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BTS Reaction to you and him doing the dirty deed and then your dog just walks in and watches you

Sorry for the wait! Huehuehue made me laugh. I’m sorry this took so long, I got stuck with writer’s block imstillnothappywithhowitcameout and finals and such but now here it is! Some of the boys already have their own dogs so i’m just going to use them~  




(His dog’s name is Jjangu btw)

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Sex with Jin would be sweet and passionate, there’s no denying that; there’d be times were he was rougher and times were you were rougher as well. But none of you were expecting this.

“Oppaaaa~” You moaned as Jin thrusted in and out of you slowly. He took his time with you, pushing slowly into you and staying buried for a second before he slowly pulled out, the head of his cock just barely in you before his process was repeated over and over and over. Slow and steady always did win the race you suppose. Jin’s breathe came out in short puffs of hot air over your skin as he pressed kisses over your shoulders and collarbone.

“What is it Jagiya?” He panted smiling at you and you chuckled as you pushed your hips against him whining.

“Go faster.” You whimpered and Jin grunted against your neck as he granted your wish. Long, smooth, deep strokes replaced his slow lazy thrusts and you moaned biting your lip as you closed your eyes and let your head fall to the side. Opening them shocked you, instead of the other side of the empty bedroom you were greeted with the door slightly open with a little Jjangu sitting in front of it.

“Omo Jin. Jin, Jinnie stop.” You panted as you pushed slightly on his chest.

“What is it (Y/N)?!” He asked slightly panicked and you laughed as you nodded your head in the direction of the door.

“Jjangu.”  You nodded and Jin looked over to see the dog and he laughed as said small little dog just cocked its head at it’s owner. Jin crawled up off you and off the bed, padding across the room as  Jjangu scurried over to him jumping up his ankles excitedly. Jin grinned and got him out of the room, giving him a treat before he shut the door completely and made his way back to the bed smiling.

“All taken care of Jagi.”



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Jungkook in the bedroom is odd, depending on his mood you never really know how things are gonna go down. He could be sweet and tender and pretty submissive one time and rough and demanding dominate the next. Sex with Jungkook was always a surprise. This time was one of the more rougher times, where both of you where rough. Jungkook took no mercy as he snapped his hips up into to you roughly, he didn’t play around with those dancer hips of his. His hard upwards thrusts made you bounce off of his thighs making the bed squeak. You thanked the heavens that nobody was home.

“Oh fuuuck.” You moaned out loudly as he angled his hips so that he rubbed against your sweet spot with every upwards thrust of his.

“Mmm you like that don’t you jagi?” Jungkook grunted his voice low and lust filled. You smirked down at him before letting yourself fall onto his cock again and grinding around in circles on him. Jungkook moaned as he gripped your hips his fingers digging deliciously into your skin, there’s sure to be bruising but the thought of bruises from this just turned you on even more.

“You like that don’t you Oppa?” You sassed back to him smiling and he chuckled breathlessly.

“Ooohhh you’re gonna get it (Y/N).” Jungkook swore as you grinded extra hard down onto him.

“I’ll be waiting.” You teased grinning as he threw his head back as you rocked your hips onto him. He gripped your hips and pulled you up him before slamming you back down roughly and you both moaned loudly at the waves of pleasure it had caused. Jungkook was on a mission as he once again lifted your hips before slamming them back down but thrusting his hips up to meet yours. You cried out seeing stars, the way he was rubbing against your walls and the deepness of it all was to much. Jungkook smirked in his little victory as he repeated his actions again…and again…and again till he had you a whimpering moaning mess above him.

Jungkook-ah ah ah Jungkook Jungkook Jeon Jungkook.” You moaned unable to keep it in. You placed your hands on his chest to balance yourself.

“That’s right Jagiya say my name.” Jungkook groaned out and you cringledmoaned softly.

Jungkook Oppa Jeon Jungkook Oppa Oppa Jungkook J-jung k-koooooook.” You moaned out unable to stop yourself. Damn him and his dancer hips.

