i shall expound on this some other time

Procrastination is my default setting.

This is a sad but true fact.  If there’s something that has to be done, then I will do it …

… at the last possible minute.

Shall I expound upon this subject, especially as it relates to INTPs?  Why, thank you for asking!

Actually, I wonder why procrastination is such an INTP stereotype.  People get mad at stereotypes, but the truth is that they are rooted in truth.  In other words, there’s no smoke without some fire.  And, as an INTP, I do procrastinate.  There’s inarguable evidence!

As an INTP, my dominant cognitive function is Ti, obviously.  My introverted thinking function, if it’s working properly, is going to be telling me what is the most reasonable thing to do at any given time.  Thus, it should be telling me to perform my duties before my recreational activities (or whatever else I want to do).  That’s not quite how my reason works, though.

Instead, because I use my reason so much, it reasons its way around stuff that I really don’t want to do.  Remember my least-developed function, Fe?  Well, Fe exists even though it’s not dominant.  I still have feelings, and sometimes my feelings influence my reasoning more than I would like to admit.  Thus, I can reason that I have plenty of time to perform a task solely because I don’t feel like doing it right now.

Yikes!  Unthinkable!  What a thoroughly revolting possibility!

How can my feelings that that much weight on my personal decisions?  I’m supposed to be one of the rationals.  Feelings are supposed to be virtually irrelevant.

Surprise, they’re not.

The great thing about Ti, though, is that it does have a survival mode, at least for me.  I procrastinate, yes, but there’s some instinct that always tells me just how far I can procrastinate.  I may scramble at the last minute, but any project I may have does get completed.

So, yes, that’s quite a longish, hopefully not vacuous, description of procrastination as it takes place in my mind.  I don’t know if it works that way for every INTP, but there you have it!

[The World's First]

The first time they meet, it isn’t exactly because they meet. It’s because they have mutual friends.

Inukai sees Mamoru, and thinks he’s pretty cool. And that’s it, really. The first time, he doesn’t have the courage to approach Mamoru, doesn’t know what to say.

They meet, again, because Reika introduces them. Also because apparently they have a fandom they both like and Inukai’s been desperate to discuss the characterizations of the characters and well, he’s allowed to be a fanboy too.

It goes on like that, there’s an air of nervousness, a cocoon of uncertainty in those first few days of friendship.

And well.

Inukai approaches Mamoru one day, proposes to take over the college campuses because they can and things could only go uphill from there.