on her lips.

“Hmm, will you now.”

“But of course. If there’s one thing a butler knows, it’s responsibility. And we both know, I am simply one hell of a b-”


"Ba . . by… Daddy …" 

Her laughter at his bewildered face was heard clear down the hall. 

Mind you, it’s an incredibly long hall.

Sebastian had never heard anything so ridiculous.

One hell of a babydaddy?


It was so like her to take a perfectly  kickass catchphrase and soil it.

Only she would come up with something like that … And … now, would be the only one allowed to hear it.

Perhaps the phrase was not so … barbaric.  Perhaps he was, even warming up to the idea.

Sebastian swore under his breath that if the phrase was muttered from anyone’s lips besides hers or his own, the Phantomhive Manor would suddenly decrease in staff.

"Indeed.” Her giggle was intoxicating as his nose nuzzled behind her ear, an extremely ticklish place, “I am one hell of a babydaddy.”

Goblin Queen: Shall we dance?
Williams: 😳
Since Sarah’s last name is Williams we will just call him that. 😊

I had some old Copic markers from when I was a kid and thought I’d give them a whirl. I’m so happy with how this turned out. Thank you to all the people that reblogged and liked my sketch of this from before. ❤️
Media: Copic Markers, Sakura inking pens,colored pencils, metallic paint pens, and SketchPro app.

Art by: ivie-is-sketching again

Berena Appreciation Week Day 5: Favourite Quotes

I am way behind on the fic side of things; I have started one for every prompt so far, but I’m having trouble finishing *sniggers* *that’s what he said* *shut up you child*
Anyway, I’d just like to take a minute to talk about my favourite quote, as well as some silent moments that speak volumes, to me. 

Stare at him together, shall we?
Ok, so even in the context of Bernie having caught Serena staring at Jason, after Serena has warned the entire ward that Jason is prone to a good stare, this is still SO FLIRTY! So flirty! Bernie in most of this episode is just a big, sauntering flirt. 
And look at their faces! It’s like when Serena just melts when Bernie says “how about this, Serena Campbell…” They literally glow under each other’s gaze.

So off on a bit of a tangent, just a bit about the weight of emotions that Bernie carries in her words and her eyes. 
Aaand apparently here’s where I break the gif search so all I can see is the top of Serena’s head in anything I’m searching for. I mean, there are worse views, but there are infinitely better ones that I was wishing to demonstrate, but I guess we’re back to the good old imagination!

I’ve missed you (19x17 Of Lions and Lambs)

Any room for me in you future plans….Ok. I can live with that. Do you really have to go? (19x26 It’s Only Love if it Hurts)

I’m just very much awed by Bernie in these particular moments. 
By her own admission, she’s been a bit useless with emotions, and it’s a general consensus that she’s a bit pants with words, but she has this overwhelming love for Serena that makes her want to help, to make things better, or right, or something. And she doesn’t want to cloister her, suffocate her, but she wants to make sure Serena knows she cares, and also because, now that she’s embraced it, she can’t fathom not showing Serena that she loves her. 
So it makes for these beautiful moments where Bernie’s going to be completely honest with her feelings, but it’s so weighted that she has to look away in the moment of saying it, or just before/ after saying it. Whether to steel herself at the emotion or to shield Serena from the strength of it. 
As she’s saying “I missed you” she looks down, momentarily, and when she lifts her head, her eyes are positively shining. 

And the rooftop scene oh, my god. “Any room for me in your future plans?” She cannot look at Serena when she asks that. Looks down, and then after they kiss, she keeps her eyes closed for the longest time, and when she opens them, so still takes a while to look up, to meet Serena’s eyes, and her voice, small and accepting, but that little plea that she cannot hide. She doesn’t want to burden Serena with any of it, isn’t sure that she won’t fall apart if she doesn’t look away, take a moment to guard at least some of her emotions, but god, is that beautiful, these actions that speak louder than her words. 
Amazing acting and character development. 


Team Fortress 2. Spy’s Dying Wish

Spy: So what’s YOUR dying wish?