“What is it baby? What do you need?” Jungkook smirked and you swore if that boy got any smuger you’d-

Omo omo ah ah Jungkook don’t stop. I swear to god if you stop. Jeon Jungkook J-jung- Gureum ah ah Jungkook it’s Gureum” You gasped out between thrusts. You placed your hands on his hips to get him to stop as you looked at the small little dog who now sat on the floor next to the bed.

“Gureum? What about him jagi?” Jungkook asked and you felt yourself shift uncomfortably.

“Kookie-ah he’s watching us.” You stressed, nodding in his direction and you watched as Jungkook shifted under you to look over before he started spazzing out.

“Agghh! Gureum no!” Jungkook yelled as he grabbed you around your waist and rolled with you to the side.

“I’ll save you Jagi!”

“Oppa what are you doing?!”

“Saving you from prying eyes!”

You laughed as Jungkook pulled the large duvet over the both you and you giggled as he nuzzled your neck and moaned as he ground his erection into your backside.

“Shall we continue (Y/N)?”



Joonies dog! Funny thing is his dog’s name is rapmon- he calls him rapmonnie or monnie

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Namjoon grunted as he pounded into you from behind with one of his hands fisted into your hair. Doggy was his favorite position after all. You moaned as he tugged harshly on your hair  and hear him chuckle darkly from behind you.

“You know Jagi I would have never of guessed you were into this kinda thing….Lucky me i just so happened to look over at your phone just in time.” Namjoon teased as he snapped his hips forward extra hard pulling a whimper from you.

“Such a dirty little girl (Y/N).” Namjoon groaned and you laughed.

“Only for you daddy.”  You moaned out and Namjoon hummed in approval and gave you an extra hard thrust. You moaned and tugged on your arms, wanting to reach under between your legs and rub your swollen aching bud, but as you tugged on them they just stayed firmly in place thanks to the restraints Namjoon had placed around your wrists that connected to the bed.

“Joonie, Joonie, ah fuck Daddy, fuck me harder Daddy.” You moaned out, completely lost in the pleasure that consumed your body to care about what was spewing out of your mouth. Namjoon smirked down at you as he increased the speed and force of his thrusts, giving you what you wanted and you whimpered as you moved your hips back into him.

“Oh fuck (Y/N) I think monnie Is watching.” Namjoon cursed stopping and you keened in the back of your throat as you ground your hips back against him harshly.

“No no no don’t stop Joonie pleeaaasseee just ignore him h-he’ll go away.” You pleaded causing Namjoon to groan and continue on.



(jimin has a cat… so we’re just gonna make up a dog for Jiminnie)

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His grip on your hips tightened as he pushed you up against the shower wall grinding his erection into your backside.

“Jimin are you sure we should be doing this right now? What if the other members hear?” You whisper biting your lip as you feel his erection slide between your thighs.

“Jagiya we’ll be fine stop worrying.” Jimin murmured against your ear as he placed a kiss to it. Jimin thrusted his cock between your thighs as it rubbed right across your clit. You whimpered at the feeling as he wrapped his arms around your torso and pressed another kiss lovingly to the back of your shoulder. You bit your lip as you felt him angle his hips, the head rubbing against your clit harder and you moved your hips so that you pushed against him and he barely pushed past your lips.

“Ahh (Y/N) you’re so good.” Jimin moaned as the head of his length rested in your opening. You hummed smiling at the compliment and pushed  your hips back harsher feeling the head slip inside of you. You moaned softly, contracting your muscles around his head teasingly pulling a whine from Jimin. You giggled pushing farther back onto him causing him to fill you up the rest of the way.

“Yaah you were the one not sure about this and now you’re teasing me (Y/N) come on don’t be like this.” Jimin groaned into your shoulder and you smiled again squeezing your muscles around him as he sat inside you.

