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Free art for you???

It’s a little late to be asking, BUT, if I manage to draw for fantrollcharity before work tomorrow, and you would like to be entered into the raffle for An Ten Arts Of Your Troll, fill out the raffle application on the fantrollcharity Tumblr and submit it to me, my blog here, and I’ll enter you in to the raffle in my place. Please include if you can draw or not!

And if not this week, then next week for certain I shall draw and enter.

And this is open to people who can draw, and people who can’t! If you can’t draw, you’ll get priority entering, in the case of multiple people wanting to take me up on this offer, but so far despite my best efforts to give away free art, it’s really! Really! Hard! To find takers!

So feel free to enter even if you can draw, you’ll get a chance at free art if no one else who can’t draw responds!

riveroftea-blog  asked:

I think the "black crow" that hovers and clicks is the black arrow curser hovering over their images and clicking, i.e. all the breathless non-stop involvement in their lives hovering over them like a murder of crows.. Y'all probably already figured that out but thought I'd just say. Hate that he uses corvids for this b/c I love them but I get the metaphor. It's apt.

This is what I thought too @riveroftea-blog, and how that -the hate- shall pass too. Today’s news is tomorrows garbage perhaps?

asingularjame  asked:

What kind of game are you making?

Oh! Um, it’s based on your typical medieval fantasy RPGs! Vaguely inspired by the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, the (socially abhorrent but very entertaining) Epic Battle Fantasy series, EarthBound, some other games I myself had never heard of, etc.

There’s a Big Bad Evil Dude (who I shall call “Baddie” from here) taking over, and you play as a traveling merchant during this time.

You have the knowledge of how to make a special weapon that would allow someone to defeat it. A Hero finds you and asks you to make it and help defeat Baddie, but you need more knowledge, skills, and materials before you can actually make one. A deal is struck! You travel with the Hero (and later party members), defeat monsters, level up, and get money! You’re mostly motivated by money actually, but you do want help get rid of Baddie too.

The unique part of this game comes from the fact that you’re a merchant/blacksmith traveling with a bunch of adventurers. You forge/trade materials and equipment for the other party members, gaining skills along the way to make better and better equipment. Traveling means you can get better materials and get deals at other stores to make stuff, with negotiation aspects.

While gameplay is fairly typical of turn-based RPGs, “your” unit levels up via money gained from encounters instead of experience, which means that if you’re savvy with your deals, you can spend more towards leveling and boost yourself quickly! But be careful to not cheat your partners though, since they’re your main source of protection.

I can’t really go too far into detail since it’s definitely still in the works, as in this is literally everything so far, but I’m still pretty excited! I really like the concept the more I learn about the world and the characters.

Tentative title: 1 More Coin

So, what do you guys think?

(more background info under the cut)

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hey lovely! I have this idea and feel free to say no but could you answer the next 10 asks with gifs? thank you thank you. love your log btw, it's precious!xxx

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I’d be more than happy to my darling anon! Lovely idea by he way! I shall do my best for you! 

And also thank you for your kind words, I’m so glad you like my blog!

DAY 2558

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr  16/17,  2015               Thu/Fri  12:53 am

There is need for an apology for my behaviour last night .. need to regret the contents, if at all they can be called contents, to appear in such anger .. need to make amends tonight, if time permits, for there is early morning travel again tomorrow .. and to say that it is the most painful experience when you lose an entire Blog … its like a part of your life drifted away without so much as informing all where it had gone or was going ..

But there are days and days within … thoughts and thoughts within .. and most of them do elaborate that ‘what has gone has gone .. look at the stars that break away form the skies and does the sky ever lament their loss’ …

I shall not endeavour to recollect what may have turned out to be another memorable episode of times gone by, of work done in the early days, in today’s writing .. what missed out the other day … well yesterday has been washed away by emotion and memory .. so be it ..

But the zest for continuance .. the desire to continue … the absolute delight in our connect, has been more than a revelation .. 


7 years of constant and daily writing and the revelation of the formation of a family so devoted and dedicated to us all .. extraordinary !!

7 years … is an insane amount of time … but it has to be more than just providing life and moments and opinions .. it has to be ‘me’ .. or else …

I shall leave today with heavy heart .. but shall be there again … soon … love to all and more ..