Sniper: That… I shall take to my grave.♪

Been working on this for a week and finally finished it with my usual crappy panelling and backgrounds. Anyways, tribute to the video that sealed my fate to the TF2 fandom then later gave me papa!Spy feels.(`∀´)♥

Scout’s the only one who has NO IDEA who his father is. Yes, the Team knows.


Pairing: Maria/Eliza

Modern middle school AU (they’re in eighth grade)

Word count: 1372

Warnings: none (Eliza is a cinnamon roll who doesn’t swear)

sequel: Blue



She stood out because she was wearing red.

Most people, for the first day of school, had gone for neutral shades–grays, blacks. A few, Eliza included, had chosen soft pastels. Eliza was wearing jeans and a floaty blue shirt.

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Two pieces in two days…Yay, I guess?

This one is for Noctis this time. It takes place before the battle with Ardyn. I was inspired by the pre-funeral held for Augustus in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.

Angst, feels and a few laughs ahead.

References to ‘The Fault in Our Stars’‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2′ ahead. I don’t own those, ok?

Recommended Song: “One More Day” by Diamond Rio

No S/O this time, just the bros.

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“Hasn’t changed much, has it?” Noctis asked. “Everything’s still where I left it.”

The four of them were currently in his old room in the Citadel, taking a bit of a break before going to the throne room to confront Ardyn. Fighting through a city’s worth of daemons and the Infernian was no easy task.

Each member of the group was spread out across the room, all with their own respective space: Gladiolus by the door (in case Ardyn tried to launch a sneak attack), Prompto by the window trying to take pictures of the Citadel, Ignis seated on one of the black sofas in the middle of the room, and Noctis sprawled out on his old bed.

“Nah,” Gladiolus replied. “The King pretty much told everyone not to try and touch your stuff. Hell, he even had me and Iggy check on it at least once a week to make sure nothing had changed.”

“Seriously?” Noctis chuckled. “A little much, don’t you think?”

“Well,” Ignis cut in, facing your general direction. “His Majesty wanted to make sure that, in the event that you would return to the Citadel, everything would be just as if you had never even left.”

“Down to the dirty clothes though?” Prompto scrunched up his nose in mock disgust, holding up a faded black t-shirt that looked like it had seen better days. Turning to Noctis, he joked, “Seriously, dude. Which one of us was living alone again?”

They all let out a hearty series of laughs, exhaustion temporarily forgotten. For a moment, the party of four imagined that they were all just hanging out in Noctis’ room on a normal day…

Not on their way to send Noctis to his death.

Somehow, all present seemed to remember that little fact and the laughter immediately died down. All that hung in the air now was a heavy silence loaded with grief.

No one spoke, nor did anyone move a muscle. Collectively, everyone wanted to just make time stop, suddenly have Bahamut or any other Astral tell you all that there was another way to save your King…Hell, even wishing that Ardyn would just give up and off himself.

Anything to keep them all together.

Noctis suddenly stood up from his place on the bed, Gladiolus and Prompto watching as he went to stand in front of the television. For a moment, they wondered what he was doing before the realization sank in.

“Noct?” Ignis asked, a slight tremble to his voice as he turned to where he knew the King had stopped. “Is it time?”

“Yeah,” he replied, an uneasy smile on his face.

“Sure you wanna go through with this, buddy?” Prompto was shaking a little now, fists clenching and unclenching. “We don’t have to if you wanna back out.”

“Hey, he said he really wanted to do it,” Gladiolus said, giving the gunner a light pat on the back. “Besides, our hard work would’ve gone to waste if we didn’t go through with it. Right, Noct?”

“Y-yup,” he tried to put on a brave face for his brothers. Shooting a sad yet grateful look at his Shield, Noctis took a deep breath before speaking again.

“Okay, who wants to go first?”


“I’ll start off this pre-funeral, if you guys don’t mind,” Gladiolus spoke up. Prompto and Ignis nodded in his direction, the Shield now making his way toward Noctis, who had made himself comfortable on the sofa beside Ignis to make it easier for the blind man later on.