“I’d say I’m sorry Oppa but i’m really not.” You teased and Jimin just groaned against your shoulder again as you ground back against him. Jimin opened his mouth to speak, most likely groan and complain about how mean you were to him but the noises that echoed around the bathroom surprised you. High pitched yips and yowls echoed around the bathroom loudly causing you to wince and for a second you really thought it could have been Jimin, he did reach some seriously high notes sometimes.You turned your head around to look at Jimin questionly only to see him looking behind him as well. You felt panic flood through your system at the sight of the door being slightly open, the boys playing another trick on Jimin while he showered and unaware of your presence. You relaxed when you saw your dog walking across the floor, a small little pomeranian you had named Simba; but how had he gotten into the bathroom?

“Jimin are you sure you had the bathroom door closed all the way?” You asked narrowing your eyes playfully.

“Yes! I mean, I think I did anyways….” Jimin trailed off and you rolled your eyes smiling pushing against the wall.

“Get him out Oppa, and make sure the door is properly shut and locked.”



(Yoongi doesn’t have any animals that i’m aware of…so were gonna make up another dog)

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You hummed contently as Yoongi’s arms circled around you. Post sex cuddles with yoongi where always the best cuddles with Yoongi.

“Is my Jagi okay?” He breathed against your ear, his hot breath fanning across your neck sending shivers down your body.

“More than okay Oppa.” You sighed contently snuggling against him, the feeling of his warm skin against you was your favorite.

“Y/N has Oppie been here the whole time?” Yoongi asked and you lifted your head off his chest to look at him confused, only to follow his gaze to the other side of the bedroom where your beagle puppy Oppie was sitting and you laughed.

“Oh god I dunno I hope not.”



(Tae and his puppy are literal sunshine)

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His hands fisted in your hair as you sat in front of him on your knees. His breaths where coming out ragged and irregular and that only fueled you more. Your tongue swirled around the head of his cock and you tasted the salty precum as your tongue swiped at the tip.

“Jagi you’re so good to me.” Taehyung moaned and you smiled, after not seeing him for acouple months due to his scheduling what else did he expect from you? You hummed around his cock before pulling away and placing a kiss on the side.

“Well of course Oppa.”  You smiled up at him before you took him back into your mouth and hollowing out your cheeks.

“Oh no.” Taehyung grunted and you looked up at him questionly. You knew he wasn’t done yet, so you wondered what it could be. Your question was answered for you, before you could ask him you hear the jingles of  Ssyongssyong’s collar. You turned around to look behind you just in time to see the white fluff ball running into the room and jumping onto you. You laughed as he whined and licked you quickly scratching him behind his ears.

“Jagiya I think  Ssyongssyong missed you more than me” Taehyung pouted and you giggled petting the dog once again.

“Maybe, I mean. I do give him more treats than you do Oppa.”


Hobi’s puppy is literally the cutest thing I swear.  I’m assuming he’s a boy? Despite the bow and clips bc his name is Mickey and he’s wearing the blue jersey. But I could be wrong I dunno.

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“Hoseok please” You begged as he hovered above you, a smirk etched into his face. He thrusted his hips forward just the slightest, but it affected you in the biggest way imaginable. You let a moan pass through your lips and your nails dug into his skin.

“Please what?” He teased and you huffed pushing your hips to his only for him to move back completely. You whined at the loss of him and looked up to meet his eyes. His pupils were blown in lust and you could barely see the beautiful rich brown color of his eyes.

“You know what.” You whined squirming under his gaze.

“No i’m afraid I don’t.” He smirked pulling away and pulling his basketball shorts back up his hips covering his erection.

“Noo Hobiii.” You groaned at him. Aish this man would be the death of you you thought, it wasn’t often he was like this. Teasingly dominate over you until you thought you were going to die. It was pure sweet torture. You watched as he crawled  off the bed and walked across the room leaving you alone and you groaned as your rolled over, Why did he have to play like this?

“AGGHH MICKEY.” Hoseok’s shout surprised you and you looked over your shoulder to see him yelling and running around. You laughed at the more familiar actions of your boyfriend before grunting when Hoseok decided to jump onto you.

“Ahh Jagiya I thought you said you put Mickey in the sitting room?!?!” Hoseok said and you shook your head as you rolled the both of you over.

“Oppa I told you to go put him in there…”