Amitabh Bachchan

I wanna follow more blogs

I occasionally do blog posts like this so I can follow more blogs whether they are tumblr famous or just as unseen as I am. If I happen to miss following you.. just drop me an inbox and I will follow you as soon as I see it! I also follow every single blog back that follows me. So if you reblog or blog about any of the following below either like or reblog and I shall follow you:)

  • Doctor Who
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I will follow blogs which are also similar in TV shows to the ones listed above.. I often forget TV shows so I will still follow even if I only have one in common with you :) 

Shiny Pokemon Giveaway! C:

(So you see this little shiny Noibat? He’s named Meta (for obvious reasons) I plan to do a giveaway for him, for the upcoming release of the new Kirby game: Triple Deluxe :D. All you have to do here is like or reblog the post, or both, whichever C:. Tomorrow at around 7pm Eastern American time, I will announce the winner of him! Then we exchange friend codes and he’s yours. Just as a warning, if you want him to stay all blue and cute, do not evolve him into Noivern. He will turn green and pink! I shall choose the winner by doing a random name generator, so everyone gets a chance to win him. He will also be carrying a masterball.

Good luck guys! *hugs*)


Okay but hey, I’m bored and also a little drunk so I though why not lair reviews?

Someone did a bunch of gif reviews last year and it was really fun and I also got my HDD backups sorted out enough that I also have my own gif arsenal at hand, so I think I’ll do that too. So reblog with your lair ID and/or link and I shall find a short clip of moving images that best describes how I feel about your lair.

Also, I’m going to cap this to what ever I feel like capping it to, when I get too tired :D I might continue tomorrow since the day looks pretty moist too, from where I’m standing but still, NOT GONNA DO EVEN NEAR 100 REVIEWS OKAY?

And sorry for not remembering who did those gif reviews before but I can dive into my blog archive to check it out if someone wants to know? I have a feeling it was one of our lovely resident snip snap people, but really, I’m not sure and my brain is full of holes :D

Usually when I don’t blog a lot it’s because I am sitting on my couch trying not to eat the frozen pizza in my freezer. And watching Netflix. With my laptop in front of me. And iPhone in hand… But you guys, way to go me, because this time is different.

Pretty much since Saturday morning I have been on the GOOOOOOOOOO, and I now have 3.2 million wonderful, awesome things to blog about (surprise bachelorette brunches, dates(!), birthday boozy parties, horses, beautiful little Lily, running, yoga, and calorie counting challenges), but truly it’s been so busy up in my hood I haven’t found time.

Tomorrow I shall try (again), but until then I just wanted to pop in and say: I got fake eye lashes today! Y’know, those “permanent” fake ones (individually put on, and last about a month), and the girl was totally lash-happy and now my lashes are all va-va-voom! But I sort of like it. Sort of - in a silly way. And ladies of Toronto, I have an eye lash reco for you, because they cost me $50 (including a $10 tip!) so pvt msg me!

Okay. That’s all. I must sleep. 1am is on the horizon and this girl has a presentation at work in the morning. :)

Tomorrow I am going to be active Faking It trash again and you guys aren’t ready.



Fair warning - this blog will become Faking It spam again like the good ol’ days of pain, rage, feels and disappointment. I apologize in advance for the shizstorm I shall create in this lovely online space. I’m still trash for these two idiots and I’m not even sorry. Carter will be though if he screws with us again.


Ahem so… It is my one year blogversary today. It’s bit hard to believe it has already been a year since I started this blog but here we are. To celebrate, I shall post some Photoshop resources and maybe a few other things. I hope you like them. Enjoy. :) 

Thanks for the follow. <3


Elements of InvestigationResolution, Part 1

Do not worry, Susie(Ask blog), I am sure you are quite unforgettable. Sir Lantern(RP blog), you shall find all details enclosed in the report. With our new data, Madman(Mod blog), we have high confidence in these events. It is likely that many domains had similar breaches, Lord Necronius(Ask blog), but this report focuses on the Watcher facility named Tartarus. We have been kept very busy, Unformed8(Mod blog), but for now, WCP-3908 is no longer a threat.

(( Stay tuned for the last and final part of the Elements of Investigation story arc tomorrow! ))