“Alright, big guy,” the Chosen King replied. “What do you have for me?”

“A poem, actually,” Gladiolus sheepishly scratched the back of his head. “One I wrote myself.”

He rummaged in his pockets before pulling out a sheet of crumpled paper. Smoothing it out, he cleared his throat before he began to read.

“Stop all the clocks, cut off all the phones,

Prevent Umbra from barking with a juicy bone,

Silence the pianos and with muffled drum,

Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

“Let airships circle, moaning overhead,

Scribbling on the sky the message ‘He is dead’,

Put crepe bows ‘round lamp posts on the streets that he loves,

Let the Hunters of Eos wear black cotton gloves.

“He was my North, my South, my East, my West,

My working week and my Sunday rest,

My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song,

I thought our brotherhood would last forever: I was wrong.”

Gladiolus paused to take a breath, his normally even voice cracking ever so slightly. When he had recovered enough, he continued with the last verse.

“The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;

Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun.

Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.

For nothing now can ever come to any good.”

As the last word tumbled from his lips, Gladiolus excused himself from the room, muttering something about scouting the bathroom in case Ardyn showed up. When the door had closed behind him, Ignis spoke up.

“Might I have my turn next, Noct?” He asked quietly, his voice trembling.

“O-of course, Specs,” Noctis coughed out, trying to hold in his tears. “As soon as Gladio gets back, alright?”

A nod, then total silence…

Save for the muffled sobs from the behind the bathroom door.


When Gladiolus had returned from his ‘recon’, Ignis pulled out his own piece of paper from his pocket. This one was neatly folded, the text in Braille.

“Alright, Ignis,” Noctis turned to address his adviser. “Let’s have it.”

The strategist cleared his throat before he spoke.

“Noctis Lucis Caelum was a selfish, lazy prince who hated vegetables, loved to sleep in, and generally give his ever-loyal companions some form of grief.”

Gladiolus and Prompto burst into laughter at the introduction, Noctis burying his head in his hands.

Igniiiiiis,” the black-haired man whined. “Really? You’re gonna call me out now?”

“Better late than never, Highness,” Ignis smirked. “You asked me to write down what I wanted to say, did you not?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Noctis groaned, lips twitching into a smile. “Anyway, are you just going to diss on me the entire eulogy or what?”

“I was just getting to that,” Ignis replied. “Unless you don’t want me to continue?”

“Keep going, Iggy,” Gladiolus snorted. “I wanna hear the rest of it.”

“Hear, hear!” Prompto cackled, clutching his side from laughing too much. 

“Aaaand, that’s enough from the peanut gallery,” Noctis chuckled. “Seriously though. Go ahead, Specs.”

“Very well,” he cleared his throat once more, allowing the energy in the room to die down a little before resuming his eulogy.

“In spite of all this, we forgive him and continue to remain by his side. We do so not because he is royalty, and we are sworn to protect him at the cost of our own lives. Neither is it because he is the one chosen by the Astrals to purge the world of the Starscourge, or because he had thirty-odd years when he should have gotten more.”

“Just thirty, Specs,” Noctis teased.

“Time is a strange thing in this new world, Noct,” Ignis replied. “Calendars and such were done away with for the most part. This was written assuming your birthday may have already passed.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Noctis shrugged. “Just get on with it, Specky.”

“Of course,” Ignis continued.

“Noct’s patience was quite short as well, so much so that he would keep interrupting you at his own funeral just to tell you to hurry up.” This elicited a snort from Gladiolus and Prompto.

“He was also quite moody. Astrals above, he couldn’t even breathe without complaining about something that was bothering him. Plus, he was quite silly. I do not believe I have ever met someone with as much…sharpness as Noct has ‘erryday’.” He adopted a lightly teasing tone, his charge’s catchphrase strange on his tongue. The other two members of their group were once again howling with laughter, with their guest of honor muttering curses under his breath.

When everyone had calmed down enough, Ignis spoke once more, his tone grave.

