i shall call this ship

Tadashi's Love Confession
  • Tadashi's Love Confession

It’s like getting the good ending in an otoge. XD

Imagine this bro getting down on one knee and holding your hand…

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It’s like a movie happy ending with Honey.

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Go Go’s going to be so tsun tsun about it. Teehee

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Boy, you got my heartbeat running away~

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Just to clarify for you kids out there…. Ahmen. 

2MIN IS TAEMIN AND MINHO i don’t want to come in my sacred tag and see Taemin and Jimin. While i dont care if people want to ship it… Please come up with your own damn ship name…. My lord the amount of disrespect…lol Oh Kbs…. I like their friendship dont get me wrong… but this has to stop before it gets out of hand….lol i dont want to wake up one day to the whole 2min tag filled with Jimin and Taemin lol I shall call them the MinMin ship lol its like 2min without calling them 2min you see compromise can be made ^^ (Im not creative at all someone come up with something better) lol

  • shades initially doesn’t trust anyone with intimate details of his life
  • he is very guarded about his person, he has a hard time letting people in, afraid of constant betrayal
  • he doesn’t ever think about casual relationships, because he doesn’t trust people to not try and stab him during or blackmail him afterwards
  • he would never consider starting a relationship with an employee of his, even if he finds himself attracted to someone, he would ignore it for the sake of professional attitude. if someone is an equal partner than the likelihood is higher, but then we still have the upper points as issues
  • he can act flirty and seductive, but that is no guarantee he is in any way interested in someone… it can just simply mean he wants to get something out of them, let that be information or resources and he will just as easily drop the person once he got what he wanted
  • he would never trust a cop completely, not even if they’re corrupt and in his pocket, it’s the principle of not fraternizing with the other side

i wrote this down for reference (i might even extend it later if i think of things, because i’m certain i left out other factors), because if people expect something from this muse and they don’t get it, it’s probably because of one of the upper reasons, but the other reason i wrote this down, because….

…. he really needs to be gay with someone but all the above stuff provide plenty of hurdles……..



Colors whirling past, glittering shards, arches and spires flew before him faster than he could take them in. Meditation had never taken him somewhere like this before. He felt sure he was going the right way though; he’d never felt so in-tune with himself like this. This must be where he was supposed to go.

The whirling finally ceased and Cal found himself in a world of glittering gold, overlapping, overarching, layer upon layer of recursive light and sun. This must be it, this had to be what Steve had seen.

Cal turned around slowly, taking it all in. He leaned back, trying to pinpoint the ceiling and finding the sky of amber stretching on and on forever, all the way up.

“Who are you?” a voice spoke.

Cal faced forward again and found someone walking toward him, definitely a someone, not a something, tall with a long, silvery ponytail, but there was something not quite right about his face, like he was wearing a mask.

“Is this The Light?” Cal replied, facing the newcomer head on.

“What?” the man sneered coming up to him. The man paused, regarding him, looking over his entire frame critically.

“The Light,” Cal repeated, “What I’ve been searching for, what we’ve all been searching for.” Cal watched the man watching him. Up close now he could see his face more clearly, streaked with silver, crackling around his eyes hidden in shadow.

The man circled him, still staring at him, arms studiously behind his back, taking in his t-shirt and jeans, the small eye symbol on the chain around his neck. Cal held still, letting him inspect, feeling somehow on display. “You’re human,” he commented, coming back to face him, standing very near.

“You haven’t answered my question,” Cal retorted.

“Nor you mine, who are you?” the man stared him down, hard.

Cal considered his options, “Cal Roberts. I’ve… been climbing the Ladder to get here, haven’t you seen anyone like me before?”

The man snorted, frowning at him quizzically, “I know nothing of this. But you are from Earth, correct?”

“Then… this isn’t The Light?” Cal felt his body tightening, his meditative calm starting to break.

The man was stroking his chin, his eyes searching the fractaled floor, but suddenly snapped to Cal, “I want to help the Earth. I am your Light. Your question confused me at first, I don’t normally interact this way. Almost no one finds me. But you, Cal, I want to save you, all of you on Earth,” he took Cal by the shoulders, smiling, “I am your Light.”

Last night I had this awesome dream about lesbians. Lesbians on a ship, I shall call it. One lesbian was an American waitress who was kind of plucky and sarcastic and flighty, and the other lesbian was a more uptight but rather intelligent English posh girl who was already engaged to be married to some absolute prick. They began a forbidden and secret romance aboard the doomed vessel. It was a good dream and I woke up feeling chuffed at my own creativity and sleeping imagination. I had created a masterpiece. I was a genius. 

Until I realised my dream was basically Cartinelli on the Titanic.