i shall do other tomorrow

  • *the morgue*
  • Holmes & Hooper: *snogging*
  • Hooper: *between kisses* We cannot keep seeing each other...
  • Holmes: *nods* Agreed *kisses her*
  • Hooper: *chuckles* Anderson shall be back soon.
  • Holmes: *groans; continues kissing her*
  • Watson: *enters*
  • Holmes: *grabs Hooper by the shoulders and pushes her away; quickly* ...and that is why Jacobs cannot possibly be our murderer.
  • Watson: ...
  • Holmes: *turns to face him; smiling widely* Ah, Watson. Hooper and I were discussing the case.
  • Watson: *blinks slowly* Holmes, you have something... *gestures at his lip*
  • Holmes: *lifts his hand to his mouth*
  • Holmes: ...
  • Holmes: *slowly peels off Hooper's moustache*
  • Hooper: *bites her lip; blushing*
  • Holmes: *chuckles* Of course, there is an explanation.
  • John: *sighs* Yes, there is always is, dear friend.

“Honestly. I came out to have a good time and I’m having such a good fucking time.” she exclaimed, taking a drag from the cigarette wedged between her manicured fingers. At one point during the year, she’d almost given up on her dreams yet here she was; having released her second single only yesterday and today it was topping most charts. The festival was definitely a turning point — her image was finally restored along with her happiness and faith. “What´cha say? You want a drink?” she asked the person sat across from her, whom she’d joined only seconds ago, although before they’d had time to answer she was already waving the waitress to their table.