“I shall say this, however, of my beloved charge and brother. If the day comes where technology has advanced enough that they may be able to replace my eyes, I will politely tell them to shove off…” He trailed off, swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat.

“For I would rather spend just one more night with him as I am than to spend a lifetime of seeing without him.”

When Ignis had finished, the room was draped in heavy silence once more, only broken by Noctis’ shuffling to hug his beloved adviser.


“I guess…it’s my turn now, huh?” Prompto timidly asked once he could find his voice again. What Ignis and Gladiolus had written…they caused the blond to nearly break down right then and there.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Noctis grinned at his best friend. “Let’s hear what you’ve got.”

“Alright..I can do this,” the gunner muttered to himself, taking a few deep breaths before grabbing the creased paper in his pocket and addressing the black-haired man.

“So…how’s it going?” Prompto began. “My name is Prompto Argentum, and Noctis Lucis Caelum was pretty much my best friend for life. The story of our friendship is an epic one…one which I probably wouldn’t be able to describe in more than one sentence before I turn into a crying mess.” He chuckled sadly at this, noting the encouraging stares (and presence, from Ignis) of his brothers.

“Like all stories of friendship, ours will die with us, as it should,” Prompto continued, feeling the lump in his throat threaten to resurface. He tried to play it off with a nervous laugh as he read the rest of his eulogy. “You know, back then, I was hoping I’d stay friends with him long enough for him to be doing this for me since there’s really no one else…um…”

The blond paused for a minute to compose himself, tears threatening to spill out at any given second. He flinched slightly when he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder, looking up to see Noctis.

“You wanna continue, Prompto?” He asked, smiling sadly. “I don’t blame you if you wanna stop…”

“No,” the gunner replied immediately, shaking his head. “I wrote this especially for you, buddy. I’ll be damned if you don’t get to hear it all.”

“Alright then,” the Chosen King chuckled. “Have it your way.”

“Damn right I will,” Prompto joked back. Gladiolus and Ignis both sent him a small smile, proud of how much their youngest member has grown over the past decade.

“Anyway…Like I said, since I can’t talk about our friendship without me being admitted to the nearest psych ward, I’m gonna talk about something I hate: math.” This elicited chuckles from his three companions, causing a smile to appear on his own lips before continuing.

“I’ve never been good at math, but I’m sure of this: There are infinite numbers between zero and one. Point one, point two, and so on…like I said, infinite. Of course, there are bigger sets of infinite numbers between…let’s say…zero and a million. Some infinities are bigger than others…a certain asshole taught us that lesson.”

“Y’know, there’d be days when I honestly resented the size of the set I’d been given. They just seemed too much, especially during the darkest times in my life. But now?” Prompto paused and bit his lip, a pained expression on his face. “Now, I just want more numbers than I know I’m gonna get. Astrals, I want the same thing for Noct too, more than anything.”

“Noct, buddy,” Prompto looked directly at his best friend now, tears flowing seemingly endlessly. “I just wanna say thanks for the infinity you gave me, even if I was nothing special…even after finding out the truth about me. I wouldn’t trade the forever we had for anything in the world.”


“So…should we get moving?” Gladiolus addressed the group once tears had been shed.

“Let’s,” Ignis replied quietly, adjusting his Kingsglaive coat as he stood. “Let’s not keep the Chancellor waiting any longer.”

“Wait,” Noctis said as he put a hand on the blind man’s shoulder, causing the other two to look in his direction as well.

“What’s up, dude?” Prompto tried to sound cheerful. “Not getting cold feet are you?”

“No, but…” Noctis trailed off, suddenly finding the carpet to be quite interesting.

“How many times do I have to remind you?” Gladiolus said jokingly. “Just spit it out already, Noct.”

The Chosen King let out a sigh as he pulled a piece of paper out of his coat pocket and presented it to the group, a small gasp escaping from Prompto’s lips.

“What is going on?” Ignis asked, hearing the blond’s exclamation of surprise.

“Oh, my bad,” the gunner turned to him sheepishly. “Noct wrote out something too.”

“Well, it would be a waste if we didn’t hear him out, wouldn’t it?” Ignis sent a small smile in his liege’s direction.

“Damn right,” Gladiolus chuckled sadly. “Besides, His Highness will get sulky if we don’t.”

“Good that you know that, big guy,” Noctis smirked at his Shield before unfolding the paper and reading his own eulogy for them.

“Iggy and Gladio know that, when I was a kid, I pretended to be a normal guy: someone with a mother who took great care of the family, a father who was around all the time and did whatever normal fathers and sons did with me, and maybe a brother or sister with whom I could goof around with and be myself around.”

“It never really struck me until ten years ago,” Noctis chuckled sadly, taking a good look at his companions before continuing. “But it turns out that I ended up making my dreams come true after all.”

He paused to turn and directly address his adviser. “Ignis may not be someone who sings me lullabies or tucks me in at night, but he does make sure that our asses aren’t cooked and used in one of his ‘recipehs’ at the end of the day.”

“Happy to oblige,” Ignis sent him a sad smile.

Noctis then faced his Shield and looked him directly in the eye. “Gladio wasn’t a guy who could give me advice or play a game of catch with me without wanting to embarrass me first, but he always made it a point to keep my head on straight and light a fire under my sorry ass whenever I needed it.”

“Well, someone’s gotta do it,” Gladiolus replied, his voice cracking.

Finally, he looked at his best friend and sent him a small smile. “Prompto…he was all that I could ask for and more in a brother. The trips to the arcade, the way he’d keep all of our spirits up on the road…Definitely the best sibling a guy could have.”

The blond tried to reply with a witty remark of his own, only for a few choked sobs to come out.

“All things considered, I had a pretty damn good family…”

This was all Noctis could get out before he broke down, hot tears hitting the plush carpet. He suddenly felt warmth surrounding him as his family pulled him in for a hug, the four holding each other in silence.

Stood Up

This was a gift for @vivilove-jonsa for her birthday, and then I decided it fit today’s theme for the @jonsa-creatives summer challenge. So, without further ado… 

Jon hated blind dates. Hated them. Sometimes, he’d think he’d rather set himself on fire than go on one, and that was saying something considering he was a firefighter. Why he’d let Sam and Gilly talk him into this was beyond him. He was awkward at best with people, but stick him in this kind of situation and it was like he forgot how to form words. It was just that his mind would go a mile a minute, wanting to fill the silence, but nothing would actually pass through his lips.

So, now here he was in a fancy restaurant that Gilly had told him was her friend’s favorite and oh, fuck. Did he remember her name? Elizabeth? Beth? … Jennifer?

Okay, yeah, he was dressed up in a black suit sitting at a table that made him feel like a giant, and he was wondering how long it’d take before he spilled something on the cream-colored tablecloth or sent his sparkling silverware to tumble to the floor.

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Sunday Morning

Notes:  So this was the accumulation of a post I saw that was just like ‘imagine gladio in sweats and reading glasses’ (which is lost somewhere in the maze that is my likes and whatnot) and from writing these headcanons. The mental images oh the mental images just give me an IV of domestic fluff (particularly older Gladnis) and I will live for all eternity and I needed to finish something for Gladio’s birthday (even if it is now the 3rd over here shhhh).  In no way birthday related, just cute future fluff, and maybe one day, I will complete my original birthday smut plan and just un-birthday it, we shall see.

FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF *chants into the sunset*, Gladnis, Future AU where my precious babies are save and happy, 3281 words, (AO3)

Sunday morning was Gladio’s turn to make breakfast.  It was the same every week and he normally ended up doing the same thing; not actually making it and instead picking something up.  He had tried making things in the past but he was hardly as skilled as his partner was in the kitchen and it didn’t always go exactly as planned so he couldn’t be blamed for wanting to play it safe sometimes. Besides, it also gave him the chance to pick the paper up en route which was currently tucked underneath his arm as he juggled the items in his hands.  He finally gave up, putting the cardboard cut-out that held the takeaway coffee cups down on the floor allowing a now free hand to reach into the pocket of his light grey sweats while the other held the bag that contained breakfast.

Propping the apartment door open with a foot as he reacquired the caffeine, there was a lot of shimmying as he tried to get himself in the door without dropping or spilling anything, but needless to say he succeeded.  Stepping out of his shoes and wandering down the corridor towards the kitchen he was greeted by the white cat that rubbed up against a leg with a soft purr, clearly eager to see if her owner had returned with anything worth her while.  He hadn’t, not specifically at least but Gladio did have a habit of giving her some of what they had.  All she had to do was look at him with those big green eyes and he was lost.  Not dissimilar to the other person who lived in the apartment.

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Legolas x Reader One-Shot: Don't Run Away

Legolas x Reader One-Shot Request: Don’t Run Away
Word count: 586
Warnings: None
Requested by: @fandom-hoe101


“I need to speak to you,” said Thranduil to his son on that fateful morning.
“What is it, father?” Asked Legolas, trying not to be all too worried.
“It’s that girl. She can’t stay here.”
“Why ever not? She doesn’t exactly have a home to go to.”
“I understand that, but she,” Thranduil hesitated. He didn’t want to say that he didn’t approve of you, but before he can form words somewhat more logical, Legolas interrupted.
“You don’t approve of her. You think I’m too young. Well, even if I am, I can’t help how I feel! She won’t live forever the way we will. She’s human, but she doesn’t belong with the humans you know and understand. She’s different. I know you don’t trust her, but please give her a chance!” Legolas’ eyes glistened with his words, and his father’s face softening.
“She can stay for a while, but she must endeavor to find herself a home. I will have to pay, because she herself cannot, but she can’t keep the guestrooms forever.”
“Thank you!”
“I wasn’t finished,” Thranduil continued, which worried the other elf, “she mustn’t ever speak to you again, unless on formal occasion.”
“No!” There were tears falling from Legolas’ eyes.
“Yes. You are too young to understand what you are doing.”
“I know perfectly well what I am doing, father! I am falling in love with a girl from another world. How bad could that be!”
“Her culture is too different from our own. She thinks of many things in this world differently and she does not understand the way we live.”
“Then let me teach her!”
“My word is final. I shall allow you one last day together after which you may never speak again.”
Legolas sobbed quietly as he ran swiftly from the room to find you.

Legolas stood and watched as you began to pack your bags. “I just can’t believe,” you started, but you could not finish your statement as a sob takes your words away.
“I know.” He says, kneeling down next to you, tears in his own eyes.
“What if I never see you again?”
“That won’t happen.”
“How can you be so sure? Does your father’s will mean nothing to you?”
“It means nothing,” he agreed, standing, “ I’m going to run away with you”
“No. Legolas, you can’t do that! You’re the crown prince. You can’t just give that up!”
“But I want to.”
“No. No, you can’t!”
“I love you.”
The confession stole your breath for a moment, but soon you come back to yourself. “Legolas,” you said, standing. You can’t speak for a moment and simply say, “I love you, too.”
He kissed you. “I have to run away with you. It’s the only way.”
“Please don’t, for your people.”
“I have to.” He turned and walked away.

He never got very far.
His father stood at the door to his rooms, stony faced and menacing.
“Father,” Legolas said nervously.
“I know what you’re doing.”
“It’s not-”
“It is. You’re running away.”
“I’m not!”
“You are. I know you think you love her.”
“I do love her.”
“I’m glad that you have a female figure in your life, but you can’t go falling in love with a human!”
“Too late.”
“You can’t just run away.”
“Watch me.”
Thranduil sighed. “If you really feel that way…”
“She- she can stay. For now.”
“Yes!” Legolas bounded down the halls looking for you, leaving his father smiling and shaking his head.

Phichit Appreciaton Post

The title says it all, Phichit has got to be one of the most jolliest character i have ever met in any series. 

Just look at this cutie from Bangkok, his adorable smile and that cute fringe

I have to say I love his complexion 



Or his worried faceeeee

And how he loves to take selfie and that phone caseeee




LOOK AT CUTE TINY PHICHIT when he first got discovered 

When he really wanted to skate “Shall we Dance” 


Just look at how precious he is I can’t even 

His world is just fluff and filled with cuteness 


One day we will all make his dream come true 

and he did one again captured our hearts 


bless when he finished his skate 

Can you not see his joy and happiness 

You did it! Really! Well done! 

Thank you lord for blessing us this child 

We must protect him 

AU where Severus Snape is sent to assassinate Albus Dumbledore with the threat that if he doesn’t win or chooses not to fight a poison will be released into his system. It’s fight or flight and Severus isn’t going to run.

Initially irked by the very idea of a young upstart trying to take him on in a duel to the death, Albus quickly finds that the younger wizard is a much more talented duelist than he had anticipated.

Albus using his years of experience and noting any potential patterns in the other wizard’s dueling technique that he can take advantage of. Whereas Severus uses his accumulated knowledge of spells, throwing in a few of his own, as well as using broomless flight; taking the older wizard by surprise.

The battle lasts several hours, felling a handful of nearby trees and terraforming their surroundings, including some unusual ring shapes in a neighboring wheat field. Though originally annoyed by the younger wizard’s insistence on dueling him, Albus quickly finds a passionate thrill from dueling that he hasn’t felt in many, many, long years. 

Severus feeling as though he cannot bring himself to task against Dumbledore, concedes the battle, his body immediately convulsing as the poison leaks into his veins. 

The younger wizard later wakes in one of Hogwarts potions lab, feeling like death has taken up residence in his throat. “You passed out after the second convulsion.” Dumbledore informed him, causing Severus to realize his head was in the older man’s lap, feeling his face turning red as he went to sit up. “You really should have told me that Voldemort had laced you with poison. I could have helped you sooner.”

Severus flinched at hearing the Dark Lord’s name as he was handed a hot cup of what looked like tea but smelled strange but due to his dulled senses he couldn’t pick up on what it was. “What is this?”

“Ginger tea.” Albus answered as he enjoyed his own cup, breathing in the aromatic smell. “It is said to be very soothing on the stomach. But, I suspect you already know that.”

“Did I vomit a lot?” Severus mumbled, taking a sip of his tea and sighing happily as it all but cleansed his pallet.

“You almost choked on your own bile four times while I was trying to stabilize you.” Dumbledore reflected, thoughtfully. “It was nothing like any poison I’ve ever seen before.”

“I suppose, once I’m back to my formal health, you’ll be handing me over to Azkaban?” Severus surmised as he finished his tea, only for it to magically refill.

“I could, yes.” Albus nodded. “But what a terrible waste of potential that would be.”

“I made several serious attempts on your life and you’re not going to send me to prison?”

“You sound disappointed.”

“I’m more flummoxed than disappointed.”

“Let me pose you a simple question: if you hadn’t been threatened with your own life, would you still have demanded we duel?”

“Well,.. no, not really-”


“So, you’re letting me go?”

“Actually, I have a proposition for you.”


“Since you can no longer return to your master-”

“He is not my master!” Severus spat, vehemently.

“Since you can no longer return to Voldemort.” Albus reiterated, noticing the angry twitch in the other man’s eyes. “I was wondering if you’d want to work for me?”

“I have to admit, I have been wanting to leave the Dark Lord’s service for many years now.” Severus hummed.

“Then why haven’t you?” Albus probed.

“Have you ever heard that phrase about “digging your own grave”?” Severus said.

“Ah, I see.” nodded Albus.

“Besides, the Dark Lord is not one to just allow his followers’ to leave.” Severus added as he finished his second cup which once again refilled. “I do not doubt that as soon as he learns of my survival, he shall send the others after me.”

“Or he could find a “body” that resembles you, maybe transfigure some of those fallen tree branches?” Albus suggested. “You can do wonders with magic these days.”